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Holiday DWI

Dec 26, 2013|

John Sullivan; Pt I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Or in studio guest is John Sullivan is what the county's stop DW my office. John is also chairman of the New York State style DWY association. Our focus right now for the next hour is drinking and driving especially now during the holidays. John. You know we see these signs on the 400 mother highways. DW wise he's got caught you'd just blew 101000 dollars. I mean it sounds like life can't be easily. If you were arrested a man convicted of DW one as a driver and four. Right well and DW -- is an illegal in New York for thirty years now and everyone knows about the fines and the license sanctions but the specifics of what happens to a person. That accumulated over the years the typical DW I cost about 101000 dollars that's when you include increased insurance costs hiring a lawyer. And then now paying the fines and DMB license fees for that so that's the financial burden. And let's face it it's hard to get around in buffalo with vehicle. I'm restricted license. And can really at disrupt your working life then your other social things that you wanted to around town. The is one of the other aspects that the people need to remember is that -- -- social stigma that goes along with a DWI there's a professional and a and a reputation all. Price to be paid by people. I'm received some of the cases that have come on now over the years and it's really easy to destroy your your reputation with this charge so the penalties are really more than just. Once that the government imposes of the court imposes you're talking about societal -- right that and most of the cost of that 101000 dollar cost very little of it small portion of the coast to government agencies the rest is just paint for services that you must purchase. Because of the charge including the new. Edition of ignition inter -- it's a device that goes on your vehicle to -- And you have to give a breath test before he can start the car that goes on for twelve months now. After -- DW -- conviction and that's a change it used to -- you had that device for a shorter amount of time we used to be six months now it's twelve months I -- a note here are some of the -- you brought in for -- take a look at your barred from driving in Canada for ten years right the Canadian authorities. Put a restriction on entrance to Canada for ten years after -- DW I. -- entrance to. And so you can't even go there you cannot enter Canada for ten years. There's a process which you can do you can tell about forms to go through a process but it's not something you can do with the -- have to do with planet at a time. And them fill out the application and do that so and his is a restriction on a driver or let's say I'm in a car with some friends and it doesn't matter you don't have to be the driver a UN yank him passenger vehicles while. We often hear that in many DW I convictions. A driver has given permission. To drive to work and drive home to work under what conditions. Does that permission granted right it's called a conditional license and it's very specific for the use the vehicle to and from work to -- from medical appointments to him from court dates. And you get three hours of free time each week. To drive your vehicle around -- have to fit everything else you do in your life into three hours are there any special conditions like. In the event of a driver who maybe has injures somebody or god forbid kill somebody -- that person still qualify for that kind of. And that's a good point of what we're what we were talking about assistant to garden variety typical VW -- if if somebody's injured in a crash if you hurt somebody in a crash. -- we're talking on an entirely different set of consequences. Up to life lifetime revocation of a driver's license you can you can never drive with a New York driver's license again. Why ask a little bit more about the traditional license though because to my mind you you raised what appears to be and if I'm wrong tell me but it appears to be a loop hole. Yes someone's allowed to go back and forth to work yes they're allowed to go back and forth to the driver. -- doctor's appointment but that three hours of free time. But G anytime an officer stops a person there on that three hours how how we -- enforced these who have -- if things. It seems to me like a a big enough and pulled a pretty much drive a truck through -- good question but does that those three hours are listed on your driving document. Always has to be a specific time yes you have to designate what it is and and you have to drive an industry hours of an officer were to stop I'll feature licensed seat. When -- with and so it's not like a time clock you don't get three miscellaneous hours yet to declared at a time.

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