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1-2 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jan 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A backward Beijing -- I'm saying you know it may be true it may not be true we don't know it may be able to be proven it may not be able to be proven we're talking about the allegations against assemblyman Dennis -- act. MB of course the governor show boating like he usually does. And Shelly silver same thing will take every advantage -- first of all. They both know that if Gabbert Zach is run -- on the rail will be replaced -- -- of the same parties and -- lose any numbers. And what I explained earlier is. -- where when politicians are looking to grandstand on something. They'll grandstand or something that's on a saleable. So that they'll be on the side. Remember I had the Lone Ranger one time somebody questioned him as the why he. Why he wears a mask and the -- -- said. This mask stands for glued. Up but I was impressed I was eight okay well I think the governor this governor. And this assembly speaker. Stand for good and here's how they prove it. Here is our Cuomo's words. -- policy. If they do not resign the assembly must send a clear message that they do not tolerate this abuse of women. And so now they're governors. In favor of not tolerating abuse on women. Wow that's pretty courageous they're got. And he must be are really good guy I wonder Shelley's over how he feels about abusing women here's Shelley's quote. As I've said this kind of behavior isn't horrible women and all of our staff deserve to be trader with -- respect and dignity. So here you have Shelley's over and you have the governor standing up for true. Justice and the American way and neither one of them aren't they. A review and women in the war and it's. Almost money. When he is in favor of abusing women in the workforce nobody about half -- as cents. But they're taking that stand that courageous stand. What if they'd be a courageous. If they thought that if -- -- Jack booted out that. Somebody of a different party might take that Agassi maybe not as -- maybe a little bit more in the back. What I'm saying is whether these allegations are true or not and we don't know he deserves due process. There should be a hearing or trial whatever is necessary to resolve the issue or to come to -- a rational conclusion. But simply saying four people said it must be true is not a rational conclusion. I'm not questioning these women at all they might appeal saying throw line though. But all I am saying is it has to be -- and nothing has happened yet. Let's go to Mike and so on the Mike here on WB -- Are very quickly. I kind of wonder. What. Provoke set in and Cilic in the group. Two do something like this mean now. First of all it's not his business. Secondly. It seems to me that at one point in time he was living out of -- black with a young lady. Think he still -- -- -- still be on the central yeah. Where most of the arteries I get her name is because she's on television has -- Oh. Yeah and actually compared to what that ultimately could take my word for it that's always living with regard ahead. A paper but it just it just goals we've -- some of these some people late like Andrew. Takes the stand like this when he himself is a little bit hypocritical about the whole. Well I mean look at Sam -- -- had a bit of a brush with -- proper decorum and now he's got a he got a promotion. So I mean if I guess it depends on who you are and what the season is and whether -- election around the corner and who's gonna run for president. But I'm -- you -- I think Andrew Cuomo as far as I know is on the head of the judicial system so we should shut up. Kia group formal ought to give I think he -- residents of New York or groups say that enough for this nonsense and in the next election give him. -- promotion out of office. I would love to see that it and then take your statement -- you through -- thank you thank you in my mind. A big big big to grandstand what better way to grandstand. Denon and I'm us mobile platform. Apologizes and you know. I'm Nicole went and I don't like a warm poppy to that. And a and some you know some coffee and and a fresh piece of apple pie. While watching reruns of the World Series baseball's my -- its board at a level that I mean come on it's. Like like you gotta say that like we wish that we don't expect everybody to be against worked for a work force sexual harassment of course we do. But they got a -- they got to be on -- gonna have quotes in the paper the other great triumph pushed the process. I'm sure Andrew Cuomo was so shocked. When he found -- all my goodness. I didn't know that sort of thing went on double entendre sexual innuendo in the work as we Westwood and it. It's just another page in his platform. On his run for run for president what else we have on our FaceBook Chris. This is from faith she says this is an embarrassing situations so I think he should step down that's what Chris Lee did he step aside and eventually things calmed down -- -- away. Well as a little deference grizzlies picture -- on the front page above the shop on. No allegations. That he's out of -- about a shirt on there was a picture. I mean unless you think it was Photoshop go away in a minute. I'd recognize that just -- anywhere that's not grizzly that put grizzlies face a -- there. -- -- That's not a good correlation at all Chris when he did it. He admitted that he did at his picture was on the front page of the Buffalo News though not the same thing and other. This is from Frankie says I think he is getting his due process the assembly is handling the situation an investigation is taking place. I also don't have a problem with what the governor said he couldn't comment on any situation he pleases it's his right. Well I mean he can comment on anything you want to comment on as you can and I can -- we all have a right to comment publicly but what I'm saying is. Why why why this and why not let the process take its place you know. Johnny Cochran wasn't very skilled lawyer Adam and he -- as far as I know coined the term rush to judgment. And you know -- -- jail off. Apparently not the only time ago Bulger but he he was. He was off. And and it was planted in people's heads that you must go through the process. And that's what any district attorney will tell you wanna Koppel tonight coupled to it I'm not here to judge I'm just here to a rescue or not a restaurant I've some discretion the DA has discretion as to whether it'll be prosecuted or not. Whether they'll be a plea bargain or not judge's discretion. If you found innocent or guilty whatever there's always choices to be made as you go through the process nobody says. Nobody nobody. Says four people said today -- -- ago. -- -- people's edged out of liquor store would you just assume minister would you not have to prove that personnel the liquor store. I mean c'mon let's get let's get weather because some people it's almost like the sharks -- hurt you through chum in the water in the sharks are circling. What do you like average Akron not whether you like the fact he's a Democrat or not -- like his positions or not. The bottom line is he's he deserves the same treatment any citizen would get and that is due process will be back after while we like to. Wish they are warm welcome to a new member of the Entercom family. One of our sales ladies. Michelle. Michelle car just had her baby and they just announced that on our room. On our email Tony what is today. Well congratulations to Amish Eleanor and her husband. And the birth of may seek -- Goldman she was born eight pounds two ounces and 21 inches long. Congratulations of them eight pounds that that's its sizeable baby don't event oh congratulations though Michelle car is just a doll she gets the highest recognition from me. As tall as the nicest thing I can call anybody. I work on several. And sponsors we have heard. She's very professional uber talented too she's the one I've only convince this thing once Jesus soprano. And takes a singing lessons and a guy -- to -- one time on the show she's fairly shy about it. But this woman if you asked me. To describe Michelle car in one word the word would be class. She is a classy person. And very competent and accomplished and I'm sure -- is going to have -- oh wonderful mom and dad so congratulations -- her. Eight -- something outstanding. How much it does them Sam was a little over eight pounds about 2122 inches so okay relative relatively. And so that's that's an as a very excited for them last summer's are she was usually is ready to have it. And I wasn't sure whether she would have during the vacation and if Michelle needs any advice come on over here and all healed and I just told her don't get to too close to your -- date on this remote. Muted. But I would not helpful person I don't whatever my secretary and forward tonight. I had a secretary that was expecting. And as she got closer to the date. I guess I said -- one should take its time off now so that you'll you know. When you have the baby you'll be ready I was trying to get her to feel free that should have the worked the last minute. But use one of these people that had takes their work very seriously. Is it now it's still early I don't have to do. I said well here's the reason I'm telling you this is not not that I immigrate humanitarian is that. If you are about to have the baby. I'm going to have to break into my butterfly McQueen imitation from gone with the women's -- I don't know nothing about birth and no baby. -- out and you know I'd -- Bob please make sure your point in time to get that ride to the hospital she's had no problem. So the station was physically located in Fort Worth but we also had a sales office and Alice. So idea had to go to I had to go to Dallas to speak to the salespeople. So before I left I said are you sure you know which -- my eyes again a few things to do. And no heavy lifting. The -- things. I come back. From Dallas five hours later. She already had the -- she already had she already went into labor had the baby it was all over it was done. And it was that close to me driving your hospital so it's that I'm a weasel it's because -- kinda like weak -- when it comes of that stuff. I remember -- though lock forward Don was going to be born things of the doctor Marc Porter hospital do you allow fathers -- room. And he said this of the class and he said no we don't -- that good Cuba. Egypt and with nick I did I made the mistake of green go and in Baghdad style did you pass -- yeah I saw the also a top. All. I went down goes wearing Mexican restaurant yeah that was everything -- over Mexican restaurant. Jumping being the next day yeah I didn't feel too while I've you know I've I'm sorry now I'm sorry I'm sure that the people that like it a much more sensitive and triumph. But I could not have a can be a doctor. And I couldn't watch I'm sorry that's why I was lucky for Smith that I had to stay home Nicholas all of the -- of -- and I had something that option and someday they're all tough guy -- here may be facing and -- and I think it's one thing to talk about it it's -- to do gotten so. That's it and people say. Experience. What I don't understand. People record the film yes. The only blemish. -- -- I mean -- -- people colonial -- watching people come over and we're having a barbecue and we're gonna show the -- film. -- -- -- that scenario I don't think I'll thank you don't know I don't wanna go really you -- know there's there's two ways if you want me to come to your event there's two ways guarantee that I won't. One is if I have to dress up and two was if you're gonna show me a -- Phil yeah those are the two things if they both have there are not a -- just tell you that. -- -- -- -- I should he has not denied he has not admitted. And soul the accusation against them like -- staffers former and and one presence -- ever -- 31. End of the governor gets involved you know mr. truth justice the American way and bad legislation regarding the -- Says that if if indeed guy ever Zach doesn't deny it. He should resign. So we're saying well not quite so fast it should be due process. I just because you have acquisitions even if there's four of them a hundred album. You still have to have your due process. And that's the way it goes. -- and I am just wondering because the first caller I took today. It was ready to trauma out. Throw him out on the on the accusations. Alone without any proof. Without -- -- -- saying anything to his own defense without having any kind of day in court or or -- process. And I'm not ready to do that now he may. The guilty of all this could be guilty of more than this we don't know but we have to find out some asking are you ready to judge him now. With just this the accusations of of inappropriate banter and and stuff like that. With staffers it's it's -- it's awful in the workplace at all it's even worse when you have authority over someone. Because that's when they look at it varies seriously and that's what the accusations are. Art are you ready to judge him now and then. Can you read vibes. I think vibes are really easy to read I don't think their hard to read at all how many people have you seen. Say at this crazy somebody standing at a party. And you don't know whether to approach -- not -- does not look like there with somebody. And you might find them attractive. I wanna walk opening -- in conversation. But -- putting survives and divide -- -- leaders say. Yes I'm open to conversation as the interest things are. -- Bob. Is not hard to figure this stuff out and if he was getting the don't bother me vibes. And continued to do it that's the worst of the worse but the problem may be maybe it was a mixed message. Maybe he was getting it's OK let's have a upon conversation vibe and no I don't wanna go down that route at all by -- and he didn't know how to separate them so he was asking for. Coffee what they weren't interested in. Call this guy if you offer coffee if you say you know why don't we have some coffee and someone says I don't drink coffee much like Dracula said I don't debating. Why then you don't go any further -- the coffee you drink both -- yourself and you say it's nice to meet you and you leave. Okay. Yeah don't hang around when you're getting the bad brides. You an example of vibes your read properly or vibes you read him properly. 80309301806. Point 69 through through six are ninth. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Elliott back gender during the last newscast we found out that a fifth Wellman. Has zone as filed a notice of claim. And that means that there could be a lawsuit to comings and now we're not talking about forward talking about five women. And we're asking you about Dennis Gabbert -- The governor has called on him to either denied the accusations or resign. And that's governor Andrew Cuomo taking the opportunity to get on the stage and grandstand. I was saying and this is his quote. Assembly member -- discovers that must immediately denied the allegations against him or resign. If he -- assembly member Mike Eric Keller -- not resign the assembly must send a clear message that they do not tolerate this abuse of women. And that's that and then later on in the same article which is -- moment is by -- O'Brien. Shelly silver issued a statement saying. As I have said this kind of behavior is intolerable. Women on all of our staffs they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. And obviously these are unassailable positions. He's in favor of abusing your staff nobody is a favour of taking advantage of your position. Of -- unwanted sexual double entendre is our actions or anything like that. But these two politicians can hardly wait to jump up on stage in that they know -- -- of -- average run out of town. Somebody with the same deal on a sweater is gonna -- would take his place so that not many this is not a dangerous situation for them. And the bottom line is. Do you think that that you're ready to judge right here right now without hearing. The evidence. Now when we started to show -- -- there were reform. And now there are five and if we get another -- these X. But even if that -- That's -- hasn't for -- -- nothing proven yet our process are due process. Is what must be preserved fairness. -- chance to defend yourself your moment in court or in front of the a committee or whatever the -- process that takes you were over the process they chip and he hasn't had that yet. He hasn't said anything some people urging him to talk his lawyer isn't. And his lawyer showed Terry Connors is certainly a -- companies that one of the best we have. And so I'm sure he has in his mind what he would like to do what he doesn't want done but I'm asking are you ready to join Jim now. And some people are. End of the last question and you read besides. Fives are not hard to -- I think you have to be almost brain dead if you can't revives. A certain people. And especially it's more about women and guys. Our our our our -- Our vibes -- say well there always like coffee but would amend it's much more hard and discriminating. That. And you can sense whether somebody wants to engage in playful banter. Whether they want to -- Malone it's not. Really isn't. In fact. I've got a lot of celebrity interviews and when I try and do is if I can style is possible. The form actually on the air with the person -- general. Normal conversation and kind of field how serious there about what they do and whether they would be open to a Joker. So and then you -- of that because you want a good interview. And that's easy to spot -- And so I think it's anything in the workplace when in doubt don't. Don't just don't do. Because if you give somebody a reason. Two to find stuff on your bill fines of over the let's go to -- and Clarence you're on WB yeah. -- -- -- Out of this deal you got the lead abducted at age eighty is -- is -- you can if you have definitely got to do however. This is pretty lights -- in the governments and a couple of children. -- itself or not. It is in itself. So I -- about 1990 situated etiquette again -- someplace. They want to know what they're richer place so glittery get up being the contrary in Democratic Party I don't know. But the fact is that they want him out and this is what they do it. While the -- use every opportunity. And any opportunity if they -- weakness. It's like a shark if this is a weakness so gulf war because they want maximum strengthen them and their dealings. Exactly and the -- it's typically it is a moral issue. Because like -- -- the -- -- spread they want him out for another reason is that the very use. Well I'd I don't doubt doubt at all and plus as I said they get they have a chance to stand up on this stage in. Stand up for truth justice and the American way and both made them. -- -- Had a -- always do that because that's what they do. And even if they don't benefit from it today. Then they might to they might benefit from from a later. I Denise Jewell -- wrote a column scandal hurts all the lawmakers and she's right about that. You really does because we tended to paint everybody with the same brush a remember just says we have to remember. That in racial situations we shouldn't speak -- model list. Where people. Don't always share the same as they have individual views as they should. Is sending lawmakers there are very good lawmakers there are mediocre lawmakers and their dirt bags. Plain and simple I don't trust Andrew Cuomo as far as the natural. As far as I'm concerned he's always an absolute weasel but we wanna hear from you now that it's five does that make a difference. The fifth one just came in and out of the news just broke within less far are you ready to judge him now and Kenya revives give me an example of maybe -- vibe you -- -- Might be a fun thing -- -- via more serious thing. There was a line in -- Frank Sinatra film because if we wanna know about interpersonal relationships we go to Frank Sinatra of course. And I -- pal Joey. Bob would probably know. But there was a line he said that because he was. Quite adept at being around women okay and in the movie Sinatra says you treat a -- like a queen in the queen like a hawker. And does as some people actually. You is that if if if there wanna approach somebody that trying to come -- offbeat approach. Rather than somebody -- used to people from a meeting all deferential suddenly you're not the the same you know different. And so might give you an edge in talking with -- -- whatever you'd like to do. But what I'm saying is it's pretty easy to spot people who don't wanna talk to you or don't want you approach them pretty easy to spot. 8030 and I Israel 106 on 692 -- six start and I'm 34 asking. A fifth person now apparently you about breaking within the last ourself. As come forward. We're very. -- accusation against -- -- -- act. So laden do you feel as the governor feels that he should either deny it or resign I feel that he has the same due process that everybody should have. And that they should be a hearing. Or trial whatever they process spells out. -- because he's not a second class citizen and he's not a -- that we can mark with a stick and even if we don't like politicians. And so are you ready to judge him now. On the on on the fact that five now women have come forward or do you think he should get his due process and can you read vibes. Vibes of parties that are emotional wanna read them. Let's go to America and east amorous -- on WB -- And they primary -- -- -- point first -- -- I wouldn't want the governor and do not mean that he may be at an agenda but. On the left that I should. Like he -- stay here and you'll see it doesn't mean we're touching him but he's not -- and I didn't anger lawyer. Well first of all the governor's not even in his department the governor is the governor we understand that but he's in the executive. Section of government -- that is in the legislative form ego as section of government. Why didn't he just leave it to show he's over. OK but at the -- point I don't now. But on the -- The other thing I wanted to say it was about -- I I -- -- about a female and it will work for many years I know that there are and I. Lot. Of the people that are uncomfortable. They get a bigger kick out of that. You know there's there's an -- that they all read yet it's that they like to light to do that what they younger girls but people they certainly lock. There is a difference between I think I'm Roger -- out because that's a good example. There is a difference that somebody can make blush because you know how far you you can go to do that. As there's a difference between that and something that's totally inappropriate. And you get to know I I've workarounds several people for many years here in buffalo. That it's fun to -- blush because there harmless comments and they know it. And -- and they enjoy that -- there's a difference between that. And unwanted sexual advances or dialogue I mean their distinctly different things. Right and I'm saying that. Aren't you want to stop block and gotten what they know very well -- -- -- uncomfortable. Yeah and and that's and that's what they get into trouble if you know there aren't comfortable. First of all you're not gonna compete not gonna convert him and I suddenly gonna change their attitude toward you or the kind of language or suggestions. So I don't know why people would continue on something as it is -- realistically unwanted. They will get away it was that our our -- ball well you know lack. They don't get away with it for they re. Well that's one of the reasons that of people take a harsher view Milwaukee takes a harsher view. If -- people are under your guidance or jurisdiction nor do you control that are rather wages or they were you. That's worse than just somebody working side by side. But just how well when I was younger singer and he I didn't know -- Does the cold -- you don't want to go. A lot of it goes unreported because people don't wanna lose their job they don't get a reputation as being a complain or whatever. But you can do what's right for you if you feel offended you've got to step forward in my management now. Larry absolutely. All right but sometimes when you're younger you don't realize -- As sure thank you Mary thank you very much up -- yeah especially if they -- in your department you're ahead of the department they work for you. You decide whether they get a promotion you decide whether they get a raise you decide who gets overtime who doesn't get overtime you decide this that the other thing. That's really. Where it gets really difficult. You can't do that you just -- and anybody that does it is down because you get enough and management if you're abusing company you certainly get enough. Enough information to -- it doesn't work out well. It really doesn't because this person houllier having this that it kind of flirtatious relationship with now. Suddenly wakes up on the wrong side of the well that doesn't sound -- marks on the bed. I'll let you know on talk about wakes up and as a change of heart about you know and your whole attitude and then you're in big trouble. As just the way it works because in the workplace. The -- attitude should be when in doubt they'll. And when you're not in doubt. Don't. You know how many people there are that you don't work with -- plenty of people out there. Go out there and do your best of the good person but keep it gave away from individuals because oftentimes office politics get involved. And then -- which -- yet well no I didn't get that promotion because he obviously. And you could say -- -- about. For this sake we'll say hate because see he kind of likes her battery -- what does that mean you know -- kind of thing because people never understand it and get the promotion president deserve. The -- gonna blaming something else while you got your promotion because you're always showing -- to -- always I am idea I have vote I showed little leg that's the left one block vote on tiger's bigger Milo is on the left. And -- comments showing a little -- every once in awhile against me -- -- have to be you know I'm I'm willing to I'm going to do that for the sake in my career. Back that's how I got the call for an hour before the committee as it. Any of your likes it and I took I was in my wallet. A target Al zawahiri is Smart people object they thought that was great who who are willing which totally get that promotion. But yeah you got it got to. Be rational and reasonable about it but when you get into power. When you get into thinking I control that person's job so I can probably get away with more then somebody else. That's when you're going to be up the creek. Without a good lawyer Dennis in Clarence on WB and Dennis. I'd say they act as we know that Dennis skeptic shops that wegmans because he has not strive for five. You. You know he -- an elected official yeah I see that that was -- go to his office is locked up he's not answering his phone. And I think it's an elected official. His constituency is at least entitled to a written statement. Just to address the and you know these are as the assembly's concession next week so it's become not show up. You know I mean it's got business to do and his constituents I think there -- at least entitled. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right and I don't look at it is they corduroy if you could do was charge he'd be -- that we give a plea. And you know if the you know -- -- so he's that he's ignoring that and if -- is true I'd hate to see you gonna drag it's barely through and these women prolonged process site. You know I think where there's smoke there's fire and I and I wish he would just do you know to -- When's the last time somebody tried to Stonewall and got away where that where people just forgot about it or just became unimportant and almost never happens. Right. You know -- he's done it it's it's ugly and I hate to see them drag his family in these -- through it but -- should at least give a statement I think it's constituencies and I'll I'll. Dennis I can't disagree that thank you thank you very much you know if it were you know first -- how many times have we heard. I did not have sex -- woman ms. Lewinsky -- as we heard that he denied it -- and so admitted it. How many times have we heard on the national stage where denied denied denied admit that's just the way it works. So even if he had come out with a statement already -- said now now those four women make five these five women. I'm a role. They're misrepresenting what happened wouldn't column wires but they're misrepresenting their misinterpreting. And then he has to say now it happened I mean. If it did happen any. Found guilty of it he's he's out of politics as far as idea I -- Are that about wraps it up. Boy and I short work week we're back tomorrow for the movie show like that. I'm trying to stay warm we'll keep you -- what's going on with a cold and the snow right here on -- and I'm thirty WB. We never had to -- -- be used she.

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