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Working In Cold Temps

Jan 3, 2014|

Nat'l Grid's Jeremiah Belknap

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I imagine what it's like to have to work outside in such bitter weather. Jeremiah bell Matt doesn't have to imagine he's a former lineman currently a supervisor with the National -- he's about to start a shift outside and all of this. He's taken a moment out chat with us he's on the WBM live line good morning sir. We're doing okay how are you what's the coldest weather you've ever worked in. But we have work to number -- situations destroyed below zero. You know we bundle up stay warm and do we can do. Is this an emergency situation this morning or or not that you're going out and. A right now no it is not. We're just going to do our normal day activities in it's such. These -- it's such as the broken also wears down we will respond and to the term endurance situations. Typically do the linemen Wear any special clothing or is that just like anyone else devices layers and making changes don't do anything down. Now they -- Wear a surgical team event -- to protect them form the or any electrical shocks or questions from the -- voltage -- -- -- -- -- working on. Are they also have a you know different kind of extreme cold temperature according American Eagle underneath -- furcal he and I keep them warm throughout the day. To -- went to brakes are now. Is it just a regular day. The other guys you know situations like this roll up our jobs where each other in that take -- certainly needed him I didn't drink plenty of fluids and just -- Try and they weren't perfect and. I would imagine and weather like this you've got to be wearing gloves but I can also -- -- that interfering with the job. The guys who are close and they do work -- on a regular basis to work and you know electrical lines to -- they are used to it. And said that it's your fingers get too cold there where it'll frustrate a -- so -- will come down and not. Take breaks through to warm up. Okay Jeremiah because you work in a year round -- -- let me ask you our web poll today which do you find worse. Working in extreme cold or extreme heat. I like the cold I don't like working extremely. You'd like the cold. I do like -- Is this today the worst it's ever been for you or Gloria I guess has taken strides electrical. We we take it straight over this and this isn't the worst actually there's been worse situation -- are not storms that found. I looked -- with the -- dropped below zero. All right very good Jeremiah thanks for joining us this morning and you've got to shift to start out in all that cold but thanks for taking the timeout with us. You. Thank you that's Jeremiah battle -- he's a first line supervisor for the outdoor an overhead line workers with National Grid.

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