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Winter Storm WARNING; Bitter Wind Chills

Jan 2, 2014|

Meteorologist Tony Ansuini

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Off to the airport weather station right now let's check in with the national weather services. Meteorologist Tony and Sweeney Tony good morning happy new year -- more you great what changed to prompt and I winter storm warning. Well the forecast pretty much is the same as we have before we're still looking at a general eight to twelve inches across all of Western New York. We think they'll be a period -- from late this morning that you mid afternoon where snowfall rates that could pick up. Toward me basically skillful at the bottom inch per hour as we approach the evening rush hour. We'll be steady enough for the post catch up different tone. Well gonna see a prolonged period of steady light to moderate -- pretty much for the next 24 hours yourself. We're not looking after a real large accumulations. See any one time but the gradual accumulating snow electorate that will eventually accumulate. General eight to twelve inches across the area. And to underline this is not lake effect this is just something everybody's -- to suffer through. I'll definitely general snowfall across the area but we do expect some enhanced snowfall as we get into the gap filler here and -- into Lake Ontario both retirees who see these these higher snowfall totals. The Lauren told we'll probably be more likely for the buffalo metro area. This is part of a big storm isn't that affecting the part of the northeast. Well we're gonna have -- -- storm system that's trekking off to ourself. Merge with another storm system off the cold then now will be on the north and western portion of the other additional grants. Tony take this through drive times which is -- -- the worst air in times tip that you foresee with this snow that's coming. Well wolf the other studies late snowfall this morning I'd definitely anticipate the personal cope wrote this morning it varies applicant has its conditions. People -- slow down and allow plenty of action time to get where they need to go out this morning. And by the afternoon look at that we should the enhanced snowfall rates than the evening rush hour should be a little bit worse than not this morning. And snow -- only a part of the picture may be a bigger part but to tell us about -- Yeah another concern will be increasing winds especially later today and tonight. Not only will the winds caused considerable blowing and drifting snow. But though the wind chills the lower 215 to twenty below girl especially late this afternoon into tonight. Tony thanks for joining us this morning. Appreciate the update to -- Tony and Sweeney is a meteorologist at the buffalo office of the National Weather Service.