Christmas Wish

Dec 25, 2013|

Before Brenda Schmitz died of ovarian cancer in 2011, she wrote a letter that was mailed to Des Moines radio station KSTZ. But that's just the beginning of what one newspaper described as "a loving Christmas request from beyond the grave." CBS's Dave Vieser reports.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi there I'm gave -- CBS news and boy do we have a Christmas story for you. This is going to be a fairly long podcasts and our thanks to star won a 2.5. -- Moines Iowa for giving us permission to run this entire segment. On their morning show from last Thursday. You're gonna hear an incredible Christmas wish that was granted from a woman who died from cancer two years ago. After we play you what was heard on the radio. We had a chance to speak with the gentleman was granted that wage and the woman he's going to marry. We hope you enjoyed this very special Christmas story from all of us here at CBS news happy holidays and so let us begin with what -- Last Thursday -- what a 2.5. During the Big Ten and Colleen morning shale. David thanks for coming down we got a very special Christmas wish for you and we'd like to shared with you. First we wanna ask you you lost your wife Brenda a couple of years ago to cancer yes. Could you tell us a little bit about bread and. She was. -- down to earth. Loving mother. Terrific life. She was -- A big blow. In January. 2011 she found out she and on stage four ovarian cancer. And passed away. September 27 today here. Yes Sam should be enough to shoot very strong. Acceptance. -- What happened to her. And since she's been gone cheese. You know showed a lot of science that she's still there. We have. Our youngest was Max who is now four. He was too at the time. She died ten days after her second birthday. And when we meant I had two sons. Josh and Justin an -- and a son from a prior relationship Carter. We can imagine is tough how tough that must've been for you yeah -- still is yeah. We understand the U. You recently got engaged. -- We met. October. 2012. She has 22 kids. You know after you lose your wife and you meet someone I mean I've basically you know have four boys -- four voice you know stepson and 3 am I don't. Chain was. Incredible home. You know acceptance. Max and announce the boys as their own. She is stepped in admirably to. You know act as a month. Well David we we told you we got a very special Christmas wish. I gotta tell you today. Since I found out about this I thought a lot about what I would do fire Reardon and your position. And I really don't know the answer that. But we wanna share with you. Recently we received a letter from one of Brenda your first wives friends. And we don't know who. It was an anonymous letter. And inside the latter was. A couple of other -- One. Was one your wife Brenda -- TU. And she gave to this friend. And she asked his friend to send it to us. When the time was right. And she's your wife Brenda in the letter said she was a fan of our Christmas wish. That she had a wish for you. It's a Colleen has that letter and she's gonna read you this letter from your wife Brenda. The letter is dated August 3 2011. Hello my name is to brandish -- When you are in receipt of this letter I will have already lost -- battle to ovarian cancer. I am writing this letter to -- sent to you by dear friend who has instructions to do so when it was the time. I had to -- this because they can barely write anymore because in my shaky next. I told her. Once by loving husband David had moved on his life and -- met someone. To share his life with again to mail this letter to all of you at the station. I always enjoyed through the years the Christmas wish you all put on it is a tremendous and thoughtful deal you do for people. That truly exemplifies that Christmas is all about. As I was thinking about my last month on earth I told David my wishes after I was gone that I believed he followed through with the attitude encouraged. I know he possesses. What a great husband and father he has. I know all of this is extremely hard on him he's the one making the best decisions from here on out from my family. And ultimate fighting a caring compassionate loving woman in time to help raise the voice. She must be quite a lady and I wish I could've met. To take on the task of raising a larger extended family with on -- that unwavering love and devotion and huge heart. I also gave my friends some things to do and this letter sent to you is one of them when the time presented itself. We have four boys Carter Josh Justin and my little math facts. Max is the youngest at two years old I was diagnosed right after his first birthday. No child as young as masks should lose his mother. And it brings tears to my eyes not thinking habit. Out I will miss seeing him and the boys grow up to be Fineman. I have relate to David. To try. And not let him forget me. He is such a bright intelligent beautiful boy I will miss all my boys. My favorite has always spend the one standing in front of me. My reason for writing that I have a wish. I have a wish for David the boys and the woman and her family if she has kids also. I want them to know I love them very much and they always feel safe in a world of pain. I was hoping that one small act you all could do for -- can change and help their lives for ever. And they know I am with them Ali's. First for David's new lifelong partner a day. Or better yet a weekend of pampering in all aspects of her life. Hair make up -- the size clothes shopping -- -- weekend getaway whatever she deserves it. Being a stepmother to all those boys and especially giving Lomax. A mother's love. That only she can get. Make her smile. And know her efforts are truly appreciated for me perseverance will prevail. Thank you I love you whoever you are. Talk to meet you are hurt. For the family a magical trip. Somewhere where they all can enjoy their company and companionship is a family and create those memories that will be with them forever. Finally the cancer doctors at mercy hospital and nurses at eight south doctor Carlson doctor turner Dutch newer three Rudolph. A night out -- drinks food and fun for all they do every day for the cancer patients encounter. May god bless and keep all of he's safe there thanks for that's. When you wish upon a star. -- David I I love my wife very much I can now imagine losing her much less in the and getting a letter from her two years later. When you think it's. When it's not surprising to us she's. The last year and a half she -- so many signs. That she's there. The biggest one. Was -- day she died she is that Johnston hospice and we. Dan had rain -- we have had -- -- area for five weeks. And Max and her song was over the rainbow in. She sang it and he sang it -- 2892 -- he would sing that song pervade them. They watched it videos YouTube whatever it. And that day she died that morning Tom there was a double rainbow. Found that stretched from Johnston to -- -- it was five minutes brightness committee. And I didn't know it happened at the time she died at 707 in the morning. And the Ramos showed up and afterward some had people tell me. That saw the rate rainbow that news the story with -- and Brendan that you should've seen the rainbow I'm like well rainbow -- because I was inside. And they said it was incredible and Max has that. Picture of the rainbow in his you know his room right now. And there's no doubt in my mind. We did. Not. Just. You know the the one out I'll say it was Max and Jane. We were jet skiing. One day and I had gone out with my son Josh and her daughter Madison. And I had turned and looked back here had now in. There was this huge seagull just flying back and forth. Above chain -- Max. And I think now phenomena at the time and we got back in and Jane obviously had I can tell us you can cry and and -- -- what's wrong and she said Max came up to me and asked me if I'd be his mommy. And it. -- And she's responded yes I love to be your mommy bit. Before Brenda had died the reason I say this is she had told me she wanted me to you know move on and you know hopefully meet somebody -- and she goes I know you'll find somebody and you know. And I say that -- foul line knows she's the right person she goes. Pisses. Beyond the albeit there. And she she loved the beach she -- seagulls. End. There was -- seagull flying over the top at that moment. Where Max asked Jane for the first time if she repeated as well -- this. You're lucky man David you've had two good equipment. -- and help. -- Brenda wrote a letter also. To change -- we're gonna give that to you and you can take care. But we wanna grant Brent his -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And his team. We are gonna send you in your family on a magical vacation for eight to Disney World. It is when I'm. -- -- -- My heart looked out the committee get to letter. In one stroke in. You must be so proud to have. And then with such an amazing woman. Mom and I am so honored to be able to. Grant -- -- wishes. I'm Brian has helped spearhead a community wide effort. David make possible great local companies like Kryptonite foundation repair its slumber land furniture helped contribute to this. A year vacation will include roundtrip airfare from Des Moines plus hotel accommodations. Mediacom has joined in and they're getting everyone in the family Ali to -- park hopper passes for four days. And just as Brenda wished. Gene will be pampered with day relaxing massage while you're -- Disney World. And we wanna complete your wife swish. Brenda is their wish was to recognize the unsung heroes for their hard work that day in and day out the nurses and doctors at mercy medical center eight south. In the -- corporate catering. Is -- gonna bring all of you a special treat three. Three coordinated food drops will be made on behalf of Brenda for all. The care comforting and hard work over mercy. And we're very happy to grant this wish. And we wish you and your family. All the best. Moving forward and -- And it shocked me. And we wish him merry Christmas Day and -- drilling and. Yeah yeah. Okay. Boo boo boo boo. Davies a -- review -- CBS news in New York so after that aired. We decided that we need to speak with. The folks who -- gonna get -- very special Christmas -- David Schwartz spoke with us before we spoke with David we spoke with his future -- -- Abraham. And I -- was she shocked when she heard about office. I I was shocked I actually heard it from dean and he called me 1 PM. We're data radio station in. And I get in shock and in and I think we are both extremely. Tight end. And an emotional. -- Pool. Let Ernie. In an Irish shot. In the back. She had written me a letter -- And now. You know a lot of your heart out it up. Have you opened that letter yet and Gately fury if you took off to -- -- can -- that -- IE I have opened and I opened up the decade. -- redundancy and and and you know I'm I really don't wanna go in Q. A lot of depth about color because it is. Kind of a mom and mom Larry unity in. I found it should be. The -- me cry and let me ask you about it like it created. I'm fine and between her and I am very -- that we -- shared. Bank you know -- it told me more about her in unity. From the militias. Nothing at all from the inside out and I really. Built a comfortable sharing committed. Or is that a mom your mom latter. Com. That yeah hanging out and -- curry hanging it and then it sealed. -- -- any actions that I might -- in my mind about mania in the -- And has has meet me the L extreme are loved and appreciated. Yeah and any kind of confirm that I know. Barring any. Yet I just -- yeah that -- And thank you for letting us in a little bit unnecessarily on the Mets personals private you know let race how -- -- -- myself sort of going. You know how amazing isn't this wonderful woman who never got to meet king had this -- you I mean it just so. Is surreal. I know I can't worry now and I. You know all -- it and I'm Matt. Ahrens. And -- I think wearable at a rate where we at. You know we're trying to learning about each other hearings. And and understand every game you know going and I'm. Yeah with it being in the complaint -- I am wondering does that warrant but at the BM in my book the -- You know I quote seeking her complaint. I don't -- -- hell. Yang. You know on this bill the latter in everything she wrote me. I -- -- her work in Ohio are in the car. Ankle the eight iron to. Back. -- -- -- You know in the bag you know rain and packing her opting that -- -- keep hearing -- -- And when you read that latter. In regard you old. Her you know I mean I love you oh yeah and we talk to me you're you're hurt. Hearing back in and probably. The most in part -- means. It and it really confirmed. Even now I mean that I -- -- Sheila -- I'm supporting me yeah and -- -- Now I really feel. I'd like I have a cheerleader on my on my shoulders they -- -- dollar and kind of Al. And you -- -- You know in -- war. Been there. On the party. -- -- and in all of the blaze in -- thing out. -- quite catchy unity and McCain and he said he'll DL or me. Yang. Not that the DL play there and it is very keen and money and I kinda had to get you in Concord. People actually get it on Iranian nation on there is saying. And I am. And it went nine we -- -- eating dinner. You know I just I like adamantly saying on the -- on the regional and about how great that I don't know to me and a warning then. Bank we were all trying to figure out of that letter on the night without -- bag. I know -- and you all went to the coming on have a debt -- And I and I write an IP courage in the telling the -- but if I rated on Abrams put an envelope. And I'm I mean you only her. -- I I kind of kind of you know I'm but I yen after he called me I. I -- the price that I am my arm. Because they had how to convert speech in -- or millennium and in her away lashes back he -- greens you then. Ian I'm Angela Hammond. And the bullies in our family in. In fact I had had that got him either that's what the on the bow. Wow so he knows he cannot. He owes you dinner now on yeah. Exactly he he went out for dinner on an. Here. -- error LA. I love it. And -- here when they hear. And read it right there on the latter. Cry in the lap in the right right -- I mean now. Is our team thank you for talking -- into Colombia and handed over to David will do thank the topic makes America and thank you America. Hi David my name is Dave Beazer or it's always good good is it to talk with -- today is that was. One of the most emotional things to watch him it's just watching the videos that tennis star won 2.5 posted. Thursday in the studio and act in San. He held it together evidently news it was south and it -- CNET so. Let me ask are held a gatherer -- -- -- -- but it got a stop taping and it did he realizes that I got it all. That was pre -- -- okay well you're you're you're children's real practice. Well the interesting thing was calm -- I was going down there. And things and then once I found out it and at call chain and older. Things. We at that time decided that you know we got yeah we're gonna wait -- to tell it all together. Obviously that did not transpire because. Well at all over it and that day we had. School. Should attend now double. That -- a way. Actually heard it on the radio. School. Self. Hell out of the water. The act kinda -- out and that might get hurt on obviously. You know we can keep quiet apartment. It didn't work out. They are all enemies. It's amazing -- options. Is going to tell me at all that many. Are. Yet on in the -- you know heated everywhere you know. System may -- in the eighties and green in the comment. In molecular. Yeah it's incredible. How active for many people. Including well. Well absolutely you know it's a even here at this network we are not ones typically do. -- do the stories like this this one so exceptionally. Beautiful and so. Amazing. Speak about sure you know your former group former wife and and it and how amazing is that she could connect with your future wife in this way. Yeah. You know. I know I heard Jamie talk you about that mean -- you know like she decided not chemo treatments. Are you. Apple's talks with here. -- -- your loved one you know you don't want out what you have and you know that -- part about about that and she had told. She wanted me to find one again on down the road and that just to make sure that. She'll the boys and a Max especially he has as much as -- it. And you know outlook for what you associate told -- it and you know. Obviously. What the or -- she had. She knew what kind of -- transitions are gonna be here. And -- especially change. It and Yoshi -- just kind of they're gonna not do it. -- it was this kind of -- -- real trick -- -- you know. That she can she did you know. I'm believable. Yet in many ways -- four years old now obviously too little young to understand. When his mom passed Howell and how is -- -- -- for -- for still young but what's his reaction tools. Well. -- -- kind of you know he's kind of interest that when he sees himself -- TP equity. Hear about these -- all let you know he he he kind of realize that they can understand. You know. You know he's the kind. You know it's a level entertainer -- Karl optional but he. He's just he was all quite. I'll blow when he was to remain obviously -- can actually there's not a lot you know a younger age you know and but you know chain has stepped in have reported. You know in a lot of for a. Absolutely and you know. -- there are so many of the rainbow the Siegel's. God knows what's gonna happen when you guys go to Walt Disney World -- he got to believe is going to be some kind of signal there out. Well yeah you know there and there are other little stories you know such as you know I mean. You know that -- hole and playing well a long -- all that our relationship I mean. You know we both believe that she's kind of been guiding. You know. Helping us through the tough times you know -- -- Cannot shoulder supplement your apparel and when she -- it. It's it's crazy you know that. I. -- just unbelievable. And frankly you know such a nice. Nice way to be able to have shared with the community you know we -- people have their own stories we talked about privately but -- Yours went viral let's put it that way in today's world of technology and death. And and the whole world really has seen this story and -- may -- for that. Typical conversation you talked about when somebody in the family is is you know is is losing their life that. It DE DC that -- -- side that the perhaps your story might help with other families in the future. -- -- on top start I read on the oppose and want to I can't remember the site. But this now woman has stated that she had been very 27 year. And her husband saw the site and I think it doesn't say it on and be able. TV station. And she said that. Because my husband became so emotional he came out on me for the first time and mark it up into its flight. You know it may well tyrant that. In now -- cool that was. You know you need to -- those things everyday. You know -- I think that's what a lot of people you know especially on holidays -- now I think people only remember their loved ones you know and that was one of those. Good stories and you know the one mind I can get in her letter was. You know make an -- they'll say -- all the pain it. You know that's one of those stories that make everybody -- Here though you know painful story you are. Hear about on the -- that you know seems to. Reciprocate every you know there's captain ever start you know so yeah -- -- -- -- These boys and is the truth so. The other kids can be sad event go to DC will be have the date on that plant. Now while we actually you know we have great people general -- Courtney in. Audience. Jack Carter a marker and you know all that there involvement sport. What. We -- -- Arctic. We go down again with or. Yes and you gotta get away from the two points now I lived in Davenport so I know what idol is like in the winner's trying to. It in the summer that helped out our -- and sure I've been to Sioux City and I know exactly which is a minister with the put. And find out how let's talk about Carter briefly is you know he's he was from the previous marriage right. Carter -- from a prior relation Brenda had before so let me let me ask you for him it's the unique in another way you know a previous relationship and this now you know -- can be Newmont. How does he feel lazy oldest -- his reaction yet. Well you know the obviously it would shock doll so eat at all wanted to -- of the day we're talking. When is -- -- has decided to stop treatment. And things she was talking about like need to start. Right made a comment -- about a need to start writing letters that Joshua Johnston. Peak you know further -- cute -- -- graduation. -- -- are not an option and -- -- she made a common bank has rightly said why -- need to write a letter here -- is David ever find somebody down Guerrero in now. I need to write a letter ticker. And it kind of took him by surprise. In obviously kind of forgot about that all happened. And though she had the foresight every right nick is what should stop treatment this letter was dated the day after he decided to. You know mockery. So obviously she put that in motion. And I kind of think that the trend. -- Start at all that there were instructed that -- solid at a time. She was shaking so bad that I don't think she typed and I think she trying to all the Trent the type that. You know and I think that that transpired because I don't think she. She she could -- I mean what her condition and stuff so. Obviously different that -- are done some things and -- they if you have any idea different. You know -- The hole and I don't and I don't think we are well okay that's it today I felt I think catchy you know trust that person amount playing and all that cents. You know what do the things that she announced them today oh what you have. In on the latter one thing that. I aspect -- -- doesn't want to thank our chart Atlanta dale. And so we kind of thing that a look at what else -- they -- chart you know to do. You know obviously she stated there's other things. So I don't know what that balls you know. Discount as seems interest and you know he maybe you'll like Atlanta today that yeah exactly. That is David Schwartz of the more Noah who is granted a beautiful wish for star borrowed 2.5 from his wife who passed. Two years ago when an exceptional story it is it is gone viral on YouTube and many other locations on the Internet and we appreciate you spending half hour. Listening to this exceptional story during this holiday season from all of us as CBS news I'm Davies or have a wonderful holiday season.