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1-3 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Jan 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well that's certainly fine audio Bob mortgage. Yes you. It is the first we hear that means two things you want to. There is a horrible. Terrible crappy horror movie opening up which is paranormal activity the market ones. That's always the way they they start the year after all these big Oscar worthy movie -- out everything that they just put down horror movie. And the other thing. The first the first week of the new year means is it's another anniversary show for us about that it is we are now. As of this moment starting her seventeen. Year I'll have a movie -- and I don't believe I don't read I really don't you split up I get the car. We're now just share a house and the furniture OK okay the show several bottles of -- recently reached seriously seventh changed this is a seventeen years and sixteen this. This 117. Years amazing Tony I'm calling him back fifteen that he started his career or are -- yes yes graduation and I just pretended there and I think the reason for it is because of my expert knowledge of film. We'll go with. And -- me wanting to Leach on to your expensive audience was also all -- Have a factor but it's -- it's been good they said Bob you wanted -- show with you and George scenario -- I. -- -- -- -- I'm glad you made the choice Bob thank you thank you big box office noticed that there is 110 or we get to have yet to -- work there is one other thing that is coming in Boston and new year. I am on FaceBook okay I'll mr. social media guide that's right I'm on now I'm on FaceBook not just go to. I'll still -- on FaceBook. Ran mayor and now I'm putting up all sorts of cartoons that more years putting up a lot of move your views I've got pieces up right now about though will Wall Street American council increment two -- higher things like that. What I think. What is the worst movie development. 2013. I've got little piece on that okay -- I'm just planning on it as being a place to. Until we talk about here in the -- so those those little movie things that I noticed that maybe not some edgy. It could be damaging because they're really noted on this. I'm all we don't mean you know I mean I'm talking Jennifer Lawrence Amy Adams no I just -- me -- -- naked that's the only way I can operate I urinated tonight I need to be free and unfettered. Went up when I'm keyboard. But like I like here's a movie I watched over I watch over -- Wings of design -- -- 1987. And we foreign lenders and when I heard. It's light and color okay and it's a -- -- movement toward a white and color. As well. This movie like where Zuma. Like almost nearly -- Banco. Beckham for a lawyer but it's one of those movies I've always meant to watch never got around to. Watch that over break jags didn't you say honey why don't we watch wings of desire to. She did not law she didn't she she comes -- says look house hunters. Com. So I watch that just loved it. Just you just -- -- it doesn't quite fit into the -- wrote about it that's -- started biggest goal and then look you up in that just look it up. Bob stills and I L -- ST Ellis Island my big plan. Is to have more friends. And Jeff Simon that's my ball I don't know begin to -- Bob Jeff has a lot of friends like 2300. Does he have battled any forum I think what I need to do. Is find a way to get. All these people to friend me. A lot of them too -- for objective -- You know my little higher than Al temperament is no way zero some people some people tried before I was willing to friends that weren't I'm Albert bit. I'm off -- our lives are you kind of are now the big box with all. It's -- all the holiday season's first of all sorts of might be made the hobby. Desolation of this -- Did another 29 million dollars last week 190. Million dollars so far the third week at number one. It's making about 15% laughs and the last Condit. But in the last three weeks to global take has been over 600 million dollars so nobody's complained nobody starts saying that like this hobby it. Josh says. At number -- another film that is charts. And such would be here. Frozen the new Disney cartoon 29 million dollars it is now 240. Million here in the US. This is Disney's second biggest non Pixar cartoon lion king's number one this is already found this is done better than all this is done better than The Little Mermaid -- the big big hit. Nearly 500 million worldwide so far and it's yet to open in a lot of countries. And -- -- number three anchorman to. -- trying million dollars it is now at 84 million the sequel now equals the -- for the original anchorman and I saw this over the break. And I've got to say. I just thought it was awful. Some people wrote to me on FaceBook -- I liked it to which my feeling is. I'm happy for you I'd wish I'd like it or not. In the cinema I was in. The movie kinda suck it and who don't agree with me also she didn't care you know my that's right well I'm more Susan rose no matter what you and number that's a good place to be -- at number floor. American. Hostile. Another twenty million dollars and is now at 600 million dollars. I loved -- this is this is one this is my two favorite films of the year I would say America hustle and twelve years slaves are the two top films for me. I write about this on FaceBook just love this -- news on the ice until we're not like that a lot of out Amy adams' fabulous and Jennifer Lawrence was was great. And it's a quirky different kind of movie. But I don't get where most people think it's a comedy there were comedic parts and it. But it was pretty average -- there is a lot of comedy. I mean in the natural -- found in a lot of scenes and many people are feeling that way about. Wolf of Wall Street okay it has a lot of comedy in there even more so than most other Scorsese pictures ominously that today you -- -- and a -- hours right. Is it is 33. Got -- -- But it only seems like I don't think verify that it's sold though it's not that there. That came in number five last week. Nineteen million dollars to 34 million which is pretty good. For a three hour long. For Scorsese and managed advocates and some nice reviews and a lot of acclaim and some nominations but it's not going to be able to cover -- huge biology. Number 68 in mister -- did fourteen million it is now at 37 million. And the number seven secret life of Walter -- thirteen million which is a weak opening. For a movie that is 100 million dollar. -- expects about testing our movie IQ nothing would make me happier fourteen years ago on this very date. The final peanuts comic strip was published. And new peanuts feature film is being produced by the director. Of which one of the following films who have the following directors is doing the new peanuts movies. Was it the director of knocked up. The director of bridesmaids. Or director -- program. All right -- give us a call and -- correct answer is 6449875. Will win a movie pass 42. -- -- -- -- that are valid through April 30 when he fourteen point five dollar certificate to -- -- pizza pub and -- on -- -- all are on transit no expiration date total value of 43 dollars general contest rules -- we come -- will be hitting the big movies hitting the big screen today it is though the movie -- Senator Obama said he -- fourteen years ago on this -- the final peanuts comic strip was published a new -- feature film was being produced by the director. One of the films knocked up bridesmaids are super bad in the answer about. It would be beaten bridesmaids. Yes the -- is planned on coming out in November. 2015 golf being the director of bridesmaids is producing the new peanuts movies so. For those of you who. When they watch the movie bridesmaids. And so on delightful moment. When -- Rudolph felt were knees on the street. In her wedding dress because she had just always literally -- -- -- FO. I'm sure all of you thought you know what. That's the guy that should handle Lucy and Charlie Brown put -- -- what what I do with snoopy. I don't I don't -- right it's very funny and very wonderful film I still I just find it kind of -- via a guy that worry about this peanuts film you know. Because I mean no Charles -- -- mean it was you know very carefully and and Charles Schulz was alive he had varied tight control characters we have a similar situation. Where doctors -- Ted Geisel had. Tight control of all of his characters. When he passed away his family decided a year how would make a good. Michael Ayers and all sorts of doctors stuff started exploding I hope that's not gonna be the same way with -- Well stay true and we hope it's true. How about paranormal. Activity though marked ones -- them -- -- -- have like this kind of a title. Paranoia activity the marked ones again. Well this this isn't. Sequel purse. To the paranormal activity films this is more of a a side trip. A -- diversion different people this is a group of Latino people. Who get involved in the paranormal. Activities of this one round where is number five in the actual paranormal activity series there are those of you keeping score at home and I'm sure you're probably coming out later this year. This is of course another one of those delightful marvelous wonderful phone footage films which really. Blair witch project is is the movie that oh I love it and those began this this whole thing and I've got to say. Field. Hold on -- it's it's a great device for being lazy filming exactly. Are their plot holes well she. Yeah there are gaps all we can find where these tapes we can't explain why these you'll have -- -- -- whereas in a regular -- somebody -- ago and we have to figure out away from that seem to make sense how they get from point to point B -- -- I've got to do some more writing here. Now I don't know -- these it's just you just grab another old VHS and pop it in there. Bad acting. It's supposed to be people caught in security footage and things like that they're not supposed to be good actors -- what we wanted good actors we have them in the movie. We just don't want that. Bad camera work why I'm glad cinema photography that's for people who -- C. That's for people like that -- budget David leaner Martin Scorsese. Wants a movie that looks good. We have a movie that looks like you know -- agreed to grainy footage as security guard might see that a parking lot there. Not a lot of plot going on here of course to the sort of movie that goes from. Peek a boo moment. To peak of boom which are all basically. Dorm. Hey there was respectful on the table -- bother -- actually I meant table. In this time around they go into the whole idea of being marked ones. Our lead character in this film -- He finds out -- he's a mark one because he has a white. On his arm he does not call being bitten and -- -- there. Thought it might be referenced the -- marked one thing and to the scene in the movie. Where somebody takes a magic marker and draws some genitalia on his face no. Oh that's not the marked unaudited ever -- to actually the boy now this -- big east this -- lets you know. That you can also start using this national portal. When you go through this special Parnell you're able to go -- now time into the past and in the future. And then you go into the past and -- Peter doing there are real are used to be -- -- there so you know that's that's -- think they also. There they try to shake it up. They tried to shake it usually and in these movies. They'll find ouija board that you're discovering things that we -- In this one. They used. This timing game your game like late seventies early issues like in a circle with the colors single. You had your -- yes -- dormant so in this one day they use that instead ouija board's other breaking new ground. I would think in in the next film that we might get to see some people play with perhaps -- -- asked copy of hungry hungry people while they let alone yeah I like that that that that would be very very excited about it. The budget was of course. A good 78 dollars to make this movie whatever -- -- types are going for anymore. Basically year. Three or four people see that there are you think -- -- Katie Featherstone is perhaps editor great stardom this film where she was the first. -- she was the first one and she's actually just referred to here. They just kind of think he. Something like this happens already to my -- long played great -- for Obama here here's a photo lover. And they use a little old footage to payers the money to be -- -- already aren't people don't go from these films and go on to become start. I mean just take Blair witch project now the film made an impact on these. I liked it now I remember who is an hour -- would you. Starters I guess I really enjoy -- all I remember is right near the end when they have that flash of light and is he sees something but it's so fast and you don't have freeze frame. Is scary I thought it was pretty good good because of the technique. -- -- seemed real. Yuck -- Sotomayor -- moments ago. Well there is no story and their call that just had a quick flash of light and was -- also has lol I'm not what happened there on you can do are you about the video. I don't wreck or -- back what -- the show is that allows those of -- -- we've got some big movies coming up besides paranormal activity including. So DiCaprio and -- wolf while Wall Street hang in there. Here Rush Limbaugh lives on line weekdays noon until 300 W. Now we're back with a movie shows that about -- sells -- to -- said he beat by being good data go to movies a little lump. Little cool in the home or go to nice warm will be how about we talked about where I would. Not go to the drive and a no no I'm sure Rick Cohen poetry and -- -- -- -- -- for -- yeah -- -- I think -- -- is -- dedicated -- his -- and I'm sure -- -- an area where you have to -- Ice fishing in -- watch American hostile look the same time. That's that's -- if he doesn't have that he's probably listening right now and getting -- aren't exactly well paranoia paranormal activity Bob already told you about the nexus of unknown Leonardo DiCaprio and bode well. Ovals we're gonna take a look at -- at the handful of movies that were out while we are on break we weren't able to -- And this is one of the biggest not just in size at three hours long it. It is the latest. Prodigy. A Vietnam. A romance that's lasted for. What I feel is a little too long. In in Hollywood and that is the romance between Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio you know. I think Leonardo DiCaprio is a bad actor and I just. I don't find him that number double he doesn't stick with me a lot of the films that he's done with. Scorsese I've enjoyed them but when I think back on them. Think about the star I don't think about -- If I think back to the aviator yeah I think about the plane crash I think about Cate Blanchett is Katherine Hepburn or if I think about the departed. And thing about Jack Nicholson I'm thinking about Matt Damon I barely remember it can't embryos in the movie. And he is from DiCaprio is front and center in this thing this is based on. The true story of Jordan Belfour who was a poor. Scrappy young kid. Who got into. Riches and cry aim -- illegal activities and then eventually sur rendered his pals to the -- Which you can't help but think -- Sure does sound like goodfellas and let's direct and really Martin Scorsese. You can help rule only thing that. You some people say you shouldn't compare but you can't help it when it's something that a British anything immigrant. That's maybe even drug Providence -- nothing nothing really holds up they they are there are many similarities in tone. A lot of things don't match up though. And yours and goodfellas. One of the things is good balance for me. Builds up to a fever. Pitch and Ollie or ruin that final day where he's got his brother work and on the saws and he's watching this. They either look how well Adam from a helicopter from a skies in their entry passes and it is signaling what life's all afternoon from three to seven he's complaining that people are watching them. And amazing. It is built to -- Her finale this -- really doesn't do this on this kind of unravels towards the end you also Evan Ellis is no. Spectrum. Of characters just. I mean Paul sort of being uh oh and in aero -- she sells well not -- fascinating characters. You would see a lot of Leonardo to care. Real and Jonah Hill and in this movie and Leonardo DiCaprio seems to be making a big speech. At all times he's making big speeches that he's riding on yachts and this sort of thing. It uses music of the time in say America director goodfellas did but dumb. The music does not hit. Those sweet spot on the way -- -- -- -- either. The music. The problem is this is this takes place in the eighties. And early ninety's so it it stays true to that music where you're able to hear a lot of might ranger -- -- You know not a good stuff like yeah you're not a -- -- and all you're with -- -- like. And remember this on this this is just the worst this this was hurt and there aren't that many songs that really jump out at you in a big way. This is another. Martin Scorsese. Film that is centered around. A wildly unlikable character which I mean it's a specialty of Scorsese's you know -- like -- raging bull New York, New York king of comedy taxi driver. Each one of these don't you saying look at this completely despicable person -- really lets really get to know them yeah if only this guy is is not only a jerk. He's also. Kind of boring after awhile. My idea. I I suggested. In in my little -- up on this on FaceBook. Go to Bob's still -- right now on FaceBook and -- me really. We're trying to beat out Jeff silence count by the end of this hour please a friend to me as often as you can. On. It. It it really does. Slow down in in a big big way I was just went over -- The first though. Moved and very nicely that first hour you're probably going to be sitting there thinking when you see this layered -- -- everything and but that was crazy what was the it's fabulous it's somebody blow -- -- future. Oh OK I've told me but after the one -- point. Things start to I'm a lot slow down my watch my watch you might build find yourself thinking things during the movie like you know. Really in the mood choose smarts and cocaine often make -- harper if that's the sort of they have your -- at the theater. I was just gonna get -- for -- Know they have the reclining seats all I know other lines state they don't give you and make it hooker in the glow orange line -- by time and a -- and a little bit -- -- time I'm sure. I'm sure that the next -- in the yeah. You are -- yet. At this -- hour movie by you think I'll like the first hour of the hour two and three go down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You got guys I read it like in this and you got movies they they're reference and that I really like but. I don't think grudge match with the Niro and Stallone is gonna make it yeah yeah. This is I mean they stole all. A few years ago in Rocky Balboa. Where he played. A much older cocky get into the ring. Iraq -- locals now I -- a good film I thought it worked well thought they built up the situation unbelievable manner. Now she's getting kinda crazy and didn't -- has not kept himself in the kind of shape. That Stallone hands. This is a comedy that is based on two boxers who had a big. Rivalry thirty years ago and they work this big publicity thing where they're gonna get in the ring together again because nothing's. More entertaining. Then -- guys in their late sixties wearing just boxing trunks open them up on each other up. Tom. Often with the film of this sort were -- high concept movie it really is all based on what other. You were you by the overall -- you don't or you don't and the concept that they're going with here and they were referenced. In the posters. Is that they're acting like an eighty people were thinking. Well too narrow so good and raging bull and Jake LaMont and -- so good in the rocky movies. Wouldn't that be the ultimate fight if Jake LaMont and Rocky Balboa fought you know nobody was thinking that. Hurt those were two completely different movie store it appears that those -- was all those who really got it there. -- mom and this is the situation here and they found out I mean it horrible reviews but they also found -- box office wise no. People were not itching to see this very few people have gone to see this movie. Expect to see this on the video shelf. -- -- All right we'll take a break we'll be back Lamar in the movie shows cinema Bob May sandy beach on -- 930 that is the movie show with cinema box ultimately sandy beach. They have the big movies hitting the big screen Bob's already told you about paranormal activity the wall to Wall Street and grudge match next is. The secret life of Walter -- This is the latest Ben Stiller film here this is. The latest version of the James Thurber short story that needed for The New Yorker in 1939. About today mouse see ordinary guy who goes -- in these wild flights of fancy. In side incited his medication. Now. This situation where it's amazing movie once before by -- in 1947. Which did well stayed true to the original story but I think it was very popular than. And is it okay. The overall concept Walter mid eighties what really has become -- comedy cliche. -- seven year with admiral Munro light -- imaginary thing -- the old Warner Bros. Ralph Phillips cartoons were little boy obesity in class three being fighter later things like that plays off. And nearly every. Moved comedy movie or TV show at one point her father has played off on these flights of three. And -- what. Cash. They had to -- earlier original here. On. In this film he works for a life magazine there are about to put out their final. Issue and wall committees trying to finds lost photograph from Hartford travel -- -- -- on -- In the other Walter ready versions. And they tip a guy who's lacked. Bravery and confidence and he finds -- way -- to -- about his dreams. Ben Stiller -- As director and star this grows for. -- more trance like. Dreamlike. Situation. He almost seems like day fairly depressed damage guy. Who uses his day dreams as a coping mechanism he doesn't so much deeper -- As he does good anti depressant. And Oprah alone it's just not much. Still there can be a very funny guy. When he's in the proper material but he is she -- as happy. Being kind of a moody dark. -- and indie comedy and this is that moody dark Ben Stiller today is at the center this movie. I was surprised for holiday comedy. To see so many refuse to use the word creepy. Industry really well which you kind of wouldn't expect no law hundred million dollar budget on thing is not a cheap movie it looks great. But it is not doing that well here or overseas they obviously became concerned about this because the product endorsements. Do. Show up quite a bit in this film after awhile so don't be surprised. If after the movie you you suddenly find yourself in the mood for Papa John's -- -- or wanna go on. Pop pop -- they're also big stars in this picture. Next up -- fellow long walk to freedom obviously this film had to be in the works before his passing acclimated. It was. Just. One of those those little situations of faith -- -- come out. At the time of his his -- this takes his autobiography. And does what there there are attempting to do the the ultimate complete film treatment -- -- -- Stars as Mandela to rip performance he's certainly great. Great actor. With Mandela being so much in the forefront of the news. And somebody like leaders Alba being attached to it you would think this would be a movie that would just be embraced. -- people but that hasn't really happened. Does it to play a character of his soul well known of me we all seem have our own version of Nelson Mandela. And then we see something on the screen and we make our own judgment is that tough. It's tough because you you have to. Because you're familiar with the voice because you're familiar face and -- or overall mood. Of the person and all that I mean it's similar to the the situation the banking -- faced with when needed -- -- and he was excellent stuff. Yeah well just trying to capture that that overall mood unfortunately. The feeling from most of your views. Seems to echo what Toronto suns had. It's a terrific performance but it is in the end a good film. About a great man the movie tries to cover. His entire life for the most part in its two and a half hours. And because of it just kind of have to go from -- -- -- here's like here's here's the highlight it's not able to -- and the big emotional troops. Him one thing we know for certain. Is. Any time a schoolteacher in the next twenty years three years. Decides to. They just don't feel like teaching today. This is a movie but -- Gloria I'll watch yes yes that that cricket there are not that great Mandela film a lot of people -- -- not a tribute Miramax Films stars quijano arrears and I was hoping he would memento you lost that by -- instead he's in 47 Romans yes yes and I'm sure. Via the folks at the studio are very much wishing he had and then. In 47 -- -- this film has been an enormous disappointment to. Hundred million dollar budget on this and Japanese. About a group of samurai. Director Mike Carl rich it's his first fell. They're given up guy who's making his first movie a 200 million dollar budget is brother Allen wrench. Well he would have -- on a much better job I think. The film is doing just terrible leader reviews. Had then just awful. And it's even bombing in Japan. Where most of the cast -- Japanese and while Japan's going to be the quarters ago -- -- it's gonna be really big it's doing very poorly there. Universal is expected to lose well over 150 million -- -- judge to be the guy that tells universally called a 150 million on a home it it's a tough one. Not that -- that being samurai action movie it's doing very poorly in the group called. Young male. On that's not good that's not good at about grabs a ban -- -- Monday and get our weeks straight now under is rated at 930 to Libya. -- Which they never -- to music piece.