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Blizzard Warning Continues

Jan 7, 2014|

Meteorologist Bill Hibbert

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's head of the National Weather Service buffalo were -- weather station where meteorologist bill or to stand about a challenge them on our weather good morning bill aren't. Good morning good morning but went -- -- betrayed the world and say OK you whereas the storm right -- it was enough to. Right now we've got places set a very solid and steady band of lake effect snow from Angola actually from about two. The -- of cataract creek it's over creek right up -- -- of one of an inland all the way all the way to the. How has this been moved. Did it -- much during the night and where do you see it moving in the next few hours. It has not much move move much through the night it's been fairly -- their right up about two south buffalo. In the metro area here but really really hammering the south towns Hamburg Orchard Park west Seneca. Always crossed all the places this. On inward to central Genesee County felt all right about an inch an hour maybe two inches an hour now as we're getting into the early. The morning crawl time noted could be driving. And so be seeing that note is continuing through the day. Bill how about the wins where we stand in the wind situation. Wins that the second shoe to drop here we're looking at winds of 38 miles an hour here at the airport dropping wind -- about a minus 26. Even worse on the lakeshore Buffalo's. -- site down there at the Coast Guard gusting to 53 miles an hour. So it's absolutely. Arctic polar bear down on the waterfront. Wind -- across here again in the minus 25 to rearrange minus 35 to get down towards Jamestown. Bill do you see the -- possibly pushing into the metro area and north towns again. There could be a flight. Movement to the north then maybe into central buffalo amendment -- the Cheektowaga. Area but not much farther north and Matt I don't feel really going into the north com. But it's it's really going to be impacting all of the travel any any travel through the area's going to be an -- would halt. Bill -- unofficial snow totals from any towns and villages. It's sort of hard to tell because of the way the wind's been blowing snow. It is very very difficult if not impossible to measure of bill because it just it's there it's re distributing it across the real estate and that it's. Horizontal or Donald smoke so the measurement. Really we're looking at -- probably -- so far maybe eighteen inches. And some of the parts of especially get down toward -- and Hamburg. Even in the Orchard Park. But again. It's it's next to impossible we're going to be looking at drifts that are going to be an excess of five feet six feet in areas that my people -- now. Now a blizzard warning is something that has not been issued here. In a long time -- many years. Twenty years. And there are blizzard conditions -- their absolute. Played out. Zero visibility you you couldn't across the street. I drove into work at midnight I could not see the cars in front of me. Of for just look for a club -- you know this car there somewhere and we're trying to pry it from Orchard Park. The -- and -- lose the -- and the cycle so we have a blizzard warning for all of Erie county. I can see Wyoming counties we're looking at that through the day windchill warning would wind chills of minus 25. Even colder again -- those winds gusting to fifty mile an -- down on lake front wind will be picking up through today. Absolute blizzard conditions and and and bitterly cold dangerously cold wind chills. -- will continue through today and we will likely end up pushing that into the night as well. Bill I know our listeners are grateful for that update thank you. Just everyone -- stay home safe safe we will meteorologist bill heard that the airport weather station.