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Long Island Lashed By Winter Storm

Jan 3, 2014|

Heather Bosch

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Much of the northeast. Is a struggling with this storm CBS news correspondent Heather bosh joining us on the WB a live line is she is on Long Island outside tradestation -- good morning what's it like where you are. Good morning welcome pleasure performing and it -- people and talking to boarding trains say let's not go back. It isn't horrible and out of Atlanta but even just looking piercing. As well. I mean just thinking about the hot air ground it's like you're gaining a budget powdered sugar. They're making the visibility. Difficult it's quite governor almost shut down -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because -- it would be very difficult to try and there are being urged to take a lot public transportation today. It is however we have the belly and I'm told by forecasters it's just going to get more and more -- -- -- dot. It will concern. About so we in -- windchill factor down very is that Africa -- -- -- and often. Several areas did get homeless people off the street. Because -- not that accurate for a few minutes waiting for a train -- people inside but if you honestly there's you know -- -- Is the issue today the wind chill or do you still have a lot of snow on the roads. -- on the road kill and I don't believe it's gonna stop knowing Billy it's sort kept -- knowing -- -- eleven today. Knowledge and very quick happy and they are trying to keep the streak -- out you're right so we end it well. Bulk dump -- now back out on it I tkachuk are very true -- screwed the brother came back. And it hurt and that's the challenge. Lot of schools closed there as they are here. Absolutely more than ten billion yet picketing extras though day in New York. Might impact here on Long Island actually cut. Targeted air winter break still so. I'm no bullet they offer their yet but yeah luck and luck to both look great argue that book until list he -- about -- that thing on Internet about every city around here. Talk about the airport situations. -- -- my understanding is what I played very because the -- And -- that moniker that because the court. The FAA or take each can't be happy to close at eight killing each. Even though -- open out for like 20/20. 300 flights delayed and I checked earlier this morning. Actually he's got a flight out the left on the solid call and -- make sure that you can actually get out on our flight. Yeah you're right those that ripple effect hey I'm -- great chatting with you this morning stay warm and get inside if he can't. Kenny had -- you don't technically or video. -- at CBS news correspondent. Heather bosh joining us from Long Island this morning where there are blizzard warnings continuing.