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Thruway Update

Jan 7, 2014|

Tom Pericak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on the WB and lifeline Tom Perry -- division director with the New York State -- Tom good morning. Oysters and we understand you have an update forests on the -- closure and you also know that the 400 into nineteen. I guess. It's the restriction is purely between. Exit 55 to nineteen ranger rode in and the Penn State line continues to be closed that's a hard closure of track. Heading westbound will be guitar -- ridge road and eastbound traffic is being detoured off the short and wrote. And all the -- in between her clothes so people cannot -- situated and he interchanges between lack won it in Pennsylvania. In addition westbound traffic entering buffalo two to winkle told barrier. We continue to detour that traffic until the 290. So that coupled with the closures that DOT in the county have made on -- to nineteen. And route 400. Means you cannot enter the -- way. At pillaging your changes you yourself. Right now is first -- -- away with in the buffalo area the only area that is open. Essentially is between -- 53 and 190. And ages fifty to ninety so all Walden. William under Kennedy and those interchanges are open. People to travel within those areas although we recommend that people I do not travel on military if at all possible. But -- vision of town there are a lot of people who insist that there are kind of travel is essential it is important. And they try to venture -- these closed sections of roadways. What might happen to them we'd like to know and I'm sure they'd like a note to. Well again you know. We we have a very open honest QA situated not if you travel -- -- up to those municipalities. And I know there are numbered municipalities that have travel bans. So they should become aware of that and if they -- one of those areas as he traveled and nation don't heed that warning in and not travel. What will it take to reopen these closed. Your way in X and X expressway east. -- in the the primary issue now is you know as it continues just know but we have been blowing snow and the visibility is just. Zero visibility. In many areas. And even out east in the -- -- TV area. Throughout tonight we've been experience our cars off the road contract chose not to road. We can keep it close Iannetta and although it remained open that's another area that you know possibly later today if conditions there and security. That can be another section closes so if he really -- -- the visibility. On right now the we don't have -- estimate of when we would reopen -- -- know what the weather service is saying with the forecast throughout the day. On it would probably be a later K before we can even make any such decision that. So it's all day it's all day it's just it depends on the weather. That's correct. So long -- does the winds to die down and once they do or die down plows need to clear the threw him. Then if the all clear sound of them you'll make a decision whether to open. That's correct and in even under section that are close we continued to operate our arsenal -- On you know we have sixty -- plows into buffalo division of the thruway and since. Yesterday in and this morning we have an additional twenty that have been brought until -- eighty so we continue to work on those areas so that. You know when the time dot com you know we will be ready to reopen when the weather does cooperate with the. What kind of -- so these drivers working Tom. I typically their work and twelve hours. Twelve on twelve optional. In addition to equipment they came in they came with a lot of operators also help relieve some of our staff out in Western New York. Tom when you have an update I hope you check in with us again. We well. Are we appreciate your time this where we know you're very busy town -- check his division director. With the New York State -- ways telling us that they 9400. To nineteen will remain closed until further notice.

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