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Latest on Wintry Weather Approaching

Jan 6, 2014|

Accu-Weather's Evan Duffey

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open up the WBM alive line -- welcome AccuWeather meteorologist Evan Duffy Evan good morning and I should take in the time available Soria. I'm doing on levity with a mild morning here right now both temperatures are beginning to fall women. How quickly will -- plummet. Won the last couple minutes here tenders have dropped from 43 degrees about an hour go to 33 degrees now reading at the buffalo airport. So it is already soaring to fall across the region as the rain begins to end and actually change over to will be the snow here before ending. And it looks like things only in the coldest day. Now what this rapid freeze bullet be kind of Dicey morning rush hour. Absolutely they're going to be some problems out there this morning with some freezing spots anything that was went from the overnight rain. When tempers begin to drop will see problems in fact as a move on throughout the day today. -- have a problem with those treated surfaces even -- freezing later on his attempt to drum solo that salt is no longer effective. -- while we're expecting -- -- in the single digits in the wind chills well below it's our understanding that. It won't be as cold around here as it was up only upper midwest love right. He and the links help to modify the air a little bit they're still running warm as usual this time of year and as year. Comes from Canada then moves its way into this part of the country of mixes with that only modified -- helps a warm things a little bit but. Nonetheless definitely embittered night tonight with a low of zero degrees. That's awfully close aural record of negative five so. Definitely chilling nine out there tonight. Our talk about the lake snows that will be coming today and and accumulations if he can for the areas in north of buffalo to the areas well south. Absolutely overall for the event I think the main area that we need to be concerned with the southern your -- our Erie county. As well. You know working down towards Erie PA and being the main area I think somewhere in southern Erie county seas one to two feet of -- They -- today through Thursday. I think buffalo itself the best chance maybe something gets in there this afternoon. In general will be very close and the city. To looking at some snow any time but I think tomorrow afternoon's when the best chance -- lake -- to shift north. And it looks like we'll be looking at three to six inches total between today and Thursday in the city of buffalo with the potential for just a little bit more especially if things get really good tomorrow afternoon -- you say it is possible we will -- snowed here in the afternoon rush today. Definitely. Looks more likely tomorrow afternoon however there will be the chance this afternoon during the afternoon rush hour for some snow especially. If you're heading south of the city itself towards. The south -- -- a big problem today -- questioned peak windows -- of the we're expecting. All right to right now the 5 o'clock hour we just gusted to forty miles per hour at the airport that looks like a gust up to 45 or fifty at some point this morning is not out -- question Kevin good to chat with -- thank you. If -- have a great -- AccuWeather meteorologist Kevin Duffy.