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1-3 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- hello what is region governor and I'm sandy beach and I don't know what to do -- show. I'm really or about my sister Beverly who lives in Massachusetts just outside of Boston. And as you know I'll be you know watching the weather channel it's very cold there and I'm just afraid that it's so cold my sister. Maybe freezing her -- I'm just concerned about it I really am I don't know it'll happen. You may know if you listen to the show my mother had a cement donkeys. It was a cement donkey and I was pulling a cart. And so what you would know is the cart would be filled with soil and you would plant. Flowers and OK so I I always thought well you know that's a good place. Plant flowers in your -- looks pretty good. And then when she passed my sister inherited my my mother's past. And so she's taken good care of it -- matter of fact she even. Paint that you can see that it's online it's online right Tony Stallone is still on the FaceBook page you can check out but -- all those -- are not made -- subterranean and temperatures like this they're made for summertime. And I just don't know what happened I I hope she sends me another picture showing me that her -- is safe. Because I care about my sister I have two sisters of the most. So we'll find out and if she does send me a winterize picture. A grass will putter on line got it absolutely lock eyes shot the dumbest thing I've seen -- -- -- -- and I'm. One of the local TV stations went to remain nameless because it's a pretty good job but every once in awhile -- a great job actually. But once and allow the circuits get shorted but he got a short circuit. Where you you wonder did you think about what you just said. They were doing a feature because of so call last night. On warming stations where people who are homeless instead of you know being out in the -- the -- mergers on the -- you could die. They have places you can go to stay warm are so it's designed really for homeless people. And the anchors said yes it's cold blew out there it is so called. But there there are warming stations where where wrote your year you can gold tonight and be safe. For a list of them go to our website. -- think and homeless people out there are going. Don't like the plug it. Obama's guide on the streets I don't know maybe I use my Obama's cell phone I mean that's at least an option. -- homeless people are checking the site maybe they could put a virtual. Aaron it you know rose is a -- -- -- the service that's upper eighty all of this is nice here warm up my hands. I mean. We are getting drummed into our heads and media it's going to be digital digital bit earlier you know they otherwise you sound like -- -- are much digital. Doesn't matter views on it and yet. As our digital sound like dinosaur. Donna how many almost -- you know because homeless women but not as many. Right that better check in their computers warming stations while I haven't seen too many of them check -- at least locally and not to push toward a new president have been exchanging any message is important to not a long time I just thought it was. Brain dead -- it's. Our web site I'm fine. And it -- honey let's check -- warming stations low paying out with all exactly it is that a little chilly in here yes it is. Well let's go to web site and see where Leo well aware of the stations -- rebound. So that was that I'm just -- just like no one of these stations as a sportscaster. Who will remain. Anonymous who is awful just. Fall. Okay. The most awful sportscaster. U. Heard it -- that's Al Michaels compared to -- But she's good on social media that support the other really -- it's like going to your butcher. And a demanding economy negative bag this is half full. This is the worst kind of made I've ever seen and they say yeah but but he's really good goaltender I'm. A little -- -- -- it. Everything and I wanna go this big station and I go to. That in this kind of weather drives me crazy okay you thought -- the pomp and as usual you gotta -- ahead. -- right so now your first choices this. Your first choice is. Give them so little money that you know did you not gonna have to go back in and get change and then the second one is you wanna -- your car. So give them -- -- -- more than you think you're gonna need. And then going to change so you don't wanna do that. All right so what happens is first of all you give them -- so you don't end up with a full -- which is not a good idea in this kind of weather but here's what drives me crazy. You're outside standing. Thing and say -- -- problem forty dollars on pump six. Is super I'm like OK now I come back in your your zip along and it. Until you get to the last fifty cents. When you get to 3950. Goes group. -- Yeah flurries. Anger probably at the you can shut the pump often -- fifty cents on it just to get the hell out of there which don't wanna do but you. So don't wanna wait for the next 46 against at all. It it drives me crazy it really does. Because I don't know what that last 46 and I don't think that the pump would have such a running start that you would goal all over the forty dollars it shuts off at forty dollars. Why does that have to going to slow mode you know water that that the pomp and most -- reminds me of a management meeting -- intercom that. Not much movement. Not much action. Does that drive it does great yes it does he asked about your progress yeah I don't like it's right I generally use creditors -- and now it's faster faster and I. Now we did you get the right credit card and get like. A percentage back yet as I ignored and it's more efficient use of credit card on another thing is it depends on a car you have I've had cars are doing this I've had cars that don't do this aren't. If you don't if you put the nozzle in too far. Okay say put in all the way. It shuts off every force that just back up boom boom because of fumes okay. But it if you take out too far it's not good either -- have to you have to know what exactly happened nozzle positioning class. Okay I'm going to order the right amount of gas and in a position and on a nozzle properly and I'm not gonna have to pee while I fill up the tank. Those -- the main things in this kind of cold call whether. Just didn't through Portland and got a bad. And I put gas in yesterday. Are let's say for those who are freezing your -- off today and for those of viewer complaining about them. About the plows you know not doing a job. This is from the university. Thus people may say. Ball some people and hammers are spoiled. Because they have the best of everything but I say. Speak for themselves he indeed is a call that they got they have. The call line to the cameras Buick and column badger -- something. This is absolutely the first thing on homelessness were ready for this. At my home. I'm up at 4 AM Tuesday and can't help but notice. When it -- -- town of Amherst highway department plows my street hard times between 4 AM and 532. Times would be adequate. Why are we paying for this unnecessary. Plowing not to mention the way errant error on the road that was just a few years ago this activity must stop. So again though here's a person who bought him a borrowing too much. A amorous yes I am published names witness I'd love to be able to name them moron of the week -- are usually it's. I -- is our aunts our I'd like when Jimmy -- lived here on torrents they all are often you know you get back -- stuff. This this person I'm -- I can almost guarantee it's a moment. I don't ask me why. But I know I disagree you think it's got yes they do or duke or SOK let's send out a public message if you hardly any at that prohibits us -- this message in. Until the cameras because -- if you're a man or woman. Or some bland. You know I mean I'm good with -- -- I know that -- -- calls to complain that town -- too much I don't get it. I'm sorry don't get it. -- we come back we have other fun things that do now that we've covered my sister's switch it's about time we do that will be back markers that must be really -- After this canyon there while we told you about the -- should be -- now somebody called in its Colby and murder her and the whatever skull. But they're they're complaining that they're plowing too much. That they don't appreciate the extra hole. Now on the poll blotter is not a lot going on this this past week except for one thing that happened on December 24 this is Christmas C. Christmas they've -- December 24. An employee of originally wrote of a gradually road work out facility it's a gem. Reported that a new man walked into the gym -- class was occurring about that Christmas heave ho ho ho what's in the bag. I think he was probably in the actual. Maybe enjoyed his company -- now they party too much exactly first whose work and -- Chris NC you know I mean maybe four people. And so on but that the -- -- and then maybe just forgot his gym shorts when it whatever they would where they'll. I don't work on Christmas Eve or the other 360 borders either. -- at all thank you very much. Wanna remind you about a big a fund raiser coming up for re march you know raise -- you know his name. Former news director at WGR when I first met him and -- here at WB and when I first came back and unfortunately he is suffering. From from MD yes. It's a disease caused by progressive bone marrow of a failure. And he is going to have to get chemo and then a bone marrow transplant that's the fund raiser taking place Saturday July 11. A July -- January elevenths Saturday January 11 24 team from one to six of The American Legion post 880. 2912 legion drive and -- as twenty dollars a ticket children ten and under ten dollars and his -- -- not for the kids and pop for the kids. Food music d'or prize. Chinese auction 5050 years special grapples I'm sure that Libya -- -- -- media people there because everybody. And those remarks and holes demonized him donations can be made directly to of friends of remarks. You could do that group purchased tickets to. -- ago by calling 6754766. Or JB. ROS. And ER 98 at AOL dot com. That's JB are all as and the 98 Elan dot com and silence coming up as we said on January 11. I'm let's see what what else is going on I was driving when -- coming in there was some ice after I came and I guess when I came. Seem fun I had an area Niagara Falls boulevard where I thought it was clear and I went to stop and went into a nice little slot guys and several cars around me were doing the same things it's okay well. -- be a little extra careful now on Nicholas federal assessment houses driving when he came in as those findings or getting calls a block -- -- well. May have developed Africa and here is here couple hours by when he asked result. I gotta be careful Chris you come in real early sometimes that's beneficial. Sometimes is better drive would have with a little snow on the road then just would adjust the coding that's when it's really dangerous -- -- we knew him it wasn't tube. And it was better than it was yesterday I still laughed maybe 510 minutes early. And it took me to normal amount of time again and so -- -- bits of me when I left five -- -- I arrived at the normal virus says so -- electric time but nothing do nothing too bad were up to almost speed on the thruway. Go out the side streets and hammers in buffalo or snow coated and slow -- You guys and you guys answered the bell every day I turn around 5 o'clock to make surety Euro here and -- and what's going on and at first hour and get ready for a for their show in the -- in the winter you know they go to experts. On what you should do to prepare yourself in your vehicle for winter and they went to -- -- now we love Lauren fix she's the car coach. And she and good advice when -- saying she didn't but she left something out. She left something out. I should talk about the usual stuff vote vote. Of those synthetic fluids and whatever they -- Bobo and talked about what it takes to warm up a car or not warm up a -- -- about that. But and things left out pop tarts white -- Ken can she call herself. The car coach and not recommend carrying pop tarts in the winner and the reason we say it is their -- And you can put a man in the fall and then in the spying when you know snow is gone you can them. In fact you forget to take them out as I did one year. They're two years old Tony can testify because he -- on the air. As I challenged them a two year old pop tart and it was yeah me yes it was so pop tarts army but then they have a little energy. -- -- if you don't get snowbound popped out in the heart good when you board so we recommend that nine suggest Lawrence -- including that and safety guys. We'll be back what more what between company and news -- nine. You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news -- just use WB EN dot com. Now a bad revision governor Abel was as call I got home yesterday and they are collecting the trash of course it was a -- delayed it trash -- because of the holiday. And so -- their later. And I went out to get the of barrels man just at the end of my driveway which is not a huge driveway and it was cold I mean it was really freezing. Did you have to experience the gold at all. Yes they did winning idea what's -- garbage out last night like you know it's -- -- -- And you wipe the snow was deeper and I then I really thought because of that what. I'll just try to drag the a drag the united I was gonna say drag my -- and see. How far are some other it. Drag it to votes are tote a -- or whatever. But just drag him out in the morning was tough and because there was this was more than we thought it would be but the coal is bone. Bone -- yeah I went back in the house I put my scheme has gone which I don't ski. And rob a 7-Eleven after that right to ask is already done it as anything yet if you could pick up some money order that they ghosts quiet for a -- comment -- again -- I have whistle blow and has a permanent flat tire. A one size he can halve the hole I got angle and -- -- realize about a -- is even that was still employed its work in as it is we're gonna have to around even if they have like traction control. You still have to have them around. But good idea to -- the Mariners. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And all you can see you're the mirrors that's it and you'll wondering how you would know which Merrill -- -- Targeted it's hard to recognize your car from a mirror really is when it's just buried in snow gonna launch double while. I'm happy birthday today today is our special day for a very special guy and his name is Mikey -- borrow we met Mikey years ago when his mother brought him. I'd to a remote broadcast were doing and she said. He would like to be a talk show holes and so really so Davis Smart guy that I have. That put on these headphones and let's see. What do you want to talk about you know did he started talking about the pluses and minuses of native American gaming in downtown buffalo -- he blows away. He was eight years old. He was eight years old then and today. He's eighteen. Block all word of that decade ago. I remember he was able to -- the entire -- -- -- mean it's amazing he's an amazing guy and I can't think they -- they came aground on but -- Bieber video a Mikey. -- world. Let's see who said Bryan Myers every birthday today happy birthday -- and I think Brian is X one V. And there. It was good news here is with the Buffalo News now so he was our City Hall beat reporter immigrant women and -- Jimmy Griffin. A combatant a top and Jimmy Griffin -- -- but I love Jimmy Griffin. And that's the kind of stuff I loved about -- -- 1000 -- it is. Okay we've got -- I would web poll going on WB and and a B -- poll asks which one you couldn't which one you prefer which one you would rather not go through and that's extreme heat and extreme cold and what is the web poll first off how was it worded. It is just says simply which is worse extreme wars or extreme cold are okay what are people saying. The percentage points are identical at 5050. It is exactly as a bit of a split I will say though that extreme cold has two more votes but it's not enough in this that is -- -- -- all right what do you -- -- -- which -- -- extreme cold -- extremely. Something called for me it's an all time in the same -- -- to Aureus and I would be -- I'll tell -- -- Because -- extreme cold it it affects a lot of other things pipes break. Water becomes ice. If it's extreme cold salt does not work well on the road because it's not warm enough to melt the ice. So there's a lot of negative things that and cause extreme cold can bring snow I mean there's a lot of things that happened with the extreme cold. The don't have I would extreme hate which may you might be hot and you might have two -- holders of downer. Iran and if you wanna scare the neighbors run on the slip and slide in front -- that I was like you wanna do that and that is what they do -- -- launcher next next appearance -- worked for a bikini -- yet. I I have the -- bikini as you know and I just headed directly and so I'm getting ready for Laura. Extreme -- But today there's no there's no you can you can jump -- some water can take a shower in oral pool you can turn on -- fan there's a lot you can do. Well aware of extreme -- that you can't deliver excellent call so I'm thinking the worse -- exit. Is extreme call yet just figured what would you rather do sit in a wall to cool off down or sit on your couch with felt like it sign and yelled. Big Fuzzy slippers and you know you try to stay warm did you shoot people. In alternate that did that the polar bear thing I was like last week or so no where they went into its Lake Ontario right there. And they you know called -- one now here. Here's a suggestion -- I'm not a newspaper person. Okay. But when he's a photographer. Buffalo knows that you do every year. When is the photographer. To cover the polar bear Immersion where people go in to Lake Ontario in the middle of winter and it's called. Would it kill you to have to take a picture of the hot women -- and these guys who like eighty pounds overweight. They've got chest hair like -- Smart was rejects. And I mean it's not attractive. I wanna see -- that are there in the -- you bikinis and and kind of they never ever do that. Maybe there aren't any better I don't know because I've never seen it but like I doubt that I think. -- there are some problems there I've been there have you ever seen -- now. Well that explains that -- zero. Now watch -- next year before the poll of Iran will start your hot -- for the polar bear contest. Okay we'll have people send in photos will -- them. And it's an old Ramon drum up work on my house -- -- you -- be something will be back after this so I have three basic questions at WB a web poll says. Which is worse extreme heat or extreme cold. It's it's safe at current flip as they said it's statistically a dead heat. They're actually two more votes for one than the other but the bottom line the snow. I mean -- extreme cold can do a lot of vote things that extreme heat can't do and none of -- are good. So I say that extreme cold is is worse if it's extremely hot. There are ways to dealers get into water polo -- strain in my you know anything like that holds. But when it's cold it's cold is not much you can do about it neither -- you can vote on them proper gear that's great. But to me it's it's a no brainer that the extreme -- would be worse that's the first question -- -- What is this. I think Sam -- -- Obama tell you right now you love you probably already seen this happen all right. Joggers. In this kind of weathered -- these kinds of road conditions or whatever joggers I think that Andrew Cuomo. Is Zetterberg are calling it a state of emergency as he did yesterday and closed that threw away from. Albany down to the city which he did last night and the law a Long Island Expressway. Closing those that of that. He should order T shirts made up for anybody who lives in New York who jogs on a day like this that says I am an idiot. OK this will know who they are and usually required to Wear them for at least a day. Because here you're driving home now listening to a show congratulations -- -- But as you're driving home UC -- -- is talking. And where does that fall jogging on the wrote economists have been on the sidewalk because sidewalks are clear. So well whatever -- -- didn't while there that's where their running and they hope you see them. But they are they also have an attitude a little -- hoot about them yes I share the road with you I know here. Your driving a 4000 pound vehicle and highway a 160. But I impart on this -- and I always think your issue are your part on my hood ornament. If if you're not really lucky. So what you gotta do you gotta you gotta go out into the center of the road to avoid them so you don't hit them because that's. Not recommended honestly don't hit them and sometimes if you don't see them until the last minute you gotta make a quick. Adjustment on slippery rose never good idea and how are they trying to prove. What are they in the Iron Man competition I don't get it a big trying to probe that test on their testosterone. And estrogen Layden. That they can do anything and they laugh -- mother nature so that's why they're doing it now I'm not an expert on exercise as you may have guessed. But -- think it's really a good idea to inhale frigid air while running and putting your body in danger. By being hit by a car -- truck Abbas the smoke now thinks that's a great idea. Now certainly if you wanna go to work out facility. And you wanna go to one of the malls because they often have vote Billy I have people walk the ball. That's a good idea because the temperature is controlled. The of the flooring is even in not dodging cars I mean that makes a lot of sense that's -- remote -- of that but people who were outside. Jogging on a day like this and jogging or walking Doggett okay that's what they're doing. And I wanna know your message to them. Here's my message you are a blooming idiots. Is it explain what I'm trying to say is pretty I I think is pretty well so and they annoy me. They annoy me because first of all they're wearing skin tight clothing to prove that they have blessed in the -- And I don't like I'm -- I'm bundled up for the winter. Allow allowing myself to eat chocolate and extra pop -- during the holiday season. I -- there are you don't mean mean dram look at me look at me look at me. Then there -- second only to the bicycle is toward those dumb ass helmets that look like they're brain exploded. But the bottom. I wouldn't Wear one of those helmets if you help me hostage. I -- -- motorcycle helmets that's fine that's good OK but those helmets that come out like the detail of a dark. In the back. And it looks like the guy who designed these or the woman who designed these. Obviously had a great sense of humor you know you see them like that they look like what are ornament on 54 DeSoto. Or something like that and so I'm asking your your message to idiot joggers. And idiot people walking their dog in the street. And as I said. It'll be fun kind of keep track between now at the beginning of your journey in the end of your journey today see how many times you've done that I see a lot. On the way I go home the -- that I today. -- the what the is not only because it's really cold out. But you can't you have a high risk of turning your ankle or twist in your -- when you're jogging on on evens whispering things Larry rice or now -- -- You step the wrong way you're injured. Not exactly. Because if you fall from my karma if you really bad off the motor car wash and use up a coupon so I'm thinking if you're going to jog jog safely either on the sidewalk if you can or in an enclosed area as I said the mall. A health club anything like that a high school gym whatever but to stay out of the role while you're jogging not a good idea especially in there like this. So the first two questions the web poll what's worse. Extreme heat urged -- called -- extreme cold and solar the other guys Chris and Tony. The idiot jargon is your message for them and that's what this is interest thing. I heard as Susan and Dave today talking about the fact there are four wild card games this weekend. In the NFL. Of them are not sold out. Three of the four are not sold out and when I'm gonna take that aspect of the aspect porting. Is one of them is why today. Now Green Bay it's it's their religion up there to go to the Packers games I've worked to Milwaukee for five years. It's -- it's Furman is just is as much as it is here during the Jim Kelly years. I mean people -- Packers they wait forever a season tickets have to be inherited they have a huge list. It chances are if Europe above the age of twelve. And you go on the list you'll die before the tickets emotional that's the way it is and I sold out this weekend and what reasons are not sold out is. It's going to be below zero. Now I'm glad. Because I like cold games I like snow games and I'm rooting for them to beat San Francisco although I worked in San Francisco to but I like the Packers. It's going to be below zero -- asking you this if I just handed you. Two tickets to the Packers game against San Francisco. Would you go and sit in those set in those seats. It would below zero temperatures would you announce Tony would -- No no I can't answer and veteran of going to. I'll playoff games at Ralph Wilson Stadium in -- during active remember one game against the Houston Oilers where. I didn't Ohio we were gonna survive the day but you know you talk about the Packers playoffs outdoors you -- of the del DI cowboys that I can't. Think stuffed in the face best people more. Scream out its Graeme is the ice -- it is the frozen tundra. Really your Frazier -- if you go. -- messaging. Would you -- it's what wallets playoff football it's packer football it's. It's a religion in men in Green Bay -- the three questions VW BM web poll what's worse or we like your opinion. Extreme heat or extreme cold. And besides. I'll tell you I'll tell you why. Well I don't like extreme call because I've never that a woman that was in cold. Thank you thank your try the -- will be here all week I was just trying to joke out of town will be backward -- -- company under Israeli -- behind there --

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