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12-26 Larry Hunter Show Hour 1

Dec 26, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good morning good morning how you do and how how was your holiday hope it was wonderful hope you got to spend it with friends and and family. I almost had friends or family -- that wouldn't come out properly wouldn't do anything. Although there might be some people out there say boy I know what he's talking about how nice to be with you again we're filling in for sandy for the remainder of the week here on WB yen. And the one thing we have for Christmas I've pretty much we all had. Is the one thing I always used to wish for as acute and that's a white Christmas and we did get enough snow on Tuesday. To basically give us a very pretty looking white Christmas without. The inconvenience of of too much snow and making the traveling difficult so weather wise I think it was overall. Very good for the holiday. However. Shipping line is as you should've heard this morning on WB and with John and you've. There were a lot of problems and people who had shipped. Christmas gifts mostly those who ordered them online and had them shipped many. Get their gift in time to which I say. Well. Next year why don't you just go to a store and buy it make sure it's taken care of I I am not a big fan. Of depending on companies I don't know. And allowing them to guarantee me that they'll take care of it and it'll be done on time I'm just not. And with all the inclement weather with all the disruptive. Weather. We've had the last two weeks prior to Christmas. Why would you. Expect. That if you ordered something a couple days before Christmas. Even though they guaranteed. That the gift would get their on time. Why would you think. Just because they say they guarantee that it would happen. I mean there you have to understand. It if you don't fly much you probably. Don't have any concept of how this works but I believe. UPS. Is headquartered down in in Nashville Louisville. I believe it's it's somewhere down in in Tennessee. And -- if they get inclement weather. And everything has to go through there you're not gonna get it. And I know this for a fact because when I had my business. Years ago. IA ordered something from California to come in for -- customer before they were going away. And I had to ship it overnight. Because they were leaving in a couple days and being such a good businessman I pay for the ship yes I did so there. We ordered it through on UPS. And they had a huge storm down in Tennessee. And planes were stuck there for three case. And the person who ordered this didn't get it before they left. So what did I do I -- the tomb where they were on on their vacation I mean that's just the kind of guy I am. All right it's the kind of guy I used to be -- him apparently a few more -- That the point is. If you have flown before. You know many times if you have a connection. You can get year connecting city but for some reason the plane you're supposed to connect -- -- Isn't there why isn't it there because it's coming from an area where there is inclement weather or disruptive weather. And it it can't leave. From where it's leaving from to get to where you are how many times have you tried to fly out of buffalo international and our weather is fine. No problem at all what we might even have blue sky days. But if you were headed toward. Boston New York Philadelphia Baltimore Washington DC any one of those -- They were having a storm on the East Coast. And you're playing couldn't get the buffalo. Even though our weather was fine. So I'm just not a big hand of all this shipping especially during the holiday season and especially. Waiting. Till three or four days. Because they're enticing you all free shipping you'll still get it here in time yeah now brought right. Now. Get off your -- and go to a store and -- And make sure you guys and then you know -- lot. Yeah you aren't frustrated you aren't upset and it isn't it worth a little extra time. I'm going out and making sure you get the right thing and you have it and sitting around Christmas -- the day after frustrated whining and complaining. I I'm just not a big online shipping person during the holidays I don't trust them. And it appears a lot of people are paying the price because of what's the first vehicle I -- come down my street this morning UPS truck. First what sort of first one I mean they're out there trying to it to get the stuff. But when you're dealing with companies all over the country you don't know where they are. You don't know where that packages are coming from you don't know where the packages have to go to or through its not like if you order something from Salt Lake City. It goes from Salt Lake City to buffalo. That does not happen folks. Think about your letters. It when you mail a letter. Why does it take two days to get from buffalo to Syracuse when you can walk that far duties. Because it just doesn't get on one truck and go directly there it doesn't happen that way they they re -- things through all these systems. And if the weather is inclement somewhere. You just -- don't get it. I I get that from hearing about the Robertson -- -- I've never seen the show but. I hear the word ain't a lot now so I'm I'm using that I apologize if I know I should use that you aren't going to. I did not do well in English and in school but I have worked diligently. Since then to try and do a better job of English. And mighty -- speaking. Hope you had a great holiday wanna tell you very special thing. That kinda happened yesterday I had spent Christmas Day with them some friends in town want to look at Hogan family. They kind of adopted me for the holiday season. And the part of the family Brian and -- and who now live in Tampa. They. Came back home to buffalo. For Christmas to spend it with the family and friends. And Brian and Meghann were passing around this little Christmas ornament that had two little kids on it and not in a mom and dad. And on the ornament. On the woman that was on the ornament. They wrote the word baby. And had a little arrow pointing to the Tommy of the woman on the ornament. And they were showing everybody the ornament to kind of tell them on Christmas Day your Christmas evening. That Megan is going to have a child. And as far as we know we're we still believe -- the dead so that that's important way to go for a and so congratulations I -- I just wanna say congratulations to them they came up from Tampa they got a white Christmas they announced to the family they're they're going to have a child. And isn't that up a wonderful. Gift to friends and family. On Christmas -- iPhone atlas had a great time. -- and those brownies all my goodness. Between cookies and brownies this year. Tyler look I see I -- I did on Tuesday I said. If I don't come in here on Thursday with an additional pound and a -- -- two pounds on me. Then shame on me and yeah it is there isn't -- worth Letterman Tuesday that extra -- Yes I was. Tyler -- is our engineer today here at WB and and their job will be taking your phone calls. In a few minutes so we look forward to hearing from you today. Sandy beach -- Larry -- sitting in said he is off for the remainder of the year he'll be back July the second so it is appropriate for me to say -- won't be year to next year. Which is. Now what. Seven days -- -- -- it was strange to say that yes it is although it's kind of flat as a kid I always thought that was cool. And a welcome to do that till next year and I'd say things like that on New Year's Eve and my mother would pretend OO years so clever. -- I don't wish 16 after 9 o'clock in the morning from news radio 930 WB and will take quick break and be back. OK listen up because we do have some weather concerns here first of all -- lake effect snow advisory. I will start at 10 AM this morning and will continue until 10 AM tomorrow. This will be for southern Erie Wyoming should talk rise in Caracas counties. Storm totals of snow could be anywhere from five to nine inches. Let's go to chestnut ridge park and get on that to buy again also that flood warning continues. For the tunnel -- creek area -- rapids. I just didn't really tough problems around there's still some road closings in the area so be aware of that. Our AccuWeather forecast says cloudy breezy today and some snow accumulating generally one to three inches. With a high about 31 cloudy breezy tonight some snow showers lake effect flurries and squalls. Could get another three to six. Around ski country with a low of 23 point it was a cold Christmas morning when -- wasn't -- cold. My goodness my thermometer outdoors and one. That one yeah. It was -- beat. A sun and clouds for tomorrow possible snow shower and breezy high 32 up to forty on Saturday. So if you wanna do some sledding if you got a newsletter to bargain. And you wanna get out this weekend looks like Saturday is going to be a great day partly sunny high of about forty after we get some snow. Get the camera. Get the I do video when I -- Cameron I think video but. I've just I've just gone that way I I do everything video now because I can take frames from the video and turn it into a picture. But but I I think video now but still cameras are still -- and grab your camera get some pictures of the kids in the snow this year and then put on your Christmas card for next year. Courtesy of mother nature and WB Ian just trying to help -- that's all. Heard a lot of complaints. Recently. People traveling over the holidays about the the airlines. Now I would suspect if you were to take the top. Ten companies that people complain about airlines in general would probably be in the top 58. Now and I think one of the problems is that. There are so many people who just lie once or twice a year maybe around Easter time or maybe around Christmas or Thanksgiving time. When millions. Of people are flying. And all the planes are full and there's always the chance for that bad weather which disrupts everything. But I'm also hearing complaints how the airlines are making some of their seats smaller in in whipped. And according to a number reports that that I've looked at. Americans. Are bigger than they used to be. And the airlines are making the seats smaller than they used to be. Does anybody see a problem here. -- -- Well you you can't just take -- an airplane that's already been made and make it bigger. And since the file itself it is kind of narrow all it's pretty difficult to make the seats bigger. But some of the airlines are making not only the seats smaller in the wit. But. They're making them narrower in distance between them front to back. So there will be less leg room. Why are they doing that so they can add more rows in the back of the plane. Some planes are adding tool additional -- now if you've been on the airplane recently think. When you is that they're in the seat figure you got. What three or four inches of -- live from you to the back of the seat and then where your legs are in front -- would be the distance there may be. Two and a half feet from the the seat in front of -- -- to Wear it where you are. Now they're going to add. Up to two rows of seats so they're going to make the distance there. Much shorter there's not going to be as much legroom. There's not going to be as much wind. And I think if complaints are coming in at all. About problems with the airlines wait till you have less room to sit him. And the plane is stuck. On the -- way for an extra hour due to inclement weather. And you've got your child if you yeah rights. Or worst yet. Your though one by yourself. And you've got the middle seat. With three seats. And you've got a couple people on both sides of view of that. Just don't fit into a -- like they used to fit and trying to be politically correct here. And here you're stuck on the run I mean it's not going to get better and the airlines are doing well. Mean it's not like they're losing money now they're they're doing well. And yet it's going to be a little bit more difficult. Four passengers. For many many airlines. In the future course. Of course you you could be like me just fly first class whole problem. Are you a date that they seem Mika well mr. potter. You know what we're gonna get you up there first class no problem with the -- -- I wish that at all I would wish right. Have you ever flown first class I have. Hit it's nice it hit his repeal the -- -- but. Let's see how many first class seats do they have on. On -- like 737. Or or an 8319. -- 8320 and I think twelve. And an how many seats do they have on those planes about a 150. Sosa what are your odds. Not not very good and yeah although sometimes you can I've seen what you pay like an extra. Fifty bucks or something. The the day of a flight in and you can upgrade to first class on a flight that's pretty good. I mean that really is if you got a flight for a couple of hours for fifty bucks to upgrade to first class that you view free drinks. Maybe I shouldn't tell you that but in first class they give you free drinks I'm not a drinker. And Alina. But the value what you want a little daily user or something. What the heck you get a bigger -- to get to recline. He might get some extra snacks and and stuff it's not bad if you've never flown first class. Sometime in your life -- you just gotta do it. If if you've got a flight over a couple of hours if it's a short flight like down to New York over to Boston down to Philly or something. And don't bother but if you're flying let's say you're going down to. Florida somewhere you're going -- the Caribbean your flying out to. Las Vegas. -- And you haven't flown first class -- got to do once your life you really do it just it just kind of sit there and you just can't -- lean back. And it's like I wonder what all the poor people -- doing. And and you can think that for three or four hours and then get off the plane and get back to reality and realize and yeah I'm just plain old middle class and on the flight going back I'll probably sit in coach. -- won't be as much room. And now wine and wonder why I didn't get back in first class sandy beach shell it is a Thursday the day after Christmas boxing day. We've got those some heavier snow in the region right now north south east and west it's pretty much all around as part of the 19 the are kind of bad right now so if you're out there. Or you're not out there yet give yourself a little bit more time this morning if you're having to travel will come back with a weather after headline news on news radio 930 WBE end. You know what I've always wanted to do. It's kind of keep the music under over I always wanted to do. I Love Lucy is a -- -- production. I thought that would be thought of I could be the announcer. Back in October 15 of 1951. I Love Lucy went on the show and became a huge. National television yet. Who would have known it was just forties before my birthday. Well in October Lotta great people were born in October I was the exception but it's still a lot of great people were born and over. You may have DVR it you that you may have caught it -- when an air line this past Friday the I Love Lucy Christmas show. They re colored it it was originally shot in black and white. And they re colored it updated and it aired Friday night on TV I think it was CBS that that was done. And it was like the number one hit. More people watched it then and the other show. And it made me think especially when I was listening to John and -- this morning on WB eons morning news. This year oh I Love Lucy started 62. Years ago. Now how many generations is that. Quite a few. Parents who became grandparents who may be became great grandparents. Who's the great grandchildren. Became parents. Who may be became grandparents. 62 years ago. A TV show. Starring a husband and wife. A comedy show still lives on today why. Because. It's just quality. Comedy. Television. I don't think there was ever. A sexual innuendo. Being and I Love Lucy. I can't ever recall. Anything. Deal -- with sexual humor. Tom probably never watched it -- but. They were funny. Sometimes they were funny and what they said. Sometimes they were funny in the way they looked. Sometimes they were funny in just what they did. Or insinuated. But 62 years later. Think about that. Back when television started. And I believe it was in the forties when TV started. This is 1951 so television was pretty new I think there were only two networks then NBC and CBS I don't think ABC even started yet. So your back in the early stages of television. And 62 years later after cable TV. After high definition TV. After -- satellite TV. I Love Lucy still. Is is popular. With today's generation. Then it was back then. Now. Wanna talk a little bit about I Love Lucy and comedy this morning. First of -- Did you watch I Love Lucy when it was originally aired in the fifties. Now I know that's going to date you a little bit and it's going to indicate that you're over forty years old big deal okay. Big deal so you're in the majority of people over forty in our country don't worry about it. -- I don't worry about your age don't worry about mine. If you used to watch I Love Lucy. When it first aired in the fifties. I'd love to hear from you this morning about your thoughts of the show when you were watching it back then. Did you have any concept. That when you got to be fifty and sixty and seventy and and and even in your eighties. That it would still be possible. For a TV show to be is popular. Now is it was back then. I mean what bigger compliment can you give writers and actors. Then sixty years go by and the popularity is still there. Back from 1951 to 1952. I Love Lucy. Was the number three rated TV show. In all the networks and from 52. All the way to 55. It was the number one. Rated TV show week after week after week after week. Three consecutive years. That's a tremendous accomplishment. Then in 1956. It dropped all the way down to get this number two. Yeah it went all the way from the most popular TV show to the second most popular show after its fourth year. And then in 1956. And 57. They went back to number one. I can't think of any TV shell. Any TV shell. For six consecutive years. That was ranked either number one number two or number three was all in the family there may be all in the family possible. Mash would have been close. But I can't think of another TV show. That was as popular. And as well done. In the fifties. That can still be enjoy aid. In the 21 century. So not only don't wanna talk a little bit this morning about Lucy and if you watch the Christmas show and if you remember when you first sought in black and white at some time and then seated in color if it made much of a difference to you I thought the colors nation was excellent. The colors nation was -- her and they did a fabulous chop that they really did and the ending. Is priceless. The ending of the I Love Lucy Christmas show is absolutely priceless. I will keep that for years and years I will keep that on a video. I have a way of doing that into the house but. Also wanna talk a little bit about comedy this morning. And where we've gone over the years. From comedy. That was such good. Down to earth basic comedy. As I Love Lucy. As some of the comedy. Or so called comedy. That we have today by the way. I Love Lucy. Was shot. Before a live audience. And -- It used three cameras. Most TV shows didn't do that. The other interesting note about that it is especially if you're television aficionado here's a great trivia for you. Most TV shows back in the fifties. Were shot in New York City. And an order for Lucy and her husband to be together. They shot the show out in California. Out in Hollywood. And that was the exception back -- big exception. I got similar history that I found. Over the last couple days about I Love Lucy and I'll share that with the -- Including how old Vivian Vance really wise. When she starred on the show. And I look forward to hearing from you about your thoughts. On I Love Lucy if he has watched it back in the fifties if you saw the Christmas show this past Friday. And comedy in general. Comedy TV shows today how does that compare to comedy TV shows of yesterday. I happen to catch -- Dick van dyke show over the weekend they were showing a lot of the older Christmas show is from TV shows gone by they've I guess there was there was a Brady Bunch Christmas show on -- I'm glad I missed that one but. Never looked Brady Bunch I know they were in town for the world's largest Disco. But. Never got into the Brady Bunch march. But what are your thoughts on comedy. Television. Today from yesterday 8030930. Is our number here at WB and 8030930. Start 930 is a free calling yourself. If you're outside the local calling area 1806169236. And also if you're out there on the highways this morning. And there are some problems give us a call -- star 930 and let us know where the problems are so we can share that along. We understand there's some problems now on the 209 -- around Miller's report. Parts of the 190 is is really slow especially near the peace bridge. So if you're having. Some problems on the highways this morning a share that -- this will keep everybody in touch as to what's going on. On the roads we'll take a quick break it's the sandy beach show on the day after Christmas I'm Larry hunter and will be right back with -- AccuWeather. The National Weather Service has issued a lake effect snow advisory disposed to start at 10 o'clock this morning which is just about seven minutes away. And it will continue until 7 o'clock tomorrow morning for Erie excuse me southern Erie Wyoming should talk market raucous counties. Storm totals could be anywhere from five to nine inches also a flood warning continues a long time I want -- creek at rapids. So be aware of that still many roads are closed in the Clarence. And East Amherst area AccuWeather says cloudy breezy today snow accumulation. In general would be one to three inches with a high of about 31. Cloudy breezy tonight more snow showers lake effect flurries and squalls as well. Anywhere from three to six inches around ski country down to about 23. And then tomorrow possible snow showers and breezy thirty -- Saturday. Kind of a nice day partly sunny and forty. It is now we're 28. Degrees from news radio 930. WBD and Larry hyperion for sandy -- of. The way for our friends up on the Toronto and and Hamilton area. Which we know. You've got hit with some terrible. Freezing rain the other day and many many areas over in Ontario. Are having all kinds of problems and we have not forgotten you. And we we will issue the the very best as we have had some. I seen and and flooding problems down here is as well but. To those of you who may be listening India's southern Ontario area. Along the QEW area Hamilton and Toronto. We we know you've had some inclement weather and a lot of ice problems. And so while we have not forgot to we we wish you well we hope everything works out to you shortly and you get your power back and we've been through it. More than once so we know what it's like -- and it's not fun I Love Lucy. They had the I Love Lucy Christmas show on this past Friday. I believe CBS and it was the number one rated TV show. And I found -- how ironic. That not only was the I Love Lucy Christmas show the number one TV show this past Friday in the year 2013. But it was also the number one television show back in the early fifties. So more than sixty years have gone by and the comedy. And the quality of this TV show lives on. And I wanted to talk a little bit this morning about I Love Lucy the TV show and comedy shows in general. Share your thoughts with us at 8030930. -- 930 is a free call. On your cell and we'll start with Ricky. How ironic name Ricky and -- a wanna hi Ricky. Rickie Lee -- Niagara Falls. I it says am I screened. Ricky and -- a wanna. Don't know regularly and anger flow. All right. You're. That's okay John had eight -- yesterday and you have to understand that. Well OK first. The I -- -- 69 and Nate so I grew up -- like the Lone Ranger and Nancy bear and her I Love Lucy. Bosnian Harry. And all of those. And I. I think the problem is. -- when I -- when I used to watch those programs we got up and call. Wholesome -- is morality. All morals. You know to me I understand. What -- -- -- the trauma that you saw was actually calamity because you -- you the result should get from something depends. Totally on what should put in that you would be ingredients. And the if you try to if you take a few weeks later I was wondering. -- what are they when little scraps of comedy and something. And then you and calculator people within that contrast of vulgarity. And nobody emotions and you know. What are known gesture it would go with the place. That's what you're going to come up with -- and if you're putting basically putting lipstick. And bad then things were. Clean I'm not talking about you know don't burst -- just cleaning. -- I don't know. -- let let me just interject is there any comedy TV show his recent comedy TV shows that you enjoy watching today. I don't watch TV OK okay and well I think what there's been war. There's see the mine and the morals and values because spectrum of mines morals and values were not the same as they -- today. And actually those three things reflect the condition of the society. And that it'll be because of my age when I look back at them and I look at -- now. I'm not happy at all. -- Rickie thank you for your call I gotta run but I appreciate your thoughts and comments and bringing up some very good points there let's see if we can get this one right we had a Ricky. From my love Lucy and how we got to William I don't think it's William Brawley in buffalo hey William. Yes. I haven't watched these guys special -- Friday night. What I was very good. Do you remember what it. -- gonna ask do you reap from remember it when it originally came out in the fifties are you are you're not that old. -- that all I used to watch it. My mother used to have to wait a flat -- about bodies were pills firemen the city of possible. So I watched so that I remembered so it. What I remember the word about -- -- met up with Superman. That episode. Why don't I don't remember that. All I do -- I have a copy of the -- mostly they are -- they are. She met up with Superman. Was it was that the guy who played the real Superman on TV. Yeah are pure -- OK one hole. I'm gonna have to Google that. Yeah. I still get a guy to promote what is episode ever saw. Well we've got an excerpt from one of the very funny I Love Lucy shows we're gonna play and in the next hour so I hope you hang around for that. What did you think of the -- nation from going from black and white to color I thought it was fabulous. They were very good. Well I'd like. What doctor got to do what god Casablanca good so because they you know like I still have. Oh lead box set that Luke speak I Love Lucy. I feel like they're in black and white. Yeah if it's kind of neat looking at the old TV shows that way thanks William nice to hear -- -- today on WBE and 8030930. Or star 930 is a free call on yourself. Give us a shout let us know what you thought of the I Love Lucy Chris -- what you thought of comedy. Back in the fifties and sixties compared to the comedy of today are there any. Good comedy TV shows up there today that you think there are worth watching. As as a family share your thoughts -- -- right here on the sandy beach show would Larry Hyder from WBE. NN.

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