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Terry Connors Exclusive Interview with Tom Bauerle

Dec 31, 2013|

Terry Connors Interview

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us right now WB and as the attorney for assemblyman Dennis -- Jack was under great deal of fire right now including from. Andrew Cuomo. -- and children's over Terry Connors medically Terry or -- to stay with Terrence. The only political appearances my mother and that's phenomenal out of trouble. All right well I'll call you Terry. Can you give us an update on where Dennis his head is right now on whether or not he is going to retain his office. I can't. You know the assembly has very specific rules about these types of allegations. They convene an ethics committee hearings that process is already in place we've spoken to the chair of that committee -- likely that that will take place during the month of January. So right now that's where his head is it's looking forward to that type of hearing where he has a chance to explain. These allegations to his colleagues and that's still the foremost thing in his mind right now. Colleagues I'm sorry -- but I've been around politicians and politics in my life too much to be a eve as to think that some of -- -- colleagues have probably done far worse than the allegations. Unproven by the way that have been made against that -- average. Does he plan on fighting back with everything he's got. Well it's documented that there have been. Established allegations against other members that are. Far more egregious than what he's he's been charged with in this particular situation and so. I think you know there's that there's -- documented precedent here so that ought to be appropriate for them to consider. To be a dangerous -- my head is going because if I found myself in some kind of a scandal allegations like this. I think the first thing I would do is go on the offensive against any reporter who wanted to put me on the spot and say I don't know how many times this year that your husband. I mean that I would just basically beat that's the way that's the way I fight you know it's just like -- you're gonna call me out for some decisions I've made let me call you out I was blessed that he got behind the wheel -- Has also been around enough media people to know that too many of those people drink and drive way too much. Now I know that every attorney is perfect or so you are expropriated from many a monologue on this so he's gonna wait until the -- how do you prove that he didn't do these things. -- you know the point dismayed -- it's an important point Tom because. -- feel like the pinnacles the career you meet anyone else in the spotlight. For years these allegations span he -- -- their forties you never say anything that you regret that you wanted to ask but it is. But it doesn't make it. Sexual harassment doesn't make -- Violation of any of our our ethics and and in criminal. So I mean I think that's going to be part of the analysis as well it's not as simple design or resign it's not so that. I don't think so either and in that we're talking with -- Connors he's the attorney for Dennis average act. -- for how long life have you. Well so laid out on that taking -- slow steady. Okay we'll go because this is the first that statement I'm hearing you know -- -- it's you don't flesh and bone to -- -- should they flesh and muscle to it about this issue and I wanna find out where -- Garrett rejects your head is and you know you're absolutely right. Anybody in public life is going to say things that come out the wrong way. That are taken out of context or that are ignorant and sometimes in my case just plain stupid. In my experience Terry is that if you were honest with people about. What you are doing an about how you screwed up in about how genuinely badly you feel about it and that you're gonna try better next time. Most people Terry I've found have been very forgiving and I'm very honest and open about my personal life because you know what. I never want to have somebody say all we have a picture view taken it is -- in Jamaica epic feel like go there all the time hello -- anyway your thoughts on that. Well nobody in it hit the standard of perfection it's just impossible but the reason he -- out on the airwaves or you know in the media. Expressing his opinion that's respectable these allegations is that. We understand that others coming there are other people are going to make statements. This week -- next week and it can you get a complete understanding of what they're actually saying and what these. Charges are with these allegations are it's foolish stunt and that comes forward and just start to -- -- Franklin. There's an opportunity for the and that's in -- hearing that's -- -- -- provide -- so -- -- surprise with the governor -- With actively involved in the creation of these rules decided that due process doesn't apply to assembly members. Well I would also argue that there is a tinge of politics. In this at least in my mind -- because in my mind. Dennis -- Jack is disposable right now of people like Cuomo and Sheldon Silver because he comes from a safe Democrat assembly district. He also was against and why safe which is the governor's up that little baby he cradles in his arms so Dennis went against NY safe and I think that up. A part of this. At least stems from people saying will screw -- every Jack will get a good little Democrat in there who will do exactly what king Andrew wants us to do. Well we're looking to connect to political -- is welcome news that there's always an undercurrent that. Well I absolutely. I know how this game is played and you know mr. and mrs. John Q public do not understand the politics is blood sport. And that they will. Attempt to crash and silenced and have fired the people who don't get along with the program when they are regarded as a threat. Now can you tell us and again I realize you're the attorney for -- -- average actor who's always so much you can say and frankly there's only so much Dennis can say right now. Right at least the public because of the allegations have been made against him which are you know civil litigation against him he's got to be careful about what he says. In public but. I'm as far as the physical or alleged physical evidence of this alleged behavior of that -- -- Jack can you either confirm or deny. That a video of simulated oral sex was sent to anybody it does a copy of that video exist if it. You know we haven't seen anything -- that we've asked for that. We vessel that from the other side but we haven't seen anything that. OK now when you say the other side that would have to be given to you in discovery correct. That's right to exist it would have to be provided during the course of discovery by these are sorry that. I think you probably understand this that and I don't know awful -- idealist -- would understand affected there's no. -- -- has actually been filed against him -- it's a notice of intention to file a -- That means they have another year to decide whether they wanna file a lawsuit and so from that standpoint there's no formal process that would allow us to get this kind of discovered. Well we're talk military Connors is the attorney for Dennis ever Jack who is not gonna resign today he's not gonna resign tomorrow he's not gonna resign he is going to go through. The ethics committee investigation. Is it that is that is the story. That's taking place it's still. Being put in place right now I spoke to the chair of the committee today. But what I have just said is correct he is not going to resign. Before this committee. Investigate and -- both sides. That's I spoke to -- today. Okay now arguing with Telus because one of the things -- about public life is. You know there there's the old joke that I can't tell on the hear about you know -- -- a million buildings but he called -- said the builder I gave a million to charity to -- call me said the philanthropist but. Blank one little blank and suddenly -- -- the black. It's funny old joke and I know you've heard it. How is he. How is that it's holding up because this is the time when you find out who your friends are and who -- the people who will just suck often view. And I don't mean as a double entendre by the way only for the good times. Where he couldn't stated better that's true that the people who are the two friends have called him for support and there are a number of them. Constituents grateful for the efforts and is on their behalf and those people have reached out to them but right now it's primarily family units close friends that are who want to provide support for. You know the allegations I've seen Terry and the others like a generational thing I think that you're maybe a little bit older than at fifty you know Dennis is older than I am. But you know some of those males in a -- grew up in a certain air okay. And and -- -- you know saying they're guilty or innocent here but I do think that there has been a major paradigm shift and I know that that is a total -- -- expression but. You know the the younger man today. I think are a lot more in tune with sexual harassment in the workplace and certainly the young women today. Are more in tune with what could be construed as sexual harassment in the workplace than people like IA were people like you. Or you know people of our. The chronological -- Well that's certainly been a greater emphasis on and I think everyone would agree that's a good thing that has been. Emphasis with respect. Rules. -- right he writes there is an evolving culture that's changed over the years. And there are some that it here too little culture it's it's unavoidable. But I but you know what this is not an -- if everything he allegedly did happened and I'm not saying it did or did not but. You know it sounds to me more like a crude attempt at humor and I'm guilty of that myself. That it does of genuine harassment as in -- I consider sexual harassment more along the lines of hey either you sleep with me you lose your job and I've actually intervene as somebody's been happily worked in Florida they got the -- fired who told. One of the people what are workplace exactly those words he packed his bags later that day and left the station but it sounds to me like. -- May have kind of a warped by hourly kind of sense of humor but the people who were younger who were female didn't get it. Or which is just -- offended by it. Well I think that's part of the analysis as well is this banter that was welcome were unwelcome did have to win participate in the bad. They've developed during the course of the 34 years. That's important to understand it's just these allegations go back three or four years ago. And you know at a time when people continue to work for 34 years without completes -- well so I think and that's important the place in that context. I think it's equally important that there is no allegation that there was any sexual contact whatsoever. And I think those are importance. Starting points for -- else. And you are honest and up with my audience to -- actually tell them that I'm not perfect and I can be real able. And you know it and I've tried to be free circumspect about this -- And a lot of good talk with you more about this Terry Connors is the attorney for assemblyman Dennis Garrett -- and guests ladies and gentlemen you do hear a conservative teary -- cannot call myself a conservative because I'm not like a moral majority kind of person. But a more conservative Terry I worship god in my own way I would never wanna push anybody to worship. God in in my way. And I'm very fiscally responsible my own credit score that reflects that but in terms of personal. Our shortcomings or peccadilloes. Or errors in judgment you know the the the Romans there's -- Latin expression and able to Latin. Forgot but basically goes nobody ever became a rotten bastard overnight. Generally if you are rotten bastard you've been one for a few years not just for four years so hold on -- -- is gonna continue with -- and I think this is the first extended interview he's done. On this topic which I think is important you know -- I'm not gonna give it to the name but you're gonna know exactly what I'm talking about here. Many years ago there is a very prominent individual. From the legal system who. Did something that was rather. Ill advised -- public park. And I would constantly. Go after him for that. And I wanna tell you that since then. I realize that I was wrong I should have been more circumspect in realizing that all of us have shortcomings. All of us have things that we do and maybe we don't understand ourselves why we did them. But this individual and talking about did not resign he was reelected. And by the way and I know this from other lawyers I know is very well regarded in the legal community as an absolutely brilliant legal mind who is a very responsible person. You know it's like -- that one character flaw it could destroy them but he didn't allow it to. He was a wonderful client -- -- -- every year reached out committees take digital did you back off and I think there are some resistance but I did back off and I'm glad I get. Because. You know on geez I'm not perfect you're not for nobody's perfect. Let let's just move on if if we could. A little bit is it your advice to Dennis. That he not make any public statements that could it backfire in court of course he wouldn't be under -- talking to the media. It's absolutely because in this situation given the fact that eight we haven't seen all the allegations yet and maybe others that. They are telling us they're coming forward how do you see how did you know I guess -- denied that. And likely come some of these allegations taken out of context may have some truth but they may not constitute sexual harassment that may not constitute. Hostile work environments -- under these circumstances. It doesn't help from -- to a specific. Yes I said that no I didn't do that yes I did do that. That's what -- having hearings for that's what you have cross examination for and that's the basis for me telling him Dennis let's get back. Let's wait and be patient and ultimately have a chance tell your story. You know and as I look at the allegations. And again what I understand about sexual harassment. Litigation in law is that a lot of it. Is really the feelings of or the interpretation. Of the alleged victim if the alleged victim feels uncomfortable by law it is a hostile work environment. Well. It is tested needed sufficient standard as well it can't be someone who was over sensitive to over react to certain statements. It -- it has to follow -- -- -- to stand approved as well so I think it's you know it's it's a combination of both subjective and objective. But again you know we get back to what they talked about earlier it's it's almost impossible to prove a negative you know Tom what the last time you -- Tyler -- I'd ever punched him I mean but then when that -- us up here suddenly I'm violent toward my coworkers. Yeah well that's part of the problem with these kind of allegations I mean there is -- an issue that makes it. A little bit. I'm a moving target slipped and called by some of the commentators and some of the judicial decisions. Just let time for another two minutes with -- before I take the break Erica make it up and -- avenues or not. Okay we're gonna have two minutes Terry. When I read these allegations my interpretation. Again I've not seen any of the proof any more than you have my interpretation is that. As it stands right now I think Dennis may have a buy hourly sick sense of humor and he may give -- to it. At inappropriate times in front of the wrong people. And I don't think that is something if these charges are true. For which you should resign office -- -- think you need to be retrained yes I think you need to quit no. Well you know I think that that's. That's a fair reading of what I've seen so far as well that's a fair reading of it and ultimately you know that'll have to be decided. Through the ethics committee -- civil litigation. In -- Terry -- thank you for joining us for the extended interview is there anything you wanted to say about this -- -- must be frustrating hearing all these stories and reading all these stories in the paper without being able to respond because there's a lawsuit may be filed against united -- your client. Everything that you wanna say on davis' behalf of last year. Well it is and I think that the because for the reaction this evening is that. You know when the governor had said it's needed to -- or resigned that just in the simplest I think. One of the things we can't choose who can't ignore due process of law which which we can do for political officials can't different judges who can do for lawyers are people who -- in the media. You have to follow the rule of law and it's it's a mistake to try to shortcut that because we also offer. Ya got to say something to you know from what I've heard the last person who ought to be offering advice on relationships is Andrew Cuomo. And I don't think I wanna go any further in that but that what's that mr. glass house. Anyway yeah I can hear you have in the background you've heard the same thanks. I'm. Terry a lot of thank you very much for joining us and you know I bet you never thought you'd hear me in a position of defending a a Democrat but I'm trying to be more circumspect about these things as I gain the knowledge and the wisdom and the understanding that none of us are perfect. And that sometimes. When somebody goes through something like this the emerge a better person. I thought here. All right -- Terry thank you have pretty much and glad you called and I appreciate your time.