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1-6 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

However actually a vision governor another situation where adults are behaving badly a above one news story. The father seventeen hockey player arrested Saturday night after police said he attacked the coach. For pulling his son from the game during high school tournament at leisure -- and Orchard Park. Officers from Orchard Park police department west Seneca police responded to the 9/11 calls a lot of fight of the -- Large crowd was in the parking lot of -- and when they arrived at about 915. Officers determined that Michael Schaffer forty -- all the buffalo assaulted the coach. Who reportedly suffered a shoulder injury taken by ambulance to mercy ambulatory care center where was treated and discharged. The police said the coach indicated he had taken shape percent out of the game. He said police did not know the reason it shouldn't matter actually. Shortly after the game FitzGerald said. That's the Orchard Park police lieutenant for sure. Said shaver confront the coach nearly ice pushed him back and started. Hit him several times. As Schaefer was charged with third degree assault taken from the Orchard Park police department released on an appearance ticket. So that's that examples of adults behaving badly giving her thoughts on that incident and also should the father be banned. He was charged with the -- third degree assault I'm glad the -- yeah press charges. Other examples you've seen or heard of adults behaving badly and would you want a coach anybody who thinks that all of these are minor examples. Well they may be but they can grow at a major examples. It was I think with within the past year. That a soccer official remember this. -- Tony crowd ran out in the field. And they did not like some Collie had. They had knocked him down and they'd be ahead AM anybody remember that starter only have a couple months ago. Now there's no exam that's no there's no reason to. Two assault anybody there's certainly isn't a reason to be anybody. How barbaric all of this. Over putting a ball in the net you kidding me. Just not real I think all of the things that are beneficial on sports while the window which the -- beat him. Let's go to Jim in north on -- wandered -- on WB yen. Story about Bob and yeah and not mightily accurately in the league football with great for the -- you could that. Just so your doctor. -- the -- The work practice -- do not credit would -- -- would -- And ripped open rich boat and bit. Well the doctors told Robert that mr. -- over -- 550. Right now to the Muppets in his office and I'll. And that. To take over my father might Bob did you -- So we get over there and doctors work and word got -- -- the by Bob told the doctor or -- taken too long. I got here and there were all all your Q I. -- It. Might get me. Back to call -- doctor can. Called off all know that that's a good story but I'm sorry it had to happen that seems -- got a little out of hand thanks Jim thank you might swallow. Stitch him up as a got him back in the game well that's why did you notice in the in the playoff games. First of all. All of the players that Kansas City lost they lost Charles right away like in the first series. Here is like one of the best players in the league well that that their best running back is -- and he's gone. And then they then lost about five or six players and I think the first three were all concussion like. The NFL is not taking any chances anymore because of what's already happened and what they're learning could happen. They are definitely making people sit down in the old days they would have a can you follow my finger left to bloom what what day as it was today OK go back and here's some smell insults. I mean you could ask those questions who met members of the management team and make an answer and they don't you play football you know army. Wednesday as a -- is that it's you know. And -- always grain business but -- at their -- Oh Mike on the cell phone Mike -- round of Libya and Laurie I'm fine -- ago when he got four. I coached little -- a guide to the last three years like a familiar. And I'm we've got this draft but we gotta think he is deleted previous coaches. About what I do. Number -- highest. It is right -- they're running throwing catching hitting computers yet to all of a -- off I was in the attitude. And that anything else is gonna milk and it's beautiful like it what way but I have had -- right here. I'm a really good athletes so -- on -- can -- -- intact and you know what. People get to -- await these kids are pro not bold approach. And and I'm not liberal at all. Idol I need it's little lead every attribute it to chance McKenna 02 yarder to coach your appear to coach winning team. You're an article in that it does it needs to get better. All I can batter I actually I'm a week -- picture league. -- that I got to supply what I cut out all illegal market with Scott paper and about strikes well -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- does that pitchers like indicating wanted to catch. But he couldn't get the ball well I think that people it is at work on our game this season. It was really ready we've tracked what the book for the it was there at him. -- -- not a good idea let's go to BK estimated Tibetan people antibodies and the it is construct somebody else you're. We are coached these kids we are not -- be eurocard sold because we're not -- were coaches know the difference. And were there to help these kids get better so don't worry about competition -- or will lead him. Yeah I got a coach and every parent should want to because you've got you've got a bill that's exactly the right attitude it must be great when -- we are you when you feel you've helped. Any kids get better. What it would work there and and that they -- -- predicted we're not -- -- the trophy we're not here for ultimate aren't to coach your your immediate. I mean I can play he is a good defenseman. We we. It's where we play on my -- game played at leisure but that's not delete -- and still eat and then most -- into coaches in the last four years. Nicest guys they competitor -- tablets. That's a little bit. They are you are not rule they're nice -- we and Phillippe parties that there how to beat kids. And ultimate and a coaches we need all the other guys it couldn't do well. -- they -- your high school hero battle along its current yet but I think by depressed Kirk. Well said well said thank you go actually appreciated and I thinking 20 what I decided to subject. You know you get that and all the sports. Except one. There's one sport where. The five father almost never heard of -- are criticizing the coach and has almost never heard attacking the coach okay. Is one sport and that would be. Martial arts. -- If there is some kid going after the masters -- these guys 87 degree black belt and his. And fought around the world and stuff they don't do that that would be that would be a bad thing. Because. Well first -- is a great deal of respect I think martial arts because you -- a background and and I did some work we're eager to stanza and I go to of Mikey a mob or as martial arts class sometimes. And watch them there's a great deal of respect for the coach which is good. You understand the coach is more advanced than you and is trying to help you advance within. Your discipline. And you never I'm not there any example I've ever seen. The apparent go after the martial arts instructor not a good idea new. -- -- against it remember Elvis had. The story that I always enjoyed remember Rwanda pursue solo was a marriage Elvis. She was taking martial arts more outlets in martial arts so. Tuesday from Mike Stone who was quite accomplished member. Elvis botnets -- maybe he should confront Mike Stone because of personal. However. For sellers a mics don't relationship. He was on the lot more advanced than Elvis was and martial arts and it never happens I was probably give a second thought you don't wanna see the guy with a black belt. You know was getting out getting on your case it doesn't work out too well. A look -- -- would be -- company under Israeli and I'm thirty way RW via a father accused of vote third degree assault. His name. Is a Lebanese city whose name is. OK where is -- right of your. Nazi. It's amazing -- -- for -- -- -- for enemy camp find is that. But anyway third degree assault taken the Orchard Park police department he was released on an appearance ticket his name is Michael -- 48 years old buffalo. The coach took his kid out of the game and shivered and why get. Confronted the coach nearly -- pushed him back hit him several times police were called. He was arrested these I don't know appearance at an album I'm saying. This is not the kind of behavior that should be tolerated at any level in any league. Putting up -- these tantrums from frustrated fathers who are either living their bitter and athletic lives through their sons are just nasty people. So are masking your thought on what happened at the -- also. Other examples you may have seen of adults behaving badly especially a sporting events now. You can go the other way I don't think that's the way to go either where. It's -- not fair to keep score because children shouldn't have to lose -- that's how they learn lessons in life sometimes you win. Sometimes you don't and you have to learn how to deal. And is just as tough to learn how to be a winner as it is to be a loser and there's a lot of lessons to be learned but certainly the lessons to be learned is not to get involved at that level. If you're -- hot head father OK let the kid enjoy the sport. Also warn you coach. Would you coach we've heard from people say it happens in all sports including baseball some say hockey's the worst I don't know why but that that's what they say. I'm Chris how about they -- couple of FaceBook postings please this one counts of Susan she says about thirteen years ago. Hockey deadbeat of another -- a game in the north towns parents that have to watch an anti violence video and sign a contract saying that behavior would not be tolerated I think that should be done against. Not a bad idea remember in the old days it was Woodstock that you can get away with anything if you're playing a sport -- -- on a court a rank of field whatever not anymore people have been charged with crimes and so. If you're committing a crime it shouldn't matter whether it's in the context of a vote your backyard or a hockey -- or whatever when you assault somebody you assault somebody and it doesn't matter the reason. The reason might be that he took your Saddam again that's not much of a reason. And so I'm glad they charged another please this is from Linda she says that many parents did to stay away from youth sports like those girls softball. One time -- or father or all of the stadium for harassing his own daughter. While in even in the pros. There's a female. Tennis where I I've followed the the women's tennis tour WT. Here and there is a father of one of the prominent female tennis players who's been banned from -- a lot of stadiums because of his behavior. He's outrageous his daughters a fine player she seems organize and young woman but he's an idiot. And they've. I know it was a bear from Wimbledon a couple of years ago so is not a place of the level -- -- -- Wimbledon but he can't go. So that that's getting only -- out of hand shall we say. Another please this is -- -- -- -- I think this is a big problem -- their parents behave like this that Negroponte treat other people like dirt. -- have no positive examples in their lives that's Charlotte and -- when you see your parent behave like that that is your get out of jail free card business. If -- -- does this or which saying dead because I'm sure it's mostly dad there could be some moms involved but. You see your father doing it going to be all right for you you wondered if people would support. Where parents are not allowed to go to games. -- at all and all at all. Let them watch on closed circuit TV or something like that -- that's not a bad idea I don't know if it would work or play but I think it's not a bad idea. But I do think that they should have the ability to ban on ruling parents. I mean if you go to Ralph Wilson Stadium think about like this you Ralph Wilson Stadium you cause a ruckus if you have season tickets they can pull them. Even if you paid to get in they can throw you out not the kind of sports we're talking about now there's no admission charge guys still can't ban but you should be able to band parent. I had a grand parents. From attending any of our practices 11 year. When they showed up at practice when a six pack of beer set down to watch their son's practice while they drink beer and -- You know get out the because the value of sports and and we've been over this before are many. Sports can be very beneficial but sports and has entered a new era. Different than it was before. I certainly have always been problems with a certain people. In sports and on the periphery of sports. But now it's almost like it's its popular sports and pop culture now. Of from the sports casters. To the people actually playing -- of the people who are witnessing it. And that's that's what it is it's about more about them. When you go to even National Football League game how many of those people on the stands just from the of the camera shots of them. Think that it's about them and not the people feel is a by the way did you see the idiots with the the other were there they -- They're at the Cincinnati game I saw -- -- and -- people it's like people go to concerts. They think that -- the other people of the concert wanna see and hear them instead of the -- it's on Tuesday sending a sports. Why do you think they dress up like that and paint themselves like that and I don't Wear a shortened forty degree below zero its about them. And that's what it's gotten -- they're not good enough to get on the stage or their tool to get on the stage in the case of youth sports. But this is the closest -- until they should would be thankful of their kid has an interest. And that there they have coaches who are willing to volunteer their time or spend time with their own -- -- their kids. To help them get better they should encourage it their kids listen to the coach that's why he's the coach she's the coach. And and get on with a instead of acting like idiots. We'll be back tomorrow Beijing company under his record I'm thirty WB yeah. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and start -- journey in our toll free line is 1806169236. Wow that last commercial image in the for a three V what -- aware of that size. In an unusual size so I am ever Christmas honey you're gonna get me one of those. Yes I am there what size are you -- 403 -- was all about that interest. And even if you don't buy it. It's fun -- you know -- hang around who does as on -- in on dharma we're talking about a guy named Michael -- 48 years old mobile about it that's 48 years old you think -- grown up a little bit. By the time you're 48 -- in jail like a sense and yet anyways he's charged with third degree assault. Taking the Orchard Park police department where he was released on an appearance that it these are charged with assaulting the armed. The the authority on the ice yes the referee. Was a charge -- the employer or is he the head linesman. I'm not really sure but the coaches actually. Shrunk to a -- I was to blame for medium -- No he assaulted the coach a because the coach shook his kid out of the game. Does get out of the game we don't know why nor is it important why maybe of maybe wanted to give some ice time to another kid. Maybe the kid was having an off night. -- maybe he wasn't working hard enough there's there's a lot of reasons why somebody maybe was slightly injured or wind there are some who want lot of reasons why somebody would be taken. Out of the game for awhile but that didn't like so he confronted the coach after the game at leisure. And and -- -- basically I mean and so on your opinion on this I can't think of many people who would support this. But I think this guy could fuel anger management and a treatment here and there are other examples you've seen of adults behaving badly. And would you coach in today's atmosphere. Tony gave it up because of exactly this so Pete in varies burger on WB entry. I just I guess -- in the minority -- Michael wild and it's it's not a care there. Well look at it might call to eat -- -- my outlook and program. I mean he's a good guy and I just the mortgage story then that we know yet and that kind of rested dug it out and about to try. Like everybody here at this -- that much at all story. Well first of all I think that. But the bottom line is there or gazillion witnesses the police were there. And the charge of course until proven you're still innocent the charges that that he threw punches at the coach and -- coach was taken by ambulance. And that's about what we have to not allow what would justify that. There's no justification. There's there's not and I'm not -- an epic mountain stated that like to know all story urged. Well yeah I mean I. We don't know maybe they had words or something or maybe. Maybe got through somebody throwing the first punch we don't know that all we know is is what we do know is that he's been charged. Exactly there's a lot of maybe there and I'll -- saint. Idiotic that I was your show you're your decent -- It's it's your mom or your daughter saw -- -- this guy living next door watch out for you that I look at. And at -- stated that it out of character for him. Well -- -- sometimes people do things out of character and they snap and they regret it later we'll see where this goal is and I'm sure missed throughout the full story will come out thank you. That happens everybody I mean of not -- assault people but where you do things that are uncharacteristic. And people who live next door to you. Or people that you work -- and -- say AJ -- never expected that from him but yet we've seen it happen time and time again on on a lot more serious issues than this. Well how many times have we seen somebody who lives next door to someone. Then allegedly kill some may say well. We would never have guessed that he was quiet he used to come to the neighborhood barbecues. He you know help my mother across the street I mean they have all kinds of things. The of the human psyche is is strange every once in awhile. You become Billy Jack you know I'm talking about -- OK you're OK you're OK you're not okay. Just the way this week we understand that we see that in this business attracts a lot of people like that. Is that shortages -- people behaving in an manner which you're totally surprised. No no not at all I would guess that moment when you -- -- come across parents. I usually can tell on day one that they're going to be the belligerent Taipei mayor has a -- now until you meet you hearing -- Now -- -- and iron to about college and like that and that was only the side. And that was that was the non coaching the other -- shot. Chris you played a lot of sports there are reducing you know usually you could tell it. Now and then -- somebody which snapped. Bottom for the most part I I agree with Tony you can you kind of can tell which guys are wound pretty tight. Odd because like you said they're loud they're loud from start to finish and you just try to get the feeling like it's. Not if they do much to push this government if you start at the middle level and go higher from there it's different than starting at base level and going out. What time I really did get surprised at a game in house -- in north ball well at the time and we're. You'll fast kid we intimate running back. When he breaks a tackle and now is going up the sideline for a he's he's had for a touchdown. His mother comes racing by me I'm so I like stuff pushed up a bit yeah college. -- is all an act could not stop laughing it was the funniest thing I've ever seen but that com you buy super. -- -- the end of -- July a couple of weeks ago I can't remember who it is the yeah I stepped out to kind of diverts. Of the of the players who wrote. He was coach -- -- I mean this is a guy at the highest level of professional football he did that Woody Hayes and Ohio State can ever forget that ended his career -- what amazes career. Although I don't know why when your nickname as -- should be more one thing. But what I'm saying is one days. He is kind of like -- line somebody an opposing player right who threw a punch -- and and that was the end of his career. I mean so you see coaches get into it just manages the fans do. And fans are one -- their fans of its name but I think especially at the lower level when the kids -- first starting to play. It's personal and shouldn't be shouldn't be personal pitches it's all about why you're playing sports and except for some sports like maybe gulf. It's a it's a team effort. And you wanna be part of that team and you wanna listen to the coach that's the reason. He's the coach he knows more than you do about playing the sport you want to place a White House into. You know it seems that our culture is really imp rule. The level of it the attitude ports coaching is really improved since when I coached him from. Played you know -- hear a lot of stories and talk with people because. High school show and you hear about these leagues -- sending all of the coach to be certified now. -- I think we're headed in the right direction. I'm sure there's still. Outcasts out there and how are you as an example you will play in game. In the opposing coach come up to meet and right there I knew that this guy should not be coaching kids he comes up to me get some are facing. Were gonna do this to you to argue I -- who's in the Jacksonville Jaguars do combat I hope you're coaching 910 year old. Professional deep. It's now let me ask you this -- to give any names -- what I want to -- you wouldn't anyway you do the high school the sports on WGR -- Saturday's. You've interviewed a lot of high school coaches that did any of them talk about the interference or the the attitude of parents at that level or is that -- they have Alia the I just a little kid yet and it doesn't matter the sport. When I have them in studio work during the break in. Here's some pretty chilling stories -- and remember we've had a stories around here without getting in the name still were coaches have been forced out. By overzealous parents even -- it's one OK got even successful coaches. Who have a good track record and and there can really back up what they're doing what they now have been forced out because of certain OK don't take a break we'll be back -- would -- and company are let's go to Anthony online one in buffalo Anthony here on WB yen. Hello Anthony. -- For the listening to oh and those -- no -- Frederico expect quiet or not so. Unlock Mexican -- with -- -- remember years. But a lot of people got it all wrong reasons -- because it one of the -- Number coach art school football program. So as time went on it I realized pretty quickly. That their -- mortars then what I see a lot of things that come up. Lately -- to be getting worse horse. The behavior of parents and coaches. Looked into. National youth sports it's not familiar. Is an entity that China equities. Can't stop the same way. It created. A secure at all you can or looks. -- and is trying create national. Actually exports. It's like a protocol of if you look at what -- blinders. On their rosters. Specific age group and what you should be teaching them in what you should be expecting -- -- younger verses the middle child and youth sports. So -- like a standard they said they set a standard okay. Actually staters got some. There's a lot. Outlook football locally and -- a number of support me philosophies. Are or imports. But -- don't you know you know it's it's it's not optical fight. Where some of the parents for involve all the wrong reasons. A coach to accelerate -- -- for a -- years. Little ball you know the first year was my learning year or they're after their property quick way to. Not a coach and the teacher. The point job because that's original and you're teaching them the skills at the at the higher level. You know at the approach level. Generally business skills are they are you have to teach him technique or whatever when you're teaching everything at the entry levels -- Expect no. Winning is part of a leak in an -- or because it in there. 608 year old category which is that we earlier structural or 80. And there's no score but what you move past that we there's score -- Yeah emphasis still on plate time and still everybody true team not just those select you order -- or four star players out he saw it. I also due out more about this altitude -- Some of the local -- coaching certifications for national sports. Some -- requires. That before you -- Emphasis from export their respect what are your teacher educator working with children. Don't expect which is -- on. So -- to be certified do you have to have a certain. Mindset a certain skill set a certain amount of knowledge in order to be a certified coach. Unfortunately. Not well. -- certified them. Well you go out and -- -- a -- actually were not you. Out there it certifies coaching at -- coach -- programmers are Robert. USC football and other. You look at all actually. Started a look at hot here in April while ago USC football -- talked about. Similar to. Which we've -- dividing your cap and having seen what -- expression on hockey. Making it easier for those smaller players which some -- were supporter -- dollars were not support well. So crew going back to grow saying. That you don't really have to have still got to do that most organizations. Will Al. On credible protocol which have to be to be coach. -- A lot of doubt mandatory background check things such at a minimum. But again it's. Torino price at all and they'll sometimes it's the warm body syndrome in organizations where. You know you are spare. And apple and our interest to -- where you know your golf. It in your experience. The adults have behaved badly is -- because they're trying to relive their own childhood through their kids are they trying to ruin their kid to get a scholarship later on -- -- colleges can be very expensive one of the primary reasons I know it's personal at the at the lower level these -- there kids on the ice or in the field whatever. -- what do you think the main reasons are that they lash out sometimes. Our partner and we don't know. What more what drives people I think football. Well hockey seems -- -- here well as of yesterday become. It outwardly violent what football -- saying earlier about. You know you don't see people after that it in its into the baseball games there are soccer. Or football to bring out some element what are the. Yeah the national TV exposure as well as one of the creek and our -- are you a little. I feel a little disappointed whenever you read a story like this a bit better behavior wasn't exhibited. Of course. We are all all he would pull them out to get out quicker so we're but it's earlier it's a process. It's time. I would advocate it annually during the organization out there it looks into what is out there -- -- your education or your coaching staff. Enough you know look into it act and explore it and it -- -- that are -- business plan and her lead since. Nineteen organizations. Good rational thought as a kind of thought that maybe at some of these very good deal of -- thank you Anthony thank you very much. To permit let me ask you the same question one of the things that we really don't think about right away especially with. Is -- factor college's very expensive. If your -- let's take football for instance if your son and although they have -- if call for live tennis they -- all kinds of sports but let's think about football. College is very expensive if you're -- shows any kind of kind of a glimmer that he could be predict that. A do you think the thought of grooming him to maybe get a college scholarship which would save a lot of money for him and the family does that ever entering into. I think it does but I don't think that looking at the Monte -- they're looking at the limelight they're looking at. And a -- the prestige and obviously if they were go pro then that. Then they would look at the money I came across a one time where parent complained to me -- I was. Hindering her son's ability to get a scholarship and mind you he was only nine years. Nine years old and obviously this all ends at high school because I can't see anybody in a college stadium having their mother or father. You know on the stands acting like idiots who would you say and hands and -- go. I think it would end in high school because at the college level you're getting so many kids. That the coach has no problem telling the kid and the parents take a hike. Yeah exactly and end up plus by then you should have a pretty good indication. That just nagging the coach and current or acting like it in a nanny is not gonna help. One thing parents need to understand is that kid's development at different stages. You may have 88 or nine year old that absolutely tears it up at the youth level. But he's. Peaked at that point you know I try to -- high school is not going anywhere where if you have a kid that's not so good grower we got any gets high school all of sudden he he's fantastic. Our I would wanna hear from you the father assaults say son's hockey coach in Orchard Park your thoughts on that -- Michael shaver. 48 years old charged with third degree assault. It was -- of the Orchard Park police department released on an appearance that it. They allegedly assaulted the coach because the coach took his son out of the game give me your thoughts on that. Others and other examples that you've seen on adults behaving badly. And would you coach in today's environment will be back at them.

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