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Predictions 2014 with Rob Astorino

Dec 29, 2013|

on his possible gubernatorial race

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-- takes its hard line on news radio nine. You being here now here's W. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB and we're taking predictions about 2014. In the world of news and politics. 8030 -- there is number as a program unfolds between now and Meet the Press at twelve noon we'd love to have you on board with whatever you think is going to happen in the coming year. We haven't yet touched much on the state we will get to that this hour. And if we are talking about what could happen in the coming here. That's the perfect time to bring in drop pass to Reno. Rob is the Westchester County executive he's been talking about running for governor against Andrew Cuomo on the Republican line. He's been going through Republican events across the state including those here. In the buffalo area and so we bring him on to look ahead a little bit when he fourteen. -- -- Reno thanks for joining us. I'm doing great. How likely is it that we you'll run and what you think you still have to do before you ultimately make that decision. Well you're right that was out -- Actually out in -- because here in Westchester County almost everything it's up around it for them but from our perspective but clearly I was in the dirty about a week ago -- Went to the Erie county a Republican dinner and had a chance to meet with several hundred people. It was a great day I was there early in the morning and met with donors and that -- -- Carl Paladino and -- with the Buffalo News. A lot of people I've already net in the last couple of years because that county executive. You know we do need people around the state frequently because of our county -- association. Common meetings that we go to common issues like mandates that were all dealing with. And that's sort of what binds -- together. But it was a great day and that continues. You know I've been getting a lot of calls from around the state over the last month or so. Urging meter runner considerate including from some Democrats and so it's something that obviously consider. That's interesting you mentioned Democrats because conventional wisdom is for a Republican to take the state. They would have to peel off some New York City Democrats in addition to a strong showing up around here in Western Europe you see that happening if he ran. I think it could certainly happen -- happen here in Westchester twice you know I ran. In here in Westchester similar it is of little more population Westchester but it's very similar to one Democrat. The you know the election 2009 when I. Took -- that the democratic machine three term incumbent with heavily heavily funded. Nobody thought we can get anywhere close I was 25 points down to start the race. And we won by sixteen and I governed like a Republican over these last four years yeah we had major deficit in this county. We -- the highest taxed county in America. And I basically said enough is enough you know we live within our means we're gonna tackle these problems that treat people like adults tell them what the problem -- and tell them how we're gonna get out of it. We made some very difficult choices but it had to be made. And that was the right ones and the counties that did not make those decisions to cities that did not make those decisions to sort of bury their heads in the sand. They're flirting with bankruptcy or they're flirting with the control board were. 40% tax increases. Last four years we cut taxes county property taxes are down in Westchester County for the first time in a long long time. Spending in a real way. I walked in the budget was one point eight billion dollars to one point seven billion today so we can just hold the rate of growth to a lower level we cut. So we live within our means and and yet. Despite all of that. I got reelected in a deep blue to one county. But fourteen point margin so we won. Because we were honest with people. We showed leadership. We make tough choices and we also build coalitions and that's how it would be to win a statewide race. I'm very proud of the people say what are you most proud. I'm on the election. If I'm most proud that we build coalitions. To win you know as a Republican I was told once and that. I'll never forget this I was told. Don't go there they won't vote for you okay sit there and they can be anything you want. And I -- of course it wouldn't vote for me because I've never introduce myself to and they don't know anything about me and so I went to very democratic areas. I went to our city's that tend to not vote Republican. We asked Muslim Americans chewing -- our campaign. Hispanic. African Americans you name it. As a result we ended up with about 25% of the African American vote and 60% of the Hispanic vote. I speak Spanish and that that helps but you know what also helps to be respectful. To be inclusive. And to have a message. That resonates. Across the board not just you know picking achieved in different messages everywhere you go that got ally. Govern and that's not who I -- it's it's one message is where one county. Or in this instance if -- -- run for governor we're one state. If you're talking about coalitions I have to ask you about potential opposition. You mentioned you met with Carl Paladino he has talked about running on the conservative line for governor. And in the process possibly stealing a heck of a lot of votes from the Republican Party he said he won't do that Islam is a nominate. A true blooded conservative and he's also talked about the idea of having candidate in there. That would challenge. -- -- us the Republican leader of the senate and Brian -- the assembly Republican leader. Would you go as far as denouncing those two guys in order to keep Paladino out of the race and advance your own. Well Carl and I have had been very. Fruitful meaningful substantive discussions. Throughout the last four years by the way when he ran night I was up. In buffalo. For the county cricket association meeting in the national the -- -- state association of counties meeting. And that was during his campaign and call nine net. We've stayed in touch by phone in and that again. In buffalo. We can have to go. And you know Carlson by eight. Is this fight and I told them that as -- yes I would run for governor. I cannot be focused on ten different things I have to set my sites on one and out of the Governor Cuomo and why I think. There needs to be a big change because. It's the same old same old with just some you know -- gloss on it. And a couple headlines. But fundamentally this state is still going in a decline and you just look at it. -- you know we're losing jobs left and right all over the state. The jobs that were gone. I do believe they can come back. But the governors try to pick and choose who wins here that's not how we all win. We have to win. But make sure we have a structure in this state were businesses want to come in and that's not to have to be lured. You know and hope that these days they'll come in just like the art understates. If it's a good business climate and we've gone from 49 to fiftieth and it is no more room to get any worse we are the worst in the state right now. -- highest taxes income taxes property taxes you know shell games -- not gonna do it we need fundamental change and that's what I would do -- I got there and -- believes that too. So -- are on the same page in just about everything. But -- -- -- cost -- -- fight and I told that this would be for one guy in LB Governor Cuomo. Carl has said that if he does run he would possibly announces he did the last time around. I'm going to stay or sometime in the spring what's your timetable. And you know I think over the coming weeks. I'll certainly be sitting down and they have -- Donors in and political folks around the state. Continuing to take the call to make the calls. The response has been very good I can tell you that. And show. You know whether it's around Easter time or before that I would say it's it would certainly. I really have a timetable would be -- -- honestly answer questions and I think at this point it's just let's see how it goes go to the process. And do it right and actually what I'm trying to do. Artistry and asked Reno thanks for joining us this morning. Good luck to the bills today in a New England. Amen to that thanks that. When Utley -- the fish already ferret out right after you know the Westchester County executive talking about a run for governor. Of New York State against Andrew Cuomo. 8030930. The number when we resume the program after the break here more with Bruce risky from SUNY buffalo state more from our voices Jeff Kelly. Your predictions 28030930. What do you think will happen. In the world of news and politics and 2014. And will bring in a couple of all the correspondence to kick that around two. All straight ahead it's hard line on news radio 930 W. You have. WB EN 9:30 AM as buffalo as ways choose. Means it is a New Year's prediction party. 8030930. They keep on heartland this morning still in studio with us we have our voices Jeff Kelly and SUNY buffalo states Bruce Bruschi. If you'd like to join us we're gonna shift the discussion now to -- predicting what happens in Albany. But guys before we do that wanted to kick around a little bit about what we just heard with rob asked to -- Westchester County executive. Who is toying with them probably will run for governor against Andrew Cuomo Bruce what's your take on what -- interstate and. I would've asked him you know what where he sees Cuomo being weak or former ball. And I think he answered that. Jobs in taxes so -- you know he's got to have some sort of a campaign strategy -- no he hasn't been nominated yet but if he were to be. He seems to think that those are the two areas where drug the governor's week. And and in response -- governor will point to his economic development efforts such as the ones -- is made here in Western Europe. Including the big 250 million dollar investment in green energy. -- waterfront and mean you can you can you can bet that he'll -- to do -- about a tax break really soon this year in the spring. But for those who weren't with us at the top of the program one of the predictions that Jeff let -- off -- it is the idea that buffalo mayor Byron brown could be moving to a new job. -- possibly probably may be in Albany. That would make incoming City Council president Darius -- in the interim mayor now the reason I'm mentioning it here in the context of the Albany discussion is. Governor Cuomo clearly this past year has gone out of his way to embrace Western New York. Adding a west New York mayor particular what would certainly be a way to. After that Sherwood you know it is he is stung by the fact that Carl Paladino. Swept Western New York. He doesn't if if he is a presidential hopefully it does not want to appear weak. In any region of the state -- you know he chose chosen upstate governor for his lieutenant governor candidate first. First time around for one -- code with with someone like Byron brown who has an incredibly. Efficient and powerful political machine here he can turn out votes he can insure. That what happened the last time doesn't happen. But we we don't have to look at a map to note that Erie and that county. Are only two counties out of 57 in the entire state does he really need this or. Is it as I think I -- -- just suggest or is that a hint that he still in the back of his mind might have presidential aspirations. Sure I I think of course it does is if a lot can happen between now and and and the next presidential race. And Hillary Clinton I agree is probably gonna announce and I think she's going to be a strong candidate but who knows what could happen. Focus was on the -- talking predictions first risky. Andrew Cuomo running for president -- and -- Why did it at the outset of the she'll -- indicated no. Not this time around especially Hillary's camp there's no way that if Hillary. Does declare that that he's got any chance in hell so I -- I just don't see that. But I -- would just that I think that he can't look weak in any part of his own state. Bringing in somebody like Byron brown. Would would really help and if you think you've seen the governor a lot this year wait till next year if you know if -- -- the idea about the the tax situation to a lowering taxes. Yes and you know this is the same thing that plagued Nelson Rockefeller when he wanted to be president right that's right you -- he didn't want appear weak in any part of the state that's right and he had a huge problem just as every every governor always does with Western New York. They don't -- -- -- thirties and number I apologize we've been -- -- to much you like to get in on the conversation via. You have some phone lines up and I know couple folks that were holding -- more able to wait now I understand sort Sundays our busy days to. 830930s. The number we are taking your predictions about 2014 in the world politics and the world of news. Little bit earlier we talked about some of the economic predictions as well Richard Schroeder financial planners has been coins will be rising. He also talked about a a record -- there. If you'd like to chime in with where you think the economy's going into three on 930 of course obamacare also part of the equation too especially if we're talking about some of the federal predictions and 2014. They don't agree on 930s the number. Closing comments from both you guys. You recap the prediction you made earlier or if you'd like to at an even more. Exotic and interest and log on to the fire Soviet. One more prediction a local prediction then this one is not brave. At all. I'm gonna predicts that there could be. A big scandal at the buffalo municipal housing authority which will result and changes in its leadership. That is not brave -- and pretend as though revenues but I I predicted that -- -- into -- fourteen just. Saw that handwriting on the -- Bruce what -- Well you know bottom line is I think that it's going to be interesting to see what happens. With Obama by far his worst year his worst year of his presidency last year. You almost can't get any worse I think that Obama care. He's gonna get back on its feet I think he's gonna have a better years that he did last year what that means for the mid term elections is hard to stay right now. I don't keep my eye on the midterm elections I think that's going to be. Were all the action is 2014. Hardcore lets guys go let's reasons this couple or more calls clarkin Cheektowaga high. Good morning and happy new year same view. Well yeah the prediction they're they don't know slight intended but it prediction there are -- to expand their new isn't politics some coverage. It's simply because there aren't a lot and make a prediction that they will return to it didn't they do give -- -- mark for the money -- at least a few scoops. That's that's very kind of you and I can promise that will come true. I remember years ago we're talking maybe even twenty years ago I used to work for business first. When they were kind of in their infancy. And at that time that was just a theory it was like one of those great things people say -- wouldn't recruit this the two newspaper town. At the time someone and and the -- from said wouldn't it be neat. If we could take our voice and combine -- with business first and we have a really cool newspaper because that would cover pretty much everything that the other guys are covering. That can happen. No probably not. Like oh wouldn't it be nice yeah like we've been doing all morning law. This is a morning full of wouldn't it be -- -- -- wind up by the segment with Bruce and Jeff by bringing it at -- buffalo. Yeah I'll make a prediction or you got great distance great candidate battling in a good show has always looked at comic prediction. I'm pretty -- and company foreigners. I've seen this thing in Albany. Down immediately. And my prediction is -- Appearing here there's going to be changed. I'm being Rockefeller. And I can't for many years even governors. They do that I didn't think eventually. -- -- -- -- principal. The states. And when it comes to campaign just like money supporting EDT I. It's power money and power. Located in the extremely pleased to meet -- -- changes going to be able stuff. Ever stepped in and YouTube you're technical -- terrific. Obviously that attacked the. All right thanks for that that we are out of time for this segment. Happy new year you happy new year everyone we'll be back on the other side of the news straight talking a little bit more about Albany bringing into Albany reporters -- -- and Kevin Love it. More predictions of 2014 and more of your calls to 8030930. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB yeah.