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Winter Storm Blowing In

Jan 6, 2014|

Meteorologist Aaron Reynolds

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now for the latest on the approaching storm National Weather Service meteorologist -- Reynolds is with us on WB a lifeline from the buffalo airport weather station arron thanks for the time. We're dealing with this rapid frees up this morning take us through the day what are your expectations. Right we've got a lot colder -- across the region currently in temperatures are. Rapidly dropping below freezing in many locations certainly some icy spots America area roadways. Expect temperatures to continue to drop throughout the afternoon and then through this evening and then we expect overnight temperatures to drop below zero. As you wake up tomorrow morning expect temperatures -- minus five below zero and buffalo metro area. And -- gonna have to deal with some lake effect snow. Across the area and some people we measuring. Stolen now rather than inches and in feet. -- we understand about 4 o'clock this morning somewhere thereabouts sixty mile per hour wind -- of your poor weather station. How long is that gonna remain windy. The -- actually just settling down as we speak. And other corporate news to the east of the region's the Wednesday and expect to have settled down Nam was still expects some gusts -- -- for the most part he has strong -- the plans have. Exit at the region. Right until let's get back to the accumulations they were just mentioning will be at a dividing line between areas that they get pounded with feet of snow and areas that just get some inches. That is right we're expecting most of the heavier to be south of town but even in the -- match very we do expect accumulating. For -- promote the south county expects three to five into today and an eight to five. Eight to fifteen inches night and -- another 9017 inches on Tuesday. Which are gonna lead this storm totals of up to three feet and -- is possibly more whoever gets the most intense and persistent snow band ever top of them. What might the afternoon ride home from work and school be like today. I've for the for the afternoon expect. Lake effects noticed start to develop that and some areas that we quite had the and armed Summers will be roads will be snow covered and to can be. If you're headed out the town down thing Hamburg torture Parker that's were expected difficult travel. -- Lake Erie is not frozen over and and that is expected to factor into the storm I would imagine. That's right as -- Lake Erie is open so therefore that the quarter ms. across the lake it would generate the lake effects now and and have the potential for like we said the measure some significant terrorism and certain areas. -- and we appreciate the time this morning thank you know will be. And touch with the frequently thank you -- Reynolds he's a National Weather Service meteorologist on the line from the buffalo airport weather station.