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1-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jan 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Blair -- is tough but let's I wanna let this bug people at all. It's every day it over the past week is over at the mention this in my doing at ten guys by the way you wanted in my doing are we doing -- ten traffic let me know. But anyway. We're not doing it -- -- all right thank you -- -- -- Joseph wants to -- my head up. Anyway. Every day I have to mention the fact that you and I have this special stupid Bob over the radio. So I put upon by a FaceBook page this is going to be one of my topics -- today. That would become a nation of wimps. Have we become a nation of wimps. And won -- by a FaceBook fans it's fan. It's. He says hey Tom you collect porcelain cats don't you. -- right all my god okay. Do it you got me you'd you'd totally got me collecting porcelain Katz is not exactly the most manly thing -- you can do. However I do not all of a pair of pajamas I will never be Joba boys either sleep -- or in boxer shorts if you must know. Highlights sleep because I run -- hot even last. I had one blanket in my boxer shorts. On me and that was more than about war. But all market it's -- -- I I've lost your comment on my I'm like FaceBook page that like the call you out by name I mean in a in a humorous way. But you've got me. Anybody who's complaining about Americans being turned -- wimps who collects porcelain cats could be called a hypocrite. In my own defense. I also collect dogs and hot women. So there's that so anyway. -- shot I ticket that they like command I admire the guy who said it good thinking you got me and you're obviously a fan you know that I collect equipment porcelain cats. By the way -- also happen all. I also happened Allman. And original letter from a board equipment the inventor of the art equipment cats they're -- rear I don't know what it's not worth a matter wouldn't sell it for anything because. Clinton as the guy who introduced me to cap plus. -- cool. You know captured how wimpy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When -- golf tier one of the cat out of a club. In the last couple of episodes of The Sopranos Tony Soprano said he's a good guy. So if Tony Soprano likes cats like cats too so you insult me you insult Tony Soprano. Who really didn't exist he was just an actor named James Gandolfini but the exists in my world. Now I have two questions here folks warrior and I hope you'll forgive the personal aside that. You know -- I dish it out and I got to be able to take it when somebody mails me of something like that and I -- not been not been. But anyway have become a nation of wimps ladies -- I think we have. And I'm sorry to say this but. I think sometimes women are worse than men -- being wimps. Folks. I've been doing this a long time. And I want to take -- there's a time thirty years ago. Where -- schools have been shut down because it was too cold outside -- including women what are called me the complaint. What are they doing what are they teaching these kids that it's okay to be sure -- Now the opposite has happened we turned a corner in America we turned a corner in buffalo. Now when I say what used to be common sense uncalled all kinds of names like insensitive. Cave man. Mr. -- you work and sensitive to little children especially poor little children. Well. Excuse me number one we shouldn't have any poor little children maybe if mom and dad spent my -- or maybe your mom spent money on winter clothes instead of an escalade maybe they'd have a winter coat. Obvious and I know that might sound cruel but all these are coat drives and school supplies drives the local TV and radio stations there. You know at what point do people say and the -- this is my kid my responsibility. I'm sorry to say this folks but this is this this used to be common sense now all I gotta get called cave man for saying what if for speaking the obvious. And ladies and gentlemen. My mother is eighty your result. God bless her. Obviously an integral Archie was. I think she's been the best influence in my in my life between her and my dad and my family the -- influence I could ever want in my life. She thinks that it's hurt the schools would close because the cold weather I don't I don't. Do you joke of the girl I had him from -- severest ask tiger. Here hamburger okay. She laughed. I put her. Because it was one of those days a couple of years ago when schools closed because it was like minus fifteen windshield as she was saying inside the area that we call that summer. It's obviously. We are becoming a nation of -- the United States Marine Corps. Do you believe that about over 50% of the females who wanna be United States Marines can't even do three pull ups. They can't even do three pull ups and they wanna be Marines you're not going to be the United States marine if you can't do 3 AM oh ops put up a bar right now -- -- what you pull ups haven't done a pull up a long time. And I'll probably had like shoulder drop out but -- It's not a three -- a three ops that camp there. And the Marines have been adamant that they are not -- lower the physical requirements standards for Marines. That they're gonna keep an -- three pull ups but he does not sound like a lot of pull ups. I'm sorry. Now granted. Running is my weakness I can't run to save it. I can't route dead of these dancer's legs you know now I I I'm running is my least favorite thing to -- in the world. In the world. Well all right maybe one of my least favorite things to do but have we become a nation of wimps and I want you to give me some examples I think closing schools because it's cold outside in buffalo. Is the whip is damn thing we've started due in recent years and you know what folks those same schedule or the going to be tonight. They're gonna be with their friends -- kissing bridge they're going to be with their friends down a delicate bill ski. Guess what the windchill is on top of a mountain at kissing bridge to help a lot worse and it's going to be in buffalo or -- Ladies and gentlemen I was talking about Boston's -- for the show that you know I think to an entire World Cup from the same cloth in this were were were complimentary. Of of each other what I mean is Tim is opposite of me on the opposite of Tim OK he's a guy who is you know he's he's very germanic. Our right and I am very. Not germanic even though. I can't be -- tonic when I'm called upon but we complement each other it's like Wii Fit like a puzzle piece are. So if that we we agreed on the fact that. In the there. Kids -- where they agreed that without school perhaps worse or. And I mentioned this yesterday. If you ever take your kids to Stowe Vermont. I want to get ready to be arrested. Because according to some view this is too cold to walk to school. Well what I've been skiing in Stowe Vermont. I didn't have a thermometer with me because those were the days before apps. But the temperature must have been you can ask my ex wife about this -- -- call and verify this. Sandy here at the time we went to Stowe Vermont we went skiing in the middle winner. And it must've been about minus twenty without the wind chill in Vermont -- city ensures that my ex wife remembers it well. She were perfect example to people who never should have been married but we should just need friends because she's one of the most trusted people at the world right now my wife. -- talk about things being weird but she will vouch for the fact. Bad kids were at Stowe Vermont ski. In the minus ten minus twenty degrees without the wind -- What are we telling our children. What is the message for our parents. And folks I say this is a guy who collects porcelain the got to throw that objective than I am not trying to be a tough macho guy. Now David Olivia can attest to the fact that I do have balls of steel. And and the optic powered by any stretch to the David Watson in his next foxhole let's just say that much so but you know. I gotta be in the mood to be you know backed out of a man. All right I gotta be in the mood they got a reason to be a manly men generally speaking I mean peace loving. Law abiding member of society I don't think that I especially much or how can I -- -- by foot eight and again. Notorious criminals have been by equity and lower so there's that. I'm not trying to say that a what do these guys who has here all over his back you know in my little Italian -- chain around me. And my name is pony announced and -- a tougher and you come out. I'm not like patents are to my friend Tony who probably laughing now going to talk about them. But. I mean I'm not a manly manly man I mean I'm in touch with my feminine side of touch with my masculine side. And that'll be a popular embarrassed at all -- and that women offer a lot of great qualities that men don't have men offer a lot of great qualities that women don't. Right now somebody's expecting to -- say yeah that's where you sleep with ball. Anyway only a vacation -- only indication but that would become a nation of wimps yes and well. And let's let's talk about sexual harassment a little bit there. Because somebody else's step forward claiming that than -- average act sexually made a -- hostile work environment. And all things I wanna say about that. But I suppose to hold off on that because a lot of people were calling in about nation of wimps and I want examples of how we've turned into a nation of wimps. And folks. You can look this up on Google Earth if you want it really don't hear. But you look at Calvin court or in -- one that is the street on which I grew up. Calvin that's CA LV I am Calvin court north in the 14150. Yours truly and all of my friends would walk to school. On parkmerced road Parker's boulevard we would walk to Ben Franklin we'd cross -- we -- Sheridan and we'd walk to school. It's a -- at least a mile one way no it's not up noble place. We did it every single day for three years we just missed the bus route and now it was called them 20 in fact we had harsher winters back then that we do now. We've been easy we've dodged some bullets over the last few years right. We did it we didn't particularly like it but I'm gonna tell you something it was a sense of accomplishment walking a mile to school. In minus twenty windshield. I would definitely say it built character and I know that that sounds hokey but it it. And we used to play hockey. Mr. its barracks -- falcons have never I've never forgotten -- -- -- his son still -- my show those -- in town and are glad that I remember my first hockey coach. He gave a lot of time to the kids at the top one. But he used at these hockey practices at these god -- powers on a Saturday or Sunday and I remember standing out there waiting for his car. Minus fifteen wind chill minus forty windshield that we ought to the outside rate and we have a hockey practice. And today we don't want our kids go to school all if there's a chance that like -- little -- Really. Returning coordination of absolute states let's go to traffic right now here's Alan Harris. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He says the guy who took fifteen sick days last year. I never take one unless I need to go sell. We've become a nation of wimps. An -- that we've got to walk for a late hit -- but somewhere between the cave man and pajama boy there's got to be a happy medium. I think I've achieved that happy medium others might disagree let's go to frank and Wanda on WBM hey frank. -- you you're you're you're acting like -- you know I grew up. When articulate them. A goal and only sure wrote it up Alia I get it out and only role. Now -- -- another here at the -- of a mile down the road from me and we were on the road. We hear it for this global ought to come down. And we elect expects. Roy -- the late. It would be reached at. Least not for the box we never complain. That normal. Normal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Picking actually -- out the school's ticket -- to call this the best player but he gets the gold. Actually eat it it's cool it's warm there. What god forbid they might stand outside for ten minutes in cold weather god forbid that a parody actually use some common sense and has winter clothing available for the kids they brought -- -- the world what went to build I went for two bucks. -- in the poll out there don't you think that you we're. You know that there are tortured child until -- K I. Don't know. There wouldn't rule out a long way. Right -- I you know. For corporate America all I walked to school project which -- well. Weren't that sort of like me want to go. -- -- -- -- It was just that we. They're there so that it would curl up. Which worked -- all right. You know what I honestly don't know and and this is what concerns me because. As I've sets a frank somewhere between being cave men were utterly insensitive. And being pajama boy. You know can we please achieve a happy medium in America. Where when it's cold we can at least note to. Put clothes honest not like -- 11 PM Miami. All right I gotta I gotta haute thanks for the call at the combination of policies a nation of wimps. I mean people think -- -- pussycat is the these docile little cuddly creatures they can also be ferocious and nasty. That's -- -- love. Because they're like I am nice and soft on the outside but inside the heart of alliance on W -- Singers. Have always been -- -- man. They believe it's on the black hole. Yeah. Change. -- -- Year everybody talks about Hank williams' old school country music -- bad Hank. Hank Williams -- Is kind of a notorious guy with the substance abuse and many performers are. I asked him to come with the territory and right. Some somewhere there's a Ph.D. thesis to be written that it would be me. Anyway folks have a combination of policies and I think we have done and this is said that. When I use that word just think of a little cute kitten curled up by a fireplace don't think here. Mean that that's the best word I can use me with a little while ago I don't think goes far enough. And folks -- just say this one more time I do not claim. That I'm gonna get into the ring with baby Joseph Macy has -- kill me I'm not mr. tough guy. Right unless I have to be -- comic guy who is just. You know up perfect balance between male and female. I'm a man. But I also have the sensitivity at times of a female and I'm OK with that I'm totally fine with life. But I will tell you that this idea that we're gonna close school because it's like it's outside our African kid. What are some of the other examples you -- site about how we've become a nation of because I don't think there's any doubt that we have read the NFL -- under the cross hairs now. We had a sports -- apologize for helping to glamorize the NFL and its culture of violence and brutality. OK is there anybody who thinks that football is gonna be the only sport on the chopping block. Hockey last -- Jack can be pretty violent. Baseball can be pretty violent. -- guys that I didn't beaten in the head. People died playing across the chats going at a cardiac arrest. Those of you who wish to live your lives as what if people you wanna hold your kids back from school than you was apparent make that decision. But for the rest of us we got to go we keep on live it. Shortly nuclear war. Short of a blizzard of 77 situation. Short of a situation which would make -- any school waiting for five minutes outside intolerable. There is no reason why kids shouldn't be in school today. And it's just the message that we send our kids now is totally different than the message we got when I was going to school. As much as I used to bitch as a little boy. About C sure would Miller the long time superintendent of the camp -- -- one school district that guy never closed school seriously. It was very rear from 1968 the 1975000. Elementary school were all the way to 81 very rare that we ever had -- In the tunnel -- We had the same whether they had west Seneca this weathered and then worse yet we always end -- -- to go to school. And I will play is something that it made me a better person it makes me a better employee. It felt that swagger now maybe this is -- -- an example because you know I've had a lot of time often 2013 my goal this year is to be sick day for. We'll see that last but that's my goal but in any event one of the reasons why. I'm a dependable worker and hopefully you -- too is because we were not raised to be -- everything we were not raised. Don't drink out of -- -- -- why. I had breaks out of a garden hose. And I'm as healthy is an ox in most areas of my body as you get all the order to differentiate those areas but. George Carlin. You know why he said his immune system was so strong. Because. I can't say the word he used its barnyard experimental. But he used to swim I think it was in the East River. And he said that his immune system was tempered by years of swimming in rush. -- -- I think there's something to be said for that. We are creating our children to be what if people who are so petrified of living. They might live to ninety in never experienced a single day at their entire life. You know what Mel Gibson as William Walsh said in Braveheart. We all body but how many of you can ever say you really -- And I speak from personal experience folks and no disrespect intended for my deceased father but he was -- what if guy. You know when I was flying through London when I was a teenager. Winner over old ones -- myself -- -- -- while it's all of what if what if what if what if I should debt. Who cares. Who cares what it. It will be fine. I'm going to live my life. And it took a while understandably. But I know that he was proud of me at the end of his life because I did things that he rejected because he was what differ. Let's go back to the calls on the WB Ian folks I just think we've become a nation of wimps I don't think it's good we've become overly sensitive. -- -- here's a place for sensitivity. And over sensitivity has no place in the world. Because it just makes for people who cannot handle adversity. Mean this is not a question of testosterone and I've tougher that you are. I believe anybody right now and in boot camp at Paris island help a lot -- dollar will be. Yet I gotta tell you if that's the case than anybody who's not as tough is I am you're not even try to night. Honestly have to be let's get to the calls here is. Like to just throw that in the arena again as Sylvia here is a -- in East Aurora on WB EN I Jim. Afternoon borrowing happening there. And the same views -- and your entire brood. For a thank your column. To play devil's advocate here it's not that certificate they're becoming Williams. It's the adults -- becoming. The ideas are just little while I was on hold when you -- keeps saying how we. All become a nation what it is the trouble is we know what. It's quite -- there's no such thing -- what if any more we know what. And play devil's advocate. What if we send kids to school it's not only about the COLT which it can rest more. Equipment breakdown boilers -- down trucks don't run vehicle going right. Can happen every day of the year whether it's thirty or my history. I agree -- chances. Our. The chances go up from exponentially in the colder weather. Then you have the kids put their coats on and school you go through the class. Okay now here's what -- What if we send kids to school and the parents are all happy now they -- to sit home and do not in and then what they're ordered rate. They -- every single parent while all I shouldn't make generalities. Many parents will be complaining that. Why did you guys they're cool -- and complying boilers but why didn't you do it -- that I'm on the report start the coronation it certainly should just let -- all. So let me say I'm I'm following on follow it what you were saying to its logical conclusion why send kids to school at all because what if a gunman goes into the school and starts opening fire what if the bus there on slides right into the path of a semi tractor trailer what if what if what if sir any of these things you mentioned can happen any single day. We cannot train our children to avoid living because of the risks life as inherently dangerous. While white is dangerous yet I would agree we have to also teach them. Understand right and wrong and no it's not right for longer -- home from school have to just search still on vacation and Al. The idea that things -- the idea that we are just upping their chances are they're injured in the middle of summer days. An unacceptable level. -- I don't think that's about it I don't think that that is and unacceptable risk. When when you hop on an -- server. Made that you have assumed risk you have done your analysis that you believe that there is an acceptable level of risk. Knowing that everybody else who took a plane who didn't make it home because of the crash they took the same risk and they drew the short end of the straw. Is it some are manageable risk their spent twenty years in the army discussing manageable risk and whether or not something needs to be done. And they boiler break down and it boiler breakdown is a manageable risk. But -- a breakdown. -- negative -- degree weather is a lot more detrimental by an oak aged twenty degree weather sturdy weather we have it's one thing -- be. You don't cry babies and it's one thing and a say but what -- like Tuesday. Are you smarter than you quit and there's one thing -- just you know there comes a point when we're not -- early. What minor children ball or protect Yemen maybe -- -- this could happen. How much harder -- to just stay home as opposed to. What if the boiler -- -- one of the foreigners at all breaks down. They've you know I appreciate your service and all night and I'm not trying to via I appreciate his service and everything would seriously dude I mean if if the united states army thought the way you think we would've gotten beaten a long time ago. Now I think you're taking a wait to -- some much like this show it's its. If they want to stay home you're never complete the parents never got to sleep apparently eager to call or Stew pot. And I think a lot of the school administrators. A lot of people who are in charge of a bomb making these decisions are burdened by the fact that we bring everybody in this school and the catastrophic happened aboard alert goes out there it goes. We're going out of the catastrophe. -- All right thank you I honestly I can't take anymore I just I can't take. That is precisely the man I don't wanna be who just called I appreciate his service I appreciate the fact he likes my show. But if I lived my life that way. If you live your life that way. My god. Are we supposed to sit at all in a fetal position medicated. Waiting for the next sunrise so we know that everything's okay yeah breakdown. -- it happens so let's just -- it's logical extreme here you're in school the boiler breaks now. You I don't know exactly what we would have done in this is spot classes sixth grade she would have said. We've just been alerted that the border is broken down and it's gonna start becoming cool in school so would you please go to the cloak room and grab your throat and when you start the field goal put it. That's what would happen. Why don't people think anything about taking their kids do outside bills game when it's bad when it's minus eleven windshield. I'd heard of the playoff game against are crap I think it was Miami. It may oh boy I'm thinking about this now wasn't Houston. Not a wasn't I was in the box and accurate but they're they're as a player up. By -- there was a play off game early in the bill Super Bowl run. Right and a whole bunch my friends and I -- at brands and stuff we went to the stadium to see the game. And it was in the single digits -- -- -- -- -- close to it with bitterly cold wind chills and somehow 80000 people back then went to the game not one of them died there was no board around and we all stay alive. And folks I one of the things you know how I say know yourself. You've also got to realize that. Life is federal with the risks. And there are acceptable risk to forget about manageable they're acceptable risks and unacceptable risks. Riding a plane on an airplane's wing that's an unacceptable risk getting on the plane and civic activism that parting woman. That's an acceptable risk. I'm sorry women don't do that I beg your pardon man men are thank you. 446 that that WBM guys believe me I'm not here stamp on the most macho guy in the world because I am not. All right I'm a very balanced human being I stride the line between right and left brain very well. But when I start feeling like the nation is being turned into a bunch of policies. That's got to say something -- -- on the lots there's sand that I mister macho I'm not. But when I start feel that there's something -- 8030930. -- thirty. And 180616. WB Ian. The guy who designs his own furniture thanks that we become -- defied the guy Hussein's cats thinks we've accomplished supplied. The guy who will cry watching certain movies is -- Well Brian's song is an acceptable movie men can cry when they watch. Are just to see you know. Under is ready at 930 WB and I think we become a nation of wimps folks. Alan I understood petrified of the -- even do it right now I I don't know if I get through this without crying. Basically we have the usual snow warnings and you know cold temperature warnings for overnight has its buffalo and its January and suddenly we need -- warning and watch and advisory for every winter conditions that might happen. Partly cloudy brisk in bitterly cold tonight the overnight low one. I wash my perfect I'm sorry I watched my melt hearts and ice water. Overnight low well in -- six downtown. Right now it's still five degrees and the real it was minus eleven says that Joseph beaver. Letterman has promised the pine -- episodes were they took the Russian guy out of the downward. Pressure and the other guys -- and Michael were freezing and he says I wash my blanket ice water you'd think this is called. That's that's the Russians spirit. In fact frankly folks our weather can be downright Russians in its nature. So if you're gonna live here -- we not whine about the fact that it gets cold. Can we please maybe if you're gonna bring kids in the world maybe half a and god forbid. Winter coat. And maybe some buttons is too much to us. But think about our people up and you know what. That's why we have a social. System a social support system. Now mom and dad used to spend their money at strip clubs well guess what that's not my problem. Let's go to. That is not being here -- in Snyder gala welcome to the mean that nasty. Caveman like buy -- pro -- you're on the year. First about what are called the start things off. Iowa the first second third -- Peter Paul and -- would result and live a mile east basically what you believe to stop this. -- so old you help build that the -- stone wall on spring street. Blowing Yugoslav it was a little I moved out there shouldn't that shouldn't read it was a black and yellow light. If you play. To abide by them here on the ice I've been doing -- by. What but what brought you some of these guys and keeping up like this normal -- commercial trichet would say. Guys in my associated. -- biased yes biceps a -- -- -- -- you -- when -- time to chase. You know we've gone. -- -- god that is so funny well I think the idea of the hair -- think you're talking about is it's supposedly can zap some of the follicles better and believe these are I know that your little old but that these days body here in certain places is. It's not fashionable simply put it that way. The about it we have AMD MB IR Kelly firearms that are very young age to Cuba has gone -- of people have a -- and I know you're doing a gun guy. It has initiated but might get it yet though. -- content that is were not -- gays in the local Wal-Mart you know we moved out -- -- but we'll begin while but I just I'm present there. While. So I'll let you know what you're a man after my own heart because you are a genuine true American who understands that if it's cold but you go. Expression if it's cold guard shoot -- This. A -- we have a big win breaks my father would think about six or seven -- this looked. The woman who want -- to a -- little doubt that cooked up there and there was a huge picnic. That sounds awesome you're -- sounds pretty cool that -- Being what it does she know order welder -- life is -- -- look like a muscle builder. What you put to him -- -- list of. Yeah yeah right I know the type that we have a -- seven Dixon who works here is that kind of guy had no idea how strong he wasn't like some -- something and I sent you Howard even picking that up in the net realized he was drawn. But dale thank you very much for reminding. And Nate seat on the young man compared to you right. And 10 god bless you sir you're 21 years apart and you know what I -- -- tightness of them you look. You grow up the same way I'd get my god it's cold it's the northeast of buffalo its not that it gets cold in the winter why we've become so classified. When when we get minus fifteen wind chills I don't get it. They -- -- I would disguises that you have to go out. That's right it's right are about -- thank you. All right there's that they'll call again yeah well and you know I don't know what's happening to our country I just don't. Russia has lot of beer and we got Barack Obama.

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