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Windy City Weather Chat

Jan 2, 2014|

WGN 720AM - Chicago

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A lot of the flight delays in the buffalo area stem from Chicago much of the nation as having troubles. Let's go live to Chicago now will open up a live line for the morning crew from WGN 720. In Chicago. Joining us now is Steve Cochran and under tireless from WGN. Hello from buffalo in cold I. There with us we are online live with their hair at the same time we might have to wait to -- things up their program. Do it gave -- balances -- the WB -- about all of the buffaloes are great radio station license you down. And edited and if you guys are making notification plans you may wanna enjoy the summertime splendor of buffalo today. But a eight are you guys doing what's your weather like in Chicago. No matter what you do it's never -- us. And he seventeens not that you're pretty warm -- below. Okay we've got ten at the latest but wind chill forecast for the overnight could hit a record of minus one for us. You know seven below Monday I try to make a point if that's not a high. I mean we can't call and I -- -- them. I'm medium it's just an extra low but the bonus lol. -- with an extra care. Talk about -- snow cover how much do you have. I only had fourteen. -- -- fifteen inches north of the city. Over -- -- I was stick the pin but yeah his ticket and not the most we had was about fifteen in liberty bell but obviously that probably now. I was sixteen now it's a good day in buffalo yeah. Boy and you've got a lot of flight delays to race. Yeah we get 460 flight -- though not quite canceled yet oh here's a bus station right now the plan to do is driving wherever they New Mexico now. Let's listen into a game that this storm is across the lake -- yet you get the prejudice. We're just getting the front edge. How much snow are you expecting good about it. Worries in buffalo in January as what a foot and a half. And pretty much at this time though it's not the lake effect that comes off and -- blows up and really gives us a huge amount they say cystic continuous constant sort of dribble. Four inches they say by tomorrow we'll have. But not you right now that there is no lake effect this time around it's just a steady one meteorologist history said pesky snowfall. Court ordered his would shut down most of the country in buffalo Penske. That's what does it seem -- as -- as one storm after another this winter. You know what no because it's been crazy cold. In this is the first continuous -- we've -- but it started Tuesday midday at hand and it hasn't stopped. Since we're afraid this is this is it could be over. Every -- and I had been invented yet for stint at -- for. Hey this winter it's you know what was laid up with -- I'm -- that a lot of can -- get a lot of sympathy from us. Sorry Padilla did -- bit about Greg if I'm wrong but I believe Buffalo's slogan is shut it up and walk it off that is it. Or are as my mommy -- I was growing up but haven't taken it out there subtle but it. Yeah a real break in the weather go to Minneapolis. -- whine about being a buffalo seriously I'm. But I'm sorry. I can only speak for mother nature on this and as you know she's drunk. But she seems angry we have a couple of soft winners here in Chicago and it looks like she's getting even now. Yeah -- we had a couple of soft -- still. And it's -- this is definitely a -- to pay attention to him. About a way I meant what I said WB in buffalo it WB -- buffalo is one of the best. This stations in the country for information and everything you need to know them by the way you guys can almost feel old fat -- afford Toronto from where you are. We can and -- he's made some comments about -- too but I don't think it's the same thing. It. I do get things around locking -- we appreciate it and and we enjoy doing it thank shows -- yet. That's Steve Cochran and Andre regardless on the air and WGN 7:20 AM in Chicago.