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National/On-Line Returns

Dec 26, 2013|

Edgar Dworsky

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The broad palette upon hours bait and switch you know rewriting laws lawlessness -- been talking about wanted to present himself as a unifying figure the adult in the -- man of decency -- ability man and good nature and manners and all the stuff and they -- -- from political bullies like the best Sean Hannity weeknight CNN's Suzanne news radio 9:30 AM. DEA and. It's wintertime in Western New York can I bet you're involved with home improvement projects inside. Hey I can help every Saturday morning at ten right here on W yen fights down the court he's be sure to tune in for hammer time Bret Hume part. By value home senators shot easy shot value setters a tent here and WB ES. Don't -- PM buffalo WG SS HD two hour. One city one voice one station in one place news radio 9:30 AM. -- you being here. Morning everyone some -- -- cloth on John -- I'm Dave -- news radio 930 WB yen near the top stories we're following on Buffalo's early news for Thursday December 26 there's a lake effect snow advisory for southern Erie county elated today and the flood advisory for -- along the creek still in effect also today many happy returns at least that's the -- On a day when people rushed to the stores with exchanges replacements and returns. With a pulse -- to speak to. Former governor Eliot Spitzer is getting a divorce after all these years. Following a prostitution scandal that drove him from office and on boxing day we look at a whole different kind of boxing is mixed martial arts coming to New York State. Really what you're losing out here and simulated hours. We check traffic and weather together every ton of those on the terms of Buffalo's early news this morning and a troubled southern. There's another upload on the day after Christmas drive into work. From -- Just still pretty good run right now no major problem as far as any accidents and disabled vehicles little bit of a delay at the peace bridge. -- at the February 290 Kensington the 190s they're -- looking at the moment along in a pretty good. Speed is a matter fed to her on the through eastbound right now around ridge. It's only eight minutes into downtown ten minutes after the united which is. Pretty much -- full speed ahead in every B insulin march have a command and Alan Harris don't we call it. And now the AccuWeather forecast for today. Mostly cloudy and crazies no one to three inches a high of 31 tonight it starts to change in the south downs mostly cloudy and -- was no showers. Lake effect -- -- and squalls three to six inches towards ski country and a low of 23. Sun and clouds tomorrow snow showers breezy high of 32 and Saturday partly sunny and windy the high of forty. Right now we've got cloudy skies 26 degrees out there. WBN news time 7020. Lake effect snow advisory is gonna be opposed to from 10 this morning until ten tomorrow. Porous southern Erie Wyoming should talk -- cutter on the Scottish storm totals in that area anywhere from five to nine new inches of snow. About flood warning is still posted for the Toronto won the creek rapids through this morning. If the National Weather Service decides he looked -- election no runaway theory county sheriff's office is asking drivers for their own safety. To respect barriers roads are closed because of flooding from -- want to drink. Specifically they're asking drivers not to venture onto wall caught rolled this morning. In Clarence is officially closed because of high water between transit and Goodrich basically. And he rose in that area that were closed yesterday. Remain closed this morning. Whether -- nationwide not that good either in some spots and it's one of the things that the big delivery companies are pointing to. Record online sales this holiday season and some rough winter weather. With too much they say for the delivery companies places like FedEx and UPS some presence did not make it under the tree in times this year. I -- about their parts that from my youngest. -- Mattson had nothing under her Christmas tree in Wichita Kansas yesterday I was really excited that couldn't wait to see your face. And it didn't happen now. I was at this point. UPS and FedEx -- bad weather and extra last minute online shopping were to blame on its website UPS said the volume of air packages in our system exceeded the capacity of our network. UPS and FedEx are both calling extra drivers even renting some U haul trucks to hit the road today to deliver presents the did not make it in and time. For those of you who did get presents that were put on there and all the Christmas tree it is a day after Christmas and traditionally does a lot of that stuff goes back to the store. But your wife was not happy -- -- issues say well. WBN's Tom pockets of touch with the attorney general's office to make sure all those Marion -- when it comes to getting those gifts back on the store she'll. There are a couple of things you'll need when you make Charles Holliday returns. Including seats -- welcome to undercut that they're getting dressed and somebody else so hopefully the person who purchased just. Could -- and he had he should also keep getting protons so. You have ever been and we think this sort of let you return. -- Mac executive deputy attorney general says also keep an eye out for storage refund policy. Stewart doesn't post relief foreign policy the new state law requires. That leaks are -- except to return -- two days after the purchased. And don't be afraid to speak up access it's your money if you are getting the run around. -- speak to the manager. -- market is pretty -- thirty MW the yen and that brings us to our web poll today at WBN dot com what you -- over the stores or to destroy -- for the next few days. For either returns or sales or. Maybe not at all right now not at all. No 74%. As leading the list others say they couldn't maybe end up in the store. Some 14%. For post Christmas sales. 9% for both returns and those sales only 3% say they'll be in stores in the next couple days for returns. You can check the latest opinion sort add your own and WBN dot com a web polls powered by Calvin leather gallery. Legislation that would allow mixed martial arts in New York State can't get through the new York state assembly. After breezing through the state senate proponents including the bill's co sponsor. Buffalo state senator mark presumably say legalizing martial arts has brought millions of dollars into other states. State senator mark Chris Nazi is cosponsor of the bill that would legalize mixed martial arts in New York states the bill is passed the senate three separate times but it's still not passed through the assembly. Problem there is it that the speaker won't bring -- built for an audit committee. And that's a bit unfortunate that the cars I think that the speaker water to the committee the committee would bolt were to go on the floor and unfortunately he's not he's not allowing -- after she had a problem. Which with this sport he calls a dangerous and you know that's a trail. Events -- on do you says that having New York is one of only three states not to regulate the sport doesn't make sense or dollars. New York State is losing out here is your loser now and tens of millions of dollars in revenue or recent study done an old armor Padgett aunt bought which sixty million dollars annually 33 million there for upstate. Are -- hopes 2014. Will finally be the year that the Bill Gates put up to vote if it does expect to see MMA events in the state rather quickly. Last year the UFC reserves the dates at Madison Square Garden that had to be canceled when it became clear the sport would not be legalized Brian mess around ski news radio 930 WB yen. Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer and his wife are ending their marriage the couple issued a statement late Tuesday announcing the split it reads quote. We regret our marital relationship has come to an end. The couple then said they will not address the subject any further Spitzer and his wife sealed up wall Spitzer were married in 1987. She supported his rise from state attorney general to governor they have three grown children she stood by his side. In 2008 when he resigned after admitting that he paid for sex with prostitutes. He did attempt -- political comeback earlier this year by running for New York City comptroller he lost in the democratic primary. Wall Spitzer did not campaign publicly for him in that election and they've been living apart for months now. Americans love Lucy nearly six decades after it first aired and -- love Lucy Christmas special. Was last week's most watched holiday program. It was a gimmick and Volvo -- older -- 1950s Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz said come. Was color rise to a companion episode that featured -- as a grape stomp her in Italy. Also went from black and white to color the Nielsen Co. said that this week the -- I Love -- special on CBS drew. Well over eight and a half million viewers to Reagan's last Friday -- most watched program. Runner up but Charlie Brown Christmas or relative newcomer the debuted in 1965. Settle for six and a half million that night. Before on ABC. CBS was the most watched network but NBC was the most popular among advertiser favored young adults. With help from the voice finale and the NFL bears or Eagles game on Sunday Night Football. And national coalition of anti smoking advocates as ranking New York 21 among states in their funding of smoking cessation programs. The campaign for tobacco free kids this month also says New York among. The states that they say broke all the promises to use money from tobacco settlements to combat smoking. The group is funded by cancer and anti smoking charities that says New York spends about forty million a year on tobacco prevention. But that's been declining they say for much of the last decade traffic and weather together next WB -- whose time has so little nine. Listen to WB and anytime anywhere. Online at WEN dot com are out on your phone and now. 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Fool -- your new photos and videos for the best placing it in new generation camera for all your future memory making is also premier friendly helpful because -- Camera gurus in Delaware camera. Your return photography especially star fund transit near eastern males on dollar of course between her -- him more. The UV induced seven a lot of traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the tends element in the shed another random -- -- must be the day after Christmas dismayed via third -- of new the news. Got to get things back in colon area after -- off right now we're fine like traffic still no accidents no disables the royals are in good shape. Right now the these Rich Little bit of Italy coming crosses at this point right now -- on the idea. Two and east on Sheridan its moment and ride in to downtown abuse at 3316 minutes ago about news 19. That's not too bad at all and ambience than a much -- command and Alan -- politically. This was at WB and I for the forecast mostly cloudy and breezy today it was a solid times giving -- to perhaps three inches high 31. And mostly cloudy with -- wins tonight snow showers lake effect snow flurries squalls accumulating three to six inches. Few inches in the south towns up to six inches in ski country -- 23. Times of clouds and sunshine tomorrow the social hour at July 32 of that for Saturday partly sunny windy but with higher temperatures like forty. Get breaking weather alerts on your cellphone by texting the word weather to 3930. Under the Indiana AccuWeather meteorologist Elliott Abrams. Right now we're dealing with some light snow 27 degrees and feels like -- team because of the window there and the National Weather Service reminds those little lake effect snow advisory. Will be in effect from 10 this morning until 10 tomorrow morning. For the southern tier of Erie county and much of the southern tier of Western New York got to nine inches of snow is possible. And coming up we'll have one of those stories from courtrooms that kind of makes you raise driver of Congo are wondered what happened there the just come WBN news time 712. Join America's most listened to mutual fund program as we take your calls about investing policy anytime 8883. Funds did listen to the mutual -- show Saturdays at noon from. It seems the more we grow up from the more we're responsible for families -- work the environment. That's why Subaru redesigned 2014. Forrester inside and -- -- can handle it all. It comes with a road -- symmetrical all wheel drive and now it's a fuel efficient 32 miles per gallon highway. It's also a partial zero emissions vehicle which means less pollutants. Cleaner air and so while the world keeps giving you a lot more responsibility. Subaru gives you a vehicle with enough versatility. Handle it all introducing the only 2014. Subaru Forester stopped by a test drive one today. The Subaru Forester -- trench 2014 sport utility. 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Those values among the belief in liberty respect for human dignity the quest for peace pursuit of justice and compassion for the stranger. Have inspired ACC for over -- century. In fact they define who we or -- global institution. To learn more visit HAC dot org and like us on FaceBook and AJC global this is David Harris but he JC. WB in whose -- is so important. A most unusual plea bargain deal has been arranged for pretty unusual serial offender this column is something election in New York City transportation circles he's been arrested more than two dozen times for posing as a transit worker. In order to steal buses and trains fifteen when he ran somewhere between six stops without being noticed. -- he's freed from jail after a deal among the attorneys to have him undergo therapy. Forty CBS news WBN news time now 715 must get up today with sports. Chris Johnson -- away -- ready for programs. What you need. It's back to the practice ice for the sabres today buffalo plays at Toronto tomorrow night. Plenty of FL injury news in the lead up to the final week of the season the cowboys have -- Jon -- out of retirement to back up Kyle Orton for the game in Philly. Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews will miss the NFC north showdown with Chicago he aggravated it right thumb injury. The saints play safety Kenny -- Karl on injured reserve clients did likewise with tight end Brandon Pettigrew. -- Broncos receiver Wes Welker practiced for the first time since his concussion two weeks ago. Bills back on the practice field today a reminder that Sunday's bills patriots game will air on WB EN beginning at 4 PM do -- -- in conflict. Savor things into the WTR Sports Radio 550 and hockey game at 5 PM. With sports I'm -- pushover news radio 9:30 AM WB ENN. All right very good Randi thanks for that coming up next we'll have the latest headlines a check of traffic and weather together to WBN news timeout 716. 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To the store are against -- Edward two wars game with consumer world on Tommy joins us now on the WB in line behind you -- -- -- doing this morning. Good morning you know stores have return policies we know that some of those stores have these policies posted. In the conspicuous -- to do buyers pay attention to that stuff Edgar. Well unfortunately they'd down so that means if they're going back to return all those on wanted chris' presence today -- big TP. In for a little bit of shock. The the term policies have gotten so complex lately it's it's no longer. This store has a ninety day policy disasters this period ultimately have to know different categories divided into different return period. -- electronics might be a much shorter period than say clothing. And there were a couple stores -- several this year that. Kind of change their policy shortening the windows two I understand. Well we had the -- retailer that we had tonight retailers that sometimes the combination of both. Best buy it really surprisingly. Cut their return window and half from thirty to fifteen days from both customers. And fears are major appliances and vacuums also cut its return window from sixty to thirty day. So the clock is ticking got to know that but my advice is go get those after Christmas sales today. Don't wait in line with both of the crazy people -- you could have had kind of a miserable time waiting along time. Edgar looks like gifts are bought online. That need to be returned might take a little longer -- with FedEx and UPS admitting many packages guaranteed for Christmas. Never admitted to their destinations because of bad weather and because these delivery companies have a middle they've been overwhelmed. But the number of things that they have to deliver how different is returning something that you want online. Then. Returning -- to a brick and mortar store. All the policies and not necessarily the same but the advantages if you buy from an online store that as a brick and mortar equivalent. In almost all cases. You can just bring it back to the brick and mortar store when you bought it why it happened the sports authority is the exception. If you bought its sports authority dot com you have to return at the sports authority dot com obviously the benefits to consumers did. You don't have to pay the shipping and handling charges and the brick and mortar stores. Tend to have been extended return window in many cases into January -- even with the delay from FedEx and UPS. Most consumers should be okay. Talk a little bit that you're about restocking fees. Are they seeing a surge in popularity. We're actually -- in the opposite restocking fees were very popular several years ago more remorse or is we're adopting -- they didn't want Judith. To go to best buy for example. On a Friday get a video camera for a wedding over the weekend event at the consumer bring it back on Monday morning. And the restocking -- would've. You know really prevented victim from doing that. Most brick and mortar stores have stopped using restocking fees office -- has won if you open electronic item for example. And some online stores particularly smaller online stores. Habit so. Just be careful that the electronic -- it's always Smart not to break the factory deal. That will help ensure you get the full refund and not have something deducted. -- what is your take on FedEx and UPS. Admitting that they have been overwhelmed by so many orders online and of course they attribute to there of the fact that some. The numbers to make it for Christmas and bad weather too but still all that said I mean these companies made promises to people. They've made promises and to the extent that you ordered. Eight times sensitive order you know where they guaranteed delivery in two days are over night or whatever. They have guarantee. Take advantage of the guarantee that had access that it's not delivered on time you can get a refund I also understand that if you complain to the seller. And you paid -- premium price for that last minute delivery. The sellers such as Amazon may even give -- a gift card back or may waive the shipping charging give you refunds. Okay Edgar good to have you with us we thank you for your time this morning thanks again again many happy returns. You do Edgar Jaworski is with consumer world dot com.