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Bitter Cold Continues

Jan 3, 2014|

Meteorologist Bill Hibbert

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Meteorologist Bill Hemmer is with us now from the National Weather Service bill thanks for joining us that -- yesterday morning good morning. Hi how cold -- get overnight and is that as cold as the will get before the day is done. Well we've been back and forth around three degrees here at the airport all the public area temperatures. Have touched down -- or just below zero some -- outlying suburbs. As -- so dangerous levels of cold bill. -- this wind chill we're looking at wind chill to minus fifteen in the area right now. In the upper minus teams are their own guess is very dangerous. Very dangerous to have -- anybody -- south side. These -- going to get better. Well we will. Come outside of are we have a criteria minus fifteen for a wind -- we'll get up to about a minus ten provincial place so we will have our windchill advisory dropping. During the early afternoon but they're coming back up again later that night as those wind chills of below minus fifteen -- close to minus 28 tonight. Okay assistance and it's a second wave of cold because you more advisories that go into effect later on. Another round of wind and the temperatures dropping back again close to zero and clearly the issue is that called -- office now. These. Snow is causing travel problems spill because the wind is picking up blown out across roadways very difficult treatment at this low temperature. And the wind chill itself is very dangerous that's that's. Biting in the sense that it will injure people who are exposed to the school. Is there another weather weary coming it seems like we're going from one storm to the next around here's something else we should be thinking about this morning now. It's it's quite a roller coaster were going to be coming out of this after the tonight. Will be going into warmer temperatures over the weekend. So we'll see temperatures climbing up into the bill through the weekend may be hitting the freezing mark. Are close to let them back down to a plunge again early next week so it's up and down up down. Bill thanks for joining us this morning we appreciate it. It's bill Hibbert meteorologist. At the buffalo office of the National Weather Service.

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