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Thruway Authority Preparations

Jan 6, 2014|

Tom Pericak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We open up the WB -- -- alive -- them welcome Tom -- Czech -- division director of the New York State thruway authority. And they're making some preparations for this superhighway and the girls from New York City to the Pennsylvania State like good morning Tom will be up to. Kim once I glaciers and why wouldn't put -- this week and bringing some new equipment and from east of awful our church -- -- division. -- -- -- in the area salutes you know an extra revenue equipment on the road which he project -- -- follow up. On so now right now we're just continue to march of the fortune. And oh waiting -- it. -- -- no one wants to be stuck on the -- like in past years to common. And what can you say due to alleviate those fears for people. But roster the first thing else is -- you know. I mean in immediate Packard which I think forecasting at stormont and in a word about it and you know our first our news like a -- of our pitcher doctor and -- workers so that. On you know and no matter how much and haven't Al electoral may be. Under our Chinese we need you to China's Serbia's ability can't see it until they're they're up probability -- and I don't know what it is right now quicker probability that at some -- tonight. Or right that we could close situated in the year section. Again it comes down to -- keep people traveling. When you're zero visibility can actually going into the -- wrote. What's projected wind chills in the -- surgeon minus forty Ernie gets very dangerous situation for people out there. So I would urge people. At this point to try to -- up the road to -- the -- on travel not to travel. Partsmaker tomorrow and continue to monitor the forecast structure all the media outlets as well that you -- web site. Tommy had to think about something like this but what if what if the snow decides to pileup in some of these areas where you brought in some of those equipment from what them. Well in the lake effect snow is our largest forecast throughout Western New York so. The areas in Syracuse are not protecting the much no. There's lake effect awfully -- protective but that's north of the -- way up to the Detroit killer area. So well right now we don't -- this year and I unfortunate so we have -- were pretty constant. You know the club when we brought in will not hurt those areas. Aren't in the best advice for people is to stay informed. Stay informed and it and it this storm -- come to fruition and it's forecasted. Urged people to stay off roads steps -- you travel. Okay Tom good to chat with the new this morning and thank you for the update itself pretty serious. Our guest Tom parent -- division director of the New York State thruway authority.