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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>12-31-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

12-31-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Dec 31, 2013|

Hour 3

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Boy Andrew -- -- joke about starting on one of our Promos but that ladies and gentlemen when you look back at the history of William Jefferson Clinton in the White House and you talk about a systematic. Rapists. Harasser and a Salter of women. You'll not find it a bigger latch. A more sexually. Promiscuous. Scum bag then Bill Clinton. How many women. Alleged in inappropriate contact. All of wanted contact. Intimidating. Contact. It is followed Bill Clinton throughout his entire life. No matter where Bill Clinton was you qualified women that will make these claims against him. And made them before he was even president of the United States. And Andrew Cuomo has the all this again -- average action resign. You can rape anybody. I haven't seen that anywhere. He didn't assault anybody I've seen that anywhere in the I'm not look I am not endorsing sexual harassment on the job although I welcome. Because to me I take as a compliment. Tom you've got a great S will thank you very much in the realizes Tyler -- and now some how it's still a nice compliment I don't care who gives me -- -- -- it's enjoyable. But I'm not a chick I'm not a woman. And it could be real here for a second what I want my daughter to undergo what the people in the -- ever Jack's office. All allegedly. Underwent. But of course. Of course but. Compared to Bill Clinton. -- average act. He could even get to first base and on and I'm not trying to be current year air and I don't support if what they're saying is true and it's not been proven by the why endorse it no but I think he should resign his seat no I do not if this was all there it's. -- just needs to. Sit down with his family. -- -- -- doing that already used to sit down with his attorney. And he needs to figure out what he can say. To keep his seat which I think he can keep I don't think you ought to be pushed to resign. He's a Democrat folks by the way in here I am Sam -- and let's not be so hasty here. If he has a problem understanding sexual harassment in the work place. He go to to extensive sensitivity training and amend his behavior if in fact he is guilty. And if you think that this kind of behavior is limited to Democrats. Or Republicans. Or anybody your your dead wrong. If you think it's limited to men you're dead wrong. I get the touches folks but there are some shall we say lesbian lawmakers. Or lesbians in position of power who do the same thing with their female. Aids and coworkers. And I've heard a number of stories by the way. Shall we say people of that persuasion looking out for each other you know it's fighter the straight people let's just make this -- -- department. Happens. I hitters -- one very famous case locally where these allegations were made and you know it's a sisterhood. And I don't say that as a racial thing at all. You know -- August 2 that prejudice comes in every shape and every four -- -- in if Dennis ever Jack has in fact acted like a scum bag. You know what he can change. He can find redemption. He can re learn his pattern of thinking. Now if he steals money from the public well that's a different story. That's a public trust issue if he. Drove drunk and hit a grandmother crossing Williams street. That's obviously an issue that would have to be addressed in other ways but this issue compared to Bill Clinton accused me. Are you kidding me. If Andrew Cuomo had any integrity he would also ban Bill Clinton from New York State or all Democrat -- bats pretty well. Because Bill Clinton to star in when you're a star like Bill Clinton help you can rape anybody you want. Over a period of years in a number of different continents even and it's okay. Double standard double standard double standard and yes mark the -- I'm actually standing up for Democrat. I'm not standing up for sexual harassment. But I don't think you ought to resign. Over it. People sometimes don't get it are right there are a lot of things like you know what fifty years old and I learned a lot of new things this year a lot. About human relationships. And I gotta tell -- that. I hope Dennis does not do -- personally. And Chris -- I think in retrospect as I look back on that. He should've been. He should have held onto his seat in congress. He -- But -- Republicans are automatically expected to quit the minute story breaks and Republicans are. -- are Democrats are Republicans are. But. There is nobody on the face of this planet folks. Who has not committed. What could be considered. An unbelievably. Nefarious effects. Each of us has done things. That some people would make great eight whip politically. I don't care how you've lived your life you -- perfect I don't I'm not. Are you kidding me on the first one to touch that. And I told you a million times. The Smart politician of the future is gonna realize. That America's liberals Democrats Republicans and independents. Can be a very for giving bunch of people if you are honest about who you are. And if you do have a problem you'd take active steps to become a better. Person. I can respect that I can respect a politician who sets my personal life is a freaking train wreck. But it does not have any bearing on my ideology. Or my philosophy. I believe I've called -- the Madonna approach for years. Like somebody along time ago got some naked picture of Madonna it was trying to make a big deal out of it Madonna said that the hot picture. You know give any more. -- -- -- thing with John F. Kennedy during World War II he was photographed on -- beach with some topless Nazi chip. And it was. This is gonna destroy you and JFK said. Well she was really good in the -- That's the attitude you have to have. Because there are black mailers out there even in 2013. Who will attempt to get to the compromising positions or catch you doing something that you shouldn't be doing and you'll try to hold that over your head. And for those who have never understood why am so honest with you guys about what I do where I go and my idea. Frankly a sexual openness. There's nothing anybody can ever hold over my head has already told you I mean politicians need to understand. I'd rather vote for somebody who's honest. And flawed than somebody who pretends to be something they're not as I don't like -- And I try to be is real is like and but again it's not about me. All right you know 330 start at 3180616. WBBM now my guy did not want to hold up through the break away -- -- -- his -- -- -- -- it went away. That's a different guy. The new person pocket so are at the guy did not want to hold on all right well that's unfortunate but that was looking forward speaking with a but anyway folks there at this point of the show I wanna remind you that. You might run into some traffic slick spots. On the way home fortunately that the volume isn't really a big deal but it's pretty freaking cold outside. And even the treated roads you might find some icy spots so -- don't -- got it too much on the -- it I did -- bother taking the young women that I just look at the side streets because I just know how other people are in the gunman went -- little slick. And basically. -- So in any event we're with you at 803 on I thirty starry -- 3180616. WBM I'll also taken. I'm also taking calls on. 2013. What was the best thing that happened to you and 2013 what was the worst thing to happen to you in 2013. At what are you hoping for in 2014. Maybe you had a wedding did you get a divorce maybe you had a birth may be added depth to everything there is -- season at a time -- every purpose under. I wrote that does not. That was extemporaneous. Let's go to Chad in Clarence on WB Ian jab at you was on your high. I cannot. I got to collections -- -- only part of the -- that the media and it from legal you know after Gloria. They won't they won't get -- today -- they're busy already took an hour the -- time. -- -- -- would be on the Andy -- and as -- would be another -- like a lot. -- We're on the -- But I want. Leo one. -- -- it's arbitrary and. Capricious that is exactly I mean you basically made a point by asking questions that make people think it's arbitrary it's capricious a pistol grip has never killed anybody. Unless you hit him in the right way. -- it -- with an infantry unit -- You know not that you can have a sport grip on there or. Well hopefully don't include sure -- actually on their ilk that the military feature are you sure are -- acts like the quiet let's get them out and you know. About laser sights. Don't let your sights. -- how are not in there. But they're not think that allowed you to shoot an -- you know about -- here and now. I'll go I'll go -- creating your weapons it is an honor to elect him. So how close the -- -- -- the military feature. Because laws are made by human beings and human beings have an agenda and I've said this before it all ball already had the gun the confiscation. And gun control ideas in his head. Before. The shootings in Connecticut actually happened so he was waiting for a tragedy. And this this fortune smiled upon Andrew Cuomo he was very happy to wade through three feet of blood from little kids in order to get his liberal ideologically bent gun grabbing agenda passed like the Nazis did with a -- -- fired decree. Why -- all -- Albany back in February and I can you go any further. They're gonna find out how a lot of people aren't there yet. Well military knows what bad is that the opposite of the treatment act so common eight. Yeah well I mean I would refer to is making -- bones also but then we won't go any further with that one up but. It in any event in which you have to realize you know hold on because you know what I love talking to somebody who gets it out so I need to hold on I wanna pick up. I wanna pick up -- what you're saying with how tyrants deal with opposition. Don't you go anywhere at Portugal it works yet because if you do I will personally put you down knock at your door. And just ask you like you -- inside of tiger were to sell hold on our right. Don't don't leave me don't leave me Jack don't leave me now it's twenty minutes after five and let's find out about traffic and -- Harris is on the job night and day I don't know when even sleeps mr. -- I don't know oil and every time to say that somebody does something stupid and we end up going wall to wall with traffic you gotta stop sounding so optimistic about leeway being pessimistic about everything that where you can be happy sometimes. Our little lake snow advisory in effect for northern Erie and southern Erie counties as well as Genesee County in Wyoming county. Those areas anywhere from. Four to eight inches of new snow by eight tomorrow noon Thursday. And the lake effect snow warning for should talk -- and general August counties. In the persisted areas you could see twelve inches of snow and what's nice is the -- no operators and ski operators were Smart enough somehow to locate the -- words were where the snow fail. I don't know how they did that it's another -- that kind of foresight. Right now it's there was details like thirteen degrees feels like minus eleven. Feels like zero with five above. -- I think that that. Whatever comes down from the electric -- so all that guys that whatever comes now from electric power tonight will probably be about the only ball that drops. Thirteen degrees officially and that was a funny line anyway. Borderline I talked -- -- -- did not mention any human body parts at all today he was -- he was like on the moral high ground at least what I heard so my job again is to be the rebel. I'm taking the contrary approach I'm trying to add the -- approach to the show because Marc Stein didn't today. It's all part of my contrary nature now Chad let me get let it affect you. Because here's something that people have got to realize -- and you sound like you've been around the world you're solid you're younger guy but you've got a wealth of experience under your belt. Let me tell you something what tyrants try to do. Use. Remove. Any dissenting voice from the radio from the media. From the Internet they will try to crush anybody who gets it and who has a follow. And who tells people the way it is they will use any means possible to muzzle to stifle or to have terminated sometimes literally people who oppose tyranny. And it takes courage to speak up against the kind of power that even -- do this governor of New York State can put together because he's got a lot of allegiances a lot of people who owe him. And it's called power the ability to get people to do things they know are wrong because if they don't. There -- screwed. So you have to be aware sir that as somebody who speaks in favor of freedom that you automatically put a target on your back for the best parts. But some of us and I know -- the supplies that you. Are not intimidate a bowl like the 101000 people in Albany on February 28 of whom I was one. -- know people who live North Korea aren't they allowed an -- They'll have weapons to -- it yet it's great because you don't know enough the power. The people that North Korea. Well you know what though don't forget. Are you need to remember so to answer North Korea didn't happen overnight. We're now in the fourth or fifth generation of north Koreans who have known nothing. Of what really is going on the world they basically are the kind of state. That the control freaks were running New York State and the federal government would like the United States to be you'll do exactly what the government tells you to do you will not question it and if you do. If you're nice you get to go to the -- for a few years and if we think your real threat we're just -- huge. Well not second I believe it and put in the -- to keep their government that there is because you know what politicians. Or at other ought that they can buy it when it comes down to -- they still -- you know -- citizens to inflate. Now two I think technology is not your you know -- the IER Sidney amber out. You know technology and neutralize. They picked our. -- it'll be okay now I'd like a lot. People there's a lot of or military -- -- -- air -- more and many. Yeah you do you know I understand. -- a lot. -- actually -- secret. First the -- and then -- you know people in the military. Have all action right in pump action shotgun here pool pump action shotgun that the military -- they'll. You know people who think all that is an anchor -- mean all her that there. And that is going to be you know a premature and. -- and that is why you know. -- at that we're on the same page and that is why I'm in such a fanatic. About freedom. I'm such a fanatic about our constitution. Because somebody has to be and it's it's not made those kind of -- called Leslie Marshall. -- and I love Leslie is a person okay but that's why I'm inviting liberals who ordinarily people like you. And me to understand we are in this together. Because I don't think any of us would want a world where somebody like -- did -- -- can't write what he writes because he disagrees with us hell -- -- on his side. Absolutely if somebody tried shutting it down because of his opinions and they also I asked him in reciprocity. I asked that they also recognized the Second Amendment as deep as important as the First Amendment I don't like crush people's freedom. I want people have freedom. Thank you -- Thank you and I hope. You don't let your daughter knocked them out they QB that was and you I don't expect it you know Albany. That I can not all they want the same way and whether they actually push -- the -- That they are on the other people like you know. I have news for you have for some of those pushes come leadership and I'm glad you I'm -- -- -- now because that 2014 a huge year for the election. 526 at WB via. I. Okay. Slightly. -- -- I. Yeah he's. Are -- carried away listening to The Beatles. Would either helter skelter or -- happiness is a warm gun from the white album. And I decided unhappiness is a warm gun because that I could give a longer break their win New -- It's that -- is my caller hasn't give me enough time off this year. It is 835 and yet. It's 535 W the end. And is -- And we've we've talked about analyze it because of this decision by judge scrutiny. And just just cleared up here folks we covered all of office. From three until about 415. With the next president of the present and -- but we we went over everything and the bottom line is. This is not the end of the world for those of us who want NYC overturn this was a judge a federal judge's decision. The real lawsuits that will genuinely a fact and -- safe and maybe get overthrown. Those are that threatened lawsuits and the date of their first. One we're we're gonna have some new information anyway is January 16 a 2014. And I'm gonna ask you to rely on me to keep you updated with these various lawsuits because obviously -- the president and I are very close. They are honorable man. They are great people are dedicated to the cause of freedom and frankly I'm honored to call them friends. And a wanna -- it something about 2013. -- that's where I -- segue into. In two. The best of the worst things to happen to you in 2013. The only the best because I'd like it to be positive. But the best things that are happening you in twenty their team and what you liked the 24. Because. And got gotten calls coming in the regret that but I want to get some other stuff as well. Because there is mortal life. And weaponry. I'm not much mortal life but but what. In fact if you watch Smithsonian -- the man they've got a civil war 363. Different episodes from three different perspectives north south black. Not that by the way either of those categories were mutually exclusive. But Trace Adkins. Does a hell of a job. As a narrator and Wednesday. Against the star. Of the version dealing with the south. And southern life. And I was just blown away by Trace Atkins intelligence. His questions. His perspective of his family connection to the civil war and that. He I'm pretty sure that he was getting excited. When he saw agent this whole armory basically of genuine civil war weapons he said it's your old beater all day. And it really is good those of -- -- Smithsonian and demand. You know I'm I'm not trying to say I'm better -- -- he a look at them not we just have different hobbies and interests and stuff in -- but if you like. Big Bang theory you're you're no worse off than I am watching Smithsonian we just all -- different things and I've always been fascinated with history that. On demand and Smithsonian that's kind of like my mind port. Seriously I mean it's mind. -- -- not -- but how would -- pork even look. Workers genre I've never NC mine port. All right let's not. So excited that -- naked people on the Internet went since went. -- writers -- in the main and WB Ian Ross you're on errors. Ya think you know or beautiful day out ballots and others. But if I just wanted to go our way -- -- -- it ever -- -- talk about vehicle a lot -- That just sexual harassment. And abuse of power. And it is guilt I think. That he should resign. Secretly that we see so much abused the power. What are they try to use it to get what they want. Well you know what I don't think. If if he did everything that is a -- I'd say it may be an abuse of power but I don't think it's something that can't be corrected. And if I was that is the average act and again I don't know if he did or didn't do anything because none of this has been proven and it seems to me if you're going to be a degenerate. You're you're gonna start a lot younger than you know at sixty years old -- -- began at the age of 58 and has gone unabated ever since. So I think that I'm I'm being flippant relation -- suppose but sir in in my mind. You are not perfect. I am not perfect there are parts of my personality and I know you might find this hard to believe they rub people the wrong way and they grate on people in the irritate folks. But. There is but you know what I guess here's what -- sent. We certainly have. Courses classes and therapies for people to kind of re trained there brain. To a different way of dealing with coworkers I've done that I was the biggest bastard in the world to work with for years. Now people actually say I take a bullet for you Tom. Might might the last five years of people who worked on the show. You'll US anybody who has worked with -- they would say I love the man he's the best guy I've ever worked. I I don't disagree. That would argue that. That we -- make -- day. -- -- goblet of doctor. That something entirely different. But he's abusing its power. With these web vet to get his way. I believe that's fraud. And he should -- Or an alternative interpretation is maybe he just has a sick. Inappropriate sense of humor as I -- I have an inappropriate sense of humor OK I say things that I think are funny at the worst possible moment and I learned over the years that people with -- might work including many women. Did not like that that's why I change you can do you. I can speak about this a little bit because you can change the times have changed and sometimes it's tough for people men and women black and white sometimes it's tough for us to to get with the new paradigm of thinking. And I do think that there can be redemption for -- average act if he's guilty of what he's done. -- adult like a potential throw away thirty or forty years of a career based -- Based on something that is correct that we're not talking homicide here we're talking about hey would you give my computer and allegedly there was -- naked picture I mean. That's I would find it funny personally -- Appleby. I would find it hilarious some guy wants a picture of his wife basically they gynecological position -- laughed my ass off that I throughout. I mean I guess what I'm Sam Ross is. If you you think you ought to resign if he did these things I think -- deceit and get counseling and they become out of it a better person. I I don't agree with perhaps. You know what and we are entitled to disagree. If -- were entitled to disagree I just. You know -- I've known and jet at Andrea project. Russ. Do you think that this is something. That he can re learn if this is a pattern of behavior that if he goes through week of intense counseling. And intense retraining that he can come back to a more effective better legislator. I I believe that I believe it forget I believe that. I believe that people can be -- However a piece of abusing his power. That -- need to pay the price. Well I have not seen any allegation that indicates that the abuse -- abusing went to the extent of assault. As it did when Bill Clinton. Well it it's an assault. But. If I can see so much of it nowadays and politics and we turn the other cheek we we. He felt like -- -- if he's guilty. And that's. I'm not trying to exit that didn't say he was guilty edit edit that talks broke it guilty -- -- we are better out. Ultimately these somebody at their inkling that he gets up like -- guilty and they crucified him. Well again that's that's the way politics works and by the way I I I find it kind of hilarious that here I am as a guy who's supposed to be a shill for the Republicans which is a joke because they can't stand the Republican Party no disrespect intended to my Republican listeners or your party no longer represents you. All right and I'm defending a Democrat. And I happen to believe that one of the reasons that is average act is being targeted so intensely is that he voted against and why safe. Please understand I'm not gonna with the details on this. Andrew Cuomo. Is obsessed. With and -- safe it is his baby he is out to destroy anybody. Who is not on his side against and why safe. Dennis average act a Democrat a member of his own party went against one of the most important pieces of legislation. Andrew cool wall ball was able to ram out to ram through and if you don't think that that has a bearing on this Cuomo's statement or Sheldon Silver. You know and I think you do I -- you you probably do but anybody who doesn't. A dog does not understand that politics is blood lust and moreover let me suggest to you that because that is average act is in a democratic safe. District that Democrats can throw him under the bus. Because they know that the next person in there will be a good little Democrat who goes along with everything. The mentally ill governor of New York State and I say that with some compassion actually Andrew Cuomo wants to do. Expect a sixty minutes of saint. You know army in -- haven't done the same thing with Obama care what -- right Iraqi and cram it down -- -- Although two of the same thing to try to get his fame but he can move -- to be. -- -- -- Well of course and Cuomo wants to be the first Italian American president of the United States. And you know at some point we're gonna have somebody with -- Italian roots in the White House and you know what I say as a big deal battalions are Americans just like Filipinos are Americans -- -- we're all Americans for -- -- got sick. It. Looked rusty thank you for the call. I truly do was or something else you wanted to say because you kind of hit you kind of threw me a curve ball there with them talking about Dennis. All right well sir I'm I'm glad that I'm glad you called. That's never an issue sir I'm a buffalo audience basically I bathed in water colder than this. By the way. Let's hear the sounds of a crazy person. This is what a model maniac ego maniacal. Out of but touch with reality person sounds like his name is Andrew Cuomo and he's the governor of New York State. Andy do -- awful of the first magnitude. No one ponds with an assault. -- -- He had normal people don't talk that way I'm sorry but they just don't. Bail usher performance. Person. But that's that's just insane. There's something very sick and to stir. About a man who was just waiting for children to be massacred so that he could ram through his own gun control agenda. I mean it's sold -- old Hinske but you know what it's also -- -- theory and that's what it is when you can actually take -- light. Because it advances your agenda in dead kids. You are one sick bastard and I -- our governor is one sick bastard I don't think he's right now and I'm not by the way the only person who who thinks. You have to understand that. I have compassion for him in some respects but another part of me says it's very hard to find that because he has power. He gets people to do things that they know they shouldn't be doing. But they're gonna do him anyway because of the power of out of Andrew Cuomo as governor of New York State. My life's goal in 24 team is to register as many people who see through this fraud as possible. And to make sure that we vote him out of office I we need to Lance this boil. Before it gets any bigger and before his over leaping ambition takes him all the way to the White House we have to eliminate him at the molecular level politically of course. Its hourly WB yen and I apologize for not speaking clearly and -- for not speaking directly for sugar coating everything. On WB -- And it is hourly with -- and my dear friend Chelsea after control what your friends LeSabre is your calls greater today and you know -- we -- -- all the time -- and the way Johnny Carson used to -- and that everybody with whom he worked like severance and -- -- you know that I'd like somebody when it rag on them like at Reagan Tyler Ngo and I don't Chelsea not because I don't like her. I love Chelsea but I told you she's our moral compass here on on the -- leisure. She she is our moral compass and she keeps me honest. Say. I respect that too much I would never wanna do anything that in anyway she performed made her uncomfortable and you know what that's something -- over the past five hours. To be sensitive to the fact that. Younger women today do not think like fifty year old women of night were immigrants young women today. Have eight different and I think in many cases a much better. Understanding of how they should be treated in the workplace vs the way things used to be. Are right Chelsea would not put up with half the crap I use the pole as a younger broadcaster. She wouldn't -- absolutely not and I'm glad that I made the change. I mean we're trying to say here is even if Dennis -- rejected everything is that is alleged. People can change and become better for the experience. Another something that can't be for duke rape. You know you have to do time for the allegation that like there have been against Bill Clinton on multiple occasions over a long period of time. I don't know -- personally. Are we might have met once or twice we do have friends from a family like there -- nexus between this week we share a mutual friend ship with a family. But it's -- come over his house for dinner. I'm not but when I see a guy who I think is being railroaded. I -- my natural instinct is to say wait a minute. And I would tell you that if somebody tried doing that to my enemies people who just don't like you know let's just -- it to -- to do this did you silent. I respect -- I'm even though we disagree on almost everything believe me I would rally for Jeff Simon took a -- like -- and people being bullied and I think average act right now. Is being ball. Let's go to traffic we never bully -- -- -- what's up. And I've gotten for its buffalo it's almost January and it's orders warnings -- -- -- get a -- you guys might see up to a foot of snow in the areas where the bands just hang out. Otherwise you know maybe three inches or so that isn't where you are and you know where this though it's generally but the -- the picnic that my you're going to be going outside like balls drop. The big thing is make sure you dress warmly and cover your years. My -- urban New Year's use were your -- probably probably hear about the you know disintegrate when -- took such hearings and that's just the guys. Let's go to -- a cell phone hello Dick. I'm always in a wonderful frame of mind it perfectly well adjust the era. What's undermine. -- -- you know it was about that. I think we follow our governor response regular. The -- were -- yes. I considered. That the word invented. And -- are you about. Reject it. -- It is -- one. Under he's like number one and Clinton. It's like under well -- and as I think all the functions. And yet. More money out that he ever did. And he. Some other guys at war and try to help the people we've been accurate. And I don't think I'm a Democrat. All right right -- a Democrat I told that Republica I think aggregate conservative. Because. The Republicans as noble but. We -- -- conservative area and I guess the easy way to say conservative area is I am it's on conservative from the waist up. Mean I know there are supposed to hate black people and Hispanic people and gay is that I adult cell I don't fit into that stereotype. -- -- But why you -- -- their neighbors about a clip they get respect as well. Although there's a huge difference Bill Clinton should be imprisoned. That has ever actually go to sensitivity training. If he's guilty all of -- -- -- because you know look. Never thought -- think you'd ever thought that'd be -- defending a Democrat. But what I see somebody that I think is being given a raw deal and I think I know why. I think I've got an obligation to do that. And I don't think Dennis ought to quit -- -- -- -- was. People can change. People can Alter their behavior I know this because I've done it. Believe me I'm still and able but a lot less of an -- used to -- or does that.

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