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1-3 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The fact that they call real field wind chills sound more official it's out of our official in the wind chill factor now it's. Real feel it sounds too simplistic you know I mean. If you go out to get the -- you come home. -- -- instead of well it is just basically out there I think the real feel is is minus twelve. That's what it is it's minus twelve in the air temperature. Is to raise but I had no -- last nine. I'm watching the weather channel and they're talking about an airport -- forgot which one was on ovals -- and one of New York airports. And they said that the airport will remain open during this storm. However there are no flights coming in -- leaving -- is same as if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it that it really make a sound is at the same thing. I mean does anybody driver I'm going. Probably hard to you know nobody's coming in and nobody's taken up there and get a hot dog. Our what do you say we just sit on the benches and and watch people and distress -- -- -- ten dollars fraud yeah I think the worst place to be stock is at an airport I've only been stranded one time at an airport in Chicago. And it's it's awful because it's not comfortable for one thing. It's not comfortable and -- anxious because you've got to get where you're going once you've got your mind that you gotta get where you're going. He gets a short tempered everybody stick 4000 flights have been diverted or canceled or whatever you're playing isn't he the and that's the way it is so I can see people getting a short sided. As they talked to a couple of people in buffalo. Who were heading to Florida. In their plane was delayed or something. You could see the the anger in their eyes. But that's it's an airport was totally open but of course no planes landing and no planes taking off. Whether these three questions we're asking him that we're gonna make the PX. -- the picks first okay we've got the the wild card games as we get a warrior oh like the National Football League. The biggest mistake people make when they're doing taxes they pick the team they want to win as opposed to picking the team they think will and that's what happens -- batters through. You find yourself conflict digital ought to be rooting against your own money. And that happens from time to time. -- you won this year you won the a fantasy -- with your life yes and effective -- for the -- -- you one offensive does that mean she's dressed up as a Catholic school now one of the guys want -- that's one of the event is free you know Tony. For real I'm proud. So you're good at this sort of stuff and Chris of course is that as a pro I'm just an amateur -- just the fan. Are we got its emphasis toward Green Bay. -- San Francisco San Francisco. One. I just think they have a little bit better defense the Packers are without Clay Matthews. Could be trouble trying to stop a -- The Matthews is such a dominant player when by the they're not totally economy still walk through the locker and that's soup from his mother Falwell and Syria. It's my father was hiding in the locker. I'd be worried if my mother was hiding in a minute ago -- and to be honest that's another story are right Chris at the San Fran and agreement I'll take Green Bay it's going to be zero degrees San Francisco -- coming from the West Coast and you have Aaron Rodgers back. That's exactly right those -- the same reasons I would give. Aaron Rodgers is a phenomenal quarterback there's no question about that. San Francisco are those embers in the Bay Area is is not tropical it's also not zero. So I I I think that the agreement will win and because of the effort because it's at home and in the usual frozen tundra thing so -- agreement about jealousy Casey and Andy. Indy Indy -- that I think at Kansas city's been. Paper good all -- to really not. While high quality team mean on the model -- -- that -- not knowing that a tournament record what they really did beat anybody so like the -- okay. Yeah like the colts as well I just think. They have a better team and they have a better quarterback as -- -- Andrew -- Celtic -- over. Alex met any day and this is what kills me I haters say. I'm really do but I got to pick in the two. Simply because as you guys said it's a better team. There's not much question about that -- Casey is special beginning of the season at this glamorous record. Like nine and oh yeah but if you look desperate. If you look behind that would it be so yeah okay something and he. Our new Marlins and Phillies this should be a decent game. Yeah and I'm particularly. Why I think because again it's it's in Philly right yeah I'd that the cold at picnic -- playing great. In the saints are completely different team out of the superdome Astro what are on the road they have a real problem. Of this science I just I hit it -- the super cool is there. Where is in New Orleans you know I hate it because every time as a Super Bowl live issued off cannons. At halftime and then you -- that third quarter so much smoke. It looks like the odd when they were when the lack in the bat -- out of the air with a hockey -- and looks bad but -- -- picking I belong with the Philadelphia lawyer I've taken a saints -- just got a weird feeling about it the I think Drew Brees is a far superior quarterback in -- -- And the saints do you worry me outside on the road but I think they're explosive enough offensively and they're going to be able to hang with joy I'm thinking. Momentum wise I'm dumping you Philly. I'm thinking Philly and I'm gonna root for a fairly and picked early because my friend Donald I got to do that as those certain loyalty among different. So I'm going with the Philadelphia. Although I never like their uniforms but that's another story sound likes a person going to the horse races for the first time. All that jockey look at that those folks I'm going to I'm going to put my money on them -- uniforms are important in the our way of -- when -- was -- -- -- -- -- sit through yet and you can see the pads and that you -- that was cool you know Montgomery you know I really -- now. I'd be football teams there's there's several of them. That their pants look like there they're running in the ballet or something they have those skin that tight black pants like stretch pants at the football pants. Just don't put any president does a little -- parents wanna I -- regular football pants I don't wanna see if I wanna see somebody at some point I'll go see brushed it off. I don't you know I don't want my quarterback. You know. Gently dropping back so habit that he -- news of his thigh muscles are gleaming in the television camera. And this is what our guys and she each other aussies and I'd put the pads back in the audience. And we all picked. I picked Philadelphia. -- world record OK now the next one. San Diego and Cincinnati. I like Cincinnati and a lot of people have -- watch out for the chargers but again it's cold weather. And if Andy Dalton can protect the ball I think -- -- -- about thirteen hours -- -- -- -- -- city -- really sold on San Diego and AD had to beat a budget chiefs of back ups last week just to get an inmate they've barely did that and they were at home and our Cincinnati I think is pretty underrated I think -- very tough defense and a good running game and Andy Dalton. Should be able to BA dot throughout put together good game against San -- I'm what you guys are saying is sending -- that nineteen players. Last week and they still barely won. Sandy Berger once. That's it so we'll see how we come out -- that when we come back before questions that we have today lord you're giving up three and not five but far. The WBM web poll says though what is worse extreme heat or extreme cold. We all agree that extreme cold is worse we'd like your opinion in the -- all its it's split 5050 has been like that all morning. A we'd like your opinion on that also your message for idiot joggers or jogging in the road on a day like this. I guarantee you there jogging erode not on the sidewalk or their walking their dog and you gotta be honest bottom. And they -- they have an attitude like -- on the road as well would you do in -- right legally however. I don't think a 160 on human being should be arguably three of 4000 pound car. That's another story. And the Packers. Vs San Francisco the Packers are at home. It's not sold out that's hard to believe but it's going to be below zero. If I gave you two tickets would you sit in the stands. -- -- the Packers played the niners will be back after okay -- basic questions about what's worse extreme heat or extreme cold in our web poll which we've been running. For some time it's almost an exact dead heat. Vote the three of us agree that the extreme -- is worse because of the ramifications of that. You're a message for any joggers and dog walkers around the middle of the street. On frigid though whether expecting -- dodge them because they have an equal right to be on the street which they do. But I'm asking your opinion for the idiot joggers so. I can tell you one thing that will happen in the -- San Francisco game even though that it's going to be below zero there in the frozen tundra. I guarantee it take to the bank. Some -- will be there without assured Iran absolutely. Okay. And some other July 062 for this to other idiots will be there one with a DM one with a fence. When I see them I immediately wonder why birth control isn't demanded of their parents because -- What fool gets up in the morning goes and you got. A -- French. Too -- don't forget now bring the fence I got to date and -- and and when the other team is driving. I'll hold up the and Merrill last time Charlie you what's -- right and -- the inmate went cents. You know to hold the big. Like we're gonna stop the other team. Okay those people should not be allowed in a stadium at all. Okay and the guy without the shirt he's living he's living a commercial that's what he's doing he's living a beer commercial. Were all of these guys who are well past playing -- wearing their hats sideways or backwards. Are playing in mud on a Sunday afternoon making diving catches while having a Miller Lite. Okay that's what this guy you on mellow line. None that I used a different -- vehicle. On a day yeah and -- -- drinking bad throat much summer you. Let's go to my consumer in my cast the say on a cell phone Mike what's worse extreme cold extreme -- Certain colts in -- you know look at what that does your vehicles are so much stress. -- leader vehicle gone from one extreme to a normal operating temperature plus all the flop on the road and I OK I mean. That's that. While that's that's true it it causes a lot more problems extreme heat might be uncomfortable. And comes with a certain amount of problems but extreme cold is on limited problems. Good point and that. Now. -- -- -- -- -- added -- would you go to Green Bay by David two tickets that once the playoff game at below zero. Yeah argued that I would. -- look at the -- barred look at it. A little idea. Outlook for the world class -- about those gains that were sold out you know in Indianapolis is an indoor game. Yes -- was sold out now. Now I'd joke and you know angry today I mean there's so fanatical I'm surprised that under any circumstances and -- well. All in the -- young. As well I mean it's idiot out of there and out of iPod -- -- like. About the smaller venues are they makes so much money on the game there that make point five million dollars a game for the city of Green Day and I are part of world cities like -- -- and Green Bay a record of fact. The that it Boxee. Locked it would definitely effect the economy. It's it's. Gonna be. I mean you're good advocate Andy I mean. Well not a lot of people feel like you I would be surprised it was sold out by game time and the one of the most famous games of all of course as the frozen tundra game. The ice bowl against the cowboys and and there we. I would love to -- that -- out the kids. Remember running at saint Obama -- -- Minnesota and they would run but -- out on the field the propane fortune to keep the ground. Remember there. -- -- football you're a football fan you're supposed to be a manly man Mike hey thanks thank you very much now by -- Mike says he can vote on you bill into a game that was like. Below zero yeah with the bills against the Oilers it was. Stayed late eighties early and I know early ninety's. And causes during the Super Bowl run and I mean I I don't know how we survived that -- because. I'm positive that that's the real field was -- -- surprise. -- is -- is the ability of a quarterback to throw the ball and that kind of cold. And the receivers. Whether there you know wide receivers or tight ends or whatever. There ability to catch it because that thing is -- throwing us around while an oblong cement block. Is not there's there's no grip to it at all. And they wore special gloves I remember a seeing some of the real I love cold games and I especially love snow games. And they were special gloves would you know it's it's an interesting game when it gets that extreme. Back fringe and -- -- about you know when Thurman Thomas run the ball you know it's that cold and you got everybody giving you know I'll ice adds that all the -- have you know -- your attitude changes in the cold through. Because when it's not cold all of your of thought processes. Are rove focused in on what you wanted to do. When it's that cold your thought processes first are how can I get warmer I mean really think about they got to run most patterns. And you're right there running backs get hammered menu got the line in the come out with no under sure they the and they don't -- -- exactly Sean it's an old party -- and how big your arms I would have electrical tape around my arms and just -- that skin color. And and plug it into a battery. He dare tell it was Smart -- the Spider-Man. Full body being. Underneath his -- forward Bruce Smith widgets like I don't know Resop is -- something. I -- up or you know I I how many people get a chance to play in those extreme conditions. I don't know wonder how much it hurts when you get nailed on a really hard hats and they like that. -- got to be on book I'd I would just surrender eyewitnesses as if possible I just give up and I go home now. I -- on top above sixty degrees anything below sixty -- -- home. I would take right when we come back we wanna hear from you extreme cold or extreme hot -- heat which is the worse. So far the the web -- says it's. How about the idiot joggers and dog markers or in the middle of your road today I say your road because on days like this they shouldn't be jogging on the road. And they want him -- guard on the road but that's what they're doing you have a message warm. And Packers are at home in sub zero temperature playing football against San Francisco. If I gave you a ticket or two tickets would you go and sit there and watch the game will be back after. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WBA -- and that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Now -- back would be to go to a said he -- well. They -- here were not in the playoffs this year who. However my friend Don from Pennsylvania his Eagles are written he's on the line hello Don thanks for calling. Good morning and good morning -- and democracy that you guys and a happy new year and that. I like Nicole you like the calls while like I prefer it over there Saturday. So does that mean that you're going to be I don't know how warmer -- is going to be at the stadium but he's going to be rooting on the Eagles this this week. I will be. Might. -- Not yeah. Great guys not sold -- -- -- -- are not sold out of the of the week and playoff games but especially Green Bay is going to be below zero and I it's almost unheard of that -- nozzle because I was surprised by that. Well it just goes to show how far America has. Gone downhill since the days of Bart Starr. And how do they still a jog around at Philadelphia the area you live in that you have the idiot joggers and dog walkers there like we have here in buffalo. Oh we probably have more idiocy here than. -- what would make them think that it's a good idea to jog in. In this kind of weather right now it is though it was a minus twelve real field. I can't imagine that cold they're going into your lungs helps your health situation. Not at all I was I was outside -- A couple of hours ago and I had to commit because of the cold more than anything else. Give us say a paycheck -- you think added a New Orleans as the jazz will be Philadelphia I think Philadelphia. I I I think Beatles in little wind strictly because of playing at all not because get a vanity. -- -- area and New Orleans is. Not that good on the road they're better at home obviously. Not a lot 63%. Of the games on a roll but I think they're a 100% winners at home. So that's the big difference and it's going to be forty degrees cooler here play outside -- united will be and -- the home. There are a lot of excitement about the playoffs there is a kind of OK let's let's get on -- -- I mean is there is there a lot of hype over this game or not. -- there -- for the simple reason that no one expected needles to be in the playoffs this year when disease started I mean no. Except maybe the team itself. -- a good point so our eyes does try not to shovel too much that's why you have children and neighbors. And and good luck -- Eagles this weekend. Well thank you and and that you guys have a good weekend and I'm starting here yesterday had a cat burglar. Yeah I can. I -- all my eye drops we haven't found them eventually. They'll be found I'm sure there under some dress or something like that Padilla in the cat -- ago look -- fourth bags done. You used to do when we have. School closing in Bloomberg -- to do this should've asked him. We played poker OK we will play poker. But what I did is if the game was at my house. I would go to the end of the driveway it was like three shovels so done in -- -- the front end and some other neighbors and friends of ours. Would have the shoveled away and in my house political. That's pretty clever -- the -- hits it in the week is over that now poker game inside -- Schobel. -- -- and so it is but the year poker skills are heightened when you have a day off from school. Let's go to John and Bob -- John here on WB yen. It was and you know what's worse -- extreme heat or extreme goal. Well I lived in Las Vegas for ten years. I gotta tell you what it's a 120 something degree heat could be naked jump in the pool. Or. That's true -- well look good naked part I don't know Bob what I've been in Vegas in the summer it is -- -- there. -- -- Yeah are oiled by just -- -- -- -- the first time I went to Vegas it was in August. And I did not have air conditioning in my truck at a truck camper. And it went about it was like somebody had a I had a dryer right in your face it it's how people get through this summer there is beyond me so obviously but that's worst than extreme goal. Every kind of open up my helmet went under and some and I feel like a -- pornography. Johnny Carson always had the best line about that he said people in like Vegas say a well there's no humidity so well there's no humidity in my oven either but I don't put my head and it. What about John Jersey -- joggers in the extreme heat. You have those. People were brought to K I. Don't. Your partner in a near buffalo and -- Six Paul already for people following out going down because these accidentally slipped it's -- Hope that all really. Don't. Believe was bicycle. I'll it -- it broke all all well you know you know it I hit the -- -- nobody. I saw him and those last night they showed a lot of local stations shows a man riding a bicycle in the snow that's so that's insane and and you guys have to go out and and up by the elements one of the things we were going to add to the show is worst call want weather jobs and I'm thinking your job firemen slash paramedic. That's going to be awful in this kind of weather -- that changes everything right. Top fortunately go figure -- where it is very warm obviously you know it's protecting your -- outside Oprah. 45 minutes. -- -- -- -- -- Think Federer. It's slippery conditions -- -- bad -- indicated he can be very bearable. Lets you -- classic pictures of of a firefighters in the winter fighting a storm with ice you know all of the hoses are freezing up I mean that's. It's very tough these guys are great job -- thanks John thank you were going appreciate it. The other worst jobs or is starting I was thinking about firemen cops roofers especially. You know he mentioned about the heat in Vegas when I lived there I did Lansky be off when jobs. And it was so bad that we would -- and would be like fifteen minutes to every thirty minutes you have to -- the more off your -- rural. Drink a lot of water and then you can go back out and you drive five minutes later. You know I saw that I I saw that and a movie Tony it was in Vegas -- the pool boy. I came to service the pool and the woman of the house have going to be -- alone enjoying herself by the pool. And hijinks ensue road I don't think it happened to a guy and our crew that are real and yet we -- -- last. And American match with a woman said to him -- Let's just put it this way he disappeared for good ball while so she said I think he should take a water break yet okay except what did you say I think I heard my water rate it's a lot of it's through a leader in the productive thank you can hardly wait a stick to break now our commitments radio and I thirty W via. So windy it seems everybody's working for the weekend exactly and that's where we come in via western new York and wakes up weekend -- high of 35 it is a -- governor has noticed. My picks I -- all the home games I didn't I didn't realize I was doing that but I did let her go home things. And I guess the the odds usually favorite home but not always those -- happened. But in the bowl games you guys were talking that. The big the big point spreads went the wrong way on these games yes 33 of the top. Point spread margins should say you know all the favorites lost on us not grow them. I'd now betting football I think takes some of the finally. I need to plan for fantasy but. Because oftentimes you're you've got to decide you're -- to win money you're rooting for the team -- oh by the way your body one I think sixty or 70000 dollars. I'm backed moves that Floyd Mayweather all in all I know we made a big bet that he was at fifty grand and he -- -- I you know I don't know Mayweather by -- I'm not because of that guys don't like them and there's no no fighters going to be. I don't think there's there's one phenom coming up. Pretty good at batting sports or if you. You know see him grown into sports follow follow as you always put my you know -- the guys that my friend went okay you know what he used to do we go to the track now and I'm making this up I'm not making this up. There are sometimes one horses and it and to a race at the tour operators. Because they're not they're not you know they're just in training they get to a certain point in their training where they have the -- For a more important race that's coming up is important now hole. Which -- -- raises and which ones they expected to to do very well and he used to find out -- the trainers war and it's easy to spot from their in the panic. But he would actually follow them from the attic for the betting windows. And to see if they were backing up their -- horse if the trainer that Mars was betting -- large. On that horrors he had confidence that horse was going to win. They all hope they win this summer there and different stages of training. As so he would follow. And he could have been a detective he used to follow the trainers to the window and and get close -- up to them. To hear whether they're calling their own horses number. So that's what used at all today he sounds like an innocent guide us today. As he's not let's go to Kevin in Pendleton and our friend Kevin what do you think called hate Kevin. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now if you are if you're an -- tropical climate do you get used to it or you -- is like everybody else does. You used you're -- -- look like it'll force in the -- the boat or regular viewer really cool. But I tell you something Sandy -- You know liberal tolerance the district's temperature -- the in my away from originally from the year when an -- -- your original. And down you know at least you can you know and Ayers -- -- prepared. When you need to eat what you just -- -- and I wish since its members or certain. In extreme you know like that doomed -- failure. Oh yeah I'd like you mentioned the battle. Of the balls that we are dense forest I mean just seeing movies about it are you wonder how they got anything done like that. Disease you know all right well -- -- it's a bit cold overeat because you grew up that way in you than you think this is better and your -- -- -- right there are no palm trees growing in Hamburg so. Thank Kevin let them -- Yet to see the some footage or even even. A portrayal. Of the battle balls how cold analysts premium. On fighting the Germans. I mean that was that cost dream job this all kind of battle obviously is difficult but how about what we went into Iraq. And they were finding out of the fine sand in the desert was really screwed up the mechanics of some of the guns and things like that and and they used to them. But he is to put that things that you wouldn't think. Over the barrels a vote of the guns in the -- and whatever to keep the sand -- him. Just amazing. Of the conditions of the picture with the German troops and Russian troops went through or how about Germany trying to do -- go to Russia Australia imagine that there's no they didn't have to -- uniforms -- the Germans did not have the winter uniforms and that was them obviously a mistake. On their part let's go to John in buffalo John you're on WB again. My bad that was because of battles supposed to be over before the winter they were explosive captured must also there and playing an ever in the winter uniforms. Amazing and Hitler are committed so many troops -- that that was so important -- -- turned out to be his Waterloo what are they -- out extreme called extremely. I had to go on the local guy can deal with the political reform of earlier and particularly take up so much you're naked in the midst. You end up in jail so we end up hot and in -- through. A would you would you set and a say -- Lambeau Field wants the Packers have below zero. Yeah absolutely you know I've been rich stadium course extremely cold games wasn't I was at the 513 when we went to the first Super -- on people beat the raiders but in effect until years later maybe -- -- I don't put a playoff game we're just only to -- an important game but. The raiders came to town. It was like this there at the stadium it loose and couldn't see the raiders did not want to be there. I don't buy you -- job and I'm. I'm kind of secretly hoping that the Super Bowl date is like this because this. That -- be the other flick called actually is you have the I've -- Twilight Zone marathon is over new years even because an episode that fits perfectly in your segment here. The woman that was and that's the plan it was slowly drifting towards the sun it was pretty slowly getting pattern -- a in her mom died and then campaigning started to melt -- -- thought yep so it was over but but thank you wake up and she was just having a fever. In and then she realizes that the opposite is really true that the earth is floating away from the sun and it's getting colder. Low lows yeah they they had some pretty. Pretty controversial. Not controversial pretty. Pretty imaginative. Writing on that series okay thank you very much. You know -- -- that on. On the -- with a guy thinks or people in the trees spying on -- that one you know I think that may have and a big repeated it several times. And and he thinks that it's you know like a big deal is -- 2030 people just following him around nine I just. Right throwing conservative right I'm telling Palmer as front Dobson does ease the foremost expert on the -- yeah I watched some of the Twilight Zone. And I liked it I like the one of the guys on the wing he's in the breeze in the plane. And he looks out and is a guy standing on the wing which is not a good idea much you have taken off -- As. But if you have taken off it's not a good idea for the guy on the way and I'm either way. But we will I think it's okay in my time I think people are undecided whether extreme -- extreme heat. Which is worse we don't like either one of them but I can tell you I work in Dallas. Fort Worth and that's a different kind of heat very ought to got there in August okay. I work in San Francisco which you would think -- -- I don't know it's cool not cold but it's cool your room. But if I if I had to be you know -- warm climate. I would pick the desert I would -- Phoenix or Vegas what's the perfect temperature for you. Seven the basics via 7576. Remember John Burns was working in San Diego worked -- actually when he had now remember those days no I was port is San Diego and as it. You're supposed to have the best. Whether in the country so what's that like Ortiz and it was it is carrying the same weather every day like 74 and sunny. He got no sympathy from me. We'll be back with a ratio is set a bomb bays and beach.

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