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1-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jan 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right it and it all right so. How many have you gotten Elvis mania tonight it was more about the -- and I don't mention it yesterday during the program that that -- -- -- -- Is that that's a road that might even a veteran driver like my father -- and I realized that -- -- now my bothers me I looked at him as a veteran driver there. But anyway. If you listen white -- driver on the due ninety days like yesterday and mornings like today he -- that tonight at our date this is often. Who. Rumor has -- he grew up on Jamison who wrote well before Jenna Jamison made it famous and I guess we know Jenna Jamison made famous right. I guess we know that you know people almost debated out of this class or something do you change the road from people wrote Jamison wrote up -- alma. But when I was gonna say is on -- way to win of course but. What is gonna say is that -- debug and a magnificent job putting our pictures up of the 290 and the multiplicity of accidents we had in the united this morning. And the photographs Europe at WB EN dot com animals -- -- -- -- to bet on -- the FaceBook page and basically you know the question is there. Why is the tonight. A Mongolian cluster -- A Mongolian clustered -- all too often in the wintertime. I -- don't know. Now so my idea listeners are giant -- FaceBook in the leaders -- get to that might fees books from the gates were all -- morning this afternoon it is much about that thank you very much. Thanks for clearing of the unit for the guys are really appreciate that. Glitzy ball was slow this morning -- doing much better -- somebody said we have too many we have too many overpasses. Other -- and I mean that's why the 290 is nuts they're likely some validity in that theory. Because as you know the overpasses don't have the insulating ground layer underneath them so what happens is they freeze and stay frozen longer than the other parts of the -- If you listen the police theaters more now -- I would not listening to the police scanner is our sleeper. -- go to bed late. And I'd wake up when I wake up. So I didn't hear the police scanner traffic but I know that every other call took out a lot -- -- members cops was. We are off the road we aren't at that acreage used up at this accident before you go to the next one. People were driving like nuts on the tonight but then again what else is that. I have often set that -- tonight he definitely needs an extreme road makeovers in terms of signage and in terms of may be doing something with the entrance and exit that mainstream in the Williams has its work -- by the big blue water tower because that's where solely accidents take place but. The entire stretch that wrote for whatever reason in the wintertime. The idea. I cut my teeth on that road as a driver. And umpire it's. For whatever reason it's it's been -- to get very messy that you would think that would be the 290 you'd think that it will be the 400. Well one of the reasons also use. Tom -- one in the -- programmers are still over more densely populated. In the areas around to nineteen or the 400. So you've got basically the northern suburbs congregated around the 290. And what happens is I think the volume it's a point where there it's a lot less forgiving than other roads might be a. My car up the 401 long time ago. Long all you wanna talk about locked. Now this was the era before cell phones please understand this we're talking ninety the 586. 400. West Seneca diplomatic manager -- but the of the 400. I'm driving out. I was in a car which has supposedly was the ultimate driving machine and I refer to it not deliberately after this is the ultimate sliding machine. Get a -- device believed I was going well under the limit can definitely drive when the weather conditions are like that. I hit a patch of ice and the car. This is where the miracle comes in -- it up they got -- myself as the car is going off the road. Okay we're talking about a major damage to my vehicle which you don't happen this well cushioned the blow. Seriously if it was like it basically -- -- cute. This no acted to cushion the landing of the car not a single bent out of singles. Now -- had to be -- out but that's why we have -- So it was that it was quite the experience and -- and the respect for driving in the wintertime and after that the -- -- I got -- CB radio -- -- that it was the year before cellphones. I got my CB radio -- It's like 3 in the morning and somehow -- -- a couple of guys talking on the CB radio. Miles and miles away. In -- to -- conversation I said hey could you guys please call the sheriff's department again telephone number if that would ensure whose jurisdiction it was and and that within five minutes at a cop on the scene thanks to the CB radio. All technology that's totally old school stuff sent -- to be separate CB radio affiliate. And it especially with -- and that increases you can talk people -- long long long long way away but what killed the CB radio. Not to ramble. But we're still receive your radio was that all the guys who'd used up their seabees -- federally four watts. They would -- of up to like 4000 watts and and just try to do this thing. Skip plan skip plans -- get all these guys missed out at least it's not like they're from the south and they had these gigantic. I don't know what you call on the CB radios to turn them. Shortwave radios and that it was fun. Now for awhile until those guys took over but. Never forget the did you -- -- -- your -- CB radio anybody I'd had a corps base station. And the farthest -- ever talked Indy I was kind of routers was from Kent or east to -- New York I can Jenna. I -- -- -- was at a base in Ottawa -- expect him Ortiz and got a guy or lady in Attica New York which. All things considered wasn't too bad and the connection was not all that -- whatsoever. But the other two and IDF and we went from CB radio traffic and vice Versa but that the two died in the wintertime folks there you've just got to. You just get -- use of common cents. Nothing uses common shares on countless countenance I've heard somebody -- what are five times. By the way you know the stuff that you really can't make up if you look at the front page of the be indoctrinated local regular. Outlook for the bottom of it. This is awesome. Asia and our secretary of state is getting John Kerry who ran for president wants and who did serve in Vietnam of course. But I John Kerry here's a story about what is State Department is doing right now from the front page of the buffalo new users that line. Kerry's State Department focusing on global warming. Okay half the country is dealing with blizzards and cold temperatures and John Kerry announces his state department's focus will be on global war. And folks. Which it. Please tell John Kerry and everybody else that it wasn't for global warming Buffalo, New York would not exist we'd be buried under miles of ice. I always -- -- -- folks the climate on this planet changes. Whether we as human beings but he role to play them I don't know whether horse -- -- -- parts do I have no idea. That would seem to be to be an awful lot of parts two to affect the climate that way but seriously. The reason we have the Great Lakes. Can somebody please understand there's. We look at time as human beings as days months years decades sometimes centuries that's how we look at Cuba at the planet -- Planet -- in geologic time. Doesn't operate that way it operates in the tens of thousands of yours millions of years billions of years that's how the earth. Deals with itself that's the earth goes through the you know its own processes. So if we have global warming way back when. We wouldn't have sailboats in Lake -- because there wouldn't be any late theory there wouldn't be the Lake Michigan superior Huron or Ontario. Because that's why we have the great lights because of global. Wave that way and at one point I'm sure you know what -- we that he. -- beings who studied in boats global warming and global melt. They probably would have been freaked out by gosh. You mean that everything that is north of what is now Florida is going to be free the ice is going to melt where's all that water going to go. They would have been shocked to see that everything worked out just fine. We have the Great Lakes fresh water and -- the ice went -- now granted at some point the ice might come back. Probably well the earth being the earth and operating according to its own timetable and -- schedule. So it it just it boggles the mind all this talk about global warming. Because climate change is as inevitable as death and taxes it's going to happen whether we'd play a role in it or not I don't know. But. If you have to understand that the earth keeps its own clock and it's not like -- were clocked. You know we have a very short lifespan the earth has been here since the earth has been here longer than anybody with the possible exception of -- -- before he was ago. So so anyway that was the headline I just wanted to share that what you. Else that I -- you blood hungry bastards are gonna like. Popular mind my saying that a little earlier showed Africa the B word blood but. If you go to my FaceBook page right now. What I'll do put this at the copilot FaceBook page all of that and up -- -- top it's up into the top go to my FaceBook page top dot hourly. My last name is spelled PA UER like our everybody knows about war in the life -- that L eat at the end. And it means a little far little has an injured Tom Bauerle is the FaceBook page it's the wanna be wearing a tuxedo that it differentiate between one IE. I'd do at work and the one you won't be on -- Unless you're very close for so in any event. There's a story here from Oklahoma. And basically here's what you've got. You've got a mentally disturbed guy -- Wal-Mart. Please hold jokes you have a mentally disturbed guy in at Wal-Mart. He grabs a baby. Holds a baby holds a baby at knife point two year old little girl. The cops are called they tried negotiating with these guys the guys says I've got nothing to live for so we holds a knife to his two year old girl's throat. And the police officer who perhaps be a captain that's brass that's higher that'll lieutenant. So he's been through trading and exams and everything else and no doubt it's been through Oklahoma deadly physical force that trading as the law enforcement officer. If you wanna see folks the absolute quintessential use of deadly physical force please go to my FaceBook page and look at this video. -- don't worry. They stopped the video at the ball but the guy. Well the ball with a guy definitely has nothing to live for anymore because he's not alive anymore. The bad guy gets taken out by a shot to the head. By the -- Now if you listen to the report you'll see that the bad guy. Starts the count now 605958. Dodi starts getting down 1098. That's what it's gonna -- the kids throughout. So he put the cops on a timetable. So the -- the police captain had literally seconds to figure out OK this guy's for real. And that makes as well. Another cop distracts the bad guy and the captain walks up to the bad guy and basically blows his brains out the little girl is alive and well now. There are people on my FaceBook page or -- all this is terrible passes and -- use of deadly physical force and you -- -- city oh I'd say detail what what do you give me your name and number and then the next time some kid is held at knife point by some guy who is clearly mentally disturbed. What we said you to dis arming him all the should have disarmed a mission to kill them are you kidding me. Are you are really you're really gonna say that. There is no better example of the proper use of deadly physical force than what -- was captured this Wal-Mart surveillance tape which you can see on my FaceBook page. The guy that threaten that in seconds he was gonna slip this little girls throat. Seconds. The cop did what he had the -- And the story. Now I feel bad that this guy was mentally disturbed I'm one of the articles I -- described him as a thug. I don't know exactly what is police record is or was. But just knowing what I know about mental illness that this guy is it was just not right in the head now he's a lot less right in the head but probably more peace that he was -- minister. But in any event. I can't believe anybody can watch the tape it's on my FaceBook page and say this -- did the wrong thing. There is nothing else for him to. In New York -- folks you were entitled to use deadly physical force if you reasonably believed. Deadly physical force is about to be used on you or a third party. So applying that same principle Oklahoma or I'm -- the law is quite similar there was clearly a reasonable threat. That deadly physical force was going to be used on this little girl. Clearly that automatically justifies deadly physical force against the person who is the perpetrators. It's not even this thing should it go to grand jury and I I don't think it is actually -- read the story correctly. But this is an absolutely 1000%. Gooch are good -- I don't -- good like let's get in the streets. The guy again the -- I was mentally sick who that a debt. Nobody does that in the right mind probably suicide by cop and it happens. Our Barbara story about a guy -- this local. There's a young Erie county sheriff's deputy and a marketing Levy's name but this goes back about ten years ago and he was -- with a mentally ill man with a -- And use deadly physical force. And use deadly physical force in accordance to and -- -- article 35 of the New York State penal code and to my glad that a family lost -- kid of course not. Nobody years. But when you. When you are approaching a cop with a knife where you whip out a knife in front of a cop. Or anybody else who knows the law and who's trained to deal with that you get which you can expect to get -- it's not pretty it's not who were it's not that it's not Hollywood. But it's it's a fact -- life. So I put the video up there for your comments on line I don't know that it makes a lot of sense to ask you guys to call in with comments that something that I posted on line. But that may be later after more people get all the experts in the comment to picked up. We we can take some calls on that but you don't wanna talk about the use of deadly physical force. And I did this a lot during the Trayvon Martin's case. The situation generally it is a model lawyer but I had an extensive article 35 trading right at the same trading cops have an article 35. Ironically enough. Basically this -- reasonably believed that deadly physical force was about to be used imminently used on the a third party this innocent child. And the cop legitimately use deadly physical force to prevent deadly physical force from. Evidently being used as any reasonable person would conclude that it was about to take place this two year old girl. So I look I will. I'm never gonna stop I'm never gonna stand on the side of police who violate the constitution. That's where I have to break with the but in terms of this officer this captain doing his job. You think he feels good about what he had built. I doubt it I don't -- you went Holmes say yeah I guess what I blew the Braves out of some guy tonight. No it's -- I think they have the bill. It real I mean folks -- -- issue. Know people who have done it. Most people ever real hard time with that even if they say they're not. Even if they know -- 100%. Right nobody likes to kill another human being rates -- people deal with a better than other people but. Nobody I don't think enjoys it except a sociopath and hopefully the screening -- there was a law enforcement. But where -- Anyway the video was -- to check it -- yourself on my FaceBook page and a passer on the Internet because. In my world view this is what deadly physical force is that this is why we have laws allowing for deadly physical force to be use. Textbook case right here I don't think you'd get that he clearer than this. But I've still got people on my FaceBook page saying that they should have disarmed this guy. Yeah OK let's let's put your kid in his lap next time and see how quick your wanted to disarm as opposed to terminate the situation. And again I feel bad for the cop a feel bad for the family of the guy who got killed. But unfortunately. People who are severely mentally ill are not thinking correctly or not their right mind and I've often set. That I have a great deal of genuine sympathy for the mentally ill idea -- of the forgotten part of our society. Many of them have families that worry. About them endlessly they're living on the streets. They knew they are not. Compliant with taking their -- -- it really is nothing to joke about so when I say that I feel sorry for this guy's family. I do. Because no doubt they've had a tough go over to probably years of hospitalization. Institutionalization. And then of course -- release expecting the somebody's gonna continue wonderment 327 at WB Ian. And you can. Yeah. Between an aluminum stand bill. Why didn't help myself as a teenager I don't know. We have some relief. It's just and that's what it was like folks who gets there and look forward Gary Wright coming on -- Teddy Nolan coming down on the -- anyway we get the NFL was. It's every time we touch the honest these too much. -- like all we have some snappy crappy music. Now this is not that music Thursday I I didn't do bad is it Thursday after it because it just didn't through all the traffic messes and all the weather stuff so I held in abeyance until another week. But for some reason Eric Carmen. Was going through my head and it's never ever a good thing. Wow wow. I'm done now. I'm done agonizing. We got some traffic issues on the roads will be taking a break for traffic -- about three minutes from right now and of course that as per usual any major traffic issues affecting the major arteries. And and causing. Hardship delays distractions and doom and gloom. -- throughout the arterial system of traffic in Western New York. You always caller traffic hotline 8030321. But of the situation that is especially bad right now and it's affecting thousands of people you'll recall -- yourself all star. 930. And by the way just quick aside here before we plunge into what we're gonna plunges into today which installed and decide I'm. We we had a very excellent ratings book -- pole and well actually actually now and while. Thank you I guess the the afternoon switch really paid off that. Though it if I'm -- I'm not being sarcastic so thank you. You know again I don't take for granted -- really don't. On the other hand I get a place on the folks if your younger broadcaster or somebody thinking about getting into this business do you live and die by ratings yes you do. But here's -- Never ever ever ever ever get too high over great ratings and never ever ever ever get to blow over ratings that -- they go up they go down sometimes reasons sometimes there is something magic to break sometimes you catch a crappy -- distribution. All these things happen so the bottom line is I'm thrilled I'm happy. With the results as proven by the radio ratings which show phenomenal growth in this time slot but. I also you know it's not one of these things are going to be walking and here all weekend -- it is what it is -- good that's good when they're bad whatever. That's the approach you've got to take otherwise in this business you'll drive yourself absolutely crazy and think. But by supervisor Mike -- is the same as we've -- -- this too long. You know to just say well you know look at that's like if we could stop working now. Well I guess I did that 2013 but. -- thank you very much for listening we've always appreciated and it's always nice to get the notes from you guys saying that we saved -- bacon in traffic. Were you in somewhere you've found something that makes it funny were informative. Where we help you well so you know it it was. It does mean a lot and I just go to traffic now Joey Joey should I just go to traffic now is that it is babbling here right now on his own time celebrate. Area are here is Allan Harris with the very latest in that traffic in a special time -- what you got. Okay all right now I get it okay now thank you thank you -- All right so if you're the one by the north that's like you're slowed up because that eighteen Wheeler apparently has has gone south on the driver here I am. I don't know why but for some reason I thought it was on its side I'm so used yesterday's -- -- -- reports about things flipping over tossing over and everything else so I think you'll keep updated on that situation. All right now. Now I wanna go here today so many possibilities and so little time. Okay. You know what. People wanna talk about this video of the -- Couple people -- okay well. -- a couple of calls on this bottom line folks try to describe. Happen and alcohol. And you've got a guy out the guy is black are right and he's mentally feel. -- that apparently -- documented history of mental illness -- -- to Wal-Mart he grabs it white baby out of a cart. And I'm just saying the races just because somebody's gonna say well you didn't tell us what color they work because that's really important isn't so -- the black guy. Described in one account as they thought I'm not going to call on a thug because I don't know. To me this guy is more mentally ill than a thug. But anyway this black guy picks up the white baby at a shopping cart at Wal-Mart and basically puts a knife to her throat two years -- And the white cop the captain comes along and they tried negotiating with the guy. He's not his right mind and he says basically I got nothing to live for in this kid dies. After I'm through count down from sixties that a guy starts is -- in a police officer captain moves in. After the suspect was distracted by a second officer and the captain shoots the bad guy in the head killing him and saving the baby. And I don't you know this is not one of those things where somebody get shot during hold up and I can say this is holed up go on right. This is a tragedy for everybody. It's tragedy for the family -- a guy to tragedy for the family that little girl hoping that she's going to be okay in the long run and it's a tragedy for the family of the cup where did the shooting. I mean some people are made up differently than others some people can do way legitimate shoot and they aren't bothered by other people have I have issues even when it's a good shoot you have issues from. But in my view if we're just looking at the facts of the case is presented on the video. This is absolutely positively. A legitimate use of deadly physical force is a tragic. Yes. Yes it is and just for the record most mentally ill people. Are more of a danger to themselves than they are to you. Most mentally ill people. And there are some cops around in buffalo and Western New York who I have I wish I could name them by name but a market that do that -- If you're going to be a police officer. You have to understand. Bad you see even good people at their absolute worst and UC bad people doing what they do. And you also are on the first lines of the mental health system. Poulter joked GO hold your joke I know exactly what you're thinking -- shut the hell up you know damn well anyway. There are people who are at the front line of the mental health system so if you're police officer. Just you know a lot. I hope that your lieutenants and captains and sergeants are treating you. The difference between somebody who is mentally ill and the difference between somebody who is you know basically a criminal. And I know that sometimes that two can overlap I I I get that that. Fortunately some of the local departments that there's -- blog at some of the local departments that have gotten a lot better at understanding. The mental health crisis and they know. That some people largest either off their meant for camping medicated properly or you know are just in mental distress there they don't think clearly. So while this isn't something over which I'm celebrating. This video put in my FaceBook page go to my FaceBook page 9000. Likes on my FaceBook page almost as many likes and my FaceBook page as the radio station -- -- pulled ours. Meet ego never -- that that's a good feeling it really I mean I'm honored and I don't take that crap for granted. Let's go to like -- -- on WB -- in my. -- yeah you're right about that video. It probably stopped -- get what you believe -- what the only choice yet. Am getting to the point that you don't want if you haven't worn the uniform and I mean -- military police -- it. If you haven't abandoned that situation situation. That these people deal with everyday shut up. Well I think -- -- -- that topic you have to Wear any -- and understand the effort to understand the particulars about the justifiable use of deadly physical force. But it is some of the people like this one -- FaceBook page will they they should have disarmed him and I'd like to volunteer his services for the next time this happens. Exactly you know. Chipped it to the point out that when letting people they have no clue. Going on how things are. In the world. Telling them what we shoot a relationship that that -- know you feature out here you shall meet Alex you know if you come out. You're not -- or. Listen to you until. One year you don't know you know -- lot. Even if even if you have the training to pull intentionally knocked in life out of the guy's hand with a two year old don't take that risk with a two year old if you take that risk for yourself as a grown up well that's -- -- -- -- to try to disarm -- instead -- trying to kill -- but -- -- and it's a two year old -- and the -- absolutely made the right decision you take -- you eliminate the threat against the -- -- and the story. -- exactly. Expect illustrated in it that light for one at real it's an important alphabet situation he would go to ticket and it's like you know what you just basically casting your -- Well it was probably suicide by cop and as I said I I don't. You know what I don't take joy in the fact that the guy's dad I'm not celebrating it's just like us that this is a tragedy for his family -- and you know it but it's a different story when I see somebody trying to rob a store and they see the video the storage of -- on the guy's head off -- to me that's a happy ending. But this is unhappy ending because you know this man who was killed was obviously at some point in life that part of the mental health system and we let them down. Well unfortunately. It happens but no he change he made a decision. And. Now. Well you can't live by it he's gone well -- two year old -- got a where what what just happened to her. You know what can sometimes here's here's the thing too I hope the parents don't make a big deal out of it because the bigger deal click the parents make out of it with this two year old the -- -- a factor. You know -- -- -- kid's father had simply say well I see the police got you away from the bad men in and that will be about it. -- depending on the kid remembers of yet but sometimes I think the worst thing parents can do is make a big deal out of something. Because kids can not handle a big deal made out of some of the lightness. He she -- chances -- that the first thing the cop -- was probably hide her eyes so she wouldn't seat the result of the gun show. So. So I hope so -- they usually -- usually. This does a captain he's no spring chicken and hopefully he's got the experience to know what to do these guys aren't stupid like. I don't stop somewhere somebody saying my cabin is but thank you very much of ledger called. Yeah folks the video we're talking about some like FaceBook page I do feel a little unfair talking about something in my FaceBook page on the radio but it didn't wanna take that one call because you watch that video and you read the comments underneath it and you know if you're a brawl with somebody in with seven night. If you think you can disarm it and if you got that trading be my guest go ahead and disarm him. But if you can't do it in complete safety to yourself and he's coming -- -- well. You are entitled to use deadly physical force doesn't mean you have the dancer -- the streets during a shot somebody day but it does mean that you were legally you should be okay. Course I'm waiting for the family and how to file a lawsuit that that should take about thirty seconds. 349 WB and one -- he northbound is a mass because of a tractor trailer which is stuck between the tollbooth and the south Grand Island bridge hopefully that situations being taken up. And taken care of as we speak its hourly and again thanks for making me party today it's been a pleasure now for over thirty -- and yours make me feel old. Creeps. All right de -- thanks a lot and we always appreciate traffic updates wintertime we're busy man AccuWeather. Partly cloudy brisk and currently call tonight. A single digits. -- tomorrow will be up to 32 degrees right now five degrees and the real feel is minus eleven. And again -- -- 290 westbound is backing up. Because basically if you're trying to get on the Grand Island you've got a truck that died right after the whole boat we should even be there anymore right Ross Thompson. That poll which it is that that pull -- died years ago. But anyway long story short. The track. Died after paying at all so it's blocking off it's constricting the traffic to -- flow. Through the poll that's what got the problem and hopefully -- gonna get that taking care before we bury ourselves too deeply. Into the wind of the afternoon drive. You know I've I've forgot something to that that is very important to me you know I just wanna make a quick reference to this I told earlier that the ratings came out. For the period when I took over the full book or when -- took -- the of the afternoon show. Insanity that took over the morning show seeing these numbers are better than mine in the morning to. So it was a good move for Balkans as it turns out so. I'm happy. But as far as I'm concerned I just wanna thank the guys that make this possible. Joseph -- master control our Chelsea call screener we get the occasional stolen from a Tyler Tyler Saber. And also other new people and Alan -- because basically. Without those guys in ladies it would be -- stupid and it would be. It would it would be enjoyable -- largest theater -- myself. You can take the ratings and stuff because a big part of the job is enjoying the people with whom you work. And I load them and that the that's the other side of joy TO he sees you -- I have emotions were you that they're just not good as you can probably tell every day. Are right now. V video. -- other things but I but people are calling what what video was talking about. My FaceBook page Tom dot hourly in if you go on FaceBook is the one -- wearing a tuxedo that's the page that's my professional page. My other one is personal and that's vile disgusting and ranked you don't want to be -- you don't want any part of my personal page it's -- but my professional page. That's me without the F bomb. That's what were the tuxedo and put video up. Basically showing a police officer shooting and killing a mentally ill man who was threatening to kill a two year old girl. And as tragic as it use for all families. I'm not jump into the street bailout the -- thought. To me it's the guy who is mentally sick the cop shot him. Because it had to be done like you would with a rabid dog. And it's unfortunate it's tragic had to be done but this debris is as clean and is good kill as -- Tennessee. You know you'd the old expression in cop land is you've done good I don't know if you're allowed to say that to a captain now. If you're -- -- can you tell captain captain you've done good. If your lowly patrol officer can you tell account and you've done good or do you only get the you've done good from the chief and the other captains -- assistant chief. There's usually when it's a patrol officer they're usually the ones were doing the -- But and they get the at a boys from by the breaths -- this guy -- breast self sometimes there can be noble leader position in the war. Think about it depending -- the relationship he's got what is underlings. Now you've done a good kid probably countered that their careers. Especially those of you fed to use your fists two breaks up and up or use your gun to terminate a threat. And it it it's a tough job. -- there's a lot of tough job I understand that. But that one is is really life and death and then when you do make a decision everybody wants the gang -- you because they that you they could've done it better and be my guest. Coming up on 356 at WBM. It is hourly just ahead. Give us apart -- sexual harassment. Yeah active on -- I'm upset about sexual harassment at work I'm not getting nearly enough.

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