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1-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jan 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All this kind of nice couple out of my FaceBook page not to be self indulgent here but somebody southern jointly FaceBook page as much as they enjoy the radio show. You know what I appreciate that and I I really don't take lightly. Any thing in my life where I just want even -- that and I note -- haven't -- -- a lot lately but seriously thank you for making your part of your life I'm glad I'm apart. Of the and I'm glad you're part of mind. If it means that it means a lot you know just to know that there are people out there were helped by the show with traffic work just by having a friend in the kitchen as you're doing dinner or whatever. You know even if we've never met you know -- and we probably know each other pretty well least you know me well and you feel like you know me well and that's good. And you know what else is good to pretty much the same guy you get on the radio is the same guy I am in real life except in real life I swear a lot more with a lot of F bombs. And you know I don't 11 of the successes for the show and I'll be self indulgent here for twenty more seconds our ratings came out. And basically we -- best idol when he nicer way to say. I don't take that for granted and nor by the way the light. Norton why do leaps of joy. Because one of the keys of this business is when you allow your mood to be affected by either good ratings were bad ratings are gonna -- ideas do what I do. I try to do -- to the best in my ability every day. And people like it and I'm honored by that I really -- You have no idea what your loyalty means to me and my employers loyalty to me I I have to tell you it's. I just feel like a real good spot and I hope that. That comes through on the radio so thank you. Let me get to Tracy in buffalo we're talking about as America becoming -- a five once -- the nation. And Tracy's on the air and -- maybe -- but he gets -- now because she's female. No I'm not -- I'm Ariel. I think I -- governor -- L group and now I wouldn't I wanted to that they you guys all like that actually. I haven't heard anybody bring that up ever actually like they stop every single hour. I mean it etiquette airlock -- is it air out and why -- I think it depends on the district and its -- policies -- sometimes I see groups of kids you know clump together other times they see one at a house than other at a house. I don't know exactly how they determine who gets the chauffeur service. -- I think it last night with your statement you are and we are I mean it went I can't. Answer it right. I mean I EMI and I'm more out all bailout. You know I know I can't believe it was Eric got its parent you know -- -- to let her. And I want to thank you also connect and it did speak about the -- people. -- -- very well. -- What I said by the way and and by the way for those who don't know what she's talking about I just urged do you yesterday when the driving was really crappy in the afternoon and and really all winter long. Two try to. Try to give the FedEx guys the UPS guys the Postal Service guys and ladies and the people were on the delivery routes if you can let them in the traffic safely. Do so because believe me. When they have fifty packages to deliver the computer doesn't know that the driving socks on the 29 and they still gotta get those -- packages delivered I think it's a very tough job and plowing is a tough job so anything we can do to help them do their jobs it's only gonna cost that's five seconds so. That's that's what I was talking about and I'm glad you caught that I'm glad you appreciate it. And now I'm caught up the fact that outlet in my era under yet it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- matter what the airlines didn't matter albeit tallying. On -- -- alt Powell. -- -- -- Can you get -- Tracy do you have children of your own. I do I have why -- my daughter is the air app -- Now I just have a question that without knowing how old you are and I don't wanna hold you are would never -- of course yes they would but I don't need to know this right now but. Can you give -- some other examples of the ways in which America has become classified. And. And I mean that the payment and we can't handle a call and bought. And you dairy mart. I mean even not about -- -- being tracked from our earlier. And he got up all mayor thank mayor Mike Lee and how it and don't you need and and then he lagged effect in 1934. When the mayor went light I'll read out on the out outs -- -- -- driveway I locked it's aloe and -- -- -- you can't help but you -- at the end. Now he's like don't touch anything don't go out I hated you -- Don't rush rush was talking about that and we had a caller earlier in the show who talked about getting outside with his neighbors and doing it themselves and you know it brought back memories of the October surprise storm we had in our neighborhood we were ground zero right. Okay. My neighborhood was the first ever at the National Guard came to when they try to clean things up but quite frankly. I must tell you one of my neighbors -- with his chainsaw he did he got 99% of it done himself. And then I helped out and then the funny thing was at the end of the day after -- that everybody else's property around the entire neighborhood. Nobody was there to help him stuff I throw -- up my -- without my help -- because he was a lifesaver for a lot of people. We can't wait for the government we did -- ourselves. It. Tracy I'm glad you -- but you don't think about not just the weather but trophies just for participating. I never understood that. Well Tracy -- Are you raising your daughter to be a what if person or hey let's live person. Jerry and the and it actually. At one and now. And to drive up already and everything else. Well this you know -- it'll go by so fast believe me under before you know which is going to be she's going to be playing hockey check headfirst into the boards so. And. I can't you -- -- let -- do that now. -- Amen amen amen thank you very much a magical. It and the what I say -- it's not intended in anyway she performed to be demeaning term -- -- that the people that I say it all the time it's not meant the Indians -- patronizing. Those were militant feminists or whatever it is. You know might tend to be convivial and cordial. 803 and sometimes have to try that leave me. 803 -- thirty is the phone numbers -- 930 on the cell phone 180616. WB -- have with a combination of it was a five classified people. And -- you know folks I must tell you that. If you're just joining us this is not coming from somebody who thinks he is really much because I'm not I am a man. And sometimes I have to do would have manifested. And I don't complain about it -- just do. But it's not like a walk around strutting thinking that -- you know walk into the next room and just -- Joseph -- do -- -- beat the crap but you know it's not yeah I mean it's not like. I also you know I can also be an emotional guy with a good sense of feeling and empathy for other people. You know sort of got that balance going but even I must say even coming from my perspective. I look at the country and I wonder what we're doing to our children. Seriously. My mother's eighty years old she can't believe that schools which shut down because it's cold. This in that does -- not lead to as one of my previous caller suggested almost a sense that you need government to tell you what to do. If it's really cold outside and he was apparent don't feel that your economic go to school but always keep your kid at all. But also keep in mind that at some point in life your kid is gonna be a grown up and we'll have to do something he or she does not wanna know. And they can't just call mommy. And I think we do our kids a disservice. I really. By not allowing them to grow up and experienced some adversity. Let's go to Melissa in Lancaster on WB and Melissa thanks for calling what's up. I thought. That I agree that America has become a fight. It -- -- they aren't they and I thought they the land. Because I hit the lock on the east side go to -- the -- that I had a bus route I lockbox. But now heaven forbid that my daughter locked Cordova Miley -- office. I don't. That you know I have to throw in something for Alex rice's family. Alex used ago from her house to a bus stop on Smith rode in -- from there. They would taker to the loop from their she'd -- on the metro rail if you go downtown to go to classes now you wanna talk about somebody who had ambition. And who lived like a buffalo audio and Alex -- I and I agree and I love my honor but I heard a lot on the morning. Hi. I'm -- I mean a lot I meant that are comparing high -- that's the job. What might happen in the morning that thing. In on what you were. Six I mean I hate to use the word but they're you know they want us all be little kittens curled up -- the fireplace and that's no way to live your life. I come Ike hit everything you got it up and up the only thing I'm not -- and I noted that change now it. And not a lot and I don't know what I now Ivan did to America but it changed America and that's the only part I. Only to I have but I tell my kids got to. Up and up pop it up -- -- go to school. I agree they all that are -- today. Anybody who is scheduled to be there there is no good reason why the shouldn't have been. And you can live your life and I know I'm preaching -- -- you can look at life as what if what if what if well you know what it. I -- from my mother -- the -- might not having a speech. I might -- and how locked down out everyday some -- come up in QB what it by any day. I'm with -- the what it. You're right and I believe. -- believe it was William Shakespeare who said words to the effect. Cowards die a thousand times rebellion taste of death but once. In other words you can basically live your life as a shy retiring pussycat. Who believes the government will be there to bail you out of anything or you can live your life like all I don't know a human being in an adult. And someday I will have a mental age past twelve but until then I have -- All right thank you very much Melissa 8030930. Point yesterday women were just assaulting. I was like you know I felt like I. No we're not making -- Dennis referenced no no no let's go to traffic now here's Alan Harris Allen. Are complex and the temperature wise what are we doing right now still five degrees and the real feel was minus eleven okay well -- -- -- the folks it's whether it's buffalo gets called -- outs. If you want an area where that doesn't happen. Moved to Jamaica and then you can do the up and he could do hurricane watches and tropical storm watches. There's always something somewhere no matter where you live up out which you can choose to be dreadfully frightened if you wanna live your life that. And I'm not saying you should be reckless okay -- unless you wanna be reckless of simply saying that. At what point. Did having kids walked to school with minus eleven windshields at what point did that become an on acceptable risk in America at what point. That we have to give trophies everybody at what point did dodge ball were as we used to call bombardment at what point. Did that becomes something that children should not have to deal. I just don't get it. Back to the calls and this is morally and -- all Molly you're on the radio hello. I haven't. What I wanted to get it I would complain about something. Four iron or something I didn't wanna do then I would cry about it like the previous caller said her daughter was cry about. You know -- well my mother would -- and that girl happened up. And who were that they -- something that I felt a lot of love 41 years old it's still here like I had -- -- -- Sure well I did -- -- I'm sorry go ahead and. I don't get everyone in my head I bet I bet -- let you know. Yeah I do believe that we aren't. Even -- that there you know. Even adult -- I got this week we lost the -- -- even adults. And it. You -- folks. Our lives. Are so short. They are they are ridiculously. -- And the interview with kids were now in college it's like just yesterday they were infants -- those of you -- -- teenagers it's like just yesterday you were first great. Those -- you in your twenties I mean life is short. And you've got a choice you need to make in life. Several choices affect a lot of choices you have to make in life but what are the choices is how do you wish to live your life. Do you wish to live. Do you wish to have experiences. Do you wish to actually take advantage of this brief window of consciousness week. Or are you going to sit. In a fetal position sucking her thumb saying I can't do this because what if what if what if what if folks but what if mentality. Will turn you into a big zero. And you must live. You must leave this life. Real otherwise and you really exist at 646 at WBE. LA enveloped me -- Ramallah and all I it can be a few days ago. I wanna Rush Limbaugh was talking about superbly. Bet it's certainly says the Ramones are the greatest rock band ever. It reminds me of being in Jamaica last January. And I saw a black -- it certainly to black. I saw a black man wearing a scarf Ramones T shirt and I wonder now if that was what. By the way I started singing for the gentleman in the Ramones T shirt. The song I wanna be sedate him and he really liked it so what are got to figure out what is currently looks like all it always is a black. But would that be kind of funny and ironic. All right it is 634. And is ready at 930 WBE and all and by the way. The gun issue. I'll let you put this out there. Do not let the crazy lunatic left. Do not allowed to divide us on the gun issue. Others at Neiman that I posted on my a FaceBook page Tom about hourly that's the one where were in the the tuxedo. That's my professional pages post my personal page but I've posted -- -- featuring Michael Moore. And it says Michael Moore says 90% of guns owned by scared white people. And then underneath that LOL who's afraid we have guns. Now I picked up on this right away because. My -- my black listeners. It reminds me people who dole -- Caucasian. Don't let them -- costs. Because the black people I know. My friends were people who work witnesses most of them are legal law abiding carriers of weapons. Handguns to be specific not a black white thing. Planning a black people died for our freedom play a white people but for pre built up at the -- -- -- rates don't let them do that. I am not trying to leave anybody out believed. But I -- by the argument that white people have guns because they're scared of black people are just stupid and it's very surface that Obama. What are my black friends who were concealed carry guys are they are these your white people. Seriously. Now not at all. And by the way this also goes. Look folks not to what do O'Reilly I'm not moving to the center to try to gain audience I'm not doing. What you're hearing is is the same stuff in the same philosophies you've been hearing espoused for years. Other than some modifications granted but they have been done to. To placate -- you know in some -- way to gain audience the the homosexuals like you know the gays the lesbians. Folks most of those guys and ladies are concealed carry permit holders. So don't let them divide us and even liberals said this earlier in the week folks if you're liberal. Now you might your blog or your newspaper column say things that title like. Maybe a political viewpoint about something like obamacare may be attacking me. I would not like that. But believe me if anybody tried to shut it down. Doctor what you've written about me or said about me. You'd better believe I'm going to be your side to stop them from shutting it. I just all have to return is that you respect the Second Amendment as much as you do the First Amendment. Because we all liberal -- conservative we all have something to lose when they start chipping away. Our readers. Okay that's seriously and that's since seriously. That's an interesting word I just made up and it didn't entertain the but seriously folks don't let them dividers. Don't don't let them do that. You know get out -- the world a little bit in -- popular what -- for. If I guess this is all getting back to the point where if I it's at what if about some of the friends I've made my life. Some of the people that I've I've I've spoken with -- some of the people that are my life you know what if what if what if if -- said that. It would have been in my loss. Because frankly -- people come in every orientation. Every look every race every creed every color. Don't let them divide us don't let them use our animal instincts you know our vacation this work herd mentality. You know birds of -- -- let them use that to divide what is really important it was all which is freedom. And I will live and die by those words and by the way if your new listener and you are not a white person. Just trust me on this -- and the most re old white guy you were ever gonna hear on the radio. Just trust via that you won't hear. It. I'll I'll prove it to you just gimme gimme twenty years listening. Now I also happen to believe that we are becoming a nation of classified whips. When we give trophies to everybody when we band bombardment work dodge ball in school and what we closed schools because it's cold. Folks I can understand it if we're living in Key West. We're not living in Q we're living in Buffalo, New York what do you think of what you think Buffalo, New York snow and cold. So we happen -- a period now it's cold and yesterday it's a lot. -- are we supposed to turtle -- positive like it like the box turtle at all which boasted of ourselves Michelle. And wait for the danger -- -- well. A little. -- -- -- -- You're gonna go to your grave. With nothing accomplished because you're so scared to go and your great that's not a -- -- Our it folks and the sermon and I apologize for taking so long. Let's go to let Jill in South Wales jail Europe WB and the have you come to praise me or to crucify me. Now to -- you relax stuck with everything sent to -- well. I'm in the market your collars on. And tackle -- a year earlier hollered that this petroleum microcosm of the bigger problem which is. Completely -- appearance. Like people just trying to barricade the plane where you're not preparing -- for adulthood. And I -- and coping skills you know you're kidney to -- -- -- -- -- audience. Because let's face it late in part with a lot of the European life and you weren't your kid to be a peer feedback from. You know it. Like I -- employed and I feel like my dad to rebound and commanding -- and then -- to see and -- hoped would it hurt pretty enlightening round or condemning economic. Like with the -- Now. It might turn target goal and you block out the door and he didn't have a dinner jacket I'm quite sure you learned by now. What you need to where I'm Patrick how limited they are critical and put your hand for a -- You know at some point. You ethnic -- able and well. IE you know what we we should have been married because. I think. You know what -- and here's here's an interesting paradox and I wanna get your thoughts about it. Because people would always bitch about the kids in the 1960s the so called hippy generation. And I always ask. Who were their parents and the answer is the greatest generation the so called greatest generation there. Kids became the hippies and the culture people of the 1960s. And personally my belief is that those parents were no -- grandparents who lived through the Great Depression. And who lived through the Second World War. I think they were well intentioned they wanted their kids to have it easier than they had the problem is is that. In every life a little rain must fall and -- and you know the generation that is coming of age now. OK I just don't think they've got the coping skills because we've tried to make their lives too easy to unrealistically. Easy. Just like the greatest generation did your thoughts. Yeah no absolutely immediate cyclical. I'll meet you -- back in -- cyclical thing needy. Some -- why don't you worry but I need to complete a little bit younger and -- maybe. They now want to keep Africa your kids I agree that generation that it cyclical. It maybe it. I mean big and I think there's part of all of us that can be rebellious against convention and I am -- basically when something is cool I take account were approached who. -- -- -- -- I think I think. You know it it -- harder to -- tribal -- caring that preparing that is they all. Coming probably didn't quite -- -- you know pretty big hurricane. Put your hope and get out here in both. Well and that. I don't understate you know to some people listening would you believe that they think -- you and -- are two of the most unfeeling. Evil people in the world for simply suggesting that if you live in a cold climate you have closed they can -- to close -- with the cold climate and you go about your life. Yeah actually Abby at the I have actually been hurt them from people because I wanted to keep hearing they actually don't I don't I can't. And I -- make many mistakes and I'm not trying appearance. I can electric as well you know what I'm like you would you only -- out of comic con friends it's not the body. On the line. I hear you I hear as kids get older it becomes easier to beat their friends you know 2223. It's a lot easier but I have always tried not to be the helicopter hovering -- And -- it alive and mama don't tales out of school -- both my kids have made mistakes but you know what I'd rather they make those mistakes in their teenage years there when they're thirty. Absolutely I couldn't agree more anti -- it. I can't think they EV I mean I can't hear you almost morning. He made some mistakes but we weren't even making it don't re making choices and eat everywhere -- And it's not like I have been you know had many sleepless night in many circles. -- -- -- -- -- And it all by the way that's also called being a parent you know I mean you know that I know that you know the capital lot of parents just don't get it -- and sometimes it can be a lonely world even with social media. Are right. I am so happy to hear from new -- of South Wales good old country girl called right. -- I thank you very much and you'll find by the way I think people who live in the country in people who grew up on farms. You know what when the -- pits the fans they are going to be so far ahead of the rest of -- it's not funny. Folks I I really have a lot more of one of the good attitude today but for whatever reason this topic is just -- accord with few. And it's not just about the snow in the -- give -- other examples of arguably. Americans. Are becoming classified. Drinking out of poses. Was there anything better than that first goal of cold water out of -- garden hose after you were playing in the yard all -- anything better. Now anything better than having a backyard pool no. Well until you're older and 645 WB and just one line is open 8030930. Start 930 and 180616. WB EM I don't have a chance to say this when we get closer to the end of the show you guys rock and keep these calls coming because. I think you guys are making great points today because you seem to all agree with me which automatically make you geniuses right. -- still have -- about. Gentleman who made a comment on my post about America becoming a nation -- crucified wimps he said don't you collect porcelain cats. Idea put up way a new post showing you a what a clip and cat looks like and the kind of porcelain stuff I've been known to collect. Meanwhile all I can say is Pete -- risky. Well played suitor will play -- I'm still laughing about it two it's a brilliant observation obviously the guys that stand otherwise how would even look at that. So poppy appreciate it a ticket with a sense of humor it which I'm sure it was intended and I thank you. -- you'll also see a video on my FaceBook page of a cop. Shooting a man dead. The man was holding a two year old girl to girl babies threatening to killer and the police officer captain did what he had to do. I don't think there's a better example of league good legally justified in morally justified shoot than what these guys did. Unfortunately the man who died killed by the police captain was mentally ill. I mean I I don't feel comfortable saying he's thought. Because. To me he was a mentally ill person who probably wanted to suicide. By cop and I feel bad for his family but I feel good that the little girl he was holding is safe. And the police captain was yours do we have to do. Com and innocent but one of our previous callers by the way. Made reference to the lesson in life it is in favor your right life isn't there never has been never will be. Here is banned in anti Bender on WB and hello. Skate camp. Did during the tablet -- a 77 which I -- you remember. Where I was one of the only schools. And I'm well in New York edited opened and they bring it close and I am about to. Folks back home. And that third period held everybody over and then I've fourth period that went all the Walker's home in the middle of the storm had to walk home in the blueprint. In the balls you know we. And the -- -- leaning against the wind and you couldn't follow that how it -- who has. I can't believe you said that because you just brought back a memory you are so right. That I was doing it for -- at Lehman to a Rebecca Pollard yeah. Just couldn't do it. Rather look at what he called my dad that he got halfway or not -- happened Omnicom my dad come pick them up in a four -- Well. A depending on how old he was -- might be able understand that that you know let's keep in mind nothing like that. That was given the forecast today we know was going to be called yet but it warning Mikey Mikey apparently your kids at the proper winner for outside of buffalo there's gonna be six months of winter. -- like they figure if the school could send a Walker's home in the middle of the blizzard -- man in his home safe and fine and no trouble. That they can where it out of the -- after a few minutes in the cold weather here. -- -- -- -- Have you learned more in your life from adversity or from a success I've learned a lot more from adversity. Always done speaking of adversity you back on for awhile they got the plate that involved but they renamed it. I'm evasive maneuvers. Boy. Yeah I. A good I was about to use in name in the they realize they can't say I was gonna say on the radio. All right thank you are very much a -- I've got time for a quickie and -- I hear that Vicky is good for a quickie calls so -- I've got one minute ago. -- turn off the radio go once it's always happened last call go. Ole Barry. I'm calling because I do agree that we have looked at night I can't. -- there there's too much noise in the background I'm sorry but you're right I apologize but I our guys have to be conscious of the noise and the time so -- thank you for calling I appreciate your agreeing with me but it's just that it's going to be a lost cause. Anyway that always happens on the last call interest -- noticed that the got the radio -- -- -- anyway. Folks I think it was always for a all the calls today I have a lot more of one of the without input on the table but it just that I wasn't in the cards. However I will be back on Monday god willing and we will offend people them as well as today a -- -- think you'll ever master control of one -- Chelsea call screening and let's not forget to give props to -- Harris our traffic guy. So heading into the weekend. -- I'm gonna have to drive all the call with two important words folks know. Your -- it's always. --

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