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12-26 Larry Hunter Show Hour 3

Dec 26, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the final hour of the sandy beach it would -- -- nice to have you with us to stay kinda difficult road conditions out there make sure your headlights are on. And if you're getting kind of streaks on your windshield. Maybe it's time to get yourself. New wiper blades I did that last week yeah. And I kind of usually I do it around the first of December every year I just make note to do it. So when winter comes I've got good wipers and I didn't do it this year and it was kinda upset with myself and I think you know you've got to do this so. I want to restoring and got some new wiper blades put mine. And now it is much better makes a big big difference Rick really -- especially for for this time years that was big deal in the rain but when it's snowing. It really can't make the difference we've been talking about comedy this morning because last Friday. I Love Lucy the Christmas show aired on CBS the show was sixty years old. And even though was sixty years old and originally aired in black and white. And they re colored it which I thought they did an outstanding job. It was still. The number one show last Friday on TV. Think about that. Sixty years have gone by in the entertainment industry we've gone from black and white. Two color TV too high definition TV. Week we've gone from. Never. Really. Thinking about actually. Been in space. And science fiction movies talking about outer space. To actually. -- beam in space. But being able to communicate. When you are in space. We we've gone from. Not even building spaceships to landing on the moon think of all the technology and and things that have happened in our society. Over the last sixty years. And you take a television show from the fifties. And you error in the year 2013. And it's the number one TV show that night. I think. There's very little that can compare to that with everything that is going on in our world today. And you just have to compliment the writers the actors the producer. And and it shows. That good comedy. Is is timeless it is analysts and I Love Lucy was just such good comedy Ricky Ricardo Lucille Ball. Vivian Vance. And mister -- Old William Rawle. When Vivian Vance started in the I Love Lucy show she was only 51 years old and they basically made her look older. And the reason they did that was because they wanted to make Lucy look younger. And makes sense so she did that but here's I think our great trivia affected this to me would be one of the best. Trivia questions that you could ever use at a party so listen up on this one about the I Love Lucy show. Now the shell was filmed in Hollywood but it was supposedly taking place in New York City they were living in New York City. In the show itself and their address. That's a great tribute to their address in the show with 623 east 68 street. I 623. East 68 street. Now what's wrong would that address. Dude dude who. Who dude dude dude dude no. The truth is. East 68 street and ends in Manhattan. At the East River with a number 600. So Lucy and Ricky address of 623 would have been in the East River. At the so the address never really existed. Because. 68. The highest number goes to 600 so there's a little trivia note Korea. And I think that's a great one so was the pregnancy one if you missed it in the last hour. We were talking about the fact that the sensors of the CBS network in the early fifties. When Lucy was pregnant to have -- they would not allow anyone on the show to use the word pregnant. Instead they were only allowed to use the word. Expect him so there's some trivia for you this morning on the sandy beach it would Larry how to let's go to Cheektowaga and say a very pleasant good morning to land thank you for calling plan. Pomona where you don't fall I wish she was I I lost buck a few years ago yeah -- -- back victories sixty elite group which shorter ever watched it. All I've seen the reruns of that -- how words -- -- shocked to see when he was smoking. -- now I don't. Remember seeing you up so people had a cigarette up to -- or possibly just discarded. While I I. Don't remember that I may have just seen it not thought of anything governor or realized it but yet that's kind of interest team. Okay great thanks Vical. I have been watching some of the old Perry Mason shows lately. Which I think aired in the sixties. They're still in black and white. They -- on WB BZ TV here in in buffalo. And it. In almost every episode of that show somebody is lighting up a cigarette and it just kinda reminded me how. So many of the movies. Back in the forties and and fifties. And I suspect some of the western news. They came out in the sixties. It was pretty common. To have somebody a light up a cigarette if you didn't see it as much on TV but I was surprised to see that as much on Perry Mason. And the detective. On the show. Which was not Roger Christian it was over Paul Drake. He seemed always light up a cigarette on the shell. And it was pretty common back -- because. Because. A lot of the shows were sponsored by cigarette companies. -- I mean at one point the FCC. Didn't allow cigarette advertising anymore on television but years ago all. You would see commercials for Winston tastes good like. Cigarette showed it. And Camel Cigarettes and that I'm I'm not a smoker so for forgive me for not knowing all all the cigarettes. Back then can't miss Kent cigarettes. But many of the shows were brought you by a cigarette company and so it was not uncommon to see people sit down and and light up a cigarette. I know I I'm almost positive Lucy was a smoker but I don't think she ever smoked it in the should know. Maybe somebody knows more about that and can -- position 8030930. Start 930 your freak on your cell of your outside the local calling area. It's 1806169236. Don't forget the Buffalo Bills game this Sunday against the New England Patriots. It will be right here on WB and including the post game show. The game starts at 425 it's been rescheduled by the NFL so with a later game. And there's a conflict with the sabres game which will be on our sister station WG honor. So if you wanna enjoy the bills game on radio this Sunday keep it right here at news radio 930. WB -- Larry -- for sandy beach will take a quick break welcome back with more your calls were talking about comedy today. Little do you hear the full name. Of Ethel mertz. On I Love Lucy most people don't know what her full name laws unbelievable. Hey we've got a lake effect snow advisory in effect until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. It's for southern Erie Wyoming Chautauqua and Caracas calories anywhere from five to nine inches expected. In the next 24 hours there's so plan accordingly also flood warning continues along -- -- creek. At rapids still a number of roads closed in the Clarence and East Amherst area. Be aware of that as you're traveling as well cloudy breezy today some snow. General accumulations of one to three says AccuWeather with a high of about 31. Overnight cloudy breezy lake effect flurries in squalls in the ski country -- three to six inches possible down to about 23. Tomorrow still a chance of snow here in the air with a high of 32 Saturday. Looks pretty nice partly sunny. And forty great data maybe go up to a chestnut ridge park and enjoy sliding downhill 29 degrees officially now from news radio 930 WB and Larry hotter in. On this boxing day. For sandy beach sandy returns a week from today which will be twenty. Fourteen. I may forget to remind you this so all I'll say it now while it just hit me. If you think you're through writing checks for the year. Take your first five checks that your going to write for next year and put down the date 2014 so you don't mess it up. If I don't do that I always end up writing the wrong year send a check out they say we can't cash it because it has last year on it. We've got to send a -- of so. If you got your checkbook handy you think -- through writing checks start writing 2014 and it on your first five checks we get acclimated. To the the new date for the coming year and a lot of places. Will have to do that like you know if you work in a town hall or something. Changing the dates for handicap tags and I and all that Stuckey he got to get in the groove in nearly got six days to do it. Let's say good morning to let done down in spring they'll pay down how you doing. Don't know Larry -- good Iowa it was just back from the shopping and I was lifting your program. Now. When you said. Single bit. Dot it is my mother in 1950s. Curtains. Are pulled that one step from busy and has and Lucy. From Pablo -- aviation maintenance or they're not in business anymore. But they purchases. And it -- and opinion polls. It's. Which was very popular and don't want my work their way into all three people out there and and we see very much their programs what happened as. I'd -- can -- -- about anecdotally it. Two out -- -- studio up there that they have museum in. -- -- So it's all their image in normal conditions. What I thought should the people there. And tall one right yet. And then perfect conditions. It's like I will probably anyone in my backyard right. And I hit it stored up in that aren't there it was very nice. And they display display and it. In -- And hit it beautifully. But they are they polish it up as public debt my mother's name it. -- donated it and I just thought it. I would call into illegal. Did they offer you a life. Time passed to the museum if you ever wanted to go. Well moral aspect that if I wanna -- I don't but call up. The guy that's in charge. And he'll probably send me -- ask is that how we did work but. It was so nice seeing my mother ship there and they haven't been displayed is -- -- just Google. And Don did you watch the year Christmas show last Friday. Yes they didn't. I -- that. How what did you think of the conversation I I thought they did an outstanding job. Yeah I I couldn't believe that I thought it was really really nice but that I am so happy that. I broke told my mother's wishes. And it's there. And it's -- tired -- hurt you know. Sure if you bought it in the NC. And should pay 200 dollars for the one that was a lot back then. Well does it was but. Administrator there's. He couldn't tell me how much work because it's unbelievable. If it -- so much money isn't funny. While it's a huge collector's item of course and. Star lady did in my mother's name and I was very happy that I did. That script what was your mom's name are noted OK okay provide all -- initially -- sure. No I don't love lady. And and it's it's -- -- they got a big plaque up there with your name on it and everything it. I think I remember was breathtaking. When me and my brother went up there with our -- does she get for the first time -- you while -- just you know. And it was really something tonight. Well it's great down thanks for letting the snow and very thoughtful of you to do that I'm sure they really appreciate that all. Sure they do they got the right out of bitch about it it's just. Like really got it -- fifty. That's great thanks for your call -- nice to hear from you in Spring Hill. Let's head over to derby and welcome Ron to the program good morning ground. According -- -- Larry eight -- -- going to issue we're just telling about the sponsorships of cigarette companies. I -- beyond -- YouTube a couple weeks ago. And I saw the commercials four Winston cigarettes that you restraint before but who actually was the sponsor. -- -- And Fred and -- are actually doing commercials during the shallow who whirlwind stingy all. Dogs. It helped itself because I -- and -- -- smoking. After a hard day at work actually eat the of one of the commercials where Fred actually -- quarry. It comes to that our long day and -- -- in cigarette it's is obviously. All my I -- -- I'm shocked. I I mean really if if I have been on TV quiz show and they. Would inquire about that's like -- on no away all my goodness. It looked at sponsorship of the of the shell and it was just unbelievable that got you into this all budget. I ate a whole series of those commercials but it's such a cool because the fact what you said -- for the proper back in the fifties and sixties. The centers where as opposed to today it will Sheila cigarette commercial. Back then they would actually sponsors who changed television show. Was actual sponsor. -- course the Flintstones were a top ten shall I mean it was so popular. And it was I believe it was like the first of its kind the first primetime -- Animated TV show wasn't -- Okay. And a Fred Wilma Betty and and and who. Wilma Betty. Barney Barney. That was already in and the -- you know. Yeah Barney Ian and Betty -- oh my goodness that's that's amazing final round I appreciate that thanks so much for the call. Yeah. I song. That it was on the Internet. Recently some old TV commercials. And they some of -- work for Chevrolet. Where they had -- and no it was originally it was up Hertz rent -- car I think. And they showed a driver. In -- seeded position floating through the air. Coming down as the car was moving and he ends up seeded in the car driving I think it was a Hertz rental. -- commercial. But if if you go back and can find some of the old TV commercials. Especially for automobiles. The ads sold. -- bombed. The a Corvette. What was said there there was another one -- some of the old Cadillac commercials. I mean it it's five and at least it is for me it's fun to go back. And see the way things were in and the way they were presented NC a man in black and white. And because a lot of that -- creativity just doesn't and affect cars don't they all look like today I mean really. I don't care as a media issue -- Nash you -- count. Cars all local you go to a rental lot. And they say eighty you get the the the Chrysler -- like I don't know what it is. 1130 on the sandy beach show would Larry hunter. Hello guys out there those things -- -- -- -- We had a caller earlier mentioning Andy Griffith show so we felt we. Throw in the theme song there by the way if you're an Andy Griffith fan. There are words to that song and he does sing the song he can probably Google that and find -- if you have an interest of course Barney Fife the well known assistant. Share affair and Ron Howard appeared on the show Ron Howard of course of famous today. As a producer director for motion pictures course Ron Howard also starred. In the motion picture music man. We though Shirley Jones and Robert Preston. 8030930s. Are numbered WBE and -- 930 a -- -- -- yourself Larry hotter in today for sandy beach we're talking about comedy. Lucille Ball in the Chris Michel on Friday night aired on CBS. The show was sixty years old and it was still rated number one. On CBS for that night I think a tremendous accomplishments as a lot about the quality of comedy from that air. And what a great show it really was a welcome mom -- from the show it to the show she is in west Seneca today -- Madeleine. Hi Mary have been here Merry Christmas related and -- -- -- on the radio I really do I love this happened. I'm glad he's phonetic. And that is it as a little girl my parents for -- Kevin added. Everybody it is really feeling like it into television I think it's it's I think everybody would come over -- stick to -- -- -- What he didn't he has many episodes -- smoke and the shall. All the sociology. I don't remember though I think you only get one episode which was supposedly expected. And I thought angrily -- say my -- she's smoking she's expecting I kinda I'm actually can be sure I want one would yell yes she's small that almost all the show. And and the bad thing when they first started out in the apartment. This small apartment but that was -- -- -- separated but that when they moved to this supposedly bigger apartment. If they hit the way that that they pushed together. Yeah I can't remember seeing it is the one -- so they're related -- is what they did the obvious she was elected Hancock. And then let it go in in the bed at night and try to get -- try to independent if he -- cut that and the bad we'll put together. Okay about Mary Matalin we got to stop they're just people are going to wonder. Why Lucy was wearing -- was was that the episode where there was a burglar something's. She landed. If he liked to get back Ricky get killed I don't they were trying out these -- -- get a hold period handcuff the lookout for handcuffed. And he -- to try and repeat of the way it doesn't go to the television show. Don't miss that show -- -- that he had this show I think. He used to -- a set of -- and they couldn't get out of the top. Because entry in today's society you have to understand if you were to talk about somebody using handcuffs it. Right now I don't know solid favorite supposedly supposed to be the trick and they like I I just -- want people seeing later today you know what Larry -- was talking about earlier today. Without it without it cleaned by the -- they indicate almost go to bed with their clothes -- -- television show. Ali good labeled quote and I lead at the end came from Aaron Curry. Kept open up the cup while he was doing the television show lately it was acute and all of them were great even if it was an -- in the -- -- what I remember all of my. And I have to -- that I don't remember that so I am going to search and and try and find that. And you know what was the the most popular Lucy show ever. It repeated the chocolate wanted to -- in need of judgment. Yes it was it was but by whatever you said that -- -- depleted. It's easy for you to say because you're sober. But of course when Lucy did it and I'm go to preferences because we're gonna play it right now because I think it's. Just such good comedy so Matalin thanks for the call that great to hear from you thank you for the nice compliments it as well thank you very. Years ago on the Lucy show. She got involved would do in a TV commercial for the as of vitamin project a project. And it was in a bottle and she was supposed to take a little suede -- of this product. And then talk about how good it tastes. And -- and you know what it does for you all these vitamins and stuff. And it was a combination of things that they put together and they called invite them media badge of men. And there was alcohol. In this product. And -- he kept taking swings of this she got a little bit more inebriated -- And kept slurring her words in this was one of the funniest comedy pieces in television history as far as I'm concerned. And we're gonna play for you right now. OK. Okay. It's. I'll. Little tired. Yeah. Who didn't. -- Obama. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. It's. Okay. We're. Okay. Okay. OK okay. Yeah. Okay. Why do you usually. Ready. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. And I. Okay. OK. Okay. I. -- that that's one of the funniest episodes and of course if you see it. On TV it's even fighter with her facial expressions if there was any woman besides Carol Burnett. And Mary Tyler Moore who could use their face to express their realizes it was Lucille Ball and that is one of the funniest episodes in television history. If you have never seen it. Google it. I guarantee you cannot watch it or listen to without laughing she she was just absolutely. Fabulous and and the area this comedy sixty years later. And it's still right up there with the best of sandy -- show would Larry -- thanks for being with us today on this tennis no Wii boxing day drive carefully out there. We got a lake effect snow advisory in effect we'll tell you more about that when we come back. -- news radio 930 WBE and yes he has. AccuWeather says we've got mostly cloudy skies will be kind of breezy and we could get a general accumulation of one to three inches today high around 31. Tonight lake effect flurries and squalls accumulating three to six inches around ski country down to about 23. Tomorrow we still could cius notional or 32 for a high in Saturday some sunshine and forty. It is 28 degrees in buffalo for news radio 930 WBE and the National Weather Service has issued a lake effect snow advisory. That is until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning for southern Erie. Wyoming Chautauqua -- August counties. Anywhere from five to about nine inches in that lake effect snow advisory area checking the WB EN dot com radar right now. We're seen -- the line of some heavier snow showers. Has moved into pretty much all of Orleans county and the extreme western part of Monroe County which is the round Brock port area and Hamlin. -- area. Then most of Genesee County. Southern Erie county. A parts of should talk county and moving into the western part of like at a -- county as well so. Still a lot of -- -- shower activity in parts of Western New York drive carefully. If you're going to be out there today on this boxing day. 2013. -- seven minutes away from noon seven minutes away from the top of the hour from news radio 930 WBBM. Richard I know you've been waiting a long time I appreciate your patience thank you for joining us this morning. Thank you terror happy new year to land I enjoyed any came here on the year. I -- one of the things -- the one lady kind of stole my thunder. I had forgot about pushing the bench together the twin beds. I think that was a real ground breaking episode because. Until that very minute no one could ever. Be in the same bed to get treatment that they weren't real married couple. They had to be at twin beds in each. Partner had to keep -- -- put one foot -- on the floor at all times that they were speaking to each other from the twin beds. And that would real big thing it. In the early the television in the upper right up until that time -- who's secretly pushed the beds together. And that I didn't want to say that lady Hillary said and about how people smoke Ricky and Lucy and Andy Griffith -- too. And oh really that's about it guys don't have anything real outstanding to put in. After this. Glad we -- around here I am thinking is sure happy new year okay. Thank you Richard same views well I appreciate your call from the very much in Lewiston levee area beautiful little town enjoy going up there. Especially in the summertime in the shops and of course our park. What an outstanding facility we have here in Western New York with the concerts and and the theater up -- saw the sound of music. This year and our -- up -- did a great job great show people really. Really enjoy going up to -- that area. I just didn't recall the Lucy smoking for some reason I I couldn't picture it which you know I guess she she did. Quite often I don't know why -- couldn't picture maybe I just didn't want to picture that. Got Roscoe -- this -- morning he's in buffalo high Roscoe. Radio and doing good thank you how much your cells -- great great. -- -- -- stand there and TV organs -- Now you know that's that's interesting because think about this if you were to say to someone. I want you to watch a really funny TV show about a guy a bunch of guys. In a prison camp during the war. Who would think it would be funny. Is -- TV. It's not a party line is a burden on there don't Grady. Was hysterical. And -- it is not a lot -- humble all at hysterical to. -- -- that had noticed all together -- Grady Wilson. I. Expect the good old Otis. Even. And now what what did notice due to -- have a job. Or did you. -- just hung around town. It went out went out and dug out loaded. -- -- the opening bell. I've I remember that for those who don't remember the character was on the Andy Griffith Show. And yeah I remember him going back and and stayed in the Seles what I'll tell you one of my favorite comedy TV shows of all time though. It was WK RP in Cincinnati. -- -- Never noticed. Never noticed it that I never got the the that it it it's. I did meet Lonnie she was in town win. Burt Reynolds. Was shooting the movie best friends here back in the early eighties with -- on. And -- came to town to spend some time with -- and at the time I was working for channel four television and I got to cover. Burt reynolds' been in town and -- night. Became acquaintances. And I I enjoyed being with him a dry sense of humor but I like Burt Reynolds so much and when -- came to town. They went to -- he's one night to see a show their I don't remember what the show what might have been any. But I did Gates's -- for a short period of time. WK RP in Cincinnati one of my favorite all time comedy shows appreciate call -- nice to hear from happy new year to you as well. I got time to squeeze and Dirk in Cheektowaga good morning -- Hey I don't that are doing good. Well I certainly think you're talking about all the bad rules you know put one foot on the floor -- all the other stuff wondering if you. You'd -- -- -- show that actually showed a married couple in one bed together. Boy that's a great question and I'd probably heard -- -- probably heard it before and I'm I'm trying to. Go back. -- quickly people will be surprised how how long it took -- -- but the leader -- the Brady -- Oh what was the Brady Bunch OK which was this was that the seventies or late sixties. I'm not sure -- you know I would Yahoo! and outlawed in all the Brady Bunch recently you know reruns and everything but. I don't remember when it started it started late sixties or did it. -- like 97. -- way it will look it up and and find out. Yeah I I think I compared I didn't watch that show much I don't know what it was maybe I was just. Tired of that kind of a program there had been so many of them over the years from. Ozzie and Harriett M and Leave It to Beaver and and Father Knows Best and and stuff that. Maybe by the time that came out it just didn't do a whole lot for me about it I do know the our children from the Brady Bunch they were in town here just a few weeks ago for the world's largest Disco at the buffalo convention center and they have. Come to buffalo a number of times over the years. But you know companies now I'm not sure which one was -- But the other one that was roughly the same time with the first interracial kiss kiss on the Indianapolis Star Trek which was that was blatantly. Well it's some great tribute we should just play trivia some day on the show where we should just really I mean that because there's so much out there with radio. And television we should do that some -- be fun -- got to run thanks for your call have a great new year. -- -- appreciate hearing from. Our Rush Limbaugh coming up at noon today and then Tom Bauerle will be in this afternoon from three until seven on WB and don't forget were carrying the -- game right here on Sunday due to a rescheduling. Of the NFL game buffalo at New England the bills patriots game will be heard right here starting -- 425 on WB and and will also be carrying the post game show. As well. Wanna thank Tyler great job today Tyler thank you very much John for doing the phones. We're going to be in for sandy for the remainder of the year which is tomorrow Monday and Tuesday in the sandy comes back a week from. Today so have yourself a great -- drive carefully some slick roads out there don't forget we have a lake effect snow advisory until 10 o'clock tomorrow. Larry hotter for sandy beach have a great boxing day and we'll talk -- -- tomorrow morning.

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