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Road Closures; Driving Bans

Jan 7, 2014|

Chief Scott Patronik

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's move on our next guest on the WB in -- -- chief Scott patriotic with the Erie county sheriff's special services division. Joining us live from the eight ops center that county executive mark pulled -- has talked about chief good morning. Orange and good morning and yeah we're glad to have you here tell us which he can't if -- if you can about it conditions throughout the county chief. -- obviously this weather event is primarily in the southern after the counting on and currently right now. During the course of the night on two to nineteen in the 400 have been completely barricaded armed with a hard closure so -- Words were. Oh we can't patrols. State police and Erie county sheriff's office. Have had patrolled out through the evening checking for any type of about. Motorists that may have been stranded a one off the road prior to the -- closure. We're going to be doing that again at daybreak quit assistance from the new York state park police -- billion that. And armed checking both of those expressway. In from. We're asking people. You know there's this event is not over yet rescued people you know to stay off the roads let hi we crews do their jobs turn to keep -- roads clean. -- clean as possible until this -- Arafat breaks for us and they're there's really very difficult travel right now in the south town areas. She wouldn't say hard closure demand the barricades have been set up. And entrances like Jamison road middle road union road transit drone. -- from the 400 there's been around barricades that'd setup that -- entrance points all the way from the -- Seneca all the way down to route sixteen the under the 400. And the same for the 219. Barricades have been set up from the -- way. All the way actually in two armed terror targets county and -- Peters wrote so -- every entrance ramp to the expressway is closed. Armed with barricades risky people obviously not to go around and not only would -- the be excited but also. At this point. Armed it's it's not going to be maintained in the same state it would be when there's going to be -- on -- think you know extremely dangerous to be on either of those expressly. There earlier this morning we were getting calls from police. And telling us that they were asking us to plead with people not to try to to use them especially the 219 people were attempting to that's that's -- probably anchors you to hear the people were trying to and T is an anyway. Yeah and and and really what the what the problem is is when when we've -- expect so thrilled to be close. You know you never know what might be going out there might be some emergency operation words. They're very you know plowing in the arm arm in the you know on the -- at that point that the operations will be using it assuming there's no vehicle on -- also would be very dangerous for anybody to be our most hurled at this time. She's learning other trouble -- you can tell us about you know. The the expressway is notwithstanding. Well obviously the secondary roads you know that the crews have been out all might you know doing a a great job. And down the focus has been on the the next. -- trying to keep the expressway is it's clean as they could and also the main arteries so the secondary roads. In the -- hounds are are going to be you know very treacherous. And again we're we're just advising people. -- now you know if you if you don't -- we have to go out. You know just to -- to spot for anyone dubious at home because this is somewhere where it's a card goes off the road. You know -- you don't have the luxury of of being able block in. In twenty and thirty below wind chills furlong distance without it being a life threatening situation. -- it chief space for the update this when we appreciate it. Aren't as chief Scott the -- with the Erie county sheriff's special services division joining us from the ops center.