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1-6 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh hello Lola his -- governing and sandy region today show is specially prepared just for you. By candlelight. Yes by candlelight three candles. Cinema Bob those working in his office with one -- -- -- trying to do a show with one -- -- -- hold a candle to me argued that event. Three candles were the message you're gonna get today because the power went out so -- got -- -- OK so why I. Big on preparation I do a lot of Reading a lot of crap and I always have and that's just the way it knows. And that's why am in here early and I was and early again today I -- at the desk and I was at the this no more than well I don't know seven or eight minutes the power went out. I have an interior office it is pitch dark I mean you can't see your hand of running your face. Have you ever tried to work to prepare anything by candlelight I mean short of being Abraham Lincoln. It's not easy to do and I think and I'm feeling sorry for myself. Until I realized. That the people who are working on there who had to use the restroom. We're really in trouble because the restroom is interior it has no lights and it -- and as well. So when you know you think. Okay I'm going to the restroom I've done this a gazillion times I know where everything is shouldn't be a problem okay. Well for those of you have a light on notice that yourself on you know Tony you have a flashlight and so on. And Chris you do 20 okay. Here's what you gotta go you -- one armed short because you have the whole all the white with your hand. Okay and out. It's not easy to do and and you're thinking OK I saw the movie thirty seconds over Tokyo. If they can bomb Tokyo would no lights to be able to hit the the spot where I wanna get right. I'm just say that I'm glad I wasn't one of those guys. His tricks Andy what is -- -- you get your cell phone after the flashlight app is a -- and if you mean yeah against and you point to the mere. Now it lights up the whole room. Good thinking Tony they impact patient have a rest room -- for when the power goes out what effect. The restroom map because you have policy okay I'm practicing now let's say hold on market boys that -- you look at that about the flash dance there. That's in my okay good due process and I go. -- -- -- -- reminds me of a car wash and you drop the one. And a rush. Over everything -- and wanna drop a one under Estonia. I at all I know is they -- a -- outside there of -- high tide. I'm just I'm just Clinton but I want to find out what Nicholas Nicholas is really like that's the -- ago here so bad that. I don't know -- the powers back on the rest of it studio because C -- we have three wings of WB Ian. We have the essential. That's us okay in order for us for anything to be heard. We have to have power but then go to these semis essential which are the people. That after prepay or the things that go on the air so that you'll know what is out there okay. We have -- -- nonessential and useless and that of course is the manager program director sales manager all of the top. People that absolutely it doesn't matter whether it is -- or not. -- will be a typical workday for them the sense it -- it's. Eight but we're here or -- ago we got a lot of stuff going on in a program note. To keep you -- because of some of these predictions are little dire. We will have voted tonight live vote 7 to 11 o'clock Larry -- will be here. And so that we will keep you informed you can tell us what's going now we can tell you what's going on what's not going on -- all of -- -- and that seven to eleven tonight. You guys ready for tomorrow. Now. Hey get over email and we've prepared well I gassed up my truck today so that's gonna have a -- fall again yes -- about your pressuring Imus isn't going to be I think I'm thinking about to register either had my wife drive Myanmar just taking your vehicle. Although that's a good idea yeah it's an excellent and because of safety issues I'm planning to stay -- Susan rose's house. It's actually further than mine but I just before and put me in and out of eleven miles away. So I should be able do it and though we have places around here we could stay if we had a certainly. Yeah -- the -- the cheeseburger yeah how's that you know right there right next to friendly's. About that Elvis and that's definitely and it is calories don't count when you're and a storm situation all because nobody's going all look at -- arm and ice and certainly not all that stuff give me some. All I don't know tofu would be good on you wanna go for the pizza. Cheeseburgers and don't all not so yeah. May be some Paula as -- those big atomic -- would work well man is that it doesn't right now must use a plane from the National Guard to fill those -- in there in an air refueling. The -- is here in the plane flies over because they put a lot of filling in the zone thankfully. Now while what's going on here I had a lousy weekend for two for picking football I'll -- one out of four that you went with all the home teams right yeah yeah one out of four that's what I got. And I was lucky to get one out of four though the one that it was Andy picked Andy although I was not rooting for Andy. And that's it's the only one I got right was the one I wasn't running for how did you guys go Hiatt to right to wrong. I was the same night got it was perfect Saturday and then must feel pretty good about then -- -- on Sundays are you both pushed. You know 5050 and I want to a 25% over the like to -- again. I'm calling into because got to find out what happened it was Eagles yeah it it was not good at how good. How did Kansas City let that game get out of hand well we said that they were paper champion all year long. He was funny is because. I was just a little bit after half I I I was on Twitter as well I got this team wrong. And then all of sudden here we go yeah I did it was just amazing and and you know momentum as the real thing and you know when it starts you can almost write the endings. It's very seldom it doesn't come out the way you think it's gonna come out once that's why it starts. I knew as soon as it was six points ahead that there will lose by a point yeah yeah it was written in the stars you know that the other team and we get seven points and beat them. The what play that they kind of had me taken you know what I think the colts may just come back was. It was a -- they fumbled the ball and lock picks it up and was able to run and for the touchdown now that's lucky it. Yeah I now -- is good quarterback no question about Abbott who does he have to look like he just fell off of a Quaker oats package I mean that urged. I expected him to be calling America I expected him to be calling the plays and eagle over there. And he run -- that way I mean it was it stood amidst it all man's -- he's a young guy -- anywhere though. -- -- -- -- dynasty startup kit and I kept my -- it would -- talking into it I think was a bright Wilson Chris Jaret Brian Wilson with the giants at the time in baseball and its massive beard and still -- and then we saw you with the Red Sox last year and now seems like and good value does it I don't think it enhances. I mean maybe what -- baseball we know they're very superstitious vary okay that's why they have the rally caps and out of a -- But with football. And out and see some of the guys in the Green Bay. Not wearing sleeves that's how manly I am I'm thinking it's kind of psychological. Advantage. The opposite view weighs the same on as you know he's just this topic as you are is he going at all. On my goodness I'm up against him and he's not wearing slaves. Why should just go home now. If if I played football and nobody my size is gonna intimidate me nobody wearing -- can be had for all I care. I can focus on that they think that stuff really works show how tough we are now mixed progress that's used to do it -- -- that now. And that of course Carrick. Cap I can never pronouncement. He needs sleeves he has tattoos all over his arms so I think what I would have done if I -- him. Is tattoo sleeves on my -- So that when you -- the -- that wouldn't know it. So you you got sleeves on your arms look one way you don't have sleeves on the arms look the same -- like that yes okay. Will be back -- -- -- -- -- coming more scintillating conversation as we prepare you for a winter storm in buffalo its not -- for snapper where from Western New York we're back after I heard Adam. I heard of them a morning team mentioned this. Of that usually. We get criticized. In the media for alarming the public. When it doesn't happen first of all it is our responsibility and our job to just give you the information that we yet okay I'll make this stuff up. I just passable. And so that's our job because I want to thank how you'd feel if we didn't do that. And does something terrible happened. We would be remiss it is our responsibility to do it as the reason we do it. I'm is I'm is. Not disappointed but I -- as dismayed when it doesn't happen as you are. But that's the way it goes I'd rather I'd rather think it's going to happen and I haven't happened and the other way round. Switzerland -- honeymoon so it's -- a valuable lessons can be learned what are you guys doing to prepare for tomorrow -- I I heard or Chris they might take his wife's car. And you say your tank is -- anything else no that's about it you know I mean emergency pop -- no actually -- don't what's the met with view. I have emergency pop -- and other pastries. 'cause it's fun to eat them when you're stuck it to a guy who stuck on the -- bridge for twelve hours -- thank god I had my Pepsi. You go I was ready to go do you have any voting -- in your truck I'd do -- by customs -- pop tarts I haven't moved him into the vehicle yep there it right. Tomorrow an irony and it prepared for our whole box of well if you go into my office and I hope you don't because you'll be arrested but if you do you'll see that I have lots and lots of change. And lots and lots of dollar bills because we have good bending here really do and I'm figuring. If people -- here and there I'm prepared. I could. I can make a few bucks here and there you know what I mean. I'll give you three quarters for a dollar. You know I'm talking about because -- -- in that if you don't have it you want it and that's the way ago yet but yet. I do their cards and -- not only have a debt cards I have electronic poker game all of myopic is ready to go someone clean you change -- that's gonna. SI I was that my -- or is -- birthday party Friday night. And their guests from out of town relatives from the Phoenix area there are supposed to fly out yesterday to go back home. They're they're canceled in the next flight out for them now was not a -- Wednesday he yikes OK though but it was it was fun. Mike he's eighteenth birthday -- a good time but I heard that there their plans went awry. Because of whether I do have some tickets to go away to a -- last show I -- I get your attention absolutely the burly Q earlier. There -- tickets to burlesque to Broadway live. January 23 through the 25 that the senator casino hotel tickets will be valid though Bob for one of the three performances. And the value of fifty dollars general confidence rules -- or less the Broadway featuring Quinn -- January 23 through -- for tickets and started to a 25. They have for more information visit them as senator casinos dot com that's that's a lost art the Burleigh Chicago. When I was in high school. And Don Landry my friend who calls from time time can attribute this -- had a ritual goes I grew up fifty miles outside of Boston. We skipped school once a year I'm I have to edit the statute of limitations has them. Kicked him on this we skips school once a year we we piled into -- Merrill's car. And drove to Boston for the old Howard theater. The old Howard theater -- mine is that was the premier. Burlesque house in the country if you look at the history of the all Howard did you see this and we would go there. And high school kids -- sixteen and seventeen. It would be all the sailors. And stuff we see that that the candy barker as the people who are out to sell stuff you know. And they were you know but there's -- watch in this in this package of candy admits that that. And MD of the burlesque performers were quite good and when when -- sixteen and seventeen and you're in the premier burlesque house in the country. That's -- big stuff so I didn't has three days of school sophomore junior and senior. But it was part of my educational process now and I have a giveaway for -- show I can tell you when they -- things in the opposite directions. It defies gravity. I can't even walk and -- my stomach the same time. Skip one. And I'll note Monday for the call -- an act so -- fifty miles away are gonna walk out of the car at the it was funny because you go there. End of Boston. At that time was a big support the navy was there a big naval base and you see the guys in there whites. And they would be walking on the street we'd be Wacom let them live at large even lower just punk -- and that was -- -- was found out years ago. We are Berle as there are reported poker. Archives that like many adults was in the not so nice -- I'll be out yeah out wasn't it was not an area where you wanna walk alone. But nobody ever walked the -- anyway but -- it's -- I was surprised now I think back to the letter sent. Because there were no rating systems -- bumble -- so maybe that wasn't rating system for that either but we've never got hassle always admitted course -- Though it week it is how do you act has a lot to do. -- whether people approach you and I and it's a long time ago. When I was doing a lot of -- seeing you work and stuff like that with rock -- -- all over and you'd have a backstage pass while the real key is not to have to show. So I would always take my backstage pass whether it was an actual pass or one that stuck on your leg of the your genes or whatever put it in my pocket. And see how far I could get before I was asked to produce the path of the past. And I almost never had to figure out of market is just the matter to you pretend. Like you belong commitment you act like you want and nobody castles. All right here's the thing I would like you -- -- it's coming up. As a matter fact this that this that this Saturday January 11 from one to six. Remarks a former news director of WB and former news director of the WGR. And is a well known media person. Unfortunately has a serious illness. He has MDS. Are requiring chemo and the bone marrow transplant the army of fund raiser. For him this Saturday at The American Legion post 880. 2912 legion drive in Eden -- dollars for an adult ticket ten dollars kids. Ten and under. With the -- pop food music special raffles. 5050 Chinese auction door prize you can certainly buy tickets at the door. But if you want to do that ahead of time you can call 6754766. That's 6754766. Or here's -- via an address where it. JD. ROS. And the 98 at AOL dot com would like to see a nice turnout this Saturday for remarks. All right we'll take a break or come back and talk about. Adults behaving badly. Imagine that how could that happen. Well we're gonna have a good local example of that will -- return -- Beijing company under Israel the united that we are WB. -- WBA and wherever you go with the WB -- iPhone -- powered by Roswell park we can't let cancer win and that's why Roswell park will never stop fighting. -- backed down down down that. That. There's some of these some of these this riffs you just have to sing along with smoke on the water it's one when my -- very very good Larry hunter tonight. To get -- gets it stripped starting at 7 o'clock 7 to 11 o'clock tonight color under on this is great headphones are. And I didn't need both channels anyway I loved ones systems in one year you know and goes out the other one. But anyway it is a did you -- to 300 tonight 7 to 11 o'clock -- following Tom Barley. So that we can tell you what's going on you can tell us what's going on that's the way that works. But there's no need to be anywhere else but here as we have Verizon -- all over Western New York. All right what's going on of adults behaving badly how many stories have we heard like this. Where unfortunately. Adults. Who have kids that play sports oftentimes trying to live their lives through the kid that plays. You know either the thinking that -- its lost glory because dad and I I can be dad and mom. But I think is mainly dad and Tony you know you've coached a Peewee football. -- and use our examples of adults behaving badly were they mainly men or was it both. Sexes. It was mainly men in fact I remember one game. Where. I pulled one player to puts on the -- -- more kids and in. -- father -- said he channels lead to a fistfight. After the hour after the game while -- them each in the parking while there's -- -- and -- him you know that's not right now it's not and it really woke me up to. How crazy it can be. And -- sports. You guys and you did tell -- don't bring a fiscal month ago basically knock -- let's you play a lot of escorts who both of you guys that you did you see any of that when you're younger yeah I did and it was always unsettling. I've played baseball and football. I had I've played a lot of travel leagues in the summer for baseball and it it was constant and it was -- to me sometimes you get the guy. Who thought his sons who play all the time go get anger any -- to uphold sometimes you would see a kid who was kind of a maniac. And that parents would be defending OK -- has got it and Medicaid gets kicked out of a game and -- the parents going -- so it was both sides sometimes a kid would be embarrassed by. Other times -- almost. You know we needed it like they would support -- it was creepy either way you -- there. And so far apart the two positions are one is in today's modern society. We shouldn't even -- school. Because it's not right to someone should have to lose it's the fact that they played the game and they played well and they played fairly in fact let's give everyone a trophy at the annual banquet. You have that side and on the other side you've got the ones he dared take my son out of gonna get my knuckle sandwich. There's going to be but I have -- Medium in between there. And is certainly did not. It seemed that that was available at the leisure are ranks because according to this story from the Buffalo News. A written by James stocks. ST AAA as I've never seen his name before. So low but it where he wrote this. The father of a team hockey player was arrested Saturday night after police -- he attacked the coach. For pulling his son from a game during a high school tournament in leisure ranks in Orchard Park. OP police along with -- west Seneca police responded to 9/11 calls after a fight at the rank. Where they encountered a large crowd in the parking lot. And when they arrived about 950. Offices determined that Michael Schaffer 48 years old. Assault and the coach who reportedly suffered a shoulder injury was taken by ambulance. To mercy ambulatory care center where he was treated and discharged. The police said the coach indicated he'd taken shape her son out of the game. He said that police did not know the reason nor would they have to take a lot of game for a reason. Not playing well not acting well not the I'm not hustling -- okay. Shortly after the game ended FitzGerald said shape -- confront the coach nearly guys pushed him back and hit him several times. Shapers charged with third degree assault and taken to -- -- Orchard Park police department or he was released. On an appearance ticket -- ridiculous it is absolutely ridiculous and I want your thoughts on this sort of thing. A father assaults the son's hockey coach 'cause he had big the tenacity. Of the tenacity. The big call. To take his son out of the game imagine that what to go on to have a senator gets fired. I'm from a job or -- doesn't get the job. Or someone just respects his son is he going to be acting like this the rest of his life grow up Williams 48 years old sounds like he's eight. And give -- other examples you've seen of adults behaving badly and what happens. Is that people kind of lose perspective. Yeah you're engaged in the in the game no matter whether it's hockey baseball football could be any game you know when you watch your your kid to do well. And you think of course the coaches and a good coach. The refs are good wraps the umpires aren't good umpires everybody's wrong your kid as the next you know. Ted Williams are Babe Ruth or whoever you like him debate. And and you act like -- it when you're supposed to be setting some kind of an exam. What gets a lot of fun when you're coaching the game. You hear over your shoulder. Why did you call that play this like don't you know anything about -- -- ball and know what's the matter with you -- don't you go away like that. Eight -- culture and -- other member. We had we have one little kid this when -- ocean in Riverside. And is a neat little kid and -- didn't play much but whatever his father one day just blew up for whatever reason. In I can see the look of him. Paris I'm sure it's based. In my heart for him he now because -- -- may want to be individuals but they're really herd animals -- -- -- fit in with everybody else. They wanna be accepted by everybody else and if your father's acting like an idiot in front of everybody else I'll tell -- My father would never do ever ever ever but if -- if I thought he was going to I wouldn't play the sport. Because I'd just be too I'd be mortified. Especially kids kids get embarrassed easily even. You know you may think that today's kids are you know more self Rashard and you know there are not any more self assured they're still kids. And the bottom line is the other wanna win and oh yeah they can play tough but they don't either parents. You know shouting down the the either be. The coach war the rafts or the umpires or whoever's there. And it is a time when the parents should get involved. And I remember when house playing little league football. There was an assistant coach and the team that I played for his son was the starting center. I was the nose tackle. While I would. Routinely just destroy his son we'll follow it took it out I mean. And he would make me run next to lapse so that I quote -- really so that I couldn't go heads up what his son I would be busy running around the park. My father watched this go 14. Probably a couple of weeks until we finally confronted the coach and in that practice stopped. I you know you you know learn how to deal with a two love for instance here at editor -- I think because of the volume of fabulous comedy -- that I got to produce every day. Every once it's embarrassing you know the rest of the staff every once in -- Tim has me do extra comedy laps around the entire building. I just saw that I won't do as much the next day. I think it's that I think it's intimidation. I think it's harassment. I may have to go to the authorities when. You don't have tolerated and it's not necessary. I had ever were asking sue because I'm the third thing on K let me just write down Arum. Are right so because Tony mentioned this before. Father assaults son's hockey coach in archer bark what are your thoughts of that. Other examples you've seen or you've been part of with the adults behaving badly and then the third one. Because a -- Solis as before why do you coach in today's. Atmosphere. As you said you gave up he Leo football coach -- -- specifically because of the parents could take it now and is no sense in that. You're supposed to be doing because it's enjoyable it's good exercise and fun teaches a lot of good things but when I guess that point what's the point why -- Let's go into words. On and buffalo John here on W via. Hello John. What what you have on your mind today. You know I have a real. Exactly what you're talking about experience my might actually agreed to quote a little. -- indoor soccer team. That too -- and and they were execs in at the time. She did she hurt herself and the dependability -- -- as a coach -- show up it was going to end it these practices when. Weak and horrible and overlook. So I was coaching with this other parent of one of the boys and he really abusive towards my older son or the practice. And yeah that very fair but we kept popping up and cross some lines so I'd you know like by ten minutes left the practice that global my boys the floor. And you know we're gonna walk away Italy. And start going. Out really know anything about ways. Relationship that -- but he's certainly in light your way. -- -- And well -- me. -- -- -- -- Well. No. But. People mentally and was like. One needle out and whose -- and calm and. It has its all of the benefits of youth sports go down the drain when dad comes in makes an ass of himself. It's incredible you know in this -- lot of these things to know my boy is were in North Carolina they were -- all the -- and -- football -- it's a great -- great coaches. But so the other team who'd come in from other areas I won't mention any of the others -- more. -- And -- you like or that old game. And you look at the comparable I don't exactly the other thing. Are exactly that's what it's supposed to be out. There well I'd I'm glad that you saw it that way and I think you did the right thing and then yeah I had a lot of lessons have been learned -- you know the score of the game thank you John thank you very much. I'm Tony probably knows where he's referring to but what are going to do and are going to up that truck I assume the fans are totally. Different -- schools yes and have different attitudes towards things yes some are more enthusiastic. And more you know in to their. Sports programs and -- some. He wanted to see things that stand and you -- one of my favorite towns as Randolph trend and that's a class. And they won a state championship in football again and you'll -- interviewed. Some of the Randolph people. And they're so nice and you said there was so classy too because they have a history of winning and they certain pride but they conduct themselves -- Roy yet they they really do and the whole towel is really behind their sports and starts at the youth level. A lot of volunteers from what I understand. Even parents who are people who don't have kids playing. Did you know that maybe the work in the concession -- -- things like that so -- really get behind their inning it's a mindset. In Randolph where when you're playing little league football you can't wait to some day play for Randolph high school. And I saw I I was talking to a guy last fellows down through the RM restaurant for my fabulous duke murder g.'s murder. And we were talking. Ran over just won the championship again. And we're talking and he said -- -- wasted when I was school I was on to. Championship teams and it was great pride in that and that's nice when it's handled like that. But when you get these fathers who think their kid is and NHL prospect in the the officials are idiots the coaches or any -- What's the point and I remember high school game I'm not -- -- to a high school when I was there watching the team. And one player of the team fewest he was good the only part one the better your team. But. He never would listen it was coach the only thing he would do. During the game was look up to the stands and get direction from his five cars at what the coach said I go to -- by what his father's -- not. Not a good thing we'll take it will be back with more we wanna hear -- the father assaulting a hockey coach. In Orchard Park what are your thoughts on that. Other examples you've seen -- been a part of of adults behaving badly regarding sports. And would you coach in today's atmosphere will be back with -- company after -- I'm saying that many people get upset when the media starts talking about the possibility of very disturbing weather. But the bottom line is it's our job to inform you when it's your job to do the best you can with the information we get view. Vote when the winds -- twenty of thirty miles an hour and the overnight low is three below zero and the high is eight. And you could get depending on where you are any combination of snow but up to three feet. Tells me that maybe you better pay attention as I I certainly am I think you're you're too. There's all kinds of preparation duo now the latest warning is that as the temperature are Kohler because when I got this morning was above freezing. There's some patches of black ice and you read that to me. Is very you have to be very careful once that I do all the time I'm not gonna tell you to -- -- you -- -- jacket and where average. I should do that these were heavy jacket a what you have to do is test your brakes get into an area where it's safe there's nobody running your tail. Does not a telephone -- right there are mailboxes someplace -- leaving and put your foot on the brake. And if it starts pulsating you know that's ABS so you'll know what slippery there. OK if we just optional Malia at some traction one black guys you don't know you know known to try -- that's the thing and it doesn't matter. What kind of driver you are. It doesn't matter anything like that. Black ice everybody's equal and equal in the negative sense so be careful with that. By the wasting your driving Michael Schumacher who believes that story. Michael -- marker at seven tie game. A Formula One champion seven time. Those skiing with his son and family and a falls it's is that Rockies in and induced coma he's been that way for some time and they for several days now and they won't. Give a prognosis because they don't know. Pretty scary today he's in excellent health and and is fairly young 45 I think but he's an excellent health and that certainly help these physically fit but. -- believe. He how many people have died in Formula One and he succeeded at a grand levels seven time champion. And then he gets hurt in an accident like this is there's no primary reasons. All right you know three things trio. Be -- first of all the pin number on your account with the bank no I just made them of the three things that we wanna know. The father assaulting the son's hockey coach in Orchard Park your thoughts on that. Yes he was charged with third degree assault and -- into the Orchard Park police department where he was released on an appearance ticket. His name is Michael -- He's 48 years old of from buffalo. All right so we want to know your thoughts about the incident. Other examples that you may have seen or participated in of adults behaving badly and would you coach in today's atmosphere. A policy -- Chris bunch give me a couple of FaceBook postings missile and comes from Ryan he's says I've seen this before often in youth hockey private school parents seem to be the worst every mom and -- seems to think their kid is going to be the next -- hurricanes while you out. Is specially now we have local stars like that Patrick and everybody thinks they're kids -- Robert -- a Major League Baseball contract or hockey contractor football contract. The odds are astronomically. Against that. And some people seem to think that the worst spot -- the worst sport for this kind of adults behaving badly behavior is hockey would you guys say that's true yeah. And I'm really is confused as to why -- I mean you know parents love their kids in all sports whether your track basketball football. Why is it hockey brings out the worst in parents well I think it's just as a numbers. However it wouldn't be baseball for sure -- as he could get brushed back at the plate -- destroyed your head I guess but mainly. It's and it's not that violent sport you have to be physically fit of anger her right outside of the -- that. Football -- that's why -- people on the field the same time it's really hard to individual allies. You know is your kid the next -- and hard -- or not it's really hard is it to see that but what hockey. Met a few players. The fastest speed all the sports and you get the knock people down and people are missing -- that I mean I can see where hockey would be. Because you take it personally and emotionally. The and you see somebody take a cheap shot. At at your kid and to be very happy and plus the I don't know why people think they can out coach the coaches and hockey because I think hockey be pretty. Tough game coach assurances haggard and other -- this is from frank he says I used to being coaching and I saw stuff like this all the time it's -- all the parents many coaches also go way too far oftentimes I was secretly -- some of these crazy -- to just stay home yeah -- you know it's funny they do commercials now that are cock comedic commercials. Of adults coaching little little dinky kids have you seen and tells us the very funny the other trading on like their a drill instructors have Parris island. And and there was a camera pulls away. Any kids. But a lot of a lot of coaches feel like that they -- via a the next Bill Belichick or whatever. You know what when I was culture we have to go to clinics and -- coaching clinics and you learn about stuff that one thing laws how to deal. -- apparent behavior in there was one league in one of the videos and watch what they did was. They need recorded they have duck cameras in the recorded the parents during the game in the had a problem with one parent. Very belligerent -- that -- reason coaches what they did was is during the week -- one of the practice they pulled the parent aside brought him inside. And they showed him the video of him -- even poorly. It really got to the guy so maybe there is a way that people can. You know combat this. Well oftentimes are people have bizarre behavior. And and they don't know why. I mean they don't know why they're caught up in the moment. You know maybe you thought your kids should in this case. This data attacked the coach because he thought his kid shouldn't have been pulled from the game. Now who knows why he was pulled from the game nobody seems to know. And it doesn't really matter coach has that authority maybe you wanna get somebody else have a little ice time. -- may be the kid wasn't wasn't playing up to expectations may be yeah he was injured who knows what coach has a right to do that again have. They can have a coach thinking -- by Pope this kid will his father come after me I mean that. That's insane yet another point might be you know he's very expensive to play. Now wondering if because young pair feels that he shall we now so much money money loses money north yes. Yeah I mean there could be all kinds of things but I think it's. The same all the sports you've got the parents. Living their lives through their kids. Let your kid enjoy that time you enjoy watching your kid enjoy it but don't make an ass of yourself and embarrass your own kid. -- 039301061692. Through six -- -- aren't very the father of solving the hockey coach in. In Orchard Park your thoughts on that. Other examples of adultery every badly that you've seen and would you coach in today's atmosphere will be back.

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