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Awareness of Return Policies

Dec 26, 2013|

Peggy Penders

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Peggy Penders is with us on the -- BM live -- she's with the better business bureau for upstate New York. -- good morning. Good morning jonbenet's. Glad you're here tell me about returns is it something people really need to. Be cautious about or is it just a matter of grabbing your receipt going back to the store. What are definitely do want at least it's gonna help you with your proof of purchase. But that particular situation or configure that phrase it's the customer always right but not so when it comes to return in exchanges. They are not required to exchange your return items on this if it's by law. -- we have -- it on your former self with consumers individuals store policy. Are -- actual scams out there was just a matter of as you say stores. Declining. To take something back. Well I'm really matter yeah it's really you know trip watching the clock. Most retailers met online is for mortar stores. Can't return policies. -- short window so you went shopping over. Black -- for example Cyber Monday thirty days is coming out really quick and that's -- general -- thirty days. The flaw that you had mentioned a -- Do these laws need to be updated and changed. Well not early just really a matter of who was being aware of the policies. Stores are required to hold the return policies if they have short return window officially a bit. -- readily available later checked out in our mind but it is not to check book policy before. We clicked and he has control our our our purchases. If I -- about say a birthday gift in June for someone. -- the return policies and different than the ones that a lot of stores were post now for the holiday season. They -- change and definitely can achieve in eastern mentality you've been. And reached earth happened right to change them but they also if you can ever -- It's our responsibility -- to make sure that we know. Apple big or have tightened up and rain this year a little bit that's why are shorten the window announced January effect if you wanna keep that. In mind it was Sarah. Extended holiday return policies however short wound up -- For thirty days early states -- -- and that's January 9. We're talking live with the Peggy -- with Leo buffalo -- about a business bureau Peggy. What happens. To a gift. That has been returned to a store does the next buyer need to be informed that what their buying had been returned. Well you know I'm gonna come back to the packaging and if it if you have something that. -- electronic or any item that Scott gets tight packaging and now to repackage their return late might give you a discount. Because we bought however you can bring them back for the door that was electric effect -- you you have opened it. And it is not damage that's accurate and to understand. It's not really in open up their pitching your Mike speech -- restocking fees because he did that. All right and we will people thanks for helping us now with all of this morning -- Thank you thank you that's -- Penders with the better business bureau of upstate New York.