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Too Cold For Roof Work

Jan 3, 2014|

Steve Rott

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'll take you back for second the last time we talked with Steve rot at Williams he rotten son it was during the summer heat wave. July 18 of last year he was talking about one of his roofers that was outside than in the weather. Yesterday you'll want my guys are actually sit and have a -- iPhone has the the room feel important. And I did it you have opt out at a 140 degrees. Steve is with us again OK Steve so which would you rather have a 140. Or wind -- like this on a day like today. Well that's a good question. I think that. I -- -- wind chill. And get to a point where it's it's too much to working. Rumored to some of the crazy he. So why I I would and how would they do it today is probably just a little over the border so what. Not not something that. In. In that situation -- either can't be handled. I got a day like today Steve where are your guys out or not. Actually. Two gay were were caught -- -- you know just open that. Bettors can sorry -- -- we have worked and stuff -- this past. We -- yesterday earlier. Our job that to do repair they've -- definitely can. Had to take care. -- -- -- where you know -- mr. Recognize and I -- maybe. I -- step aside for certain is not a bit. What is the difference between the cold on the ground and called up in the air on top of the roof. Just a little more exposed to the wind of course you don't have these buildings are in treason and so on blocking. Blocking some of that so it does get a little chillier there. When you are working in Italy terror and jobs is it because of you know -- stands -- leaks and that kind of thing. Yeah exactly I mean we we actually do work or your clothes you know people generally have an emergency needs four -- And it can be a good time work -- Specifically to. The types of merchants are often that sort of thing. Can expect to see a -- -- icicles. Coming off -- -- -- And the and that means there's X accorded placing your -- Under already so that could preach. Order back you know pooling behind act and make it will start so. Yeah its food Luke we have we're always ready -- You know help people out -- so bad as needed. Real quickly tell me which is worse for roof. Hot that would like to disrupt the -- the shingles or couldn water issues that you have this time of year. Well. The first for the roof itself would -- late father and he takes more like -- the root for. All vote raised and or change. And the real high temperatures. The Colmes doesn't really am cute so much is and lecture. Or to make up their. Chapter in the ice and reduce nicknames that wakes up. All right Steve thanks for joining us this morning. Sure thank you that Steve -- at Williams he rotten son roofers.

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