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2014 Outlook For Buffalo Schools

Jan 2, 2014|

Bob Bennett

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In studio guest now is Bob Bennett New York State regents were looking ahead. Two the year ahead in education not happy new year thanks for coming in. They're in your cable thing and then you have slow right in. I did and but the main streets are plowed that the side -- -- slippery and we're getting reports to the idea. It's very slow on the mainland through eight to nineteen crawling rate now as you're approaching rich wrote this morning to keep that in mind. -- and it's a contentious year for buffalo schools ended with a buyout offer for superintendent Pamela brown that she'd rejected. What do you make of that and and how the year ahead will be for buffalo schools and superintendent. Well it certainly has to be better I think now counts governance and leadership performance of students acceptance of the guidelines from the state. As well as the technical assistance from the state. I think that's a buyout issue was unfortunate and it. That was an example of the frustration level and in some members of the community. And so I think we have two words change the conversation to teaching and learning now. And make sure that the the conversations that school board meetings and throughout. Are about whether or not we have really good teaching going on good school leadership which is a major issue I would hope that principles will be called the school board meetings and asked a series of questions about what's going -- school. How much of the leadership issue is still on the table for the board. And the state education commissioner now in the past there's been talk of maybe down the road taking more action well its always an issue because of the the the box tops in the superintendent's desk or the president of the school board they are responsible. For everything that goes on in the school system. And they still have to submit plans by march 1. Of funny fourteen addressing those schools that are. Very very low performing schools and that's why the commissioners very very concerned about that is their confidence that. They'll step up the plate and they won't have to be any sort of discussion further of a state takeover. Who knows I don't know depends on the quality of the plants in the execution of the plan because certainly there's been examples of schools that receive money. And haven't changed very much so I think that the the take over issues not off the table. -- the kind of core uh oh it was a big topic of discussion last year. What about this year where's this going. Well I I think that's funny forums that were held and I think it will prove to be quite useful even though some of them or uncivil but -- that is at me. That the common core learning standards really should be re -- his 21 century learning expectations for students. They're not a curriculum and they're not attest. The state law and teacher valuation will be reviewed by the by the legislature. The current -- appointed a committee of which I'm a member -- analyzed. The criticisms that came from the forums -- to be quite open about that and -- -- the region from Rochester chairing that committee. I'm working closely with him take a look at all the issues raised. Report publicly to the legislature the governor. Our colleagues on the board all the school districts all the school leaders and -- here's what we found here's what's real here's what doesn't appear to be. Enough clarification and see if we can move forward with that especially. Engaging parents. Look ahead force Bob I think in some ways common core and the buffalo troubles kind of dominated 2013. But there are probably a lot of other issues out there that need to be discussed in the years to come. Well I certainly think the amount of stating that might be available this year given the fact that it's an election year typically has been. A little bit -- more than more than average but the real question now is. The use of the state aid in terms of making progress for these students that it can learn at a higher level we know that for sure. We're we're gonna make sure career pathways get that much more attention that is to say career opportunities for kids starting as early as seventh grade. We're gonna focus our professional development money focus our technical assistance and create more support networks for. Families in poverty because the that is an issue. Not an excuse but it certainly is an issue that we have to make sure there's a good support system. I hope we can build more community schools that they opened -- nine at night and on Saturdays. 'cause the current timeframe is not sufficient to achieve these standards and I think -- -- in the past real briefly about addressed the idea of putting standards in place. For being a member of school boards and also the behavior of school boards that is to say micromanagement. Should not occur. School leaders have very highly paid person and very well trained. -- America's certified and in many fields and so we have to make sure. That that person is able to lead in the that you can develop other leaders that is to say school principals. Not an estimated come in as well we appreciate it and a look forward to hopefully Goodyear in a juvenile punch. That's -- city regent Bob Bennett.