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Previewing CES Automotive Goodies

Jan 6, 2014|

Lauren Fix

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WBM. Live line is Lauren fix the car coach Lauren is at the airport getting shut the head of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. -- good morning thank you for joining us. Good morning and it's crazy that we're having them leaving for the airport. OK now you know lots of flights have been canceled what what viewers you're still on track. So far more contract. Get -- locked -- -- -- where -- going. I'm pat literally a checkered checked the check online at their actual airline are going on but there's a where do we get up -- -- urged to Wear out my daughter and my will be going. Two with one point eight million square feet to walk with a 150000 people out were going to be out creepy a couple of days. -- this is huge -- your eyes will be trained. And all gadgets for vehicles what are you looking forward to the most insane. Ordinarily a lot from Ford is doing at GMAC. Solar energy parent company stated that -- or he would bear out on a lot of -- you carpet landed there and play -- and an -- But equipment and enough to charge a battery for our -- like to see that we let me backtrack on the car to drive from BMW. Outing of the Carter beat our partnership. Google and we are McKee almost non car manufacturers bringing autonomous cars you know marketplace or -- the contents of the white. We'll see what -- get actually bring a -- to market. -- BMW have the I three which is an electric vehicle which will be available to the masses with a back GAAP and and that's going to be coming out. If you actually in the spring and we -- Castro back at the LA auto show dirty part in W like JPEG right. And of course that you've got an email last night that Chevrolet of the -- into it first here in the performance. They're kind of performance data recorder 12015. Corvette that -- it's fully integrated. You -- recorded this year high definition video with polemic -- relate it very tricky up. -- basically you're -- experience regarding on the road. And -- is doing in your laser light and the -- that he kept up he got a cheeky coming down the road weary. They're gonna be lasers that are being more specific trip after driving -- an oncoming traffic. Lauren do you expect to see any breakthrough surprises of the consumer electronic shows for cars. Or do you pretty much already know what you're going to -- Lot of it could be kind -- -- had not you know I'd stop driving our current technology activities and entertainment. They're going to be huge. We look -- the -- -- -- -- -- is now encompassing nine Abbott and how to manufacture -- -- something. The note that they wouldn't let Greg come apart I know that we didn't -- the big announcement. I know that he's gonna be there with a big announcement. Enemy drifting currently at he would -- integration of people wearable electronics. And they're Smart on their car because that's becoming so much immigration. Why are hot spot and Smartphone the cart technology that should be something I'm really looking toward you won't know an excuse to. Laura -- stuff that you're gonna see that's coming out for brand new cars. We'll be another year before reducing the stuff and our new parents. What kind of -- won't be available to Antoine are -- earliest we -- a lot litigation government regulation -- at certain insurance regulation. Now we're driving our time out card out lane change departure wind spot detection. And we think developing across crap that it's all done by centered in and microprocessors and computer. And we're patent lie and I driving up partially autonomous car now I think you'll see a lot of that technology. I'm a big elaborate he's going to be -- see -- right away like white hot spots are already a lot of different vehicle you just making it after a -- -- -- pretty much within the next couple months. -- and enjoy the show will have a good time thanks for joining us. The car coach Lauren -- and route to the 2014. Consumer Electronics Show last night.