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Medical Marijuana in NYS

Jan 5, 2014|

Commentator Alan Chartock & Nurse Practitioner Christine Emerson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk a little bit more about it now. With doctor Alan -- -- He's president and CEO of WA MC public radio he's a professor emeritus at the university at Albany. He publishes something called the legislative gazette it's a newspaper that covers state government. And he's really syndicated across New York State you've heard him on the program before he's a longtime watcher of all things Albany doctor -- -- thanks for being here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't. Have been very excited and and and an -- who also look he's a very conservative guy that gave. In in many ways he's not he has a wanna be out front where the father -- he doesn't want to beat. Hey because you wanna be down. There is sounding like and will liberal liberal he wants to have come to this. But he knows the other constituency and most people. When poll say that if somebody's got cancer or somebody's got. About com or somebody's got a terrible disease why not let them as medical marijuana but he doesn't say that at. And it came -- to open up all over the place -- he says is he got to go to one of these twenty prestigious hospitals. And a lot of people boo boo boo are not gonna wanna walk into a hospital and ought to get merit medical marijuana. So there's certainly going to be a very serious effort. Some of the conventional analysis of Andrew Cuomo is that you -- that he is kind of a conservative Democrat. But every now and then has to throw a bone to the left. I -- gay marriage. -- that the minimum wage issue. And now this is this yet another bone put it in the political context. Well I think he's taking looking to -- Smart -- And sit there and he looks at -- to react -- it's very important to note that. Doesn't go first in most places except for the gun control thing where he did go -- But he really reacting to what happened in Connecticut. Eight EB he's seen the opportunities. And it takes them. And he goes to. He goes where. The people want him to go it is in many ways that for democracy. On medical marijuana there's no question people want them to go they have they have just don't see that rash now. I'm living in New York State is still been. One of the marsh -- and forces on marijuana. And there's no question among many people that this country is going towards the legalization of marijuana once stated time. Have been in Colorado I have a feeling that he had all over the place. On the other hand you have any state trooper. You know about David. The medical marijuana or it was a mistake to -- dog do lately. And in that area or not medical marijuana but marijuana you're driving. Under the influence of alcohol. You wait two hours DR golden -- In most cases. But if you're driving. Inebriated that marijuana is very hard to prove that you'd you'd done that -- the next. So that that -- -- to the next thing that you're looking at is going to be legalization in this state and in many other states to. Do you think that the legislature as composed of now or is as we can reasonably be picture it after the elections next year. Do you think the legislature would ever reach a point where it is liberal enough both the senate and assembly. To pass overall recreational use. Date no question that the assembly elderly. You've -- -- -- back from that we put in the medical marijuana bill but I'm much more liberal bill it now. Expensive deal and I have no doubt that the the Democrats would. We -- what they're Republicans will do in this state and it. Depends largely on board and to tell them to remember the only reason that there there is Andrew. Cuomo has kept the Republicans in power remember those four guys as Democrats who went over to the other side. I've always been convinced that Andrew shakes his finger and called them into the crowded out. You know that the Democrats would be in control. And if the Democrats were in control of the present democratic leadership of the senate they would pass to do so that's going to be the big question. They -- spoke at the top and I find this interesting that that he is much more conservative than many Democrats. Does having the senate as as counterbalanced help him political. -- without question to -- and that's why they're there. I mean after all if you count up the number of Democrats and Republicans in the state senate the Democrats have more. With the Ford defectors who left to maybe for racist reasons that you know I don't lose a lot of contention about that. Because the of the leadership of the of the Democrats in the -- Whatever reason they left they don't want to guillotine gallows in power. If he's staying in power I don't think the Republican Party is gonna have any -- make for legalizing marijuana when they have to go out -- and party type candidates. Themselves the Republicans. So nobody if the Democrats are in control I have no doubt it's just a matter of time before yet been legalized the recreational use in both houses of the legislature. Which may well explain then why this initiative coming out later this week is administrative without the legislature involved. Where -- -- -- you know these guys that I talked to the targeted leaders all the time. You know I don't think there's no question in my mind about what we have the where the assembly -- but the senate has that gotten up at a time -- since said it. Andrew after the gun control the -- act. -- I can say you know they'd tell you would afford any more because we have to go out and -- face primaries against conservatives are going to be yet. And I I think that's what it's all about. Put this in the national context forming acting conventional wisdom right now is no he's not running for president as long as Hillary Clinton does but. There's that sliver -- that that cracked the door open maybe just a fraction. Is he doing something like this in order to make sure he can say he is liberal enough to win a democratic presidential nomination. Well I think that's true that he's got to walk into a Democratic Convention. I know this is true I'm sure he knows the true. And and say look I kept the Republicans in power in New York State. Now what are they gonna think about that. So when you take the gun control which. It's an Obama programmed to think about it and you take. These are the things he's -- a liberal moves that you spoke of before. That's what it's about that's -- I think different. I think and -- let that keep them to keep this balancing act going remember that Bill Clinton one of his great mentors I would agree as a conservative to you in the beginning. Didn't and that way it would certainly and that way. And that's you know that's really -- the presidential nomination education. I think economics and all the other things so. So I think he's taking a page out of Clinton's book. And I think there's always that chance Hillary doesn't run something happened he can't run. And then you better believe it and remember. This is a guy who wouldn't call call member that his chance to run as the first black man running for governor in New York. And he had no votes pregame running and do it and ran against local and really got it took quite a beating. Deployed the had to pull out an -- and basically apologized. I don't know how things are better with the -- But I gotta tell yes it is it was something that he would -- Probably remember for the rest of his life. You don't make those kinds of precipitous -- A lot of people have written on the national scene about. The inability of the Republicans. To stop obamacare the idea that Ted Cruz was was Don Quixote tilting at Windmills. That's exhibit -- exhibit B I've seen a quite a few writers and and commentators say. There is also a shift toward the left if you look at the election build a -- -- -- New York City mayor exhibit B. This is he looking today NBA and saying well gosh I've got to be on a perceived liberal bandwagon here. I mean that there were no question at the Bellagio. Is one of the most interesting phenomena. You know these things move to the left. Where there aren't -- you know I've always believed that did the Bellagio the appointment of at a Bratton as the police commissioner. Is because he knows that it crime were increases in New York he's done. So who started stopped and -- Bratton did so you know would or would talk about how he's opposed to it he appointed a guy who understand what that they would that until about. And yes that was that was big group should be lifted the -- is -- program everyday for everybody in New York which would meet everybody in New York State that they did it. So if you are Andrew Cuomo would you do to give the pre K and an end and it in Contra distinction to the tax cuts you're trying to do. Mark my words right after New -- pre production. Andrew Cuomo is going to give pre K to the Lazio one way or another to get -- -- back. And in the process established some liberal money TDs. And yet but the real question is. I don't have you paid for -- so who you know you -- -- a couple of extra billion dollars that was supposed to go over tax cuts. But on the other hand in May end up grossing at 25 dollars to cross the George Washington Bridge. Talk to be about what else you see coming out of the state of the state message later this week. And clearly you know he's been 88. He's got a masterful pollster guy by the name of crews them -- visit -- Who is that perhaps sort of counselor. And that you know they they read these well. And one of the polls as people think taxes into life in New York State by a lot. I mean you really wanna own a house in Long Island. A little box and paid 20000 dollars in taxes -- twenty glad that thousand taxes on it or in Westchester. This is so wildly when you have people down there the most important things you're gonna take it attacks. So are the most important. So. It's so he's going to have to give the people on this tax cut thing and that the same time -- you say he's got. Make sure -- political bloc of parties hold up and you know I think he will now in terms of the is state of the state you'll get one would expect to get more on women. He has to women's program. Which mountain news which -- -- -- Are you saying -- as a binder full of women. If I had to answer. It but I got -- but what I'm -- but why eight didn't really make it because sometimes Andrew Cuomo is the guy. Who I respect I can't prove it would rather have the issue then the passage. Are you following me so that if he raises the women think -- of the Republican that is that it won't do it. He gets the credit for. So what's the big difference women -- ago I -- for the Republicans have done -- they get a vote for the Democrat has been pushing miss a single sailed. And then lastly you touched on taxes and how high they are in Westchester County. Could that be politics to in light of the fact that. Westchester County executive rob -- -- was seen by most as the next Republican candidate for governor. Board otherwise known as the next George Pataki. Who I often call -- who he. You know nobody could be an -- who they got -- and then they had very you know this guy nobody ever heard out. And as the Reno is static should really well at Westchester County. In fact you can bet Republicans should be a Republican in and increasingly blue caddy no question -- more Democrats -- Republicans anyone. Didn't quite simply saying that you're going on Long Island so and so the ever brilliant Andrew is gonna have to keep design at all. You really think that -- Reno has a shot. -- -- The senate and I heard you -- that. No no nor do I think he's gonna round no doubt on the other hand if you can if you -- -- county executive it was just again. You know of this. You've noted George Pataki came out of nowhere and beat -- topical. And you know he want you want to have like his tombstone that you include that you -- the governor of New York. It becomes pretty productive doesn't. Oh yeah I -- -- Allan thanks for this good stuff this morning. Thank you so much for growing. That's Alan -- top doctor balance our top CEO of northeast public radio professor emeritus university of Albany. We are looking ahead to later this week the state of the state address from governor Andrew Cuomo. Where he is expected to announce a program alleges not a whole lot not legislation. But a program where he'll adjust the state Health Department rules to allow limited use of medical marijuana in New York State. They would pick about twenty hospitals they would pick certain diseases cancer and glaucoma. And allow it on an extremely limited basis you'd have to go to those selected hospitals to get the drugs. This plan is a lot different than one that has been percolating through the assembly for awhile. And the there. We turn to our next guest Christine Emerson of Rochester. Her daughter Julia suffers from debilitating epileptic seizures she's one of those people that spoke in buffalo back on December 11. At an assembly hearing pushing for the assembly's. Medical marijuana plant she's also a certified pediatric nurse protection of practitioner. Christine thanks for joining us. What is your reaction to the idea hate you've been pushing for some sort of medical marijuana governor -- about to unveil some. Therefore you should be happy right I say somewhat rhetorically. It it's very immunity and we are very happy that the governor has finally. -- Coming to the forefront and supporting medical marijuana. I really wanted to encourage corporate billionaire however. That that this action followed very short of what we're looking boring now. Explain that tell me why what you would like to see. Needs to be in place and isn't. Going to be and what the governor proposes. Thanks so that what the governor to parlay into it and delegate Erica. -- -- 35 years old polygamy in three years ago apparently very different needs a great understanding of you know medical marijuana in Canada. So this they know that he's proposing is scary limits it would not encompass. Children actually luckier factory on heaters. And it would definitely not an. Early in -- which have been pushing the cast arm to supported by act independently and you know end and it. For the and it's still need to really step up and act and and you know -- get that complete apprehend them what it reform and actually put at an -- and a big loans. Talk to me about your personal situation your daughter Julia. And whether that Cuomo move would affect her. And so chilly out and and -- -- bright and energetic and Mary at beautiful little girl which actually ask. They act out our which means art teacher medication acted out -- does not stop he erection of about 8200. I'm -- -- whether I agree and off he get a lot. Hershey. It is very much I'm attracted by a couple of -- and Warsaw -- by the at a medication. So we meet regularly -- -- what they are not our culture our flat. -- very high strain. He immediately wrote -- seats and a boy L. So it's almost no -- CNET. I'm actually lucky even -- which -- exactly have you here near state. So we need it very hectic -- -- deliver her height -- DOT. So note that contracts essentially. End. I don't want you know marijuana and sitting in some good situation that was from a drug treatment act and help you know our children of New York. That. And actually don't think a lot would include the children I don't I don't integrity. I'm able to accept any and under the -- Gary Locke. So bottom line is is what the governor is proposing. Is not something you really like but you don't you're not gonna say no it causes step. That part that I I'm very -- that he has you know finally agreed Q do something Burnett however it merits. Very -- we really need to look at all the New Yorkers were suffering from debilitating and life threatening. -- -- -- -- -- diet and relax see your pants bottom line and you know it -- do something I'll turn out I don't know what. -- party try to connect Allen actually matched. So we need. -- and incumbent say eight children. And we need as I'm. Different strains of can't. -- -- It can help her mean how the patiently banks need any Cheney but we need at several different options -- last week in. The ethnic -- and we don't get everybody -- medication. So you know why would Ethiopia one candidate pregnant or you know one heck of marijuana advocate for everybody does not an -- Why retail. We are way over our time I'm so glad you're able spared just a little bit of -- it with us this morning. Thanks very much.

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