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12-30 Larry Hunter Show Hour 1

Dec 30, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is we're not yet okay ready go. It's a Larry under -- W media. You know seen as the wind sand either way it's Larry under NW media rights I should do -- -- an order forgot to grab your intro that I was sitting here thinking about a for the last five minutes and rivers are -- that. Let's go -- everybody Larry under for sandy beach for today and tomorrow sandy comes back next year right here under his radio and Turkey at. Well Chris has been off for a a couple of days. Although I sure some people might say Chris is an offer few months now. But now I wouldn't do that creek Chris and I were to how many years have we work together. Long it's -- -- -- -- event here seven and a half years that we've we've kind of -- -- -- -- that the actors we we used to work together on -- yeah probably back in 06 when it started it and I've been here thirteen years October storm of course all. Yeah of course while. Was that something was it 2006 there was a sixty S -- I was here for about four months and that happened I was working like twelve hour days it and you and I had a tough night that that -- I think we were seven hours straight you'll always Jerry. That -- and I came in to relieve cheery in the morning yeah. So I can't remember. You were -- dominate -- -- camera review worry I think you're gone by that. And they started are really early but I worked with you the next night you're still more divorced still wasn't quite back yeah it's not easy doing seven straight hours overnight. When you're not formally Eustace to sleeping. And you didn't bring them food and Libya I'll never forget that night when when they called in about 12:30 in the morning after I'd been on two and a half hours. And said -- Larry can you hang in another hour or so it's like sure. And then they called them and said you know that's the story is pretty bad can't can -- hang in a little while longer. And then it was like Susan rose was a calling me. And asking which was the best way to trying get to work because the -- was basically shut down. And but John made it -- Jack and the mustard and he got his dog sled all hooked up and got into work in that act over story. I don't know how he did that I didn't timer every time get that it took me like two hours. And -- -- our whole power lines down -- -- -- I was come -- from Easter roar of that but the story was shut down. Soul. I tried cutting through Lancaster. Lake through Broadway. And that was a disaster arm over. A guy power lines -- bring him down and and a tractor trailer pulled some doubt in front and resorted to you to earn and I made it in eventually it was it was bad I didn't leave I think I got here. Maybe around like 11 o'clock on it and leave until I. 3 in the morning and for those who. Got hit by that October storm it'll be something that the tell us the grandkids years down the road and fortunately. Because of our technology today there is plenty of video -- to show people in in years gone by so in the year. 2106. They will have the hundredth anniversary. Of the October storm. And I wonder if they'll even be talking about it and he went hey Chris say Europe football fan I'm bills' season ticket holder. You watch the game yesterday I did because of the sabres game always in and out of at a lot more than -- usually -- normally -- -- from start to finish Bart. I saw a lot of that's our eyes I tapped out for a while once it was 163 -- -- watch a little bit more hockey but. I saw the goofy Brady -- on the team come back and make it 1610 and now. But I'm pulling away in the fourth quarter just bad tackling and defense and special teams and missed opportunities -- Reporters -- like yeah I've IE. I think Randy bush over could've gotten through some of those holes for New England the offensive line there there. The bills. Rushing defense basically didn't exist yet you and I could ram thrown together -- and -- not. A fast guy he's big but he shouldn't be breaking off runs of 3040 yards like Genentech -- runs or anything he's he's too big to -- from now. Yeah there's no question about that but I I did see a team that didn't give op and and I have watched the bills over the years where the last game of the season. Was just complete blowout and and I think this team kept fighting the offense did it just the defense that couldn't grab oldest problem. Yeah I mean I don't think it was for lack of effort and defense I just don't think they have the talent defensively and don't have the depth. I think they're starters are okay and defense debate you lose a couple got days and you know Kiko Alonso had a great year but I think he kind of wore down late it's his first NFL season or your didn't entered game fifteen and sixteen when he playing college twelve games and take a month off for reclaim the ball game. This team didn't give up all season really am in LA had a couple really bad defeats but for the most part the dealers were more watchable this year than I have been a long time. No no -- no question about it they came back against New England in the first game and almost -- that they came back. And took Cincinnati into overtime if there's 11 difference I think between. The team and organization this year compared to the last couple years even though the record it is the same wan the won loss record. I think he can say. There were games that people got to the point where we felt. We've still got a chance here where we're not giving up and I think we saw that in the players and I think part of it is the players believe in this coaching staff. I like to coaching staff a lot like Doug -- allotted just think he's got a lot of passion he seems to know what's going on he knows what he wants. And there's only so much a new coach is going to be able to do -- -- organization and especially one that's been in the dumps as long as of the bills have been in his first year. I think you saw a lot of progress especially on the defense side of the ball. And offensively like you said -- they didn't give up and despite the deficiencies at receiver in a tight end at times and a quarterback to really mean manual missed six games and Ted Lewis. Is that a practice squad player until this season so. You've done a lot he did a lot with a very little. Offensively. You know I. Have to compliment him using three different quarterbacks. And tool -- two rookies. And yet this team was in most of the games of the one weakness I I think needs to be addressed. And especially in the coaching staff is the special teams. Special teams has been. Yesterday was terrible but there have been times this season where maybe it's just one play. But it's a huge blaze and it swings the momentum. And it seems to happen more weeks than not where our team will get a big return -- buffalo needs a big stop. Are you and it's all over the place it's not just kick off its kick up its -- sometimes you know. Will get a big return and there will be a panel leonidas and -- problems all across the special teams. All the little things is really add up and it just I don't. I haven't looked at stepped out of the stats are in for enemy but it didn't feel like we've had a very good special teams here a lot of missed opportunities and plays left out there. I can elect Bruce -- and I was hoping that they would have kept him. But. This guy they brought in I mean his track record for special teams was -- to begin with. And I think you just -- reinforced his ability. That to show that he really you know does not. Is not capable of doing the job I think he had some talent on special teams I just think. At some point. You know over the years -- with Steve tasker back in the ninety's I mean we were so proud of our special teams in the job they did. And it is so I think been the biggest let down in the organization over the last few years. Point even yesterday that it right after the bills made it 1610 there was an enormous returns and New England basically. It's a swallow it was like the twenty yard line Iran a couple plays set up for field goal. And then another special teams play you'd jump off sides and and scored a test or and after Nazis have the the huge special teams play to get him down into the red zone. And and another huge special teams -- to basically handed him a touchdown when you when you haven't stopped for the three points it's just one thing after another. Marcel Darius seems to have a problem with time in general he can't make it to meetings on time and that he comes to quick. Before the ball is snapped on fourth down it's pretty said he said something along the lines of thought he wanted to make up for the fact he wasn't there in the first half. So he was geared up any -- of jumping and I could see how that could happen but that's just your compounding mistakes at that point it's also stupidity. I'm sorry for someone who makes a six figure seven figure salary at stupidity. At selfishness. I think if at some point. There are probably members of this team. Who our -- him -- future act together and maybe act isn't the right word but what we can use on the radio or especially after last week you -- a quarter last week. And then you thought it was over the they announce them on television as a starter from a mistaken. And their report they came down and it wasn't playing came maybe up to three minutes into the game suspended for the entire half so. Its side it hasn't gotten better from week to week hopefully now me he says that guy. You know he got deported -- I guess we'll see going forward because you'd think you would have gotten after the first suspension now. No doubt about that was San Diego made the playoffs was their record 88 or or did they make it to nine -- and they didn't make it to nine and seven if they loss. I'm Nate -- team what -- have a payment they almost lost to via. To the Kansas City Chiefs back ups but they managed to pull out a win in overtime they almost lost though in regulation San Diego RC's meet. Kansas City mystic -- I saw that as time expired so it was it wasn't wide right it was inches. Anyway it's stayed straight to there is no hook at all to. And a interesting day yesterday in the National Football League well we gets either the playoffs and in the Super Bowl comes to. New joy easy in in February. The home of the new joy easy giants in the new GO easy jets. So that'll be fun to see what the weather is like him in February. And there's a lot of predictions that it could be kind of inappropriate well in inclement. I guess would not inappropriate it it's winter right can come up so they get some little smell. Actor I remember scene on NFL films. Championship games in Green Bay and and the new York and stuff and it's no and it's like you know was it was fun it was fun to watch so. We'll get to see hey Chris how would you like to fly -- safe from New York City to Los Angeles. Round trip. For what what lol what would you say would be a reasonable price. I don't fly often. Bought out of what -- 600 boxes -- in my way over shooting at now now that that sounds pretty reasonable to me. When we come back I'll tell you how some people got a round trip from New York to Los Angeles. 440 dollars it's. -- on an airplane. 8030930. Is our number start 930 is a free calling yourself we're going to be talking about. Game mean. Gamble lane this morning. But will talk about. A couple of other things when we come back after the break sandy beach -- Larry -- good morning -- Show will be shaken not stirred that ethic ethic and James Bond. As. There been any. Movie. Consistency. Of any one character. For -- longer than James Bond over the years I don't think so when it there's. I don't even know how many at this point in the twenties at least right in it started what in 1962. Yes I think you're correct I think was the first James Bond movie. And then well what what was the first movie it was -- that doctor -- doctor now. Was it Ursula Andrews. To check down and it doesn't matter anyway it. And gold finger. And remember gold finger that that was those who I think the first one I've ever sell. But almost. When you know forty years. And how many different bonds have -- been quite a few. Before we get to today's topic there is one thing that just really. Ticked me off more than anything else. This past weekend I mean -- absolutely infuriated. Me. That the Buffalo News would knowingly and willingly line. But then again. I thought about the source. And it was. -- Yet this is a newspaper. That would put a story on the back page about a talent. Receiving eighteen million dollars. Yeah which is what they did last week when. Amherst recouped eighteen million dollars in the Buffalo News put it on the very back page. Of the cities and regions action. And now. In the opinion area. This past Saturday. The Buffalo News says and I quote. Well he did it President Obama finally came through on his promise to sign up for obamacare. That's a line. That's a complete line. The president symbolically. In a role. In the health care insurance exchange. They left out one key word to the entire activity itself. And which plan. Did the president symbolically. Sign up for the cheapest one. Fifth. And did he sign up as family -- old. Did the Buffalo News tell you any of that in their opinion section on Saturday know why. Because you're so damn bites. You're willing to lie. And mislead. Those who actually take the time to read this. I accidentally found it because someone pointed out to me. So I took it out of the birdcage in -- look at this -- other line again. C'mon guys. Don't you have any pride whatsoever. -- I. Don't you have any pride what so ever. That you're still willing to just lie for this president who has lied consistently to the American public. Shame on you. You should be embarrassed. All right. There was someone has to tell the truth. Really. -- There's a big difference between did something and symbolically. Did something. -- evidence didn't the president also say. Is the family would save 2500. Dollars under the Obama insurance program 2500 dollars a year. And that was a complete lie to. Wound. -- You may have heard it last week. That the Seneca Niagara casino. Opened up a section. At the casino for. Eighteen year olds and older. Chris. I don't noted -- have you. Ever abandon the any casino or are you a gambler at all. I used to go to the casino a lot when I was younger our before there was a casino here I in the states around here. I would go up to Canada when I was like nineteen inch one and there was -- it was a lot of fun back then. I still enjoy the idea of it but now that I have a lot less disposable income with the idea of saving them money is a lot more appealing -- gambling award. Him. When the Seneca Niagara casino opened up. Yet to be 21. To gamble there. And that. So was that. A deterrent for free you always is that something that. Offended you with that you you couldn't gamble. On our side of the river. Didn't bother me I was nineteen I think in Canada because it was semester during your agent and to be -- he was just kind of fun going up to Canada. When we're younger anyway -- it was a lot easier to get across the border back then it was. Late ninety's so would be -- -- that it's difficult now but it's you know it's a little more annoying and nerve -- now or even what. Twelve years after nine elevenths just. More question used to be able to just drive across basically have no problem and always in retrospect might not have been the safest thing in the world about it. So Chris your he your younger than I am and so I'm I'm leaning. -- Ullah a little bit for this but. In Las Vegas switches. I think when people think of gambling they they think of Las Vegas you have you ever been to Las Vegas I have not -- -- -- I've been a number of times I used to have to ago. I know there's somebody -- what do you mean had to go I used to have to go to Las Vegas twice a year. For a trade show for my business because it was held in the Las Vegas convention center so I had to go to Los -- I didn't have to. Go to the casinos I didn't have to gamble but I did have to go to Las Vegas when you tell people you go to Las Vegas. Most of them -- right away here you're going to to gamble which is understandable because that's what it's famous for gaming. Okay. But. The legal gaming -- in Las Vegas is 21. And they are pretty damn strict. About it you can see security people all over checking IDs. Of anyone who looks to be almost. Thirty and under. I mean they they are very concerned because of the rules and regulations out there they have very strict laws even though it appears. Because of the volume of gaming and casinos and and hotels. Not just in Las Vegas and Laughlin in in Reno and Carson City I mean that they're all over Nevada. It's not just Las Vegas where where you can gamble in fact they even have slot machines and grow Sri stores. Ed Roberts or side they they have slot machines at the airport when you get off the plane. The first thing you -- When mainly remained. That slot machines all over the place so it's it's a bear but. You have to be 21. And for years. It was 21 here and now they have reduced it to eighteen. Why. Reduce it. Well. According to the presidency. All of Seneca gaming corporation Kathy walker. She says. This new gaming opportunity. Gives us being the Seneca nation. A unique controlled location. By which to introduce younger customers to all of the excitement available. At the Seneca Niagara casino. The excitement. Of losing. Money. The Indians. Are very comfortable. Selling you cigarettes. If you die you die they don't care. And now they seem to be very comfortable encouraging teenagers. To gamble. And have financial hardships because the truth issues. And this is a famous saying in Las Vegas. They didn't build it. Thanks to winners. They built it because the majority of people lose money gaining. Now. I've played slot machines I've played table games I've played poker. And I've done it when I had the finances. To do so. Fortunately. I -- feel that I have enough responsibility and knowledge to know. If I can afford it and if I can't. Something that it appears most teenagers. Really do not. Since economics is not taught very well and high school. Or college. As we have seen so many young people today get in trouble with charge cards alone. Now. They have an added legal advice. Of gaming at 1819. And twenty. And I wanna ask you. Do you think. It's right. I don't. And I'll be straightforward and and honest I I think. Young people. Have enough problems and enough responsibility. And it is important. That they be mature enough to handle. A situation like losing. Hundreds or thousands of dollars. Would be ATM machines around and with charge cards that teenagers have. And the irresponsibility. Some of them seem to have when it comes to charge cards. We could see. A real serious problem with the news. And I have a problem -- I think this is just another way the Seneca nation is showing their disrespect. And greed. And it's all about the money. It's all about them and every way in any way that they can make more money and everybody else's expense. Gambling for an eighteen year old is not entertainment. It's not. Come on let's be honest here. Gambling for an eighteen year old is not entertainment if you're 3040 or fifty and you have a full time job and some extra incoming -- wanna gamble let's entertainment. But can you. Tell me how many teenagers. Have sufficient funds to gamble for the purpose of entertainment. This is another way like selling cigarettes to hook people on something to make the senate is rich. And I have a problem with it. 8030930. Is our number star 930 is a free call on your cell. Do you think eighteen year olds. 1920. Year olds are mature enough. To go to what casino and game and gamble responsibly. I sure don't. Worry you. At 1890 leader Tawny. Take a look back remember what it was like in your senior year high school your first year college. Did you have enough extra funds. To gamble. And considerate entertainment. We'll take a break come back and news -- 930 WB EEN. -- news radio 930 WB Ian were about five minutes away from news -- top of the hour Larry hotter in today. For sandy beach will be in tomorrow as well and then sandy comes back on. Thursday. January the second. That your New Year's Eve plans all taken care of would it be possibly spent at the casino. I'm sure a lot of people will be doing -- Gambling. It can be fun. OK some people Hussein. How can you have fun losing money. Well gambling and it is a chance to win money which is to draw usually lose money but. I look at it this way I've gone to movies. Set through movie for two hours. Bought some popcorn. At what a hundred dollars a bucket. And it felt like I wasted my money. I've gone to a restaurant. And had dinner and thought what awaits this one's. So. I feel that as an adult. Who has some extra income. If I want to go to a casino and like blackjack. Play letter ride. Puts them in a slot machine or or play poker tournament. It's my money. And I have a right to do so. Sometimes I have a good time sometimes I am I'm disappointed because the person next to me hit the jackpot. That happened in Vegas they won 25000. Dollars machine right next to peak at. Like. No all I I know what some people are thinking. No I didn't play that machine and then leave -- for the other one. No I I sat down for the one machine and and the people playing the machine next to me 125000. Dollar jackpot. And and it was great to see them -- period they were probably in their thirties. Young couple they were happy and cheering that it was kind of undersea. But I've gotten to a point in my life for I feel. That I can walk into a casino and be comfortable. With the knowledge of how I shouldn't. Spend my money and if need be when I should stop. Do you think eighteen year olds are capable of doing the same thing. Seriously. Were you capable. Of doing that being able to make those kind of financial decisions. When you were eighteen just out of high school -- your first year college. Did you have extra money. To go to a casino. And gamble I doubt it. I sure didn't. So now the Seneca Niagara casino. Has opened up an area. Where 1819 and twenty year olds can now gamble away their money can now get addicted. At an early age can put themselves in total financial jeopardy. For years and years to come why. Why are they doing this. There's no other casino in New York State that that allows. People 121. To gamble. The turning stone casino which opened up in 1993. East of Syracuse. Near exit 33 on the -- Has grown to be a vacation venue in many ways. They have entertainment. They have I believe the largest bingo hall and in New York State. They have I think three golf courses. Hotel. Hey a number of activities. For people to calm. And make it somewhat of a vacation destination. They don't allow 1819 and twenty year -- to gamble in the casino. I I respect them for that. Every state that allows -- mean are gambling that every state that has a casino. Adjacent to New York State. Does not allow anyone under 21 to gamble. In a casino Connecticut. -- Connecticut has casinos. You have to be 21. New Jersey. Day. Everybody knows Atlantic City has had gambling now a sense what the eighties. Casinos. New Jersey you have to be 21. To gamble -- a casino Pennsylvania. You have to be 21. Seneca Niagara. 181. Do you think they did this. Why do you think. They. Took an area in the casino. And walled it off. So there is no alcoholic beverages. But so teenagers. Can gamble 8030930. Is our numbers are 930 is a free call on your cell. Because we got a break for news added wanna start. With a phone call and then have to interrupt it's that when we come back we will start with your phone calls here on the sandy beach show would Larry hunter.

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