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1-2 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well hello hello what is region governor and I'm sandy beach and this is my first day back at work after vacation how do I know that party you know that it's simple because I'm here. Because of what we're not my first day back I wouldn't be here why would -- ever got them -- through immigrated I was sick the last two days Richard Ben Collins and on the first day. Why did your respect why not and -- -- Asia and well hang in there. Hello hello Noah seriously the last couple of days have felt really crummy. But you can't call in sick on your first day back from vacation because nobody will believe you any. My my wouldn't believe me I wouldn't believe me mice and believe me. There now unless crystal ball in her. But I'm here and that's -- that's what -- guys have a good a time -- yes -- yourself besides being sent out besides being sick it was final by -- idea but I -- to the same sickness that you're going through now probably about five days ago some if you laugh. A little -- -- you -- I want to the same thing a lot of people in the building it seems to have cycle through the building a little bit. But I did feel like an idiot a couple of times during my vacation. OK first of all I'm Heidi a fast food restaurant and the phone rings. And I don't go to fast food restaurants that much it was and has allowed the ambient noises La plaza -- Obama former disc jockey. And -- disc jockey who's been a radio more than ten minutes is after I can tell you that right now take it to the bank okay. So it's a person on the line saying that that the doctor is calling. Am that the the appointments gonna be change. Well I changed all of my appointments when they away when they said he kind of -- that they don't and I said lucky me now oxygen on my apartment because every regular doctor's appointment -- and a medical. So I'm figuring out while one albums are going to be changed again aren't so I'm I'm a doctor Elliott hundreds and the environment and and but I didn't know which one. Okay I see a few doctors -- know which one so like a hole I said. Well I had to change all of my medical appointments. Because of my change in in work hours I said witch doctor Mario. Because of -- that much the -- Doctor Who. Are there to get them to come out as I gotta to have the -- you're done. But now I can just imagine what they're saying at the -- doctor's office we call this guy and he thought we were medical doctors. But actually it's like any yet. But -- that's advantage of having a radio name and a real name. Is because they don't know it's me and that's good thing because otherwise Louis and he -- guys the more on what we're gonna tell you. So there's that going on what about gifts and everything you guys happy we have though what you've got that during the holidays I got a pair pajama bottoms. Blown -- in the -- I. Pajama bottoms you know that to mean that did Jeanie wants to -- the top and you're gonna Wear the bottom yes like that that's a good deal you should switch though it. I like this the other half all yours sick -- -- a -- a Chris I got the yeah I've never -- breaking bad they get the first season and we're pretty excited at all breaking bad acts. So land that's very good you got which was unusual and I love it okay. It is a headband it I don't our head band obviously but it's a -- is about this what maybe four inches wide. You put it strangely enough around your head. Build the head band are too flat speakers. And then there's a little control. Which is about maybe an inch square. And once you turn that on repairs itself up with any mobile device you might -- iPad and iPod even your -- if you wanted that. -- The music plays throw the -- there. Which is really nice if you're gonna put on when you going to sleep because. You know even with -- economist at squash -- your -- and can't or headphones sleep on your side. So this is a record of any Aaliyah really liked that and I you know I got it to -- to work last night and does so that was a that was good we did have area crime was committed -- -- -- you have to admit this. I got to use eye drops gonna put a drop in each guy each night. And the eye drops lower prescription. And they go become you know little bottle and the bottle goes into a box which is sitting on my -- So I go to put the eye drops in and I reached for the box. The box is there but the eye drops are non. The -- drugs had been stolen by either. Moos C or -- And I can't find them. I've looked under every Dresser I've looked down on the -- I've looked in the weight room I've looked at cannot find it so bad they had to go back. And get the stripper in -- And you feel it yet because it was an early rain all -- the cats this -- like the dog ate my -- you can't -- cats have your eye drops. But I have to have the drops well luckily when I dropped him -- as specific as pills. What -- you get X amount of pills over maximum days and that's it would drop sometimes you miss the hire some things that you use them. Little bit more than perhaps you planned to so they they renewed my drugs but. I'm just rankings and now the people of the -- doctor and the people of the pharmacy of thinking I'm absolutely. Certifiably. Insane. But I'm not I'm going on outside of those guys in the trees with a flash is outside my house. I mean I'm thinking that that the rest of his perfectly normal -- talking about -- you know what I'm talking about your opponents say it is absolutely we'll take a break we'll be back with more -- -- -- and company I love the fact that in the -- -- They have the best of the blotter. You know every every week when the becomes out we read the police calls because. These are the main streets of -- new York and you see some of the calls of the hammers BD after -- Like you know guys saying there are people in their trees with flashlights though you've gotta you gotta root early. Why there you know hey what how is gone up in arms about so I have they get the best of the B. And there's several I think pretty good ones. These are all of a bit and what the dates on them because they'll happen though last year. Police received a report that a man who look like Santa Claus was approaching people on Broadway and asking for money to fix his vehicle. So here's Santa gifts and -- senate they give the way. I had -- avenue resident complained of loud bungle music. Coming from a neighbor's house. They have a calendar what do they think this -- the fifties what is Cara Black still alive bought all new. The ongoing anymore. You guys ever allowed bongos and -- my sons play in Atlanta. So Maloney is have a dog -- -- But I've never even heard of -- being played in the last -- them all century he. Loud -- music. I like this police observed a topless man and woman. In a vehicle parked on transit of the couple didn't cooperate with police they were both charged with resisting arrest. The man was charged with DW I -- those topics -- on -- about. You noticed there was a cops marathon. Which I watched every course every. -- cops are -- motive whatever. The commonalities. Are that none of the guys in the -- ever have assured ever -- -- they're not allowed to have assured on. The women are screaming and hysterical. Even though big they're glad the cops are there they don't want the bad guy and her husband or their boyfriend to be taken that so even though they call the cops on -- So that's that's pretty common and now. My thing up to this episode was the woman who had them. She had drugs in her bra okay. And they brought in a policewoman and they took the drugs out of her brought this was my previous favorite. After they took the drugs however brush she said. They weren't hers and they she doesn't know how they got there okay. Now bat is hard to top right now -- top last night. As I'm watching a guy get first by the cops he denied now that he had drugs but he did have drugs you know where. In his -- He had drugs in his but not only that. They it was marijuana which means. He get this market now it's a good idea at eighty parties and old alike they go have a little -- Let me just region -- -- And smoke. Would do the. How. Highlight that you are willing to small things that resided. To push its minutes that you. There's going to be a better hiding place. And a cop wanna gaga -- -- and he made the guy go down there and and efficient out of his butt. He couldn't tell -- Because he had a guy he had a guy a leaning up against the -- like they usually do oh he could tell by the shape for the guys but that this is not normal. This is not a normal -- okay. And so he's a do you have drug and about in the guy as a note Bono finally admitted it but he made him take him out he wouldn't I don't blame. But I'm just thinking who is. The flavor of this is outstanding real likeness oh what we have in case. But if it was about a mobile merger of the Christmas party. Told police you know you've got to have a better excuse in this woman told police she struck another vehicle at a gas station on Cleveland drive. Because there was nowhere for cargo. Lady here's a suggestion. If if there's a -- already there you're not allowed to move that would your car you've got to find a place that doesn't already have a car of the G-8. I am so why I didn't know was -- so I smashed them as better than taken out of my. Absolutely. So that happens it could have been -- -- -- -- an example of perhaps you're not making enough money maybe it's time to move up the economic latter. A disorderly customer was reported Duncan donuts on main street. The parties credit card was declined and he threw a doughnut at the at the employee. Now I'm back and if you have to put your donut on a car on a credit card maybe you shouldn't be buying in on talking about if you can't. Maybe the only people that would do that. Here's my chance to get that okay the roads are a matter of direct deposit. -- -- -- -- about people like the two guys are more went right now. I don't have a penny and me I'm going to have to use it because I have direct deposit my company likes it. I can buy a doughnut cash. -- nothing to do with direct costs as we were ready. To work here and yeah. I think -- -- having -- new drugs in your book but that's another story. -- -- -- -- Claim that our neighbor had shown a light in her window pounded on the door and yelled to her about her cat. And a neighbor was scaring the neighbors children. AM speech wrote I'm glad I don't live there because I don't think like that and all of a man -- William Strickland be heard voices. Sure this is Williams and and so our children and his backyard he let his pool run outside and said the dogs scared them off. The door. Nothing worse than a vicious have you ever seen a police little sick of -- often -- ma yet. Policemen Arabs are reported. You know windows smashed in the front of a ridge road store. On arrival they found a man sleeping on a recliner inside the window. -- claim to have no recollection of how the window was broken how it came to be inside the business and how he ended up only with wearing socks and no shoes. Of a phone call from a friend revealed that he had been an underage drinking party so he went through the window of -- business with the recliner which issues and also. That's that is pretty pretty out there I was surprised and alcohol anything to do exactly how about a Bronx drive woman says she woke up and -- a man sleeping better kitchen table. I. And there are places that never happens to lots ever happens to us what got into it. A few -- come back and we'll get the rock and roll with -- -- -- show of a two what it what is it 2014. Right now. -- -- Every mindless disc -- this morning on early mornings -- did you write a check let's add 2000 divert it every shot or a life jacket. Our will be back after this thing and. -- WB and wherever you go with a WBM iPhone app powered by Roswell park we can't let cancer win that's why Roswell park will never stop fighting. I -- they would come. And is it like six years ago when Tony came in one day and said. Cheney's pregnant everybody hey. Mama back -- no -- they shaken hands he's an announced cigars. But I stood in the shadows knowing that someday down the -- you never know when it's gonna happen but it's going to happen. I'm going to have to listen to adorable children at Christmas time stores you know that are durable only. To a sperm donor and his made. Other people are going oh my god roaming off the bridge now but we've got to hear them. I'm now on Christmas Eve. Nick did another adorable thing. What would that be we we went out to dinner Christmas Eve with thirteen he's dead in trying to get him because obviously -- -- wound -- for Christmas. Give him to -- under certain bothers while the progress he was too -- defense attorney you have a tough case that -- -- -- -- what is -- -- we couldn't. Could quite get -- to sleep and I have the president's. Hidden in my -- came upstairs OK good so I'm kind of wait for nicked notables have taken put a moderate two -- so you know -- trying to get him to sleep there one consulates and went after twelve and figured you know like -- I don't hear anything I think it's a I come downstairs with a bag of gifts. And I go to the tree everything's dark field in which was the tree and couple that -- about it -- start putting the presence in organizing them on nice three. He sneaks up behind me get out why you're doing that while he was doing it and I felt like the grinch because -- -- of -- -- so fast. I said -- I was upstairs I heard a sound cue running down here is -- -- -- I think Santa Claus may have been here. Go be a rule com or call you out if I see anything -- so he was an extra -- couldn't get everything under the tree as -- can. America comes out -- Walsh -- here and lucky for me my sister like taking a bite out of the kooky left. For Donald body neat that's a pretty. Low -- network are grave -- rates so I -- it got to go to bed now. We have a lot to do tomorrow so he goes to his room and I'm lying down I know he's not technically this week. I hear him give -- go to the bathroom and that's -- remembered. 430 Samantha wakes up she wants -- bottles like go get a bottle. -- fine -- sleeping next to the Christmas strong. That is adorable Leadbetter is a cute story about promised me that sometime in this year. You'll tell the original Santa -- so we don't have the granola next year always enjoy that yes that's good at it -- -- look at it that I like that. -- said -- and it has never operations Regis dropped approach. At the gym at the -- -- go on the -- to get them. But that's good video like where he got yes he did he got the job. A tablet and I am really happy I'm as good. Let's say you know what else is going on -- before we get and are subject to -- -- glamorous -- these are all things are really happened -- the cameras police department. On I -- pronounces -- right Charlie is -- surely surely surely whatever -- -- initially. Asia motors reported a sheet was wandering around the side of the road. Possibly eight after escaping from a nearby farm now I liked the fact that they knew it was a shape. But hope to have that sense to put it there that -- escape from someplace don't we see sheep everywhere. I was at all sheep on me and then I had to urged some shaped our minds change. But anyway that was its -- so they do a little sheep herding. And got the sheep and put the issue backward along and Orchard Park woman reported as someone stole but college and and one glider. She had put at the curb. After she didn't sell them at her garage sale. I don't well first of all she put him at the curb. One was say that if the people knew that the week before the northern Russia -- at the curb that's called it a giant discount Belgian bank. And I I understand that once you put things at the curb. It technically. If you wanna get technical about who belong to the town. Because all of recyclables they get money for and whatever. But I think you relinquish ownership. Would make a cool if we could do that during divorce. IR you know it's -- -- is just not working now Thursday is drastic -- broker I would go. Was there a lot of money to him telling -- so she's complaining that -- somebody thought and have a religious zealot -- couldn't -- worker and a body head. And Orchard Park woman. Now why don't I get these calls called police to find out how she could get a new boyfriend. She was upset with the current -- so she called the police. -- -- -- wanting to know how she could get a noble leverage human alcohol was involved in new. And I told -- still don't know how long. Afterlife -- an army and in typical. -- actually Denny has been a good provider. A -- drive man complained to police that his neighbor's old fence. Was leaning against is no offense I would like to limit that next and back side. You can have year old parents are against my welcome to the new boss same as the boss. Please visit the part -- reportable woman who appeared to be highly intoxicated and union wrote. And the woman. Who was not intoxicated says she was wearing new flip flops which were causing her stumble. So people that while walking by torture is wrong but there was a flip flops in the winter who -- props in the winter. A Russell are avenue resident claimed children were blowing things up behind the school. The police checked it out they farm out that they error it was for their science class. Okay. Hollow road resident called police report card heads smashed into a trade the driver asked police -- he was at the Super Bowl. He was charged were driving under the influence as he was resting up against a trade. This is a very unusual story. But its interest thing. To complains came to the East Aurora police station to report that they saw an older male get out of a vehicle at south and south growth. He was holding what looked like a large amount of hair in his hands the man and then place the hair on the street took -- a canned and began pouring liquid over it. He was not a channel four anchor person one stress that's okay. They patrol once an area they found the hair. And an -- can the hair or what appeared to be hair was gray and white in color so if you're missing your hair. That's where you can find it -- I've ever seen a story like that. And he's a grand boulevard man told police he was hiding behind that tree every time our car passed by. And he admitted he was up in that tree with a flashlight. Spying on someone. And he had other friends -- we're doing a true and he fell out of a tree by accident so had a not be quick to just -- -- dismiss things. A woman walking her dog on wondered post drive claims she heard pounding coming from the basement of one of the homes. Police found out it was a homeowners monkey. Hitting the basement window. Well my -- -- you got you got to take a monkey if you have a Monday there are among key responsibilities. The sheriff reported receiving a report of an intoxicated motorists are route 400. The suspect turned out to be a grandmother eating chocolate and singing with her children. There are grandchildren through Americans it's only charged with -- with the kids also one more thing this little survey is gonna get it's. -- a religious question. By. And now let's say. Percentage of Americans who believe in the double if -- -- what you believe in the devil because once a year must they've changed things since I stopped going but. That you renounce the double it's it's part of our ritual. So I guess if you're Catholic you'd say you'd believe in the devil but here Harris Interactive survey two -- 250 adults in November of only 58%. Now down from 62%. Believe in the devil do you believe in the double tell me yes or -- now about you Chris you know. I believe. In temptation. I think. Temptation as the devil was surrounded by all the time. I mean there's been used to be a joke that said that everything. Did you like them lines. Was immoral. Or fattening. And that's kind of true isn't that things that we really enjoyed doing we're not supposed to do. Like OK suppose when you like liver so I can use this like that moments if you have a choice of you know. A banana split or liver and onions. I mean why is that this something's going to be much better for you and it's always going to be the thing you don't want to write the thing you want is never good for you never ever. And so that's wrong I mean what if the doctor said don't tell me. I see I see when you look at your way here. Idea I'm gonna have to give you a script for a banana split today I'll I haven't announced today. See that would work right now would -- it doesn't work like that anything like. As Dennis -- Zach is usually a problematic. Are we'll take a break we'll be back we've got to -- the trade. Entry. And did note that -- agency plus. For some of those is that a jet going on all its influence. The delivering average I think. -- -- to say there are Taylor bit of red will be back tomorrow Beijing company OK New Year's resolutions. You guys the guys -- New Year's resolution no because I can't keep pressure on our eucharist. I don't either right I've definitely if there's something Elena Buehrle didn't -- why wait why wait until the New Year's territory just try to take care. Batting order changes the columns I've first of all why I applaud that opinion and that's the right way to look at it. It today is the second of January. And most people who have I had some time off during Christmas and New -- are back to work today -- -- arm Monday but most of -- today. If after all of the holiday eating that's Thanksgiving that's Christmas that's Christmas Eve that's. A visiting relatives it's a New Jersey that's New Year's Day. If you are not on a diet now. You're never going to that. You are right now. Forget you are never going on -- I comic resolutions. What's the point you know -- gonna break him right it's it's and it's it's no fun takes all the fun. But a lot of people do try to improve their lives are trying to improve my life by not making a resolution disappoint myself -- it makes you -- Iran makes it makes me a lot happier that's all accounts I picked it up from you actually in that was number years ago when you first saint. Look you're gonna give an attempt sensation so why why wait just given immediately and care about you know on the road you're gonna -- man. There's always gonna hold out your whole life so all the fun missing if you don't give him morons get a zen vision immediately that's my suggestion. And besides if you give in immediately they'll be time for seconds. -- Oh hole rob hold off hold up and get him by us what good is that no that's not good now it hasn't. So -- Drink and be merry OK and quit if the governor -- adequate or admit widget where is Mary by the way -- it was a it was residency. All right Dennis -- is back. Is. He's that I deeper trouble at least it looks like he's in a heap of trouble. Because now the governor has a way to -- Dennis -- again ever -- of course. Is that there are allegations that we must stress they are Al allegations -- allegations he used to work here the guys who knows yeah. Are there allegations that. That maybe. He was who sexually explicit. Maybe it was sexual harassment whatever. In the Euro in the workplace and solo. -- first of all when the of people came forward there were three originally and then a fourth one. Everybody. Did what everybody supposed to do you suppose this today. Okay he's innocent until proven entity and that's fine and that's the way it should be right. There's been no hearings they're just allegations. There's been no court case there allegations. And until you get through the formal formal. Path of this through a present evidence -- present testimony. He is that he is innocent until proven guilty. I know that because I watch cops I don't think Dennis them. Should be treated any differently than anybody else however the governor comes out and says. That if gap -- Zach should take one of two choices. One and not in any order particularly. He should either do not get. And say no not many I don't know what -- talk about or he should resign. And that would be an admission. A what happened to due process. To me due processes is really important. And now first of all a sexual. I was sort of motive or sexual harassment in the workplaces. The one of the biggest known knows we have because remember I've told you. A when I was programming I was sent to several seminars. Put -- by lawyers telling about sexual harassment. And one thing they always told us especially if you're in charge like I was. If you're in charge. It doesn't matter if you don't know you're supposed to know. The configurable logic of that out I always thought you should be judged by what you don't know what not -- don't nobody gets a lot of people complete ignorance. So he's got three staffers former staffers. Who say yeah this is that this in this in this. And now he's got another 14 one. So there you the first question would be what do they have to gain by OK we don't know if there's going to be any kind of a lawsuit holding me. There's this state. Responsible for his behavior we don't know what the what the object is but his lawyer has said. Until this thing is sorted out until we go through the process. I think he's -- Terry Conner and I think as a as a turning. I was gonna turning says. A button and up and it was not talk about anything but his laps. I was always a -- -- up and though when this all sorts out there will be a time to talk and it's not now but I wanna know if you agree. With the governor that that has -- -- should either deny it or resign. Or do you feel like I feel that he should have his day at a hearing. Or in court or wherever the process would take him to me. That's the fair way to do it that's the right thing to do obviously if the if the allegations are true he does not deserve to stay in office. But they have to be rules will be back after --

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