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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>12-31-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

12-31-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Dec 31, 2013|

Hour 2

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- back in the old days we had a word on whether it was called winter back in the 1970s. It's nine minutes after four news radio 930 WB and hourly you know we -- in the year with a nefarious but it legislation. That was signed as basically election dog fighter decree by a power hungry mentally ill maniacal governor named Andrew Cuomo. -- Anyway that's not cases in charge in New York State. And -- his goal is to become the first Italian American president. And I will do anything I can the -- he is that never elected governor of New York State again which is why I'm encouraging all of my listeners who agree with. To register to vote. Don't just call my show and bitch about -- say you make sure you get your -- registered to vote and on Election Day you make sure that everybody you also enlisted to register to vote votes against Andrew ball ball so we can throw this power hungry man. Mussolini Beckham as well but. Back to New York City where he belongs may be you know director of a sanitation are stepping up they'll find a job for -- he's not gonna start. And is live in girlfriend -- form I'm sure. And anyway it 03 on my thirty is the up phone numbers. And -- has -- as -- -- from the tribesmen law firm and frank Graham is on line 12 punch him in better much closer to one meter on line one okay. Frank basically says. I'll try to encapsulated that the but you know what why do people take these second amendments -- seriously what are the limits to the Second Amendment you know what role should the government be playing in this and actually you're gonna do the cross examination -- -- -- -- or kick my feet up and listen to the show -- Mac and Freddie Mac you go to questions. All right thanks so that they were staying and this great conversation -- Against. You can tell me if I'm wrong here but. Would your argument is -- what your position. Is that. The NRA is the same effect and their war gun owners should. For whatever reason allow some restrictions to be placed on guns that were previously unrestricted -- -- correct. Basically I'm just trying to ecological -- argument as -- where we're gonna draw the line because. You're already accepting some regulation which. I mentioned before and obviously I'm not like an older rhetoric that specifically no but I didn't hurt don't I don't expert on the. These regulations on grounds that that are going to be litigated and I think it's more it's still you know I don't represent the NRA I had no connection that the NRA. At a loss to leave Louisiana area describe -- -- three times. The first first at all -- -- and show us. -- when you say -- did you use the expression and -- eight types when you call there was that shorthand that we put in there. What -- just just so I know what they can you give an example of like what -- and are eight type is supposed to be because. Personalize -- or anything but if you saw me on the street you'd never guess that I am a conservative aryan. Who you know basically still can have a good time in life and vacations and all kinds of exotic hot spots well. What what exactly is an NRA type and -- a full set of teeth. -- and tissue is an excellent health and my IQ is in the stratosphere so what does that generate type. I'm referring to -- Wayne Lapierre stereo type of -- you come back and have to do is finish shooting. And then think immediately saying we are not. Dutifully call anybody you want any more regulation and weapons. Why OK why is that wrong. How how does any motion to change logic you said you're taking a logical approach and yet. It'll break and I didn't think I'd I'd. I'd love and -- are actually people that are I'm just trying to find out. Did the other way or done. People who want the gun culture and how to get politically correct dialogue in America. You have to be politically correct and I respect your opinion. It. Can get I don't like cold dead fingers. But I'm saying look. You already got on regulation. So what are you can't do with it with a -- it is thought that Bible verses seven -- and it's a good it's -- a problem that number I agree with some I think it's arbitrary. Or the bigger problem I. Okay frank frank you you made a lot of points -- for for whatever reason I'm. I'm not trying to be a -- but I can I just can't have the ball to the other ones because the substance happened with the sound quality but I think you major point I'm gonna let you go respectfully I. I will let next answer and Max go ahead because I don't well I'd answer that but you go ahead. Well I can monitor him a couple of -- he just what wouldn't operate right where I needed air advocates say here is. He talks about. You know talks about sitting in arbitrary limit my questions for him with -- this -- These guns were never a problem before why do you wanna pick on his neighbors. Whoever right on the slower arm and determined. That they can't have it. Furthermore. Sure that he agency Cuban I don't know if he's in I wouldn't call the leftist extremists but he he certainly used in the liberal. Which you know what I think I think he's salvageable because I think that if he's got logic in his mind I don't I. I don't want to lose him I'd I'd rather have him on our side and convince him of the validity of the cause that we your spouse. Back on the line because obviously sound quality sucks to -- are just it to us. The thing your questions what is the limit government's ability to regulate life -- decisions. In one's home when somebody decides to pioneer fifteen or so and so or shotgun or whatever -- That they lost sleep enable all the exit the 25200. Years. Why start in case they talk. The colts back and once -- in the Griswold. Connecticut. That the right to privacy. Protects people engines to use birth control. When they're having sex with consenting. The bill and the control law the which was strong. In 1950s. And these included the Catholic Church. -- That the dangers to public policy. Should be legitimate state interest in regulating. How many how many children person should have and wind like these unions and family planning. He could not regulated these medications can put people and there's always so there'll always be some. Negative and detrimental expects to any issue that the court determined. They're quite good decisions that are -- reaches going out and hurting other people. You you have the -- have their right to make that decision. Lawrence -- taxes was another case people didn't -- right to homosexual. Relationships. Within the domain one house between consenting ago this was only. Roughly 1011 years goes somewhere thereabouts. And the arguments made homosexuals are dangerous people and promoting. Votes spread -- Always it's always -- -- completely forward. Crisis in the boot the right to make your own decisions regarding. All the right. Not been. Determined by the -- think it's genetic. But the right to war like the way shoes and make decisions to protect you and your friendly and determine -- -- Preach on brother next -- -- -- get an amen for what that's just say amen if I have three bisexual lesbians my constant in my opt out. I'll -- Maybe you're lucky they'll put it on the web site. Let's go to Paul on the west side of buffalo at W. I'm in a rare form today -- all on the west side of buffalo on WBM welcome to the program -- we discussed you to area next president is on the moral high ground and I've decided that Marc Stein was nearly dirty enough to based on trying to pick up the slack without. Thank -- Tristan your constitutional stand -- permit holder. That -- tire -- in the downtown in -- here but the same time we've society we used to say that. It is the people who killed -- people over -- -- If I got. To kill people it's people we get a refrain that if that doesn't that kill people it's criminals in civilian life. This is what has that big tender. This is -- still more from coast to coast and Obama and you sick almost two yes so given the drug also. They're not the only -- that they're over they're -- around after overlooking it. Well see Andrew Cuomo all you know here in Jersey ultimately -- Cuomo and you have a state police detail the larger. Rounds are in their weapons are low. Who. Boom. Which. Rulers and I'm sorry but a state -- life however much I value it is no more important in the great scheme of things in your life for max's life. Well I had a weapons stolen out of my house very quietly and silently. Three years ago of course knowledge that could happen again and I wouldn't be that has not been recovered -- that would be a bit surprised there's been using crack. Most of the weapons that are you. In heavy crunch -- just couldn't hold out -- -- are all weapons that have been stolen out of people generally who are permitted. Drug -- that I reported record. Well yeah I mean I all I know is that I watch I watch might eat well that I'd have extraordinary measures employers but that's another story altogether. After a lot of weapons that are sold illegally because there's certain things like Texas and Ohio I think what I was still one of these -- -- and come back to New York committee cranked right. Well you know look it's easy if you're a bad guy it's easy to get a -- I mean I. You can make a pistol out of sheet metal and plumbing supplies if you buy it go home people in the Asian terror and destruction. On the Internet how to do it you can do it in about an afternoon looking to make it's ridiculous -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyway. -- I'm glad you called in -- with -- stand for freedom and it isn't guns to kill people it's Democrats who kill people. I mean that's. Wrong and going in reported okay all right -- I agree -- -- is it Democrats -- that's like a chuckle in the background there so. There yet guys anymore or like that anymore and then. You -- You you're nothing Java and I went there to Obama. I it was a Republican and I said you know what you guys are as bad as anything I've ever -- so while I am now officially independent individual -- I know you've got to get ready for your -- war and here's the right bald behavior. As I'm going to enjoy tonight at my home. And what I wanted to ask you is can you list the court dates to which we as gun owners and even if you're not a -- voted -- I respect those liberals and ACLU types who say you know what. We don't agree with -- as far as owning guns but we agree with your right to own guns and they will join -- I mean it's been very encouraging to meet and -- for people who actually identified themselves as liberals who said you know what you guys are right. This is about our constitution. And if they can take your guns -- somebody like a George Bush could take my freedom of speech so we are all in this together liberals and conservatives even if you just don't know yet. Yeah yes absolutely and I respect every on the civil libertarians. Who makes the argument. You know they. Our constitutional rights rise and fall together and what I column from a lot of people. Lot of lot of people that I went to law school district that were created. Usually didn't know much stock on or how they function and what we need to do. It's two quarters Robertson futures educate people. And not get frustrated with him. You know I'd probably take from intruding. You make gone on in life they. Realize that these guns are not mysterious objects but not the debt trade they're not nuclear bombs there is useful tools they can be. 01 source -- recreation. Or a critical element of one stroke occurrence and that would he be out there. There's a lot of pseudoscience. A lot of conclusion and we plan on dealing with day in court cases coming up on January. -- As the New York's east could course you are both excellent work justice -- All right and that Max and you have to go on I have to go to traffic. I love your brother you have a happy new year please give the best to your dad and everybody at the trust in law Furman Rus Thompson want you to call him a become -- is bitch. Right thanks very much it would all. All right -- you. Are brother love you let's go to traffic right now -- Helen -- All right Allan thank you and I love balance to Alan is that -- -- in the -- the fan it's great that Allen is there because I love working with him in the afternoons because both of us know the area pretty well my bad spot is the south towns. I mean at Hamburg and Orchard Park I get lost. Allen doesn't. Anyway yeah AccuWeather we've got snow advisories in snow warnings in effect bottom line is between tonight and tomorrow. You're gonna freeze your man up and it will your lady your ovaries will be frozen. Which are -- -- and I believe female partner of the organ or whatever. But what I was gonna say here is anywhere from three inches to twelve inches and embrace the winter ski. Go snowboard. Enjoy yourself in this this is going to be sensational. I'm sure this weekend meaning that I'll be home alone on my couch with my cat watching old dragnet episode. It is 424. At news radio 930 WB and we're gonna continue this that after the break we're gonna do this and I've got some other stuff but it wanna talk about because I always told you guys announced activists as -- -- promise to you. I'm not going to give up on the NYC issue you give me an issue like this that you make it personal as is being done to me. And you as gun owners in New York State and I I'm not gonna give up but all's not going to overdo. You know I don't I told Greg Reid -- general manager Tim Moyer program director -- my passionate about the -- you're -- -- -- -- but -- also passionate about -- great -- And by the gun show every -- believe me I'll have a bravery strong audience of you know a thousand gun owners that everybody else is gonna be gone somewhere else to get something -- general. So I elected to general stuff but today with a script that decision the NYC acting makes a lot of sense I'll continue to calls on it but there are some other things to work really wanna branch out. And if you're frank who called earlier please you know hole that in the future. You will reconsider. Your position based not on emotion. But I'm logic because it logic rules your life I think you've got to side with me if you don't I'll take you out shooting sometime. It will go very very deep into the -- I mean about ten miles deep into the words I'll have a deep cold bug already. I'm getting frank you know the -- for casino member Joseph -- lot of problems in the does -- do what you gotta do it right but I have all first otherwise. A couple UB dig up all right. Number that casino great movie port 25 WBE and more calls coming up its New Year's -- this is it live program is not a passed up -- -- actually you're working today didn't expect that I'll be there. I. You don't like this you and Billy Ocean has witnessed the Billy Ocean over the do what he did with Phil Collins easy lover. And that brought to mind my favorite Phil Collins all the one you just heard against all odds for those who view it north of the border. It is -- it's 434 and happy new year to you I hope -- give us some good plans tonight actually I'm not really do on the hot -- -- at my house tonight. Actually I will be spending the evening alone. At -- with the cap on my lap watching dragnet reruns on TV with microwave popcorn is the main dinner course. I would be very exciting celebrity life. It is 434. At news radio and have. A I don't know obvious I don't know it was planned out that I I don't have a clue I just I don't know I just I've been crack pot don't take that in a good way. I've been in a really good way. I'm. I'm convinced that everybody listening to me right now. There are three things in life and no I'm not talking about the famous line from anchorman the legend of Ron Burgundy. There are three things in life I think everybody can do well your job is to know which three you do well. And I know to a thing to -- the things that I do real well and the third one on letting up to you about art let's go. Let's go to the calls here is a deadly in middle port Debbie you work on the and a hello all happy new year -- until the level. Yet -- Hilliard -- used to have them. I you know any kind of I don't know I was a man of mr. -- my questions are being -- away. Well the but you know what it because I saw your question on the screen that's why I asked him about the court date in the next big one is January 16 24 to eight. Okay and then I got more questions because it left and I talked to you and the mr. -- little ball problem there and -- studio. They rambled off a bunch. January dates that I could that right down -- not yes. Now -- we haven't heard Greg Miller the one that was well I. Okay -- here's what you wanna do here is what you wanna do you would want to write to info. IMF a info at Fresno and law dot com and they'll answer all your questions that individual cases that you have info at tribesman that law dot com. And if you -- don't have a computer just gonna hang up and it's almost when he fourteen might get started using a computer when he was in his late sixties early seventies so age will never be an excuse it's acceptable to me my father lived a -- leisure suit Larry and opposes a lesbian online to pick up other guys probably like lesbians. Now that we're all going to fix something case of dialogue. -- air and here in night out. Right right but you know what you got to the -- little -- all those dates in which you have an interest I don't have them my fingertips. There are okay and okay never lions -- -- -- better able to -- well. I'll. Always pumped up out -- and Hillary and I failure. No no it's not gonna be the hot cup thing I was joking about that I had enough of that on vacation but. What I was gonna say is is going to be a very sedate night at the -- households. Well I'm looking forward to January for that we can get them. They're stupid -- -- -- act thing going I think kicking them at. And we got to get -- -- wall ball out of office this is my mission in life now is to destroy Andrew Cuomo politically of course. I am literally and mine -- and and Obama but since the bigger issue. Obama's a dead issue because he's there he's he's gonna be president not the he's not gonna -- she's not gonna resign they -- pictures of him having cocaine sex with that you know eighty guys and -- still -- office out -- worry about it. Well they're pointing at Stupid and make them not go wild -- we might have a chance and an amendment. Election. Ford. On the president but right now we got to focus. I wouldn't count on that -- focus on New York State first the Republicans are dead issue and I suspect your next president will be named Hillary. Well we wanted to say that's what I think that's a logical conclusion I can draw because we've -- cannot. Yeah I wish I didn't have to say it but what you really think that that Ted Cruz is gonna beat Hillary Clinton know. You think that Marco Rubio is going to be Hillary Clinton know you think Chris Christie's gonna beat Hillary Clinton no -- one Republican who can beat Hillary Clinton. You'll as -- harmony. Happy to -- okay now. As I said and of course -- bothered to party knew it was you -- -- hearts released at all all right thank you very much. Like in order to have -- Cuban drinks Johnnie L -- his place. Mood for audio. Remember -- -- don't talk too much and then the minute he said Johnny always showed you this place Michael looked around like oh my god Prado was the trader. I do wish you. All right it is up hourly. -- the thinking about wrong about my dad. He hit a six cents a humor when he wanted to say and what are my most enduring stories about my father does what he told me about posing as a lesbian one of these online chat rooms and talking with other people. Pretend he usually has -- He just hit a six cents that you were organized it. -- use of funnyman my dad was a very funny man very stern man but a very funny man I inherited some of his weird it's definitely. All right here is some merit in Clarence on WB -- Mary you are on hello. -- -- don't term and they'll have to speak that you -- people don't -- calm down -- settled -- whatever -- very. The other -- that integrate it way you are. Well I get very passionate about freedom you have to understand. I don't gonna interrupt you one more time here -- because people are stupid and people take things for granted and don't ever think that freedom just happens naturally you've got to fight for freedom. Freedom is not the natural state government wishes you to be in government wishes to control you and you have to fight for freedom every step of the way like William Wallace did. And and like Martin Luther King did and like Frederick -- did and yes. I know that I'm not supposed to say this because obviously I'm a white racist because I have right wing views for the most part. But I have many African American I mean black people who are my personal heroes because they took it to the man when the man deserves to have taken total. -- -- -- Reply yeah I think it strictly -- Brooke and Eric Washington thought I'd sit and him here with ex patriots. And they like yeah I'm going I'm I'd be the president. We're not sure you can at the same question on I heard something -- one -- entering our camera and the detective said. -- -- It out of -- -- went. If you -- patent violation. Maybe you don't have to argue that back I have a. You don't have to -- You don't -- the president's advice is to only rolled under window I believe a quarter of the way or third of the way down and your license and registration to the officer that is all you have to do. I have a different take on I disagree with -- resonance about that and I was a top believe it or not for two or three months before it puts it out. All right and I don't wanna fight anybody I knew I can't -- people but I like I cannot punch somebody actually light. OK I got to be really angry at somebody to get into this place that's a liability with me and I would've made a good cop. And I don't like it -- tag with somebody title like that's easy but somebody I -- like I camp or so that was my reputation as the cal which really is. I guess that's what probably was true and I I accept that and life goes up but. No it though it is it is because like I do karate in that box that make no sense to me that still doesn't make sense to me but in any event people have seen in action they know that I've I have actually grown -- set the past twenty years. But let me just say this I understand how police officers that. And if if I'm a police officer I don't want surprises. I don't wanna be surprise I don't want some guy to turn his body and I and I see a gun in day in -- in a holster on his left side. That is gonna freak me out I'm going to feel threatened because I didn't know there is a gun in the car. And as a police officer you instantly then are gonna effect. Oh crap you know what do I got myself into it and my advice and I'm not a lawyer but I do understand the way cops think. I will always -- -- -- of people told me not to do this but I disagree with with what they're telling me because I think I get cops better than they do. I will always -- -- If I am -- over and I don't get pulled over because I follow the rules of the road. Or don't get caught when I don't but. -- what I was gonna say is I will always if -- -- -- officer for your protection and receive the I want you to know that I do have a weapon on me I am licensed to carry the weapon I am not a threat to -- And there is no violation of the law taking place and immediately. Immediately the guy. Or and or woman in uniform is gonna say OK I think we have a decent citizen here may be of this grant courtesy because the guys obviously be enough for a unless the guys you know of a deal Sweden. 5% cops are a holes and there's no news it's always gonna be the case because you are human beings in police were 95% of them are good guys unfortunately some of them get lazy but that's just the way it goes it happens with radio people and lawyers to. I hear it -- It. Okay I've heard news good friend Harry tactic that -- your weapons now but then. I'm not happy. The it's okay is that it's speech advocate and they act because. I want it being here and don't care I don't think. All of them now although speaking out and when they're allowed to -- -- that -- magazine. On the ballot and it felt like I some different week. No I would not allow them to do that now see that's that's there's a distinct line there. There is an absolutely distinct line there. They know myself -- see -- nothing don't know that. Whether or not they know it you have to go on the record as saying that you do not consent to a search of your vehicle or your personal without probable cause or without war. And and you have and you have to make it clear that you're not consenting to a search because that's gonna go. Or should go on something called a 71034. Which will be a record of everything you said the officer which will be used in court and again I'm not a lawyer but please understand the position of a police officer. And then again I'm honored that I got so many cops were friends and a lot of these guys agree with everything I say. About freedom and about and -- it in about their role in society they didn't sign up. -- sign up to be the Gestapo they signed up primarily because it was a calling and it was something that they want it to do. But I understand how police officers think and and I don't think if you're going up to a car at 3 in the morning. And you called in the play. -- right and of course at that exact moment of the of the computer's gonna go down you're not even know you're dealing with. The last surprises you have the better and the more you can make a police officer feel comfortable that you're not a threat. The better off you're going to be in fact recently let me just something does happen in my own property. I was not even a I was not eve -- a driving on the road but my neighbors -- prowler in the abortions. And they called the police my neighbors did not me this doesn't involve me. And so when the police officer was walking my driveway I was in the exact that moment of feeding my cat. And I saw the I -- the flashlight that looked like it was the topic of into the -- of that at the trespass -- and that they call the police. And I said that the police excuse -- serious feeding my cat and I left of -- that I know that sounds dirty. And then it's an officer I want you to know I am armed. And he said you know where is that it's it's my right it's my right hip I'm not a threat the and immediately. Immediately. Any concern he had went out the window because he too hard because the upfront with me so so repeat what what -- just imagine this permit. Just gonna get put yourself the -- shoes. You're walking up the driveway. Neighbors that complained about a problem you see this long haired guy in a cowboy hat and a and a leather jacket in a garage leaning over your first thought would be. Eight I order this is the right. Right and if I had gotten up with my silver timber 45. I might have been perceived as a threat so I encourage people you know there's there's two is a look at at this there's the -- -- man's way. And you know -- they have their opinion and their lawyers and there's my way which is coming from a perspective of somebody who understands police officers psychology better than I think most any civilian can't. Like your -- yet okay. -- -- -- -- Yeah you have to make your own decision I mean as a female a lot of times you're not going to be perceived. Immediately as as much of a threat as a male. Actually -- I'm. Older I mean yeah it I don't see. And when I walked up to a police officer let's let's say I'm on the street and take a walk victory in the war and a cop pulls up to me it's as they have to go. I will always show them my bare hands and alternative for forward and backward so they know that I'm I'm I'm not armed and I'm not a threat. See that's the -- -- a cop you don't want people to be threatening you and you don't want surprises you don't want that. And you -- you know we have the -- police some breaks because seriously too many officers have been lost because of complacency and somebody who they thought was a good citizen turned out to be -- freaking -- Accept stop he is that yet after the. So up again and if -- police officer and you wanna disagree with what I've said I'd love to hear forgive I think I've got your psychology down pretty well to amazing with free multiply -- can't beacon group. It was out. All right thanks very much looking at that you're too happy new year happy new year happy new year I need to break otherwise Alan Harris will wait until the new year to do was extra effort report we've got an accident on the ninety. To tell you about which we will do in two minutes on WB Ian. All right mr. Allen and of course if but you see any major traffic shenanigans going out of their Mongolian clustered. Dance shenanigans always feel free to call our hotline. -- 303218030321. And that if -- -- -- tried to do that's does that take over the afternoon show is I don't really worry about the smaller stuff with traffic but when it's -- huge it will go wall to wall. You know because there's more elected traffic but you know regular regular haven't been dry -- and then drive time radio long -- capital times and had a chance to screw up really really big show. So it is a New Year's G-20 thirteen you're listening to -- live on WB EM. And I want to thank the great crew I've got -- today with Chelsea at master control -- to have a fabulous job even if the computers are cooperating for much today. -- -- like seriously if you hear a mistake it's not Chelsea it's the computer seriously -- and I know that and not that there been any mistakes the computer maybe has made some mistakes and that Tyler -- the second best looking man at the radio station. Is your calls -- today let's get back to the calls on a WB yen and and before we do that folks. I just wanna put 888 helicopter too by liberal listeners who ordinarily would hate. Folks. We are in this together. Because you might not light. The Second Amendment and the fact that it has been decreed that it has been established in our law. -- Wright has been recognized by our foundational law known as the Second Amendment you might not like that. But you know what -- might be some things you as a leftist liberal might say that I don't like either so am I supposed to take away the First Amendment. -- well. So to my liberal enemies. Who at least are fair enough to give me a shot no figurative finger but. Seriously think about it we are in this together we -- either gonna have freedom together or were going to be and servitude together. And I invite you liberals to join with those of us who are not. The stereotypical. You know fat cat Republicans you've been brainwashed into thinking we all are if you saw me you'd think I was -- you. But -- It's I mean I don't look like -- looked like a rock star. And people cannot believe that a conservative area but I. And and that's that deterrent from Rachel wells it was a brilliant political pundit who writes frequently on my package. And she's got she's got an IQ of it's far beyond mine. And that's adds up. Let's go to. Oh by the way don't they get. Stratospheric IQ from the guy who grabbed eight checks hair thing with his bare hands when it was like 800 degrees. Yeah that's intelligence Korea. Now here's the it and buffalo WB and -- -- Yes you're. Best Libya. Speaker now. I'm not. You know I've been listening to the ministry whose vision. We -- and -- find myself from being an awful lot there's like a watch him come. And I have a couple points. You're you're you're gonna say something and that's like you forgot here here's what -- do. And Steve trust me state just a whole lot of it just just trust me. I want -- hold on through the news break I want you to make notes for yourself. And I will be happy to talk with you after the news -- has after the news break now that you major initial statement believe me just take some deep long breath is gonna be a lot easier to talk on the radio I'm doing this to help you not to be a deal wheat -- on hold make notes for yourself and we'll just -- up on the other side -- you agree -- disagree with -- -- I I would appreciate it if you do that I can't -- time out of my -- it's 456 at WB.

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