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Bandits Home Opener Saturday

Dec 26, 2013|

Mark Steenhuis & Scott Loffler

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's almost time for the buffalo bandits lacrosse season home openers this Saturday night against the Philadelphia -- 730 and first Niagara center. And we've yet to people in studio and out atop a little bit more about that. Mark stained house -- forward with the -- he's been with them for twelve seasons now also Scot Loeffler the director of lacrosse operations -- thanks for stopping by. As -- an -- mark let's start with you with an exciting time to be abandoned them. Yeah definitely there's you know there's been a few changes this year obviously. You know with some coaches and personnel. And I you know come -- off the season we had last year were were pretty excited coming at a fresh start here. Sports huge in the city and we're we're looking for that first game on Saturday now you wouldn't ask me to speak killed my boss I'm not gonna ask you to comment too much on the new coach that. But what kind of changes that bring this guy named Troy accordingly I think the right yeah yeah -- he's done this year and you'd say he's probably working out well. Yeah I think everything that I think everything's been great so far kind of you know little bit of a new atmosphere when when -- comes in kind of shakes things up a little bit so and that's what he's trying to do trying to -- the most you know all the players that are there and you saw that your industry and him. Scott Loeffler wrote director of operations for the -- Talk about the life of all these players of -- like the NFL -- only Major League Baseball where these guys just play. Every single day and devote their lives a lot of the guys on this team a regular day jobs are right. Yes I mean mark mark has his own business he he owns a lawn care business and then -- -- a lot of guys who are teachers and -- they were nine to five -- you know you and I anime companies across on the weekends. Know you guys have a new player who just -- here from I think Minnesota. You know how does a guy from Minnesota would come to buffalo. The other day job in Minnesota. Well he's actually from Kitchener Ontario such vote you know two hours from buffalo so sexy closer for him now and then playing in Minnesota so it's were so better for him an Oscar is -- player. Mark I almost hate to ask you this one of the bandits are coming off a disappointing six in ten last year you got a prediction that the gonna do Betty thank you really you really think so. I do yeah I mean I think you I was obviously a tough this year we've -- longtime front of this year's. That I've played years and he says. I think this is my twelve years so -- did things change in the league why wasn't last year was so much harder there's just a lot of parity in the grade now so I mean. I think last year we came rushed you know quite a bit short on some polls close gains were peculiar way. You know and so with six in ten record -- 106 record so. You know we have to kind of be a little bit sharper and on the universe games in you know me you know put herself and so many of those situations that we did last year. Mark -- told you -- because you look like -- about thirty I mean I -- twelve years in the league the very strenuous and tough and rugged sport. You with a guy like John to virus who's been in the league what almost twice as long as you have yeah I'm I mean you have to glorify climate takes a lot of stamina and strength I mean. I -- your heart's got to be pounding. Yeah it's definitely you you can take care -- a bit of beating had a -- kind of player you are I think I think guys you'll see you try to use a bit more smarts maybe than -- you know. Physical attributes he has got the of the league is going to be in and the team is gonna be thrilled because. Many of these games the first Niagara senators packed with fans. Yeah we get around 161000 game every night and it's it's pretty crazy it's you know it's. It started grown in the area in are trying to pick up some steam here in the least I'm pretty good financial ground now so with Angela an offer for both across locally in and a global scale. Talk a little bit more about that what is it like in the bowl because I could imagine before I went prevent this game of this going to be like a sabres. And the atmosphere is completely different you guys are just. You play you have fun there's music while the game is on. It's it's different it's not a sedate game at all it's it's a party with a lacrosse game being played in the middle like areas and -- strategists in just one big party. And it's it's a good time as god you have to be really thrilled about the fact that some of these schools. Lacrosse -- you do and is -- among these high school teams. Are not not a high schools will take kids from mother junior programs up in Canada and in the college division one NCAA schools on the -- we will grab a lot of our players from. In right now high school kids in the entire look and -- to go to college first before they become pros. The bandits opened their season this Saturday night Philadelphia -- 731. Niagara center. What sort of events to have plan that we're here. Austin to the home opener salute and allow a lot going on I really can't devote so much -- I'm that the so is and anyone executives stand right in the middle for teachers right I won't be able we will be doing that -- Racks will be racks and racks that -- -- Afghanistan for seven -- great stuff. Thanks -- much and that's the Scot -- the director of lacrosse operations for the buffalo bandits and mark stay in house their star forward. They open mass Saturday at 730 interest that was senator.