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2014 County Politics Forecast

Jan 2, 2014|

Kevin Hardwick

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Doctor Kevin Hardwick hasn't studio with us this morning Republican member of the Erie county legislature political science professor echinacea is -- I think you're have a happy new -- issues. We're looking ahead to the the year in politics. And first things first what about the legislature. We do have a Republican majority this year and the democratic administration. We do Republican majority for the first time in 36 years it was 1978. This afternoon when the legislature meets we anticipate that -- elect that yet bill's Republican of Orchard Park is our chair. And and we'll go from there. How does that change things in terms of issues why you think is going to would be the big priority for the new majority. You know I think I think a lot of people think it'll be on an ongoing battle from day one and that's that's that what you're gonna see it all mean we've had some. Informal discussions amongst ourselves. The last thing we wanna do is turn this into Washington with the government shutdown and all that. No contractor Erie county no list of bullet points that we have to change no no no no not yet you know other than I. I think in the initial weeks and perhaps in the initial months people will notice. You know very few changes other than the fact that. Meetings will start on time you know legislative bodies in general. And I have a habit of starting their meetings. Several minutes and even hours. After they're supposed to I think you're gonna see us starter meetings at times the net. I don't think there'll be any big changes right away over the course of the year we're gonna do we're gonna be very careful we're -- we're gonna pick our battles were -- and try to. Obstruct the county executive and everything he does but there are certain things I'm sure that we will disagree that. Certainly. November December when it comes to budget time I think you'll you'll. See things come to ahead you would expect that I mean it would be probably wrong otherwise. Ice and 2012 it was the Republican led coalition that rejected his budget because of tax hikes. This year he came around and submitted a budget without tax -- is that the issue property taxes do you think. Well I think certainly that's the -- no disagreement that well well you know he came around this year and he did submit -- budget without it. Property tax -- Problem we had win it and we all voted against it. Was that it keep the -- and down the road in terms of pension costs I mean yes we didn't raise taxes. But we was able to balance the budget by deferring some expenses down the road. And we think that's gonna come back to -- the county. -- you said they've already been some meetings have those meetings included. -- -- Well we've. Who we've obviously had been meeting amongst ourselves all long before all our meetings we caucus. And we've had some discussions about what it's going to be like that's when I was referring to county executive has been very good over the last few years ago. Couple years he's been cutting executive having -- in occasionally every few months we sit down at lunch with -- kick around some issues gives us highlights of things that are coming up and you know we give them some some feedback so. You know we have that we have a decent relationship there there's some dialogue going and. To the Victor belong the spoils a new Republican majority. More probably mean a change in all of the behind the scenes 000 yes and and we're still going through that we've. We have some additional positions on our sites and Democrats have to. Eliminate some positions. We have and fill all those positions yet we're in the process now most notable among them Erie county Democratic Party chair journeys Elmer was the legislators -- legislature's chief of staff. I've got to assume no longer know well -- I mean that's that's you went -- to -- that that that's that's a given. But he's not even the minority chief of staff anymore and that was a decision that the Democrats made.