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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>12-26 Larry Hunter Show Hour 2

12-26 Larry Hunter Show Hour 2

Dec 26, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back sandy beach you know Larry hunter sitting in for the remainder of the year sandy will be back a week from today here at WV -- Were talking about doing comedy were sharing a few laughs with you on the day after Christmas boxing day. And also wanna remind you that lake effect snow advisory is now in effect until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. For southern Erie Wyoming -- and kind of rockets counties and don't forget there's still some flooding problem long time -- creek rapids. So be aware of the problem with steals from road closings. In that area as well if you're out there this morning and your driving and you see some problems -- there -- some traffic delays you -- share those with us. You can give us a call on your cell star 930s a free call and we will pass that information along few roads are getting a little slick this morning. So if you have a specific time you have to be somewhere. You're going to want to give yourself more time to get there this morning as areas along. Walden avenue union. Niagara Falls boulevard transit road. There's some heavy volume there do to boxing. Day. And of course as a kid I always thought boxing day was when two guys put their gloves on and and fought. Not taking your presence act. But of course when I was young I also thought labored it was the day that women have babies so when you're a kid -- get things mixed up pretty easily. 9 minutes after 10 o'clock a WB and let's go back to the phones and well calm ma Dennis to the program hey Dennis good morning. Good morning Larry Merry Christmas and a happy new year deal. Thank you very much -- you as well. Well I watched the special. Plight. Because those satellite out last night I'll salt. And they'll do one thing I hate how I can apply them from the air. Were there -- the transition from. Radio to TV were. So that the old radio comedies like Jack Benny -- Abbott & Costello. Personality. I shifted from radio to television where there was a period of time when they were involved radio and television. Well I wasn't aware of that. Now well one of the great things that I like about the I Love Lucy show. Was to and I think it kept the show very fresh and head various funny scenario. What. Idea of the shifting alliances. What I mean Baghdad is one week there would be an episode -- -- and the Ricardo would have a few would for example the episode where. Emerges. Bought the wash washing machine from there are those in the machine go haywire. Is it that there would be leadership to word. Lucy and Ethel what came up against. Fred and Ricky. Good example of that show would would be when. Ricky and Fred did that domestic work in the Lucy and apple got there -- their jobs. And the outside world working in the chocolate factory. And the other. A lion's -- would be -- We're Fred and apple. Plotting against Ricky did get into the act. One he had the yacht that nightclub the Tropicana. So I think victory and a lot of different scenario than. What could writing in value eight air everywhere you look at a forward to -- hell. It was very creative. It really was as I have seen other reruns -- a number of times over the years. And as I've blotted out not only in joy -- The entertainment and comedy part of it but I've kind of -- look further into it to see how they set it up and and how they do things how good it was. And that you bring up a good point maybe the background of the radio experience. And having to present. The idea in in a stronger presentation by a radio because you couldn't see it. So you kinda had a picture things in your mind as they were doing it. Maybe that gave them just a little bit more ability. And know how to how to really show it on TV to really bring but the point across. Great. Speaking of Christmas special the other comedian who had Christmas special. Was Jack Benny. And it is -- especially usually reap what -- agrees revolved around him and is quite. Mary Livingston. Shopping. For Christmas presents and of course Jack -- would always. By his staff members like -- devastating and -- Wilson no -- the older days Phil Harris already summed. Chain gap. -- -- I remember one episode it was really really funny were. Mary Livingston -- all did you finally buy gift for a battle Bolton. And he says yeah. And and got them -- parity shoelaces. And -- the funny thing was that he kept the extreme condition late is because he didn't know whether they get. Prowler black plastic tips or metal hips and that is going beckoned to those early fifties. And -- That he has support quirk and he's -- demanding that the -- as we get trapped in a riot that broke the -- was played by Mel blank. Crazy. And then he finally got shoelaces gift -- ready to give them that that. Also an end Dan noble is Weis has already ET using shoelaces. And people want like -- -- use the shoelaces and EG says. -- that will consist of two chubby and he doesn't in the late -- he gets to work for personal that was really funny lines. IE. Watched some of the Jack -- reruns. Years ago. And he's one of my favorite all time comedians and one of the favorite stories. I a and I have heard about Jack Benny I don't think it's true. Probably somebody made up the story about him. But it's he left the show one night and was walking down an Alley to get to his car. And somebody came up to home and put a gun in his back. And said this is a stick up your money your life. And Jack doesn't say a thing and like five or ten seconds go by in so the guy. Pushes the gun in his back again and goes hey -- your money. Or your life. And and there's still another ten seconds ago by -- doesn't say anything. And then the robbers as luck can you hear me or not and Benny goes. I'm thinking I'm thinking. You're you're absolutely correct that was that a radio show. And another radio Christmas special with the Jack Benny Show was during World War II. Do you remember Dennis state. Yeah I know I know who you're talking about it was a singer right. I think there and he also played kind of kind of a young. The guy wasn't quite did in their mentally. And but he went to Fordham university and he was. Unable lieutenant during world war. Two. Days in a Christmas. 1944. I believe. -- Jack Benny says that he was going to have our special guest star. Pot that night they kept this secret and as it turned out. During the show. He introduced -- who was in the navy. He was I believe they need he says. My my guest star is lieutenant side Dennis day. And when he went back on this stage before you had a chance that thing. There was just such because of the fervor of World War II there was just such a long standing ovation present at -- But I negative talking too much because I let others bring their views and. You seem to be pretty knowledgeable and and I -- appreciate that in fact I've. I've got some trivia information coming up after we break for weather. That you might enjoy so keep listening this morning I appreciate your time Dennys nice talking to you here at WB and 8030930. Is our numbers are 930 is a free call on yourself. If you remember the old I Love Lucy shows or comedy in general what do you think of today's comedy TV compared to the comedy. Of the fifties and sixties and and comedy shows today I mean are they is funny or is it just that times are different. And humor has changed share your thoughts -- as we got room for -- on the lines right now if you wanna get in on the sandy beach show with Larry hunter and again if you're out there are driving. And we've got some months inclement driving conditions and some of the areas. If you wanna give us a call on your cell and let us know if there're any problems we'll share that along. With our listeners as well a quick break and we'll come back on news radio 930 WB ENN. All right the National Weather Service has issued a lake effect snow advisory will be posted until 10 AM tomorrow morning. For southern -- Wyoming Chautauqua and federal discount these. Anywhere from five to nine inches are possible. Also don't forget about the flood warning continuing along tunnel -- creek at rapids AccuWeather says cloudy breezy and snow today. Generally one to three inches with a high of 31 cloudy breezy tonight and more snow showers lake effect flurries and squalls as well. Could be three to six inches and snow country with a low of about 23. Then tomorrow. Some sun and clouds still snow shower possible 32. And Saturday we're gonna see some sunshine with a high of forty just 292828. Degrees from news radio 930. WB and roads -- getting kind of slick throughout Western New York some heavy snowfall now in the metro area. I'm looking at the radar here Grand Island. Parts of on northern Genesee County southern Orleans county going over to -- Rochester area Monroe County. If you wanna check out the latest radar you can do so WBD and dot com. And just put it -- look for the weather click it and will get a four year. Give you the real feel our current temperatures all the information you need if you're going to travel let's WBE. End. Dot com checking it out also don't forget this coming Sunday due to a rescheduling. In the National Football League the bill's New England game has been rescheduled to 425. And that game will be heard right here. On WBE and as well as the post game show so the bills patriots game this weekend will be right here Sunday. At 425. On WBE. And where about six minutes away from headline news we're talking about comedy how. Ha ha ha. I Love Lucy was the number one TV show on Friday the Christmas show it's sixty years old. And it was the number one TV show. I Love Lucy was the number one TV show in the early fifties year after year. And so we're wondering about comedy and your preferences. What do you think of the comedy on television today compared to the comedy. Of yesterday 8030930. Is our numbers are 930 a free call on your cell I got -- can more this morning good morning Dave. Good morning Larry how are you an American consistently thank you glad you've had mentioned earlier. About the tune up work on television with the media and aren't these things. You're probably right but a little later on ABC -- -- last. Came into the picture. I know what they do not -- -- the opportunity that came to what and it's four. One of the programs that came -- -- hill -- but -- tip Tampa Pitt -- and Gary blaster was almost done that in technical -- of what the host on the net and it was it was sort of it's sort of funny you know they turn the camera around the only audience. And didn't. Coming -- -- -- -- -- program and they all dressed in -- All well and if we want to talk about. The way people dress today compared to years ago it's that's boy I there's hardly anything -- as night and day as the apparel industry in the last what fifty years or so. Yeah right. Of course -- -- -- -- harassment you know before it was stopped by our military -- fraternal order parenting. Even if you remember when The Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. And they showed some of these girls in the audience. They were all wearing dresses. So I I remember that because -- how many times over the years have you seen excerpts of that on the news and stuff when they talk about The Beatles and and you look away at the way they were dressing in the sixties and you can also look at the TV shows the way they dressed. Beckett in the sixties as well I think the seventies. Is when things really began to change I remember all in the family. And that was one of the first shows that I remember. Where everybody just kinda dressed don't. I used to watch that program and while the well that's sort of been driving it I think a couple of people on that program were very very talent and the way they played their products. IE did not appreciate all in the family when that was a big number one hit. -- for some reason it took me a Y hill. Two I'm saying 20/20 five years when I saw some of the re runs. To really appreciate. That and the quality of of the humor. On that show that the writing was really superb. But at the time I I was maybe just too young to kind of appreciate where that show was going at the time but. And since that time I thought all in the family was. Superbly written and and very well done especially dealing with the issues of that time. It. Are there any comedy shows to Dave that you watch are enjoying. You know I don't watch much TV anymore it was stereo but it appears things have to bring -- up. Another -- WBBM news in the morning and it is an assistant VP. And you can listen to top ten -- tenants but -- reported that attended to him about the current president number one I want. That's about it. Something pilots make about four hours. And president -- very little -- Its -- and you know what the PPI and who's listen one and keep up and being blown -- you know another thing just this is crazy. When -- first. If you can wait that's statements in this country they didn't completely wrong. You know they made it so that you were not brought television set. You've had a after that it would happen you're televisions that yeah it costs 25 or thirty dollars more on -- good and I'm not picnic at thirty dollars more. And that's the reason why a lot of -- that's -- what are the in this country and you don't have all the TVs set. Qatar and Dubai television set that both through. Think he would definitely -- A lot of the Buick -- TV stations opened up there were probably still be on the Internet but partly around all the people that were made with Hewitt kept me up. And our -- situation. It was kind of like radio with AM and FM for years you could buy you radios would just AM. And they ignored FM and then it was. And then all of a sudden it was AM and FM and that was AM and FM and eight track in the analysts AM FM cassette and then AM FM. CDs and and how things changed Dave good to hear from you thank you very much into -- and -- Merry Christmas to TU is well. 1030 on the sandy beach yell at Larry hunter. You can get -- with us now if you like on telephone line that is at 8030930. -- 930 is a -- -- -- work. Some -- your favorite comedy show is in days gone by its sandy beach show would Larry hunter. And easy and team loves me. We're mess and the S and me. -- -- Alvaro. Yeah. College. Many enough black man and the losing is it is my honor and it's his mind business and I manage. -- in the NCAA and gone. -- yeah Domino's piano. Seen. Isn't me. She. -- He has hurt me. Okay. Lucy is. Oh on its. Feet and dances and I'm. (%expletive) Okay it's okay. Time and of the news media and see it as an evil. We're as happy as me it's. -- yeah. -- -- Uses mine misses and I and I. And yeah. And yeah. CV yeah. Okay. -- and as singing the theme song to love Lucy in a lot of people did not know that there were actual words to that song. Because it was rarely ever song on the show itself I think it was done twice. And that was I could be arrive may be a third time maybe it was only wants me to watch the same show twice what it was new for me I've I've done that before. Off you know -- they did it twice know you watched it twice Larry. Tony before 11 o'clock at WB and the sandy beach show would Larry understanding is all for the remainder of this year. Which is only about six more days he will be back a week from. Today Rush Limbaugh coming up today at noon on WB and we're talking about comedy and unfortunately if you're out -- driving on the roads right now in Western New York. Especially around the metro area. The thruway westbound. Looks like. Parts of Grand Island north title Wanda area. It's coming down pretty good and the roads are not good right now all of a sudden it's just coming down enough to make things a little bit. Miserable and chances are you're not driving the speed limit or the maximum speed limit because of the road conditions right now but please if -- out there this morning. Make sure you've got your headlights on and make sure they're the dim lights not the bright lights okay. And if you are using your wipers which chances are you on our. It's New York State law. That if yours using your wipers on a consistent basis. That you have your headlights on so. Make sure others can see you this morning when you're driving out there if you are out there and you are in an area where conditions are are really poor. There's an accident or or it's bumper to bumper and and you just can't move much feel free to give us a shout on your cell that's -- 930. And we will let everybody know. About the conditions. Out where you are because they are are are some pretty slippery conditions right now. And some travel problems and this is going to persist for a while we do have a lake effect snow advisory in effect until 10 o'clock tomorrow. And ski country could get at least another half a foot or so. In the next 24 hours so if you're having some problems out there on the highways give us shall let us know where you are let -- know where the problems are. This being boxing day. The day that many people go and return and or exchange. Something that they got for Christmas there are. A lot of people. Out that are especially around via major shopping areas such as transit road. Niagara Falls boulevard Sheridan drive the union road Walden. Avenue. -- park. -- McKinley. So be aware you're going to run into an excessive amount of traffic today around the prime shopping areas. And the road conditions right now are slick and traffic is going much slower than the on normal speed so make sure your headlights are on drive carefully feel free to give us a call. If you know there are some are problems out there and we'll share them with our listeners I mentioned earlier when I was talking to one of our callers that. I'll I had a little bit of trivia information. And I thought I would share that with you a couple of interesting things this tells you how. Things have changed over the years we've had a couple callers discuss values and morals and what was funny in the fifty's and sixty's as to. What is is funny today. Interestingly enough back in the fifties when I Love Lucy was the number one television shell. Lucy was pregnant with little Ricky. And the CBS network censors would not permit her I think think about this. They would not permit her to use the word. Pregnant. Now. It if things were different back then. Okay it went when your parents are great grandparents talk about. Well back then move. You know we had to crank security did -- thing. Things were different -- television was in black and white. And as the CBS network would not allow Lucy or Ricky or anyone on the show to refer to her as being pregnant. So Larry what word did they use do you have any had not Tyler's will -- today he's engineering they show a producing the show. Tyler do you have any idea what word they would have used back then. In place of the word pregnant I mean something that we just take for granted today that that is not a big deal. Can think of few phrases that she put on a few pals perhaps or. The holiday weight -- and or -- I just find it hard to believe. The word that CBS. A -- loaded Lucy and Ricky to use was expectant. Because that's sold different the pregnant they. Care between. Yeah out fifth fifth at about now wouldn't it be interesting. I don't know I don't know if we have a dictionary here but maybe when I get home I will look up the word pregnant. And see if they're using the word expectant and then look up the word expectant. And see if they're used in the word pregnant. But I mean times were different comedy was different. The entire society. Was different. And some words. Just -- -- I remember hearing from so many people over the years. How on TV shows such as. The Dick Van Dyke Show. The Brady Bunch. Leave It to Beaver. I'm trying to think of the shows for forgive me ever taken a few seconds here. I I think Ozzie and Harriett. Father Knows Best. All the show was when they went to the bedroom and a and showed the bedroom of the mother and father there were two -- There there were always two beds you you never. As I recall now if I'm wrong you'd be you know you can call me at 803 on 930 and and say Larry you're wrong and it's like I can accept that. -- I have been wrong more than twice this year already in the years getting to a close so we know if it happens again fine bought. You would not see a couple. In the same -- as as I recalled from TV shows that I watched. The reruns from the fifties and and the sixties. So to build society well it was just you know one of those things. And it's a little different today and now you -- the better when there's three people in there. Two of them don't even know each a real looked at me I'm sorry it's true hole. I mean let let's be honest the comedy in the innuendoes did today. Are so much different. Then they were years ago. 8030930. He is our Oberstar 930 a free calling yourself. If you want to -- this some of your thoughts on comedy days gone by and comedy today it is their good company out there today. You know what I happen to catch last night on TV Jeff -- Donna you know Jeff -- believe ventriloquist. I think he's hysterical now -- to think about people pay money to go cinema audience to watch a guy talked to a dummy. OK so it makes you wonder you -- who is there the real dominant but Jeff Dunham is funny his characters are funny. And there aren't a whole lot of ventriloquist out there today but he is actually in the at a Christmas special on last night I don't know what network and I caught most of it. And it was funny. What your thoughts on humor shared -- -- on the sandy beach it would Larry -- will take a quick Brack. Break come back with the AccuWeather forecast for yeah. And again if you're out there. And driving conditions are really -- you wanna let us know where you are with the roads are like give us a call on yourself and we'll share that was all listeners. At AccuWeather says. There's a lake effect snow advisory in effect until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning that's for southern Erie Wyoming should talk -- at a -- counties. Five to nine inches of snow. It is possible in that 24 hour period. In that area also don't forget the flood warning continuing for tunnel under creek at rapids today with a a number of roads still closed in the Clarence and East Amherst area. AccuWeather says cloudy breezy today and guess what some snow Imus really. Could be general snowfall of one to three inches with a high today in the low thirties. Tonight cloudy breezy the lake effect flurries could be three to six inches down in ski country with a low of 23. Tomorrow snow shower is possible with a high 32 in Saturday kinda nice partly sunny. And high of about forty it is 29 degrees and we do have snow. Throughout most of Western New York you wanna check our local radar you can go to WP EEN dot com. And just click on the -- link and it'll be right their four year. Comedy we're talking about comedy this morning and I Love Lucy the big Christmas show that they re colored. Was on the CBS last Friday night and it was the number one. TV show. And I just found it incredibly complementary. To those who. Not only performed. On the set but those who wrote and and produced and directed I Love Lucy from 1951. To 1957. It was the number one TV show in the fifties. 44. Out of those seven years four out of seven years it was number one in the fifties. They recall the show they bring it back and show what in the year 2013. And it's again. The number one show good comedy lasts for ever and don't we all need to laugh once in awhile especially. With -- what's been going on in our world. The past few years let's say good morning to bill in north dot -- hi bill. Artillery anti. -- -- -- -- -- bill I'm a year a little weak volume wise are you can be. Get a little closer to the phone. That's that's a little better yet there are -- little. Birdie that'll help. You sort of -- I was such -- slick and if you were especially if you if you take the book to be sure. And it. And and with a -- the present it -- the bed of activity. If you will he should get a look at. Is there can be good human activity here in if I Love Lucy. Some of it is kind of -- graphic. And another bit of censorship. It really matter at all ought to cavity. But it if so what like all this tree sitters. They need to -- in censorship the Brigham also I guess. Topics have it here in there for corporate. About it about qualities. Standard -- censorship. Yeah and a little things and there. That I found electricity. Person. You couldn't -- female drink you know they walked back oh. -- then there's other things about plot and be where you punitive. Read or Crying Game and credit presented visually present. Rate goes for -- -- I'm just generally running through my head trying to think of movies that I've seen that were made in the thirties forties and fifties so many you know black and white movies and there were a lot of war movies. Done back in that generation as well. I'm trying to think. If any in any of those movies if I've ever seen. A woman drink a bottle of beer and I can't offhand. But it. Tell it. From -- separate standard for television -- Yeah I I I know and I am you also have to understand that you know many times standards words still transferred to. Movie or movies to TV -- back and forth so I was just trying to think if in the movies. There was any of that and I can't think of any movie that I'd seen from that era. That has a woman drinking beer or wine not out of a bottle. And I never would have thought of that until your -- I mean that's an interesting little thought. I said the that -- exit poll was set at an event. If you use if you look at the evolution. Of censorship. Which again it's this matters web site benefit and they need big picnic censorship. And or such as fair or. You take censorship. And you know you'll get overweight person. Short the obvious problem. All I love The Smothers Brothers. Dick smothers was a guest on my TV show on Rochester years ago. Yeah and and I remember saying to my mother liked me best to. That was what the -- There you situations where it would actually be shut it government and it and see what happens there -- another one. Where you can't shut it government entities and government activities. Even deep in the war the Vietnam War. Yeah -- shot. The year that the government has fortunately it's stopped now. Now did you know bill that you're still not allowed to show anyone drinking beer in the beer commercial. -- It now you'll you'll see them at the bar holding on to the bottle. Or pouring it into a glass but you cannot show all anyone drinking beer in a beer commercial. I didn't and now we're still yeah. Effort today. Now that's why so many of the Budweiser commercials show the Clyde scales and and stuff. But you will I mean -- shows the Rocky Mountains in the -- But you'll never see anyone drinking beer in a beer commercial yet it's not allowed. -- If it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It bill I got to run thanks for your call appreciate hearing from me I will check that out. On the history matters there -- Google that later today and and they get some information there drive carefully some slick roads out there this morning we've got a lake effect snow advisory. Davis coming up with the news and he'll let you know more about that it's the sandy beach shell on Larry hunter sitting in today on news radio 930. WBE. And.

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