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Looking Forward to 2014 CES

Jan 6, 2014|

Heather Sidorowicz

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- doorway it's with south towns audio and video was supposed to be joining us from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas instead she's joining us now. From buffalo. Other good morning. Good morning. What happened. Well right -- and most of the day at the airport yesterday and three played a prime place later I'm still here. And -- eighties thinking you're going to be able to go out today. Yes I actually did eventually get another he has played out today. Comment that -- I will still be there. Okay -- once once you get the Las Vegas and he started going through the show. What will you be looking for in particular anything. Try and this year you know the Internet is really writing great soul charm though. There's a lot of topics dedicated to on the Internet as being. -- funny funny approximately 26. Billion products are going to be connected to the -- On that really dry a lot of different teams and they're at it or so of technology -- -- -- It we're hearing it. After that we're hearing it's going to be a big year for wearable technology following list. Absolutely acts out we are attacked they actually -- a little higher portion of the snow this year interacted Q. On the -- the -- revolution in. And they'll Wear contact any you know it and -- follow. It's really the next big thing is what everybody's saying. Impact with the first to come out of the Smart watch that your senior over and over and over again on it's I'll definitely be checking out. Give our listeners just cursory idea of what a Smart watch. Will accomplish. Well you know again we have our Smartphones and we couldn't release. -- ever expect -- it's seen as much as it did. It back -- current that but it something where like a watch though a quick either now or even trying what -- content that. I can bring in information -- but at any immediate vibrate to wake you up in the morning. What are the things that they talked about last year -- how creepy it was an alarm goes off. And they -- UN and you're out. It should really get -- you up. So those aren't seeing it it monitors how well he's back to your heart eat it and how protected well it's pretty cool. Yeah we're hearing -- that let's say a snowstorm or there's something during the night your is Smart. Phone your Smart watch could alert you that you might need to get up earlier because of you know a traffic situation there -- storm. Absolutely and that's the goal all these products to improve your quality of life. Anything new in a TV is Heather I mean that's your business saw Leo and -- video it's hard to believe that TV's. They're fantastic it's hard to believe they can get any better than they are. Yes -- definitely -- things -- so you're obviously aka. Smart TV there's a lot of talk that this will be a year that's four K or Alter each he'd become more prevalent. It's getting bigger and more beautiful more afraid better resolution and and they continue to Smart he can't we'll continue to get fatter than that an idea -- -- watching TV. You're not on and meeting statement of color might come to a close down or high wind warning or here's the latter on those things are out. It's something heartfelt statement we're seeing Marmara that's Smart action. Another. The good luck in getting out there. -- and thanks for joining us you know. That's -- -- -- with south towns audio and video headed to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.