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1-2 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How it backward B -- -- -- image I think that we have to do follow the procedure whatever the procedure is way it whether it's a process whether it's a hearing whether it's a trial. Before we automatically say Dennis Gabbert Zach is unfit for office there have been four people step forward. Telling their -- of sexual harassment. Proceed and from things he said are dead. But until we get through a process I don't think we should be ready to -- to make a pronouncement from the mount like. The the governor governor Andrew Cuomo says that Vasquez -- action either a denies the accusations or resign. I mean I find that really funny coming from the governor. A New York State. I'm not mistaken there's a guy named Sam Mahoney who had some problems -- his underwear. I look they were paying what underwear and boxes how do we know that unless there was. For a moment so how does he upon -- she's got a nice prestigious job. Out of it I mean so c'mon. Obviously. A sexual harassment workplace is a big no no as it should be especially if you have the authority over other people it's an absolute wrong thing to do. But I say we shouldn't be taking shortcuts. Because it's convenient and for those of you say well why would. Why would anybody wanna say something that wasn't true may I direct you to the history of the duke lacrosse team. Which are not -- -- girl accused the lacrosse team of improprieties remember all those professors at duke who signed a letter. -- said that you know these these guys should be run out of town on the rail they were all wrong anybody remember to wanna -- wanna Brawley. You remember that -- absolutely made up so I'm saying these are false accusations but what I am saying is this because I don't know. I haven't seen them I don't know them I've not seen any testimony. What I am saying is hold hold off on your decision until the process. Hasn't started. Continues. I want an offer me away don't -- 93018061692. Through six -- -- 930. Should the process be completed before decisions are made and then my bit by basic questions it. Are you ready to judge him now. Are you ready to judge Dennis got -- is devers act now. Because a lot of people willing to do that -- I don't think that's right I think if he's found guilty of these things should be our run out of office no question about it. But we haven't done what we do for everybody else give him his chance to sell his side of the story. Let's go to. Tony and Hamburg Tony on WB yeah. Good morning Gloria I'm Tony what do you think. Like. I think you'll like based our forward Antoine ought to not treat form we have it coming forward. This -- did these things. These forward Nicole were on like I doubt I think he's a -- And I think the government is absolutely right now what you do if you -- it will go out as. We're gonna have these forward it shattered the -- or you're out I think that -- without some like mysteries. I think the press I think the processes the important part it has to be a process and accepted process if he's found guilty I'm what you will get a Roman will show mild but until then I'm not ready the woods who would declare things that I haven't seen and yet. I've got rid of the clarity either by the argued that the governor basically said did not it will do the process we should get out. Because your knowledge base that he denies -- what they're gonna do with the kind of called these forward and it. And the Democrats and what -- do or what shape and they gonna tell their stories. And what do you have that -- -- we've been telling stories about it all this guy probably. Talk about this talked about that whatever what do you do that you've got former cricket or accused of this. Well first of all an accusation is not an acceptance of of Yeltsin and other words you can I Segway says a whole lot more Tony I -- -- -- on the jury because you're only a scary guy to have on a jury made up your mind before the testimony -- -- and -- I didn't say that I said you have to go through the process first thank you. While. I hope if I'm ever in trouble which is. Likely that he's on jury because he's made up his mind already there hasn't been one word of testimony. Has there been one word under sworn -- now. But he's ready -- he's ready. To declare him guilty because for people says. I mean you could go back in history and find out many times about an -- term call falsely accused in fact if you wanna get out of jury. Brad is going to govern -- I don't I'd like to serve on the jury and maybe that will someday. Doesn't seem that they have any any real need to have me about the bottom line is. -- -- you do is say well if the police arrested moments ago. Well no they they have to. Fines if they have to go through the process. If for women came out and said this is what he did yesterday guilty there's four of them know you have to be guilty. The bottom line is we don't know because we haven't heard anything we haven't heard anything from him because the process has not begun. If if if we are all judged by accusations. Only. We will not have a criminal justice system you have to be able to prove what you want to oh what a blow up wanna get across. And if there wouldn't while it could be I don't know if this is. In regard to area a case where there would be a civil -- criminal. But the bottom line is you have to prove the accusations. In anybody's willing to throw him into the shark thing because he's been accused of something. Gets me -- what about you Tony. I agree with you I think you gotta have some evidence out there you got -- -- sworn testimony see you -- let everything fall and then we can make up our mind because especially when it's about this kind of stuff. First -- sexual harassment is in the eyes of the be holder in the years. Everybody puts out different lives everybody tells. Their life story a different way some people some find some kind of humor funny others would find it suggested. Some might do double entendre something there's no such thing as double entendre that you mean. Everything you say you take everything literally. As saying these women are wrong I'm not saying they're up to any plot or that they are working to the bring Gabbert zagged down blessing and a if they could be telling the exact truth but we've got to wait. We gonna wait and -- the process billions and I don't think it's up to the governor being governor are not. Two would just say either deny it or get the hell out. I wonder where was his voice he was in office when Eliot Spitzer got in trouble. He came in office later in fact it was one of his successors but where was he during the Spitzer revealed his wife through there today. So I'm saying. Do we accept. Sexual harassment -- absolutely not. No not at all. But do we still know that you have to prove you're accusation absolutely yes. And the fact there are four people doesn't make it automatically correct. It just doesn't we'll be back after this that is Gabbert Zach is being pressured by the governor. According through this article by Barbara O'Brien from the buffalo -- Cuomo said assembly member Dennis -- -- must immediately denied the allegations against him or resign. If -- American assembly member Micah counselor. Do not resign the assembly must send a clear message that they do not tolerate this abuse of women and should seriously consider moving to expel them. If they seek to return that this government this coming session. My attitude is if they did wrong they should have the due process that everybody -- we. -- due process. I don't like that it would would say for instance if you didn't kill somebody either deny all of -- -- -- jail. No it would say that well this isn't that the levels certainly is it's it's a serious issue it's not murder but it's certainly very serious. Soul why there's guys grisly echo why is he singled out to avoid due process. If if he has his day in court -- has his day in front of a committee he has his hearing. And that's fine let them -- -- submit their road affidavits or testify in person -- -- -- he's found guilty he's if he's tossed should be tossed out. But he deserves due process as anyone of us would want for ourselves or anybody that we know. Let's go to Danielle Cheektowaga Danielle you're on WB yeah. -- -- I do wholeheartedly agreed -- abolition act whether he did it or. Like that. Everybody. Cancer due process he can now I know. Our equipment at the end together and just like him and said let's get them. We don't know the circumstances and mayor -- partner coming forward and saying okay to do something. You have to -- something. You can't just oh we were accurate as such and here right continue to collect. State money. Or money. -- just as if there was an accusation against fuel army. The police were investigated if they found enough evidence -- go to the DA's office and that's the kind of process where is looking for me shouldn't just be hung out to dry because somebody sets them. And -- you know I I have to say that I am I I don't understand I'm on his side I how. Elect him into office by you know works for him and didn't. What -- solid and I am but that doesn't mean anything. You know that doesn't mean that he did or did not do why. Have heard is he's being accused of but I just like you're -- I like you saying -- people. Wake up. And you know. Go right. For the throat and say see they're guilty. -- How could you have for people say it without it being true well that's possible I'm -- -- happened in the past. Asked. And I have no doubt but at least candy you're out there are saying hey guys take a look at that and wait and see before. You rush to judgment and exactly that's that's all anybody with -- for you are right. Exactly -- and demanded Danielle you wouldn't I would and anybody listened to show would demand it why are -- willing to. A waiver for him thank you. My my pleasure thank you very much. I don't know Dennis Gabbert Zach he's called a couple of times and Arizona as a recall when yeah when he was supervisor. He call a couple of times -- fun I've never met him I don't know him and above because. Four people have come forward and said this this and this. Does not mean he's guilty it means that four people have come forward and said he did this business it has to be sorted out as the recruitment. We have seen many cases in the past where. People have accuse someone of impropriety of some type. And it turns out it wasn't it wasn't surely didn't happen. Now I'm not saying that's the case here because I don't know I haven't seen any of the evidence. Haven't seen any testimony -- -- -- because there hasn't been any. It's accusations. And accusations are not necessarily proof until they're proven. Don't you think though if he is innocent he should be outrage now in saying -- I'm denying it lets you know bring on the process let's. Let's take this thing. -- if I worry if Kerry Connors or my lawyer and I and he was advising me I would say this I wanna make a blanket statement first the ball. The covers the of the people who have come up so far there might be more whom else okay. And and here's what I wanna say so you put yourself on the record so you have them saying one thing using another presumably. And then you go through the process and then after that whoever has the make that decision whether it's assembly members whether it's. Juror whoever gets to gets to listen to both sides and make a decision. To just say that four people senate still must be true it was not right now that's not right at all. Are there there have been many cases of wrongly accused I don't know if if is the most. As saintly person orbit of the biggest -- I have no idea. But I think he deserves what we all deserve he deserves what we all prize and that's. Are due process. Let's go to a dye had in buffalo Diane here on WB -- Good morning Andy yeah I think we can't wait for the due process. You know he couldn't get the -- floating with people and and and they put a good run at it you know when when -- -- and that debt situation. The woman need to know like put that put doesn't that look I'm married I I'm not available and just you know -- read about don't talk a bit about me and look at look at the. Obviously your first other. There are usually vibes around and that if vibes don't work what you said they're very effective I I don't appreciate your comments. And if they continue obviously you've got to do something about it. Wipe them out and do not continue -- -- my brain dead or something example in my maybe she should not get its weapons of grinding out. If you continue the. -- had started and then -- stay with pussy willows and perfume. -- probably -- -- -- I think that. Something and not -- And there's a lot of material mode as they can go a lot especially. And group of people when there was more than one. You know maybe they want to get a shot off perfectly and commodity we don't. And we don't know but there -- the way to find out is the due process and end any time a lot of people assume that a winner cop arrest somebody there automatically guilty that's not right. And because somebody accuses somebody Islamic that's automatically true that's not right -- you've got to do the process thank you thank you very much. Is there for a reason. And keep in mind especially when you're talking about sexual harassment. That is a very fine line. Another words you may if and especially it gets a magnified if the people work for you. They work under your supervision. Becomes even even a fine line that it would be if you work. -- you know work -- so side by side on the assembly line or something doing the same job but. One doesn't have authority or power rolled the other once you do it makes it a lot tougher. But it's it's an innuendo kind of deal. Where 121 person in my be considered flirting to another person might be considered an outrage. And you have to know -- know the audience the F and know the people got to know in the -- and a wonderful Lomas Kenny Rogers said. And no one knows something may have been set in just wasn't taken in -- may be a suggestion was meant to be tongue in cheek was not seen his tongue in cheek. So we don't know it's not been presented to us so let's just not make the assumption that a far women's say yet. Then it's got to be true not necessarily. I wanna hear the evidence. I wanna see the -- intensify if I'm going to sit in judgment of a person and I don't wanna make that judgment simply because. One says that while one -- -- -- but when he says I assume they'll say it's not true and foresee as well for one field. We'll be back just can't do it that way. We'll be back there. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Callus now at 8030930. Cell calls are free in star 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Back to -- you're gonna have said -- -- -- act has been told by his lawyer to not make any public statements but however the governor seems a very comfortable saying assemblyman. That is -- that must immediately denied the accusations against him or resign. If if he does not resigned they must send a clear message. That they do not tolerate this abuse of women this is the assembly of course and should seriously consider moving to expel them. He and Micah counselor. From downstate if they seek to return this coming sessions all apparently. The governor doesn't think that due process is really necessary I'd I'd I feel that. If there is a process that is to be followed it has to be followed the fact that four people accuse somebody of something. Does not make it effect. And so why I say he may be guilty he may be worse off than we think. But we don't know until we know. I'm not ready to throw into the wolves are you ready to judge him now. That's the basic question I'll tell you one thing if you're gonna sit on the jury. And they said securities for people because this guy doormat. Yeah and you said of a person managers in the jury. Well out she's four of them says that I guess has got to be true you wouldn't be amateur. -- active right now they would say get out of dodge -- Because there have been many cases before -- people have been accused of things and a and a and not found guilty of them. And so you have to remember that Chris so we have does some FaceBook postings once Jimmy Gobble them go to the phones this is from Bobby says that the story is true he should resign. My big question is why Cuomo so intent on handing them deny -- step aside it seems very odd to me I wonder if the governor's comments are politically motivated well I think they are and I'll tell a lie because he says. It just in this quote. Big assembly must send a clear message that they do not tolerate the abuse of women and should seriously consider moving to expel him. So what I'm saying is every time he gets a chance between now and the next presidential election to stand up for a cause that's unassailable. You can't -- that cause if he says were against the abuse of women. In -- is who is covered and -- governor. Her abuse of women in the work place because otherwise it almost five -- we don't have -- is ridiculous. Of course it's like a being against pestilence and disease. So every time between now and the next presidential election he's gonna take those kind of stance of course is. Well yeah. This is from Cathy she says the sad thing is this kind of behavior in workplaces as more prevalent than people think people on the public guy like. Devers action be very careful on these situations we should though did all the info before you make a decision and its future. I agree I totally. If if that's true. And I don't know if it is or not but if it's true I would use one word stupid. Because when you're -- that kind of a spotlight when your public official. And obviously. If he was pitching these women and they're coming forth now to say how they objected to him and some of them have left. It wasn't working out very well so that means you what -- saying is not being accepted. And so you should stop doing is just not doing it for a lot of reasons but especially this is not working. So if you continue to do that. What's the definition of insanity and while we have to. Now we have one that says you do the same thing over and over expecting different outcome the other is ever met up in trees with a flashlight. And scope Leo but anyway the bottom line as it that's just stupid especially a public official does not know though what happen Eliot Spitzer. Does he not know what happened to Iowa. Even even people -- end up in other jobs in government who come back to I don't know say Western New York. After showing off their of their fabulous underwear. And have problems of their own so what I'm saying is yeah. We've got to have the process. We wouldn't even skip the process for a murderer why would we skip the process for this. Let's go to vote -- and Cheektowaga Carol you're on WBN. Well I agree with 200 perspective thank I don't even like to me and I'm being very but I believe that he believes that he can get to process. Also. I think there is an ulterior motive didn't you vote against. That New York. Yeah the -- begun -- yeah I I think as I recall I think I am I'm putting and in my mind right now guys he wasn't in favor of that as I record. Yeah this is this if he -- it's -- baby I mean why wouldn't QS aid. Opponent. -- caught up. Well yeah. The -- 'cause he also knows that he's gonna be replaced by somebody of the same party so you don't lose the numbers -- all -- -- If you get somebody -- -- a good -- -- -- it will listen and to wish for parity as. Then you've got another one perfect New York which I totally got. Also -- by -- and it and also gives him a stage to say. I am against harassment of women at a workplace I mean these politicians are shameless already built racked up all of applauses they possibly -- between now and the election good point thank you. -- due process. Why would we not want him to have. Now the fact that he didn't jump jump up and say no this is this is not true I'm innocent it's the decision of his attorney. In himself. As too well what process they're gonna take and we don't know. What the -- legal recourse is forum for those of you think you know how the courts work. And you know jurors' minds were Mary Mary's suggests doctor -- -- these trial as an example of why sometimes we just don't have a clue. And it doesn't always end up the way we think it should end up solitary Connors is certainly. An excellent lawyer much question about that. And if he's telling him to shut up and not say anything until of -- time if I'm the if I'm if I'm him. If I'm the defendant not -- he's not a defendant I'm not -- person being accused of this. I would ask why and I'd say I'd like to go on record is as stating that them bring Iran. That's the best way to him suggested -- on let's let's let's see if you have any proof and let's see what I have to improvement of the acquisitions are full. I would not wanna sit back NBA -- you know radios. India as somebody who is them getting beaten with a stake in candies falling out of pinata -- not wanna be a political opinion out of a while waiting for this thing to take its due course but it has that it is due course. If the governor suggests we should skip that I think we ought to look at the governor and ask why. Why would we -- that why would why would we not give him the same. Treatment that we give everybody else the answer is we have to do which will be sorry I have no voice I don't feel a great budget can call in sick. The day after your vacation. That unwritten rule because nobody but nobody. Will brutally view you can have a limb missing in known -- They -- you -- number you know just -- to expand your vacation come on slacker. And then of course if you don't sound as sick as you are. Then you got to fake. He got a fake sounding sicker than you actually are because otherwise nobody -- believe we can text in columns could tax that that's a weasel way now. That is a -- easily way out to text somebody. You know it's like if our calling him. And I said Tim I'm not feeling well so I won't -- and today he's a what you -- a pretty good. Only a three hour -- what you want but if I called him. Them. Man number accident. You -- old -- and went fiscal OJ wanna I'm gonna do realize. I don't know I think an agreement of Gary barrier something I'm really not sure what it is. Then that sounds better you got to sell it got us the belief yeah. Yes I believe brother be as hard when you're texting that that that call jacobs'. Cough drop out before -- detects that would have words like that cough hack -- As always I want I was doing -- will examine neck. Let's go to Rambo -- do -- his body isn't aren't on there should Jabber Zagat is due process or do you bank with more Ford and afford a one the voters already over. If both for aware -- -- to testify. And nine whatever documents. Have to fire girls. I think it's -- -- argument they. All four of these women are conspiring. Against you Bible. I think for women. Say Arnold he's going to be -- war. But I -- I want to be or when I worked out polite was working nurse. Every single day so what I did was I determined that one thing Cutler and and are not like big ships were older nurses and yet it or you don't -- -- -- -- -- -- about. As soon as I am -- -- -- yeah that's good hopeful but yeah. Now the younger -- Nurses worked three to 114 -- And I can stop the example we go out and it worked with -- -- of any troops or. OG or unqualified -- get better enjoy it isn't just about any dominate her stuff so. Now. You've got to you have to do if you are going to have what I would call a informal conversation with somebody that's not -- doing your job you better be very careful what you're going away because it may not be well accepted thank you very much. And that's -- I think a lot of it is. Look if -- if you -- you -- your life. Some things it's a very fine line between having the kind of relationship or you know that other person is joking. Or you know the other person is using double entendre. As opposed to you know you're looking at it literally did you save these words yes you did while I don't know. Appreciate it obviously. If and put it needs it's I'll tell you one thing it's not hard to revives. It really isn't hard to revive. If you get the vibe that you know you shouldn't approach this person don't approach him. And if you get the vibe that you should approach him -- That's a lot more -- you do -- have to do it -- okay because it's it's it's worse and worse. In the workplace it's it's it's it's like bad. Worst and worst okay that is the workplace. A worse is somebody you have authority over and the worst is they don't accept that and you continue to try and do. That's that's a that's a losing and you lose you lose everything. You might lose your job you might as a civil suit in my get a harassment charge against you. It depends on circumstances you might end up on each I -- depends on what it is and whether can be proven. And it goes back to what you always say about. Power being intoxicating. In order is that you know all because I'm in power hiking and these -- your best work from. AM comment assembly man and I got -- me I got a parking sprays -- -- whatever. Yeah they need me realize I mean for the jobs though. Now when in doubt don't. -- mean that's the that's the only way because sometimes it it could get a little. Suppose. A person number one is is flirtatious with -- somewhat acceptable and that person number two was even more acceptable. Hey you're living large except personal number one now is not happy because now they see it as you're hitting on everybody. And suddenly they -- he had on me absolutely now maybe if he had gone to person number two that when that happens we don't know. Any of this is true with these four people but I'm saying these kinds of things can happen. And don't why you would find it necessary. It amazes me is like when pro athletes get into trouble with the legal system regarding women. They have people that throw themselves at him all the time to have fifty women and if they wanted to but there seems to be. That need that urged to conquer feels that have not been conquered before. And the the and the intoxication of your position. Yeah I'm on sports and irreverent idea an extra 23000 he had a point three a million a year Bob Bob -- -- block and you for a reason you think you're above. The law. Well -- that's bad how would you like to believe that you in that the laws that you write the laws -- first. Because when you believe that you write the laws. As politicians who most of them not columns sum a sum that. Then why would you think the general -- you get -- -- -- little item you can you can even change and you talk about intoxication. A public. Person sent to represent the public. You can tell people what they have to do during the course of their day or what they can do during the course -- -- in its power that is. And it doesn't matter -- the person's making minimum wager a million dollars a year it doesn't matter they have to follow those laws that you and acted. So suddenly you'll economical are there and -- and a pretty odd stuff. And especially since that they kind of like my joking or you know might double entendre and and you go go too far. And and then suddenly the realization that. Maybe it's not you. And maybe you get on the wrong people. But if you don't recognize that if you can pick that out. And I don't think it's hard at all typical vibes from from a person of the opposite sex you what you find that could be problematic to know whether they were be receptive to say a joke or double entendre. So you have to know who you talk talking to you have to know their personality. And whether you can't I know that I can talk to you in a certain way right but I may have talked Crist differently -- -- what if bankers. Yeah you usually you find out really early canister with smallest type stuff out and react well to maybe just you know little throwaway jokes Yahoo! go two -- exactly that's exactly right and if you can tell some people get uptight not everybody's the same I mean we're -- -- -- me especially Tony and I. The worst examples because we've come from Italian families which are all -- Can see okay -- and radio. And I've taken theater courses all of these are very. Informal. Conversations that we can have budget can have a more and everybody you got to understand that. You gotta know that will be back tomorrow beach company under Israeli and I certainly are WB yeah.

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