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CES 2014

Jan 6, 2014|

Jim Barry

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live a Las Vegas and Jim marriage and -- -- Consumer Electronics Association. And a central figure on the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas Jim good morning. GM what is the top absolutely intriguing nothing can compare with a double dog dare you electronic gadget this year. That we can't get along without. Well you know what we have is something you're one of the trend is something called -- the Internet of things which means just about everything will be connected to the Internet. Or have some Smart. Element to it Smart watches we've got. Smart. To the Russians we've got Smart basketball. We've cut my. Choose that just about everything has this sensor and -- this Smart to push for instance is supposed to be able to. Judges and record how you're brushing it see not only how often but how well you're doing it. The basketball that would before practice you know you could've young guys -- gals could make sure that there practicing correctly and keep track of how. How they're working out with -- basketball and -- oracle footlocker which you know a lot of us used to barometers and suffered some people say well you know I forget to put on my belts or right. Forget to put on the wrist band that lots and lots of these witness stand and stop the footlocker goes right in your -- so it's kind of like -- in Seoul. That has -- built and -- in the -- that wirelessly that's one of these big trend here is all of us. Wireless stuff. It's that wirelessly to your Smartphone perhaps and -- can keep track of how are you walk. And a lot of that today I guess the trend is a lot of wearable technology. That's the thing wearable you know what we have here. I think you get technical where you get tech you can drive the attack that'll drive view but wearable. There's really give a -- -- Bluetooth technology wireless technology combination of that. Digital technology which we've talked about for years letting these things get smaller. And that way as they do that you can Wear them so you're getting more and more of these wearable. Devices. Most of the and his wrist watches. All over the place -- -- wrist watches and most of them kind of like the galaxy year which came out last year from. Samsung are really they have on who your Smartphone allowing you to do all the things you do. With your Smartphone. Without taking that Al. You -- around without taking out of your pocket or your purse. Jim how much of the show's gonna be devoted to new gadgets for our car dashboards. Well a lot of the show you -- that's who we joke few years ago that some of those old timers here that we came to -- yes and an auto show broke out. We've got nine of the top auto makers here and we do have. All kinds of -- there including some electric cars. And cars that do drive themselves in the Google warns that in. On television and so forth and add some things but that does lots more of those in this to really -- a culmination. If you will of all these different technologies sensors which are more and more things. Wireless technology and the ability of these vehicles than to take all of these things together you don't have to drive it it'll drive do. Jim have fun of the -- thanks for joining us this morning. I want guys Jim Barry with the Consumer Electronics Association.

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