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Fmr. Assy. Richard Brodsky

Jan 5, 2014|

on the Tea Party & sports subsidy

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I was looking around for various topics for today show and one particular headline commentary piece actually on Huffington Post caught my ally. It was the Tea Party gets it right. And it's actually two articles one looking at New York's Yankee soccer stadium another looking at the baseball boondoggle in Atlanta. And that was interesting but then I saw the byline and realized that came to us from Richard Brodsky. Yes that Richard Brodsky fourteen term assemblyman. Really strong liberal voice the last time he was on this program that was when he was running for attorney general before. And for a guy of his persuasion to say that the Tea Party got it right told me it was just interest enough to try to have them elaborate on. So Richard Brodsky is here he's a senior fellow at. Preserving the middle class and related economic issues Richard thanks for being here. Talked to be a little bit about this the Tea Party got it right in particularly. We're talking about it. Start with the headline. Let's do it but may be any interest them. Explain it should start with the look usually the guy who is able that have body. -- and the mayor now about the mayor Mike Bloomberg. To put several hundred million dollars and should be. Into sports stadium a soccer stadium right at the -- they. Or he owned by the New York Yankees. And the third richest men in the world news place. Leader of the united Arab -- Arab emirates -- -- sort. Stadium investments including you condone what I think though the beloved investment in the buffalo people. Are bad economic deal for taxpayers. They don't produce. Jobs and economic activity anything near the value what they can. The Yankee Stadium deal which was the worst on record was up 34 million dollars subsidy of one of the rich corporations. In in the world. And it. Didn't work -- what it's supposed to work no one if you read the fine print ever claimed it would work. Now that I got like that because they've got they've before. They tried the same thing Atlanta and bigger with. And in Atlanta. You've got. An attempt by suburban county -- by Republicans. To cool the Atlanta Braves out of downtown Atlantic into the they care and we're content to be opposition to the coming from the port. Which is why I congratulated them for -- what they sent out. If you don't want my pocket and who or what are here now Goldman had great well -- -- expert YI I I decided. Party has in market failed. And it failed because it took. What actually was a public. Genuine public out out -- Concern about a -- to things. And it turned in their right wing ideology. What I mean by that is generally speaking. What the people -- he argues. Is the -- -- -- And there's evidence that that's that was eight part of the conversation that really who need it. But there's also America is you open reach of the corporation. And hope. And government's role in those cakes. He is too. So make sure they don't work over the rest look at what they telephone company Google doing in terms of data collection and privacy things like that. So you're saying that the Tea Party in some ways missed its mark by not joining to a degree. With the Occupy Wall Street -- crowd and put in that broad sense. For smaller government involvement smaller government subsidy. I couldn't say it better myself that's what well Occupy Wall Street was it was the other that would say it's enough for all of us will Wear our liberty. Up being trampled not by the government but by large corporate stuff and when you get the government. And -- it's actually the corporations. You -- for sports with some. I don't care that you're or Arianna or your state. With the Tea Party gets up but -- that this has what and who. Then. Even if you don't like what they're doing the rest of everything anyone who look at the world regularly sort of are bound to coach. Part of the reason I wanted to have you on on this particular topic with stadiums as we are in the midst of here. A 130. Million dollars Erie county subsidized renovation of Ralph Wilson Stadium home of the Buffalo Bills. In this day and age with sports being such a a sacred cow do you really think any group can stop a stadium because politicians don't want to be the one that said well T -- so -- left on my watch. Well it is what we agreed and say hello. And -- -- -- promote responsible for having to stop restore these. I think it's difficult because. Is that it's sacred cows get protected. And the that the only question -- -- raises when they do this stuff. Will somebody please make the process tell us what Vietnam -- And -- to decide whether they'll move quickly all written -- move. Put aside whether. Is that they did go to credible. Should we be investing in buffalo right now are -- derogatory 150 million dollar group public. Farms. Poor. Should we be investing that same amount in wrote. And bridges. And transit and hospital about little else to the folks the book will think you're going back. If you're asking me the collapse of the economy. Has more to do with inadequate roads and bridges that it doesn't inadequate sports stadium. Politics a big believer politics I understand how popular -- -- but they're all. -- you've -- unit have not been bit. 803 and I know he's our number Richard before I even gave the number of people are already dialing into wanna talk to you -- I think you've made enough to point that we can start to get around here so let's bring in a couple of those callers. 8030930. Assembly and former assemblyman Richard Brodsky is here he's written a couple of commentary pieces about the lack of economic return. When government invests in large stadiums and in some ways he extends that to say that the Tea Party really. As has begun to raise this issue in Atlanta and they missed their mark when they became something. More. Right wing. Then something broadly focused on small government less corporate subsidy 8030930. Let's bring in John in Rochester he started off for us hi. They day they were injured. I don't play at all. I'm doing good I applaud you understand. Calling out the Tea Party isn't that a good thing. But I kind of I kind of law. A little -- up major referral and competency. Extreme right wing -- right way. Wouldn't -- it's he'd party if you look at their stances -- the most part our fiscal conservatives. And our -- little bigger picture. Don't know the real extremists are collapsed when a Democrat of New York City. And don't say it -- your statement that don't look like Israel and a lot of people are already. A majority. And handle wing extremists -- you call. They can party extremists -- great support fiscal responsibility. I Kitna is afraid extremists. I wouldn't -- -- rule out. I believe this exact phrase was right wing ideology that they missed the boat. When they veered into more right wing ideologies that leverage. It was and but but but all -- effect that it -- the -- popular -- extreme. -- you better be played. I yeah I would commuted into -- It. Bill blah -- is that ol' faction ST you -- progressive. Who are who. Believe the things that. The Arctic from the York state in the nation but that the year -- could rule -- and then by the way they were areas right. What if you wanna get a kick. He didn't think. This same decision -- commitment to. Bloomberg auction this soccer stadium in that first month. But what of the joint corporate subsidy guys. -- stand up and being fiscally responsible. I think we -- reject that and so. You know after constitutes an extreme. I didn't call anybody any names I'm not gonna I don't agree -- the people. But I think there's plenty of room for debate on the merits rather than Carriker are people. As extreme amount. The phones are really lining up Richard I'll I'll ask you right now and I don't mean to embarrass you by ask you on the air. We originally just could have gone for a short segment he used it to the bottom of the hour switch and take more calls after the break. That's great. Assemblyman former I keep thinking you're still there former assemblyman Richard Brodsky is here let's slide another one in this one also from. Rochester stand Europe go ahead. Yes good morning gentlemen. It seems like the taxpayers. Are subsidizing the -- in many areas. Of those big in the democratic and -- people. Ralph Wilson and his -- triggered they sold this stadium they -- -- He would get all -- money out of the stadium. Will become a ward of the age. She. If you count me -- -- Connie would be responsible for all the repairs and everything else. And then hero -- into account went wrong with that shot with a white elephant there's actually heard what -- -- typical will be watching -- guy. Yes and I am confused Erie county also sending me tell -- about intention at the very beginning of the process. Now our nation that later when he realized it would have a wide open -- the bill leave. You know wolf centered a line shot when city home. Got it exactly right there where you get -- because that's a constitutional. Provision. Forbidding kids brought corporation. It that they that this specific the city the county all of the facilities and -- sit back. MacBook the picture. That enables. You're about the taxpayer money to go go of the cold and I PA. -- just get people out so I think you know well and did. A deal that was good for him entitled. So here's -- are honored you're saying your account is ownership is really. In name only through I think in this case it's the urban development corporation of New York State. Yet there it to succeed -- how it actually that the market -- actually owned by the county with the urban development corporation. Are coming unit apartment but yeah that there that there so don't matter what what matters is. This thing is viewed him up a box to a and an economic enterprise group Buffalo Bills are well. All right while schools and hospitals and another thing that the public who is. All right so and so we got to take a break we'll be back and take more calls for former assemblyman Richard Brodsky. These days he's a senior fellow with the most and the reason we're really having amount today no the debate over the stadium isn't on going but he had a very interesting commentary. The headline is that Tea Party gets it right. New York's Yankee soccer boondoggle vs the Bellagio. In the process he talks about the entire idea of stadium subsidy. Which is certainly relevant here -- Erie county at a time when there are a 130. Million dollars of renovations underway. More with Richard Brodsky after this it's hard line on news radio 930 WB and. Wake up to Buffalo's early news with John -- Susan rose and the entire WB EN news team news radio 9:30 AM. WBE and. Hey it's hard line on news radio 930 WV and this is de depot -- New York State assemblyman Richard Brodsky is with us. A long time progressive I think we can even call you liberal Richard you probably don't mind that. But he has written a couple of interest in commentaries. Under the headline of the Tea Party gets it right part to New York Yankees soccer boondoggle. And an earlier one all about a baseball boondoggle and Atlanta. Basically where Tea Party groups in some cases were right in opposing public subsidy for public stadiums and in other cases where he says they missed the boat. It's a pretty interesting -- commentary and and Richard with your permission I'd love to reprinted at WBN dot com. Absolutely we'll have that up -- yeah. -- that people qualified that they just that type and Richard brought the option to post and Michael will come up in the you can look at two things in fact. And it and it is okay to call you liberal I was OK that was -- -- public fair enough let's bring in a couple more calls here enough time to clean up the last one here Mike in Cheektowaga go ahead. Good morning. Our -- you know other respect it's actually better for forty years itself. -- in the assembly for fourteen. Terms or fourteen years Richard. Fourteen term. Apparently years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know the withdrawal of our country you guys but less than an eight people on the right it is editor for decades okay. It -- a particular need to find another job okay we're -- a wonderful job. I heat he is -- he's already out -- former assembly. You know let me just -- -- 20 at home. Which is very in my experience party used all of accusations. And personal. Attacked like that I think doesn't help -- I don't agree with -- and there really I don't agree that it is that an experienced and competent legislature. -- a democracy is -- credibly report would not -- beacon of liberty around the world because our president are governors. Every society has executive would repeat it would be clip art are regulated rate to do what they do control power the -- Now you can not like. The conviction in the war for people like we do and then our -- without the the most amount that could -- it their profile. I don't think that the people. What about that the brother commentary that him basically he says. That your position here. Would. Lineup with those who've been there too -- the idea I guess the people argument for. Fresh -- on some people what their effort I'm sure beat the length of service is not an errant. Admission of but -- building. And by the way it argues to some extent that the people who make the decision to send it back to note they -- It's democracy -- that there are people who America want there are people who don't have a chance to serve would be great. But the notion that the real problem here is that people are off to -- I don't buy it. Let's go back to the initial premise of your two commentaries and they will be up mine shortly at WB and come. Where do we go from here is it possible to unite the the groups on the left and the groups on the right against public subsidy if things like sports stadium. Not if you listen to Fox News and MSNBC. Open which arrive at an -- as an environment of -- after fairy yeah. Adversity with people supposed to be beat each other. Coalition or not because everybody -- society treat them because they find areas where they can work yet. That an appointment on the left is that the people -- turned into an arm of the Republican Party. That there are biblical quote came in with big money and -- okay that's that's the reality. Now what we have an -- like these sports facilities and we actually get people of differing points of view. The cup the other on one issue that would be nice. We're there at stadium is being proposed in New York. They ought to be looked at with a fairly skeptical allies even audit bureau community. That that -- benefiting whatever that. From the conflict and and that I particularly put erupt in the form a coalition. All right fun and interesting stuff glad you're able to join -- for some conversation this morning. Oh that's Richard Brodsky former state assemblyman fourteen years or for excuse -- fourteen terms 28 years he is also a fellow at.