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1-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jan 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- had to do some -- clean up on FaceBook. Anyway it. I live. And you know the thing I've got FaceBook friends who are kind of police the page for me and alert me to trolls and leak -- posters. Anyway so I don't wanna put on my FaceBook page please post the links because immediately -- get ten people saying well how about Bob Evans. How about sausage how about pop audience just goes on and and so. I just don't allow links on my show very very rarely do I -- on my on my FaceBook page is that your FaceBook page. It is at ten minutes after five you're hearing news radio 930 WB EM Joseph beavers master control Chelsea's your call screener. And my question is are we have we become a nation of classified -- I think we can't. And quite frankly I gotta -- yeah I think I'm just forgot to be able to call it because I've never been a guy who's claimed that I'm. All much at all and I probably won't watch any football this weekend. What kind of a man -- I probably won't. I'd rather spend to be brutally honest with I'd rather spend three hours. At a museum with really cool historical stuff that tree hours watching most football games now the only point there is I'm not a big macho guy. So if I see the country going in a classified direction. I can't imagine what -- you guys who did twenty years in the Marines or bank and you guys must be going crazy. You must think he came back to a nation of them and it says -- civilians. I mean just over the -- In a pharmacy -- you know mr. hah. I collect Portland captivated by twelve but if I think we've become a nation have put supplied wimps -- -- You guys were real tough guys in top women you think the senate doesn't. Our friend of mine and -- after years but that she's a female drill instructors. She's a Jewish female drill instructor lawyer. Now you wanna talk about. Tough and hard ass. Believe me she would dare you all five with three ever would -- you seriously. 30930. Start I'm 3180616. WBE and you know and I really took a beating yesterday dignity from women. Toward the end of the show they were so upset with me they were so angry -- you know they think can be of some kind of a cave man without any sympathy toward children. -- nothing could be further from the truth but folks. If you're gonna be hovering parent or -- helicopter parent don't be surprised when nineteen when all of a sudden your kids have all this freedom. They start getting in trouble because you've never allowed them to make mistakes early. I just. Well Tom you're you're the most charitable time now none of us are. None of this car. Never never -- debate but I will say that it always try to give my kids an appropriate level of freedom sometimes they screwed it up. They screw up sometimes usually they don't. But -- they want things they've learned from their respects. I've learned from mine let's go to Linda in Pembroke on WB -- I. Hole though there. I do believe -- Atlanta vigilante school of their content not these kids -- law school like we used to because. I had to do that the mile and a quarter my mom always said. I'd rather -- -- added that. Gadget is true amount of -- but I know -- in the last quarter. I think the -- he had to do with the weather report. We see it coming we know that we didn't know what extent -- lady last evening news. They said what the weather was bad day you are certain area. That may you may very well be correct that the media hype about cold weather may be a part of this year right. Now do you see other areas London where you think Americans have become just that will fully pacified. I think that he and -- me so much that they. I want a man that looks like a man that worked hard day. All right all on for just a moment here there's man grooming and man skate thing. And. I would be a lot from that yeah but that eyebrow of the line at the crap like that he had. You -- men were wearing make up more on TV or onstage. Yeah I you know what that's a little too far even for. Great too much. Candela that -- and I look at it scared me. Yup but I assure you that. -- of my dear Linda there are many women on this planet and their men who are genuinely happy that men have man's -- certain areas. And I am just yeah I am you know begala and our place. And well it is it certainly does I mean this is tree not looked taller when the grass is now from around it looked at it. But I haven't left yet that that has nobody waxes meant. Bad but you know as though they really haven't you adapt. That's a vacation but -- thanks Linda I'm glad -- called but the -- to report beavers are shaking his head in there. All right have a culmination of classified ups. Other examples because one type things it is that really grinds my gears. Is schools in buffalo and Western New York closing because it's too cold. It's so nonsensical. And again folks what do you do. There are two issues here -- we becoming a classified nations. And correct. And what are some other examples I guess that's more than two issues. I don't know why I can't tell you precisely when or why it started. But I will tell you that there's any fundamental. Tectonic change in American psychology. But what if culture. And if you are -- what if person primary Q -- why not person it's not work real well. What if person you need to -- another what if person. And then live your what if life doing absolutely nothing because -- dreadfully afraid of the consequences the worst that will ever happen to you if you die and guess what. That's gonna happen to you at some point anyway but you gotta live this brief period of time you were on this planet. And you cannot hinder yourself by constantly saying what if what if what if what if you need to make sure work that you assess the risks. And that you are comfortable with the level of risk. You are going to undertake. When you fly to Florida we go to Disney with your family guess what your take it -- us. You are taking -- risk. But you have decided that. Scheduled a regular airline traffic is statistically safer than driving so it is unacceptable risk. Even though you know that plane crashes it's terrible it's awful mass mass -- You know I don't have to obviously not to bring up what happened locally because it's very painful for people but. I got tired at the same time it did not dissuade me from getting -- dash -- it doesn't dissuade me from flying. I like propeller planes always -- like propeller planes and I think the -- is pretty cool aircraft frankly when it's flown by people who know what they're doing. Let's get back to the calls do you think do you agree that that our country has changed. Because we're we're becoming more like Europe. I don't think that's a good thing. Where -- real men. Wear the real women. It was real and made it even a testosterone -- my -- -- folks my eighty year old mother. She's been complaining about this for years. The fact that people are hobbling their kids too much they're not allowing their kids to grow up. And that they think that they're gonna protect little Johnny or little Jimmy little JD from everything that might possibly hurt their feelings or upset their apple cart. And make them realize that they are the only thing in the world. That's not a way to deal with -- younger generation you have to learn to deal with adversity or you're gonna end up -- a fetal position. It's at the peak periods. In Ontario on WBBM Brian know what's undermines. Hey. Glad to hear this this topic I could not agree more I guess you guys your kids have gone back to schoolers to laugh till Monday while some some. OK you have a bit of a mixed system are pretty consistent but this has been the Bane of my existence and whatever and I completely agree with you. Our parents would send it to school regardless. Illegal Koppel on the way we lose a couple on the -- home and there wouldn't be a big. Crazy but Gupta here now there's but it's a child dies by accident and illness -- whatever. They send emergency teams in the next stage they and the counselor then. Well when I was when I was twelve years old I think it would. 1977. The -- sat beside me. CEO. And it is having -- -- it in which horrible. Only the class we were in it was announced it. Is that okay. You'll you'll notice the empty seat and Jimmie Johnson or cart IndyCar. Telling me that says OK now we're gonna circle. There was no agree teens grief counsel thing. There was no media. And and I don't wanna be hard either and I years -- I can. It's. Happened that horrible we we all the kids and friends illness accident if he's. Light went on. We didn't stop the world because you've had a snowstorm like again and I know kind of a centric that you -- Because a person media. We had a bit of snow ice thing going on your. Answer. Toronto had a quarter million people out -- the last 300 were put on on board. You know today. Believe what's been going on your hand wringing and the reality of well -- shouldn't have happened -- I don't know what to do and our fathers -- grandfathers just. Did. Right there was Q -- neighbors human and we. We came together the bloc would come out our -- wanna go live to share of the block and go hey listen what are we gonna do. Brian I -- give you a big I want a big give you a big hug and a ton cares right now that's how much are speaking my language don't go run out of time but -- If vacation but we'll talk but anyway -- gonna put on hold because we we've got to finish this conversation because you did it. You freaking get it and how many people in our countries have turned into these will be classified people in neither of us -- are saying it would Leary played here we're not saying we're Jon Scott when outs and it worked Terry O'Reilly you know -- guys who. Well we're not tough guys were getting discouraged by the specification of our country's let's go to trap for right now -- expected here's Alan Harris. And AccuWeather basically folks yes we have the watches in place for more snow and cold temperatures and you know January it's the northeast and it snows in the old days we just -- -- well and winner. Overnight low tonight one of and the high tonight six tomorrow we should be up to 32 degrees right now we're holding at five the real feel is minus eleven and news radio 930 WBE and -- I'm honored to have a and Ontario person on the phone Canada and Brian. And I are on the same page neither of us are saying that we're you know we're going to be the next Mike Tyson that would be folly to say that. But even in the Brian. Who says he's got a big tough guy -- -- by the way. Even in the we are saying that our countries have become -- puts -- why Brian do you think that it is happening why I'll -- why this younger generation and some of our generation. You know why in the hell are they scared of everything. You know and that my humble opinion and -- and you -- mayor not share that with we have had. The gradual. The gradual what we lost the call. Yeah up -- a call back is that the phone just a -- out on it we didn't do anything you didn't do anything so feel free to call back and that you will be able to talked in the of -- sudden news but I wanna go to Larry in Charlotte. WB honest a lot of time in Charlotte you beautiful airport lately Larry RW BM. I tell rubbish I'll tell. Couldn't that string you guys about everything but. They had box won't cut it couldn't agree to do more on. Reminiscent to me is that everybody is natural regeneration it's. But the McKinney that's why it's hard it's not share. And move quickly apparent technical skill that I hope there's certainly no guarantees. I just can't understand their mentality it's. It just won't -- and just like the content and really everything. I I -- great. Very serious -- you went down to Charlotte now and and that's apparently -- but. It is its mind blowing to me that people who live here in the northeast. Who ought to have hats and buttons and coats for the children they brought an oral. Suddenly forget that they have them when they most need them when it's all I don't know wintertime. I mean it simpler if you can't deal with the weather and some -- if you don't like the job working. It it doesn't it not like it. Eighteen dollar Howell who will be minimal wage I don't -- The people gets O'Leary -- people the people who moved to Charlotte or Tallahassee. Are gonna bitch about that -- It's still don't for my little boy -- -- it still humid. It's not the longer. It. -- people who live their lives this way. And they're not limping their existing. Yeah there's a quote if I try to sum up everything anybody rated I hit somebody that that it. And it is trying to agree what you and I accuse. So -- franchise. This perhaps dead this disheartening would be a better -- disenfranchising would be we couldn't vote. And I vote that we have to -- for news not to try to Roger is right -- make mistakes all the time with words but I just pretend they just -- when up. Larry I'm glad you called I appreciate it and that every -- said 24 -- in beautiful Charlotte. Appreciate that aren't so. So what -- be conservative in Western New York it's a breath of fresh air. Well thank you -- a conservative Terry and well I'm I'm conservative you know conservative from the waist up I mean I've you know. That's why -- impossible to attacked by the left. Because they don't they they cannot possibly grasp what I'm all about because they don't give it a shot conservatives by the way they've been the most. Accommodating people to me in respecting my personal life and the way I've chosen -- and and thank you very much for that for being genuinely inclusive. I'm sick -- conservatives being portrayed lakers and kind of monsters. Some -- that do. -- a lot you're you're -- country lie. You gonna do the rap stuff here is a problem with the -- that I think the best rap was the school stuff. That's the that's my problem I think the old school was better than that schools that up. So -- find stuff that's going to be universally -- love it as far as -- -- kind of racist. Jobs are the type of that but quite a few in the early days -- -- -- -- Does anybody remember the blog song. Whose name totally rapture was Damon's. -- and -- So it goes back a long time anywhere that's -- here and there are supposed like all kinds of music basically -- its world. 535 news radio 930 WBM hourly. And if you're just joining us. My topic has been an applicant that you're talking about this something with which we ended yesterday. And it's a topic where women generally are beaten the crap out of women -- -- what I'm saying today. And I don't know why that is. I guess and stereotyping that women would tend to be were emotional and more -- -- That many typical man would be. I happened to be and -- not ashamed to say this at all I'm equally in touch with my -- side it. Atlantic side and I came to conclusion long time ago that a lesbian but. -- 030930. Is the poll numbers start 930 on the cell phone 180616. WB yen. Have we become a nation of basically with a five classified Americans where we actually closed school in the Ortiz because the windshield is like minus fifteen degrees in my age in my -- you don't know who would've gotten. Had we called school -- -- me or not. -- we would have been told sucking up butter cup picture -- Fannie and yours because that's what you did. And I think that that was a much better example to set for the use of -- Then this idea that every time things get a little uncomfortable. We've got to cancel them. I don't get it because the COLT obviously there's a howling blizzards storm that's a different thing altogether. At the apples and oranges but the -- something because it's cold makes no sense especially when the same kids who wanna have a day off the school look at as do all of all they're going to be ski and tonight. Okay outside what their friends tonight. It's like really it's too cold go to school but it's not too -- -- I don't get. I just don't get it. And I'm not bashing skiers by the way I have great affection for these key industry in Western New York which I think is going to be one of the toughest ones in the world. Try to run but. It 030930. Could give examples other than schools closing because you all can give me examples of where you've seen the pacification of America. And again folks. I'll just say this one more time I'm not coming off I'm not trying to you know I'm not trying to piece of that I'm not I'm trying to I'm not trying to be some phony hero on the radio. I'm not a macho man I can be if I have to be. Vote -- -- all that stuff set aside generally speaking I am a guy who. You know I'm not really. Show I mean that's I don't -- -- feel comfortable on that role. You know not claiming the strongest guy in the world leader -- get -- -- Ireland -- know -- so. When even a guy like your humble host says our country has become was -- there's got to be some validity Wednesday. Somewhere between pajama boy in cave man can we please arrive -- happy. A happy medium please. Albright called back from Ontario where evidently the people's republic government chopped off his phone or. Or orbiter for -- than -- -- copper from the forward from the -- where they noticed crack pipe and anyway. Not that there's -- -- and that's -- put it to but I don't -- Dona. Does put on -- will not let let's do it let's stood and anguish as far as the as far as the conclusion. Of your phone call. And and can I say something that the Canadian Alison you sure that the idea they'd be -- Talk show host in the states. Who had to carry permit who advocates for gun rights. What can you wouldn't find it appear we have a lot of people appear who do you know. Very you know liberal and conservative. The fact that you actually carry. That carries so much weight. Well actually not with the number -- -- 45 -- very little weight checks when available -- a player but but seriously but you know sandy beach also is a licensed carrier of guns -- via David -- who has filled in for us in the past that. Unfortunately I mean you know what his story is. Yeah and it's it's amazing to hear those -- and that lowest ever again I'd I know you -- self deprecating but. You know you are what we. I think should be we we want to -- kind of person and if you're talking boat you know cold and whatever else. What it would be the guy is dead in your neighborhood ever want to go to their house. You know -- they're there if there's. It's an issue it's something's going on security guys as I you know in my little town in in you know outside a Crimsley. I have all the stuff that available to do whatever. I completely agree we have we have a lot that independence. -- lost a fact that what our dad -- grandfather did it. Was just being real thing and it and take the hit. Right if it's something happens and you take that -- And you left it all down and send someone picks up and moved on and exit and moved on. But did you grow up the -- I think this is interstate because. Did you grow up in a what if household or household that said why not. You know I grew up and hustled in in in Canada. I -- in Hamilton Ontario -- my dad was a British navy veteran his his dad was. A British army veteran in the first world war he was buried it paction -- and dugout -- You know the Serb the year in the prison camp. And again talked I don't buy you heard that before I'm not political I don't do left and right wing but. I came from a group of people which just. Like my dad who I remembered my dad I was born in 65 I remember coming home in the seventies. And my dad at a paction. And it was tool and die maker and and I -- mom what happened and that. And you -- -- at a steel is old pole and he'd he'd get a piece of steel aside in the morning. Go to a hospital get a yanked out attach. An illegal at lunch. And then worked around the day and it worked didn't like Ike Ike grew up with people who just. Whatever you did did. Did your thing who didn't complain whine and bitch below what it took it -- if you lost -- nine. And it. I've been you know actually it's funny you mention that because used to work with a guy whose father. At a far. And as part of arm you have to round up the roosters and won't protect him right in the -- the poor guy ended up -- They'll edit in my lap I apologize if it. -- Thanks a lot for your kind comments from Canada and idea. Thank you I appreciate that and you know if you. What hardship. Is folks. And again for me it's just. You know what is takes more calls because I I'm gonna go on a tangent it's gonna take me about five minutes to finish and it really should get some people on the year we have timer job. You're gonna give you look Chelsea and listen Chelsea -- blow you off now you know exactly. Here is. Regular cellphone on WB Ian. Rich and I find it interesting that that the women do not wanna call today ladies call me even if you disagree call me I wanna know why you disagree. -- -- -- Happy new year -- good topic today good topic at all. It's something I've noticed for a -- -- and you know you're right they are you charge people for all those who worry about. White and those -- live. It's really becoming more and more start this time goes by. The weather report that we see today -- all these different advisories and you know the governor declaring a state of emergency for all of New York because -- -- anxious to be let -- And already. Eight people died. I think we need we need to hear we need to hear the mental case governor of New York State you mentioned that in and here we go. No one -- with an assault rifle -- Until -- His ball club. Look in the dictionary under reduced bag and his picture will be there. Or should we now continue please sir with that what you percent. So you've got all the wonderful report send -- to people have short memories from grips in that. I think salt rather -- many cases. And the over time we can't forget that you didn't hear the stop what you were younger you are you -- all we got us we arsenal forecast okay. One of the standard jokes that are here with my friend -- repaired or -- Or so are back in the day we wouldn't close I was superintendent could not make you to that person's mailbox. For us and we would listen every morning -- the cure all the school mr. -- Williams those quote job more quote spot forced oral you know that going through alphabetically we never hear our schools and we shot. At the blizzard of 77 we all went to school back 1000 elementary school article for great time. And we got there what they sent us home but they able schools. -- they certainly didn't close because to all the watch like first or alleged that the boiler was real -- -- happen to understand that. Today if it's something that I think it he continues to stroke -- motion it make you feel what you hear from someone armed in the media. It's almost like you're -- Death and destruction coming from someone or. You don't you don't hear that for. I know that you're not accusing -- personally but you know that that's why you know what that's why when I do the weather forecast I try to -- exactly what you are saying because you're right that's the way it used to be before we started freaking out over every little advisory and warning. Sure and then that issue this feeling helpless. Listeners that somebody needs to come to the rescue somebody -- -- something all my goodness we could differ in the and you get the -- people. And as you start giving this continual stroked and continual stroke. You know there's a lot of different reasons in my opinion that it's happening you know one of them could chief repeated trying to draw something point two to convince that not so and foreign people global warming happening all the all the severe weather or -- look at all these warnings are Michael -- something -- to beat Bob something has to change. Really -- weaknesses in going arms since the world was the most. For crying out while you're at it give you that that feeling of helplessness and value -- somebody's coming to an answer and it it may issue. You know not be aware of your round. You were part of the world you know the -- seems like Guam the risk of living shared by every living creature on this planet by design. And we can either give it up but that's not really according to our program be aware -- doctor needed a few potential donors would like for you holding your hand. In a cocoon and saw that bolt wrong what you gotta shoot that person because not -- fault because she didn't all of that. And it it gets reinforce -- that the emotion. All the dramatic and all of it's. The tragedy in whatever it may be also ceased to people used to think when that happens. That you just you know there are stories for. That there really normal things that they're really changing a lot of people making them more the -- of Smartphones and technologies. This coming from an IT professionals and their mind whether it's -- for. And -- back in the day. You can share your technology computer world or we find people who want to make -- called an emergency prettier and the sucker. And there's this crystal. Opening day of -- -- your -- Randall Wright popped into one for number years ground get down there happily valley about amber. Are trying to get down here at the work Friday night -- trying to Russian that you now -- -- Saturday morning everybody is going to be abdominal shall -- from the church -- or shall we -- -- -- -- -- enjoy opening page. And get all watched around -- amber irrelevant a lot of it's about important real racial partial that. And now you stop and think oh my god I told the story to people when actually that to them the first reaction that I get quite got what did you do. I say to myself that's the that's the reaction that you here today. And I still -- Probably second or celeb like or like not a -- -- -- gonna do what I'm gonna do I do there's quite -- stop the missile force like you more on. -- -- -- You know back when I was 201918. Just rhetoric are. Started your moaning or build on -- -- -- are people want for the first week of November with a whole bunch of friends who were so awful lot of it would have operated dollar. And here are some that is. It was the best we can actually getting -- -- unlikely applause. I got I have that I got a break -- a lot of time with you all I can say sir you hit it out of the freaking park thank you so much. Thank you -- yeah. Yet and YouTube that you know what we're exactly on the same level all of us including by the way the necessity to unplug and go off the grid from time to time but cost doesn't like it but there -- times I just need to be unreachable by anybody. By the way today's deal of the day from my buffalo purchase of thirty dollars or to have to get through spices of India and Williams bill for just eighteen dollars experience the area's biggest variety of Indian cuisine including meat -- vegetarian gluten free and more. Go to WBE -- dot com click on the -- -- not that you already are on the air enough especially during the wintertime but the have you narrowed down yet the thruway westbound to the 19 the and that backed up but to the 400. -- we're talking about a significant delay but we don't quite know what's going on. Let's make sure just wanna make sure we're having an open. Yeah I'm just trying to figure out today if babies were watching the cameras as we're doing the report that maybe you do so what was on I'm not trying to make it look like if we believe me I worship. I worship the ground you walk on because at a high -- you scheduling -- you sound so great every David thank you. Thank you for -- let's. Alan Harris just I just loved about working with regard five degrees the real feel is at minus eleven. And that WB EM and if that GM up it's really really really really bad well -- know what it. Trying to figure out what's going on. Any traffic major issues all right not every little light that out on your side street but if you do have any major traffic issues. Which one it was called the WB Ian traffic hotline at 80303218030321. Because Allan it's. He's he's got his hands full but he always appreciates the extra eyes. All right why it would become have become a nation of classified whips and I think we have. And I'm not ashamed to say that I'm not the toughest guy in the world by far. Serious. I know guys who -- I know guys -- in Afghanistan and Iraq breaking through doors and killing people. Those are tough guys I'm not like that. But if even Heidi who collect porcelain cats of the variety that we become -- to five dammit we got a problem. Here is. Just admit that. It either in the west Seneca well hold on to Peter 21 -- Hero. Some thanks for taking my call. I I completely agree with you on that I have a follow up about it because I've actually got 4 kids who I am trying to. Remind -- -- things where when I was a kid not a much like my old man. But some I think the -- combination of a few things the the first is that. With the information age that we live in -- topic but we were kids we have been you can use half an hour. Now it's 447. On you know dozens of channels. It's it's just everywhere it's in Apollo -- everyone can't and so there's this need. To constantly feed that monster. Every minor little story that comes up. And when you when you combine that with all the lawyers that have their fingers and everything and this fear of of lawsuits. You know using your example of the school you put yourself in the position of the superintendent whose decision it is -- whether or not to close school. If one kid it's a little frostbite on his your -- You know that that author is going to be in contact with every media outlets and be splashed all over the news. It could lose his job over that. Well they don't want -- in that position. Yeah I you know what idea. And we've we've got to stop that we've got to stop it now and always superintendents have the power to start teaching kids the joy of living life instead of being what if person. I'd like hold on because I don't wanna give you short trip because your good call so what the local anywhere on WB yen -- hourly -- -- counter tops and if you thought -- granite countertop was not a reached it is that. I have a granite countertop in my kitchen I absolutely love it. And the granite countertop or something very special about that it was perfectly with my 1927. Hole. Only 14100 square feet by the way I don't spend a lot of money and living expense now -- -- talking about sort of counter tops. Guy who almost forty he has a surplus of granite left over that never happens so when you your surplus you might be thinking oh he's just trying to unload the crap. Sort of surplus granite. Is in the most desirable colors and priced to sell so granite countertop you've been putting it up because you didn't drink you can afford it all of educate them. Called guy at sorties collar jobs or anybody there can help you out -- website is shorty countertop dot com S as in Sam. ORT. I east -- like a mission shorty counter tops dot com. Call 62696669600. Great savings now. For a limited time at sorties. Counter tops 6269600. Sorties counter tops.

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