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Conditions For Erie County

Jan 7, 2014|

County Executive Mark Poloncarz

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And actually open up the WB and live line and welcome Erie county executive mark -- -- mr. Bullock on good morning thanks for taking the time to be with us. Morning. We are fielding. Lots of telephone call from county employees and the sort of perplexed not knowing exactly what to do. The other here in the county office buildings are closed today what can you tell them. Well coming offices are closed or announced last night around 9 o'clock at night when -- announced -- state of emergency. The county government was closed only essential personnel are the report. And we we leader we had a lot of people saying am I essential. And then basically if you were not told we were essential both forehand and you're not essential you just stay home and enjoy the data off. OK so people should know then if there are considered essential need to -- Yeah that's an essential personnel at this point are all drivers individuals who work at the -- center in the -- at all those were necessary to maintain county buildings such as -- -- -- building or -- -- court building because you know the building there close to the public into lockstep -- the to have individuals there to -- in the buildings. So for most personnel are they are not essential and they're enjoying it off. Most county employees that they look at the back of their card it'll say they have emergency. Travel. Powers they can drive actually during an emergency in most important don't have that and they really want to do miracles that are essential so I think county employee should know. After that the issues we got the past that. All the essential personnel are those that are really necessary to keep these buildings in these facilities operating -- William good loses the ball tomorrow. Probably not till later this afternoon. Did the night was a rough one for our all personnel that are soaked in these conditions. We are expecting these conditions to continue throughout the whole day so it certainly looks like tomorrow is -- weather -- is supposed to be much Saturday. We were we view should the state of emergency because slow. We can handle smoke clears up -- that was the problem -- -- -- cold winds creating blizzard conditions actually we did have a virtual according to a the weather service throughout our area. And road conditions horrendous and so. There's a reason why driving bans exist in these communities. That does not mean it's just recommended not to drive it actually is again I'm driving you putting your life at risk. You're putting first respond real life at risk. We've heard from tow truck operators that they were not gonna go all I had some of these conditions could they could see in front of them so how could they find current -- -- off the side of the road that they could be the drug albums themselves. So he's driving bans are there are being enforced. Most police officers that the issue on -- stop you some we've heard arguing ticket so they have the power to do that. Telling people to stay home. For those who are not in the DC area fact that I know it is that probably wondering what's going but. Forget it used to pay attention to what's happening in the media and social media and you don't see that eighteen inches to twenty gorgeous snow all the that are short period of time. When mixed up with -- that we ended Nicole. These conditions are just but downright atrocious. Yeah it is like night and day when near you know in that under the snow band or fear out of it. The state of emergency marked what does that essentially mean. The state of emergency gives police additional powers. Troops doctorate recover. -- but also allow -- receive additional aid from the state and federal government. So while accounting has incurred some costs that we normally would have -- -- -- snowstorms. All drivers and and the like. It does give us an opportunity to our request additional assistance -- needed. From the state federal government I spoke to governor squabble that slight you see opera since we've been in Constant Contact the numbers the Department of Transportation. From the state in the early authority. And so there is a good line communications. Of the emergency operations that are cheap auto activated last night. There's been fully staffed throughout the night though you carry personal personal from New York State. From other agencies like the red cross and in. A utility companies. And we've had very good lines of communication now between state but but also -- Smaller local governments towns and villages and -- recommend to individuals you don't need to be out this don't go outside. The weather is exceptionally cold. The winds are are really better at the end if you if additional they had moved north and destructive the -- -- -- today. Areas that have received so little -- all than I think people find out how bad it actually wasn't so. Kmart will just have been an update from you later on today thanks for joining us this morning. It. Warms stationary -- into the -- county executive mark calling --