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9am Weather Update

Jan 2, 2014|

Meteorologist Kirk Apffel

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

National Weather Service meteorologist Kirk can't phones joining us from the buffalo officer the National Weather Service to update the winter storm warning. Kirk good morning -- a tough time around here. Good morning yes another round of snow for buffalo today. Yeah I'm real looking -- snow like continuously throughout the day. I hope we are on like a lake effect event where you have this does -- localized heavy -- at this -- gonna bring. Just stay in a long lasting not know that. Maybe you albeit caveat some of those lake effect event but it's going to be persistent pretty much know what she's the out there as what you got. For the remainder of the daylight hours and things won't really start to wind down until this evening when not -- paper into -- this note -- tight defense. And if this continues through the afternoon drive one can assume there would be more on the roads later. And a tougher time this afternoon than this morning. I you look at it -- daytime accumulation today -- prop probably gonna get around four inches it when you're when all is said and done after the the day -- -- event you're most area is gonna happen between eight and twelve engines. Now on the ground. Could there be some lake enhancement later on today to. -- there will be some lake enhancement that later help that issue probably the biggest step further you Hugo. But yes there will be some lake enhancement and that's why it's gonna linger out through the overnight hours. And that's where you would keep more localized accumulations may be more intense localized and states not spilling everywhere. How many layers did you have to Wear on the way in this morning awfully cold out there. I I had I had. Three layers on and -- -- Okay -- with a windchill advisory and it takes effect at for the second tell us about via the wind chill values that we'll be feeling around here. Well we're we're gonna how -- the worst personal -- and it's going to be overnight tonight. When the windshield choked it down as low as that twenty below in some areas that. Course that's combination of the air temperature and the wouldn't be the absolute temperatures are going to be down getting around the. -- I'm sure a lot of school districts will be. Interest in hearing about this if they make their decision to close tomorrow. -- it's it's certainly going to be -- very cold night and and of course and have the -- going on for today in lingering Internet tonight. That cold is almost record breaking territory is -- it. I guess that we we will have a chance. The record. Take a look for you and -- looks like her. Yet if it'll be near record demean -- just. Falch I have it but will we'll check back tomorrow I'm sure. Minus one from back in 1981 -- understand. -- we appreciate the update this morning thank you. All right which everybody luck in this state it's out there. Our YouTube that's Kirk cancel meteorologists at the buffalo office of the National Weather Service.

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