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Working In Cold

Jan 3, 2014|

Erie County Water Authority's Wes Dust

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When it is this cold. You feel for the folks who have to work outside in this kind of weather joining us on WB a -- is west dust. He is an executive engineer with the Erie county water authority -- morning. No doubt there will be water main breaks and -- Yes we had six yesterday. We had to let my that we prepared and we're we're checking on one right now from the winner is our busiest time. On January February we do about a third of arming leaks that we get all year. Talk a little bit about the repair process what does it take after remain bursts. While and basically gave him to go out of the site so you get the belt off where you have worship of trying to build some limits mowing. Are finding themselves as who is harder to -- -- -- Crews have about computers and their trucks with the dimension to all the bells are trying to -- -- the -- are basically the lead. And -- started excavating in repairing you know I think getting down toward repairing it. And an element bag entering the water back term and -- -- throwing but the -- -- goals beginner -- respect to water as quickly as possible. So how do you guys dressed for this and when you're dealing with water I mean it and it's not a good thing in and called. No Arab regularly it's a lot of common sense they -- layered clothes. Com you know but obviously they have boots they remain here and lots of times a world where ranger -- -- -- -- -- and things just as an extra layer. That's waterproof. Our our cruise do an excellent job. This is. Terrible -- worked him. We encourage them to take -- break you warming breaks. Went that route their work. Where you once out there with them. Tell me about boots are they all the same. Yeah I mean if if if I'm cold and I'm standing in water. The chances are my feet are gonna feel it before my my ankle and my fingers so I was wondering what what what expertise you can bring to the table. Well that's good. The funny part of that is was the warmest place to be wearing -- -- editorial on a week senators probably are down to me it's -- British junior and out of the wind. All the water is usually you know forty you're forty degrees or so -- in this Sorrell has residual -- So bound in the hole being you. The guys were basically the boots are where they where over there normal shoes so any insulating them from commissions that they have the boots. Are basically -- the water. -- election. Question what causes a break. And and why they succumbing in the winner. The winner of the breaks and which are a more permanent the winner to -- all the lowering the water temperature coming. Honorable -- which causes some are internal stresses on the -- And then whipped the freezing ground there's ground movement and the best that the two most contributing figured actors. In the -- All right now we we've got to poll online this morning in we're having some fun with -- but I wanna find out how you. How you would answer which is worse which do you really dislike more extreme heat or extreme cold I think it's a personal question but let's have fun. It extreme cold. You know in our business you know when you're -- a water main lead. If it's hot -- don't you just grab some water and throwing yourself -- corners so but you know the winner is the worst. West nice talking with you this morning stay warm. And then tell you Chris do the same we appreciate your time. In what is that they do an excellent job and it's it's pop up there this time of year but. I'll I'll make sure they stay warm. -- that's west dust seasoned executive engineer at the Erie county water authority.

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