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2014 Politics; Gabryszak Future

Jan 2, 2014|

Kevin Hardwick; Pt II

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Earlier this week Terry -- is the attorney for embattled the pew assemblyman Dennis devers accent. The before the next week is out there will likely be more sexual harassment allegations coming against the assemblyman we're talking politics this morning with Kevin Hardwick. Republican member of the Erie county legislature and a political science professor at the nation's college Kevin. Give me your take on all of -- -- -- this and if we can cause scandal but mess. The stuff he's going through right now of the things that he has to do in the next couple days or weeks. Well well right now he's doing nothing and and people are wondering whether he can continue to do nothing. And you know I'm not I'm not sure he may be able to there to write this thing out you know. Within. 24 hours of the Clinton Monica Lewinsky allegations -- you know that whole mess I thought the president was gonna resign but look at him now he's he's doing fine so. Tying time will tell I suppose. Well Governor Cuomo says either denied the allegations or resign they don't appear to be doing it there. No no he doesn't and I'm not sure he will will we'll see where this thing goes you know thing that upsets me the most I guess is the air everything that that that surrounds this. And that -- -- in all these calls for. Effect that. The assembly men and all assemblyman apparently had sensitivity training and Soledad. I mean I -- I guess if I were an assembly men and just just as an adult than someone who's been raised properly by my mother and my father. I would be offended by it and if someone that you've got to do that. You know it hearkens back to a few years ago when there was -- who to another mean the scandal here involving -- interns and it came out to the assembly has a has a policy that the interns can't fraternizes with other assembly personnel outside the office. You know it I'm I'm a college professor -- -- turn to Albany to Washington. I want them to be able to -- while the lunch with the other folks in the office of they're going to watch receivers demon -- I want them to people that. Going and that I don't want them to feel like they're that the kids table at Thanksgiving you know that's that's partly experience. We just sneak peek into elect people like I I guess it didn't. They hate them so. So assembly speaker Sheldon Silver in the past couple days has said no more female interns in the -- -- office he has said hey -- the ethics committee has to look at all of this. Obviously and -- I don't reports about the tell me about the political context here. Well Miami Ali Ali and things that it obviously the assembly is just a cesspool for this sort of thing and it's. -- you know it speaks of a culture that says -- maintained there and something has to happen. Lot of us would like to see Sheldon Silver move on maybe that would that send a message. But anyway the short of that. You know you have to wonder about the about being told you can't females in your office -- female interns. You know on the one hand you say it's good if there's this there's this is history you don't want it to repeat you wanna protect these people. But on the other hand -- in USA well you're discriminating against women now. You know that you can't have that job. I don't know either so many mixed feelings is this is a sort of thing we shouldn't be talking about. We should be talking about real issues but unfortunately people keep behaving badly -- at least are alleged to -- -- badly and and I. I think most of us would like to move on. And deal with something real. But you know and in the meantime -- in this this is about two weeks old yeah allegations and the that then state goes back to work I think it's next Wednesday when when governor. Issues his state of the state message and a legislature will be in session to think every cycle could be sitting in the chamber. All right I I definitely think he could bomb you know it is as long as he's there he gets paid. I I don't know what his personal financial situation is if if he can afford to resign. Every week he holds and he gets another paycheck.