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1-6 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jan 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Elliott back where the -- coming up sandy beach what I heard this story was like we've heard this story before different people. Different circumstances but the same kind of a story. And that is the father charged in an attack on his son's hockey coach in case you did not hear it. The father according to this above lament the story the father of a teenage hockey player arrested Saturday. -- after the police said he attack the coach for pulling his son from the game during a high school tournament at leisure ranks in Orchard Park. Others. Said that what happened is officers from Orchard Park in west Seneca. Arrived they responded to 9/11 calls a body up a fight at the rink. They encountered a large crowd in the parking lot employer and when they arrived at 950. And Michael. Schaefer forty acres all the buffalo assaulted the coach. -- oh reportedly suffered a shoulder injury taken by ambulance to mercy ambulatory care center or he was treated and discharged. Now an Orchard Park police lieutenant Patrick FitzGerald said the coach indicated. He had taken shape Versailles and out of the game and he said police -- did not know via the reason why not that there had to be a reason maybe. Various reasons maybe he was went to navy was tired maybe he wasn't playing a game might maybe a million things. Butler coach should certainly be of appear comfortable take your kid out of the game without the father attacking him afterwards shortly after the game ended. FitzGerald of from the Orchard Park PDs -- -- confronted the coach nearly eyes pushed him back hit him several times. So shaver was charged with third degree assault. And taken to the Orchard Park police department or -- released on an appearance ticket. Orchard Park police have asked for help from west Seneca because of initial reports of a fight a large crowd but. He said police encountered no problem with the crowd in the attack involved only Schumer -- Schafer and the idea and the coach so that's that. Fathers watching the -- play coach takes the kid out father gets angry confronts the coach after the game and is now charged with a third degree assault. Posted on WB in online some people shared their thoughts here. Of the coach was bullying a player as well the father was attempting to stand up for his son on the coach verbally abuse the father. That's one. From somebody signed hockey somebody's call Joseph how about some jail time may be a bully confronted by a bigger bullies to -- to model lesson. Another father of -- not surprised told the court does not take -- -- maybe a little community service on top of the fine. Here's another one this one sign sick of bad coaches saw another words your bad coach or not a winning coach there right to assault -- I'm in really. Let's say how much medal -- our physical abuse led to the breaking point. A -- this case gets dropped their. And one more totally makes sense now if you have a bad coach or don't like what he's -- make sure you throw punches Adam. As ridiculous I mean that's obviously tongue in cheek the last one but that the thought that you have any kind of right. Or any kind of justification. To attack. Coach because you know like what the coach did with the your son as far as putting him in the game taking him out of a game. Whatever first at all if you think that your son is being. Not treated fairly there are ways to do it besides this may via a casual conversation something like help me understand this. And maybe he'll learn some things from the coach that you didn't know. Our kids are always the same in front of their parents as they are in front of other people. That I'd take a sane and sensible approach just don't go with this line. As I said the only sport that this probably doesn't happen where -- where adults and parents. Our costs via coach would be and martial arts and that would stick mistake although I'd like to see it be fun I'd Tony when you. We you know if you like the one comments about. You know the coach was -- in the -- And if you do have a problem with the coaches who pays these economic he would. Or. You don't like is the way he coaches may be -- to mean what not. You can either confront the coach like you said or you can take it up with the league are there's a president of the league Arabs or remembers. And he can have a sit down and a discussion and you know. -- -- -- As word is a demand a you're gonna go to Paris island or some marine training center area and yell at the DI. You know mice. Are you going to are you going to do that every time the boss has a conversation with your son and whatever job your sons and you gonna you gonna do that with the cops you to assured them. I mean please if you if you if you think that. Your son is such a gilded -- maybe should be playing sports at all. Because I bet the kid can take a lot more than the parent can but the thought of why do you have your kid playing at all. You -- increases his skill level -- a coach probably can do that a lot better than you can. And they certainly better than you can by assaulting a coach that doesn't work no nobody I don't know coaches ever said. Gee you know what I took Johnny out of the last game and his father beat me up so I better leave -- this game I mean come up. Us as a stupid. Is what it is and a lot of these guys have those you know I think they have too many beer commercials. Plus I said and this is just a pet thing a mine sports has gone Smart ass I don't know when it happened but it's happened. It's it's starter with trash talking on the court the field in the -- whatever. And now and then it went to announcers. Being Smart asses. I used to -- sports though wasn't like that but it's like that now it's one -- Seaman ship it's the big endorsement contract. Is the big guns government yard and you are so. In many ways sports is taken different roads that are unfortunate that don't really -- in the sport if you love sport. And your loved the way they play sport in a pure level a lot of his garbage is just not needed. Will be taking a break it will be back with your calls and Austria on 930106009. -- -- nine -- -- -- to Diane. I am here on WB yen. I think it's kind. I think people have this -- to build level to win now they've ninety via land. -- morality is old -- today it's all about winning it doesn't matter how you do it. So. You know I think the parents I'm not -- good examples for their cans that fact they're probably -- attempt to do. Cup thing. Well where it was always preferred by your right now on -- the person who comes in second in the Super Bowl as that is considered a loser that's just our society right now. Although is denied that it was ever said by Vince Lombardi there is a famous saying that winning isn't. Isn't everything it's the only thing that's up to me that's a sick attitude if if that's all you get is you have to finish. And in first place with the big trophy and get nothing else out of it you're wasting your time and sports. And I thank you thank you I am I'm. It's one thing to say keep your eye on the prize. This is what we want this is what we want. We came in second there or how many teams in the -- Sixty boards -- and now we came in second era we're losers. Is the only letter is now that's ridiculous. It really is not the pro level. Levels -- from ball game. If -- if you are indeed a Super Bowl winning coach. You're gonna get a lot more mileage than somebody who hasn't won fired Tom Coughlin is a good example now the giants OK you can have a season like he hadn't still come back. So that's that's that if you're Super Bowl winning quarterback. That goes a long way toward our hall of fame long way these kinds of things all add up. But to save that the only reason your plane is too is to get the top prize in the top game. I think his mistake here obviously that's what you want that's what you train for and that's what you hope for. But does say you accomplish nothing without that. That's module BS as far as I'm concerned what was your attitude on winning when you had the kiwis there unfortunately the there were times when I was caught a little too much. In wanting to win -- and commercial we saw with a little kids now I want. That far partner you know I think Jack -- got spoiled my first two years we have really good teams. Some really talented kids who went on to do some good things in high school. So we kind of got accustomed to winning and I thought that that's how was that again I was young I was in my young to mid twenties at the time so. A definite different mindset and I've learned a lot since the. As a lot of pride to be had for accomplishment mean to Joel it got to OK Joseph are you follow women in high school so he's records and he's doing well at UB. It it doesn't matter to me that he's not gonna win the Rose Bowl okay are or the -- the -- championship. A fact is that he is countered well for himself he's getting better every year and there's a lot to begin with that. -- there's a lot of rewards to what you deal you know you coach for awhile. Thankfully with FaceBook I'm able to reconnect with a lot of kids that I did coach in the ER Rivera done -- -- these. And it's nice -- yet you see if they're grown up and at the -- of their own can it makes you feel old but when they tell you you know you were great coach you were armed glad that I. I -- now that that posits a lot to me gorilla now Chris you play football and baseball. Was that the attitude that your coaches had been if you didn't win and everything you Warren a winner at all or did these taken as they -- -- -- -- as a -- wanted to I'll never forget from high a baseball -- -- -- JV and then. -- he ended up moving up to -- -- seniors or Panama and a couple years. He one of the earliest practices he told everybody today you can count I -- figures the amount of your recorded baseball players that have made the rose basically just saying. Are settled out were playing high school baseball relax enjoy it and nobody has ever gone for all that's gone through here so I actually remember that -- stake is. At the time and it really note Nellie is talking about it it was weird. It makes sense but if you think about it -- wanna talk about how sports has changed. The reporting a sports -- change. So -- it wasn't that long ago when all of the all of the emphasis wasn't on the money part of it. The -- guaranteed contracts the signing bonus. The payouts the salary caps it seems like if you if you analyzed a sporting section in the Sunday paper. At some times there might be more financial information and there is sporting information. And that kind takes the focus I think away from the game itself. I think ESPN as we change that -- yeah I think now with sports center. At least fuel crises. Kids you know whether it's high school or college they want to make their sports center top ten -- highlight -- And I think that's gotten away from the game itself where they're more concerned about the highlight. -- either. This is let's say that he was either first or among the first Ted Williams signed the Contra for a 100000 dollars a 100000. Now you couldn't even take a -- to lunch -- -- 100000. And we always talk about this what would -- Ted Williams or -- wrote. Be worth in today's marketplace it would be encountered W could not figure out. Because the focus is so much on the money side you know and you find out the players -- players in baseball. Who might be lucky to hit two wavy are getting you know multi multi millions of dollars it's incredible really he has. And and not only I think he has been -- television in general. Change. Because he didn't have that when I grew up watching. The bills in the sabres did their focus was never there. In fact I remember OJ Simpson won in a million dollars and Hillary to get rid of them -- -- -- that's outrageous there's no sport person is worth a million dollar. Well in the original days of National Football League and those guys all had other jobs the Packers were. Named after meat Packers will grow up so -- out of -- drugs. But now that isn't the case now they all had agents and they have publicists. And they where you know 5000. Carat diamonds in their ears and their hair is down Rivera took us and their role as celebrities as much as they are athletes. And I think that's all goes into it and because it goes into it. It is a trickle down society -- you think that the kids that are playing -- haven't been watching them on television. Us and they don't want that big hubcap sized diamonds in their year. And they wanna be on the ESPN and they wanna be on sports center and our fans adoring them exactly as they adore. They're our hero exactly and so that's part of let's go to its head in buffalo Ted you're on WB yen. I the slugger coaching search coach about seven years ago McIntyre at a turbulent politics over to sort their roster -- And what what did because -- Challenge he knows or can you were pretty. They're a little in total there to what I wrote the story I left. It's all the illegal under you'll be quote he's here in your trees kinda coach. Or what poll you're gonna everybody dirt is scary because the pockets are deep. And the program I don't wanna talk about the program they're looking. But if -- -- -- the program we'll read the report questions. So your saying that they -- You're allegation men or your suggestion is that the coach is yen and the father was. Was right to do audio then. This -- I would rather let. Because you've been jailed church for many years. Let's look it up okay let me ask you this and because I'm not a coach what is the difference between challenging somebody. To do their best and getting more out of many of them they thought they could and just being abusive. All walker getting enough space -- goalie players who were garbage. I mean they're. It. You know real I don't -- over where we're -- asking her out for you at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So you that you're that you're fired his style was wrong for the age of the kids he was. He was coaching because I mean I remember things like Bobby Knight throwing chairs. And things like that so so you think it was just didn't wasn't a good fit for the age group. Yeah cart record of our -- circle back a little 88 okay are changing and you -- -- social or political. And that there -- poor little letter carriers. I don't know not. -- -- -- Oh yeah it is to watch -- back -- colts are urged to. All right Monica Seles -- a contest the -- that thank you thank you very much remember Monica Seles when he was. She was howling off and somebody I think in Germany as does the news here came motto -- stabbed in the back she was in her career was never the same after that she was it's not require players that. All right you know as a friend Monica Seles. Ralph Wilson -- you know -- I didn't yes yes yes of course his wife is an ever attempt to is okay when we come back we wanna hear from you. These five other assaults -- son's hockey coach any thoughts about that. Other examples you've seen of adultery -- badly and would you coach in this environment. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start nine birdie there are toll free line is 1800. 61692360. Probably. Major damage not us when your hall of fame disc jockey as I am I hate about it -- to build an actual room in my house. Those numerous awards you know all the songs though about that it did you say that they would allow this that you -- all my god I was in the front row did in New York City and the speakers were from major U. Distance okay Carnegie Hall took group will vote listeners down from -- -- Chicago. Front row seats at Columbia CBS gave -- front row seats. The bring listeners -- you think front row seats yeah maybe. While I newest and as we got there -- was sitting in the front seat as you looked up at the east hollering speakers that look like a the speakers your reviews that the ruffles and stadium. And your incited an inside venue. Well as soon as they started at the in my years in the league seriously I had to get. The angle of my head just right otherwise it was like some sticking and -- a knitting needle in my eight year. It was that. Wild while -- expected -- you really don't but that's where they work well you know I think a lot of acts are over modulated. Just to be over modulated. I remember when I went to see Waylon Jennings was one in my favor right right there right next to George Jones okay. Now I know -- repertoire inside -- -- -- second if I had do. And that thing was just pop and it was over modulated. Says it will wait and fabulous voice the timber of his voice incredible he didn't need all of but I think I sound engineers like it. It rock's hall a lot of people like it but I like more new ones I like I like more feeling to it is that it just blasting it -- but Chicago's. Stream. -- expect that like Led Zeppelin The Who -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And if you heard this jockey. Your whole life the human there was not made to Wear headphones. You know sometimes five hours a day five days -- week it's nine and blasting. His wife is not made for that that's why if your Rami and I have to ask you to repeat it. It's the same is Danny never and so of course he's wearing mirrored earlier whatever is wearing armor Regis yelling film. Oh we are all like that. I don't know any this -- in this jacket does not have depth wasn't ever good mr. Because you had to just crank it. And I know some people that actually brought in another amplifier. For their headphones without telling the engineering department. And they they fed that into the line so you have the normal amplifier which is enough to you know blow the roof off. Put another amplifier in the same line. Yeah it's you know also has this thing cranked Johns that. Because remember John -- is that bands and stuff. Hands and and all people -- in it for some time are half death. That's the reason but Chicago yes and -- six before thank you very much all right Michael -- Now we've had to below though at least one person also he's a salt of the -- he's the nicest guy -- want -- and -- while I guess I would -- I was coaching is kit and -- among the game that I perhaps wouldn't. But that's what the police -- say happened -- was charged with third degree assault take into the Orchard Park police department. Where he was released on appearance there and according. Two with a police. What happened is he confronted the coach at the end of the game. As a as a coach was leaving the guys and I don't know if words were exchanged doesn't say and in the news stories that I have about this. But subtly. Oh of the coach was in -- knuckle sandwich. And that's not not acceptable and so he's -- he was charged with third degree assault but I'm asking. Your thoughts on general conditions like this with. Especially fathers. Who overreact. You know the that your kid is not the second coming of of Jim Brown for football or Michael Jordan or or -- Babe Ruth or whatever and you think that every official. Got the call wrong every coach doesn't not a coach York did. And you get sick hearing this duo. I'm not even involved with teens boards but you get sick of hearing. Or any other coach the coach likes him more arm or his family as more polls so he's he's getting more time. All of this stuff because it's just like ago when you grow up and you don't get the job. It's not because you weren't qualified for the job it's because somebody yells at an end and and you didn't that's you hear about all the time. No I know that there's politics involved especially. In small towns. With the -- everything was but certainly sports is one of them. But the but the -- it's always like that it out of five as they grow up thinking somebody else's kids getting preferential treatment. My kid is getting screwed are the same ones who are saying why deny get that. That advance that advance the salary and an advancement of the corporate ladder -- they always have an excuse is always a reason everybody's against them. All right let's ago we got a couple more postings on FaceBook Chris ones -- This is from a -- he says I'm not sure that I would get in the coaching today these people don't get paid they take a lot of times away from their lives and their families. And often they just take crap from parents. A lot of these parents need to step up and start acting like role models instead of bullies. I think the rep that is exactly right if you wanna get into coaching because you really like helping children. And you've taken a bit you know as I take a real thrilled to see them advance because of words or rather -- -- of them the great. If you're doing it because it gives you a sense of power that you don't have anywhere else you don't have it work you don't have a major church you don't have a -- your wife. But you -- these eight year old kids. That's perhaps not not a great idea. But I can understand that why people wouldn't want to I don't think I can be a good coach I really don't. I I think I would have things to offer. Uncertain. Things but. I don't think -- be good coach dealing with the political side of -- measures said there's always -- a whole yes indeed always always and all the and that involves all the sports. Because you're you're always looking for an edge whether it's a scholarship. To get into college which could be substantial. I mean it could be a lot of money and and now colleges offer scholarships for a lot of different. Sports is not just football basketball and baseball they have golf scholarships they have tennis scholarships. There's scholarships for many different. And an if especially if you don't have extra money falling out of your errors. It's in your kid has some. Aptitude for the Smart you can understand them kind of pushing little Johnny along -- you get a college education as well. All right -- another one grizzlies. This is from JoAnne she says my son tried coaching a few years ago at a local football league. The parents were constantly telling him and the other coaches what to do and what not to do it was a complete nightmare. See that's it yeah I'll always had a couple of as Tony pointed out we've had a couple of high school coaches or very successfully kind of got nudged out the door some some some more than a nudge because of the politics of the parents getting involved. I think for coach should be judged on and several areas is -- a better program now. Are they getting better instruction. Are they more representative are they doing better as a legitimate and things. Cut the crap about all the political side. They get rid of it if if little Johnny is going to -- because the coach raised his voice of Johnny shouldn't be playing scorer it's okay. That's one of the lessons you learn. Is that occasionally and happy with how you're treated by the coach -- your boss or whatever. And that's one of the things that you can you can take away from sports in a very private sector. -- -- Your commander is not going to in the military is not going to be respectful of the death civil. But. Levels that you require. Neither of the cops. Neither is anybody else except mom and dad's a mom and dad junior wants to play find a good league with a good coach somebody a comfortable when -- OK and if he if he sheds a tear every time somebody -- them maybe you should. Album -- that you know nothing to do is when they have registration. And sign ups and a lot of them happen to be on the first day of practice. Gold watch a few practices may even a week's worth. Of practices to see. How to coach carries himself during practice and then maybe you can make up your mind if if you think it that would be a good fit for your child. Astro Astro. And if I don't like this there are different ways to motivate. I always use horse racing has a good example. If you are jockey there are ways to make. -- whores go faster or maybe not okay. When a jockey has a whip they carry -- aren't. Sometimes you -- a resource and they run faster. Sometimes you went home and they stop -- assaulting OK did you stop. And so you got to know -- -- know your daily weather what motivates the that personnel obviously people -- not animals and on horses but what I'm saying is. A motivation in my work with Johnny. Because god John -- -- you know that kind of approach might not work with somebody else maybe a more cerebral opposes that approach with somebody else. You have to know -- coaching. And use them to be your best advantage what motivates them. But some -- one size fits all. Yell -- everybody or your quietly everybody's summer successful some aren't. But I remember everybody's an individual if you wanna be treated like an individual -- up and quit whining. Will be back with more after this let's go to John on -- cell phones on your on WB -- -- that they might also. I was calling because. I have to get them hockey in you know this -- throughout the years. I've learned and I guess I'm gonna make a comic view it that. I guarantee that if you were to. But a few more segment of the work that's especially in the hockey culture. That a lot of coaches. You know right from the might -- all the way up to the high school level. Some coaches in my opinion get narcissistic ways bad. You know they just killed they can say or do anything there's some protocol. That's something the provide Hewitt bystanders at 24 hour wall where you were not to make a comment to the coach. And -- after a game that -- And especially youth hockey what I see you know they're so much emotion riding on it because. Everybody think little Billy's going to be the next Wayne Gretzky and obviously. Helped some parents have a hard time dealing with that but in some cases I think some coaches. As well you know get that feeling that they're untouchable and I don't agree at all what. Striking anybody go after anybody and I think Garrett is that I'm not agreeing with bad. I guarantee if you want more segments and hear the opinion of a lot of people out there you're gonna say there's quite. You know there's a story that he'd be -- Well I'm sure that a lot of vote coaches. I'm not sure -- I'm I'm surmise and a lot of coaches. Of feel comfortable with that authority with that power they may not happen anywhere else but they haven't when their coaching. And they like that and you have to know how to moderate that know how to use it and a positive manner rather than it's just my way or the highway. Thank you John. Who do you think that's fair that a lot of them really do kind of enjoy the power of you remind our hockey especially it's so fast. Hockey is a fast moving sport like baseball where he can take your time and you know make your decisions and a hockey is boom boom boom boom boom and so what it does is it strains that relationship. And and hockey really I think is. Designed. Because of the speed of the game four row of people at a higher level their learning and at this level but can they absorb it. Haas -- our sport with the past I think with with coaches and you can probably. Find this in almost anything whether there. They're in charge of a -- and and it's at the fair or something like that they get a sense Apollo were in the think it. -- the they wanna abuse their power they -- to they wanted to flaws that power we see you know we've seen it many times and and all aspects. Of of life and it's not just -- sports people get into the little worlds and you know they've got a little bit I'm a security guard in -- become a big. -- yards back if you really think about it now. Think about the age of these kids. If you have a coach that say as demonstrative maybe larger than life and then once though win win and do this and do that. Be the first authority figure those kids have had to deal with because their teachers don't act like that. They're probably not allowed to act like that they're not allowed to we yellow little Johnny I mean the record but they would lesson teaching -- along I'm sure. So the teachers take a different approach generally -- coaches do if their parents aren't like that and most parents aren't. The coach. The coaching any kind of sport could probably be the first authority figure dealing with a little -- like that. And Johnny doesn't know how to deal. Sure now so that's a that's. One of my iPad. Thoughts on why this happens and in hockey is such him it's a great sport and it's very fast. And decisions have to be made quickly. Let's go to catalyst cellphone can -- on WB -- Face any great show I also agree that maybe there's so psyched that you could do another -- back. My thoughts are coach travel hockey for over thirty years from little kids following -- of our city our school. And now that 24 hour waiting period is -- at Connecticut parents a chance to Dalton shake things that you know maybe they get it accomplished active. The next day because petticoat you're dealing with fifteen to twenty different personalities with the kids and then compound that with parents. And you've got thirty to forty different personalities there. And -- and -- -- -- situation so -- located. And I'm I would tell a parent -- -- -- twenty players little Johnny was number nineteen you -- want it taken all the while all -- cheer one. And let him be in the top five or -- that wobble and try again match here. And almost all -- once they -- automatic and I want them honesty and you would say -- state follower or national you know keep our championship caliber. It's week at the end of the game were trying to preserve a lead or score a goal to get to that match that -- liable which everyone expects at the tier one global. And Beckett matches -- -- to you Michael first second first lines. And after the game you would think patriots actually lost their child it's it's absolutely incredible. That stressed that aren't go to the other thing I'd like to say as. And I believe this makes a lot of sense I coached the team for two years and I'm will be kids under a different group and picked up two more groups -- another group picture edged. Because I think that it is against different coaching opportunities pronounced different perspectives. And you don't get that power control freaks saying that you know object in this team from many might steady no major -- stage and to international chant insults. Now do you -- you ever get the other imports from the parents thanking you sank. As you know John it was green one though when you started coaching and -- and and he's had a few tough spots but boy he's a better hockey players a better kid do you ever get the compliments. On the up quite a few over the year sort of sedatives that thirty years Saddam you know we had a couple and we were trying to teach kids light that the name on a -- security was more important than their name on the fact that pitchers. That -- was first selfless act in. Amare actually but stick at one time because the parents are paying a nine year old boy every bullish for unsecured one -- the park. Bench and the parent got my grill -- -- -- syndicate were assessed. If you need it I -- because I know Lisa what was on the players. -- deal with all this dynamic of -- and -- as others that side you know little Johnny's going all the way it's something like one and 60000 American troops by an ice hockey. -- make it to the pro level. While I am not mean if you act and the international -- it's like one out our -- -- kids. Playing ice hockey in the world won't make it's and the NHL camp about a mile lottery. Well I'm telling you sound like a good coach or guide coach -- like them if I had acute playing hockey I'd like to have you coach in Yemen and good sound reasoning thank you thank you very much for the call. That's what I like if you're gonna pay the kidnapper and assess. He's helping he's one of the of people one of the two -- not just those appointments somebody point do you. -- is the same in the NBA and things like that why do they you know widely -- people who would do well with a says because that as the points. That's the reason. Wraps it up that was an and we had no no interference today from the program which -- -- -- he's not a -- you know Latvians -- You mention is a got a bench rain cats Powell is now all out coach coach. Wraps up stay warm stay -- on the road and don't forget tonight at that 7 o'clock Larry -- will be live. I think gets you through the storms canyon there them. Which they never dreamed could be used --

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