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12-24 Larry Hunter Hour 3

Dec 24, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

To win. Larry I'm. I'm a little bit under the weather today so we're filling in this afternoon Larry hunter. On the radio. On Christmas Eve we're sharing it with you thank you for being with this on this. A pretty day -- were little slick this morning when the snow started but. Now with the darkness coming on make sure you got your headlights on OK and driving around a lot of the houses are decorated this evening. Those kind of be a pretty night to get out although it is going to be near the as you just heard on AccuWeather so. I do bundle up make sure you take is some gloves -- and if you'd did not try to get in the winter. Mood. For driving. -- it is time to really do so now and by that I mean. Be prepared. When you take off in your car there are some things that you should hand. To make sure that if you are delayed. Or something goes wrong. It -- your kind of covered it. First of all you should never drive in the winter for during the wintertime without at least half a tank of gas to write to me that's rule number one. You always wanna have at least half a tank of gas. When you're driving. In the wintertime because you never know when you're going to be delayed or stock and you wanna be able they keep some heat in your car. If for some reason you do get stuck and keep the car running make sure you do open the windows a little bit so you don't get any carbon monoxide problems at all. Dream the cold season. He also want to make sure yet you have some are rock salt or are melts Alter or kitty litter. In the -- your card just in case you do get stuck and you need to get a little extra traction that. We'll help you do so I always carry a blanket and an extra pair of socks with me. In the wintertime in the car. Flashlight. With -- new batteries. Fresh batteries so we have a strong light if you needed. But to media a flashlight and extra flashlight in the car. Is vital year round so little things like that and I scraper whatever. Now that we're really getting into the winter season now that winter is officially. Started out on the calendar it's time to make sure you you are prepared just in case. BA you have problem when your drive and especially if you're on the threw away. Mean let's let's be honest here literally is now lit. And there -- a long stretches in between exit sometimes. Sixteen -- to twenty miles if you have a problem you wanna make sure that that you have some of the necessities and of course it doesn't hurt us. To have a couple. Old granola bars or candy bars or or something to munch on in the car. It is at if it freezes it won't be a problem just. Just a little safety things from my boy scout days twelve minutes after the hour at WB and how we got a little bit more time with the today. And Joseph and I were talking off fair. And we. Thought it might be kind of fun just to get a feel. Of what might be your favorite Christmas song or Christmas movie. We were going back with some things here. And I kind of wonder whether some of the old traditional Christmas songs or some of the -- were updated. A Christmas songs are a little bit more popular. And interestingly enough. Oh in Joseph and I were talking. The movies that we were talking about his Christmas movies. On none of them were the old traditional movies like a wonderful life for or white Christmas -- You have told me your favorite Christmas or holiday movie was. Home alone you know. How many versions of that was it was their hold on to win three or to. There was home alone two would McCullough -- in the in the actual family hole blown three it was a whole different cast it was a ripoff was awful. It it. It was it was just trying to get the name out there but it was not it was not a continuance of warning to. You know I really like the movie white Christmas I do I think it's it's a great story. And has some some nice music candidate but. The one of the Christmas movies I really enjoyed that this may shock a lot of people this Christmas vacation. Goal was Chevy Chase and and the family I mean guys. Let let's be honest here. All of us at one time or another when we have tried to put up outdoor Christmas lights have got our wires crossed. And I don't mean that to be upon I mean -- obviously -- we have put too many lights into a circuit. Or. Just cut the wires by mistake -- we're putting them together tangled up the lights but. There's something -- I I think about Christmas vacation. That if you wanna be honest if you're a guy that it's like -- we can really kinda relate today at. It's just one of those things and every year. I watch it every year I know what's going to happen but I still laugh. I still laugh at at all the crazy things. Especially when he gets the whole family together and flips a switch and and nothing happens I mean. Let's be honest guys how many times have we done that we've put everything together flip the switch and it doesn't. Work. -- heads deal wonder why sometimes. We get a reputation of being beaten. Not the most coordinated people when it comes to. Putting things do it together. Years ago I I don't know Joseph if you were ever Wear this for years ago when I was growing up as a kid. When you strung lights together on a tree if one ball went out all the balls on that string went out. And since you know. Over the years that has been taken care of we're now one ball goes out you replace one ball but years ago it was so frustrating because if you had a string of let's say fifteen or twenty lights. And that entire string went out you had to go test every single -- to find the one that went out. And fortunately we we've come a long way since then. But. I think Christmas vacation I think so much of it I find so much of a funny because I think so much of it is is true what what what about you. Oh yeah I I love Chris litigation -- the first Christmas movie I watched this holiday season. Or yeah yeah okay but beyond the lightning at some out of ever heard this on the twelve panes of Christmas. Now. -- one of those times legal around this the second guys like guy and he goes what goes out they all go out like he's yellow in the entire song. All okay yeah that's pretty funny I ya I mean that used to be that the way it was yours ago and obviously things -- active. Come -- a long ways since then but that's that's what MI AM. Favorite movies Christmas mediation I guess because I can kind of relate to remember my dad. Trying to decorate. And just. We need another extension cord. We had to go out by a line or the stores were closed it was late so I'll go and get it tomorrow and then I forgot and then we hook it up and all goes into one circuit. And the house I was growing up in we had. Fuses we didn't have like circuit breakers we have fuses blown fuse but hopefully we can put all the Christmas lights together one thing. And plug it in a flip the switch and everything. Would go offer would blow a fuse let's say out of Kevin and Pendleton hi Kevin how you doing. Hey Erica but there are out -- thank you seem to use there. Thought epic yeah yeah next topic bare boat spare computer and they're -- they're Christmas music and he. Two -- -- escorted to coordinator. Between. -- -- maybe even new therapies. I would say or quality or mayor music. Compared to -- and says we get now. But some I've heard some new versions of two songs -- really too polite but I like the U operations of it. Problem one -- members of the -- Well white Christmas and -- it's your favorite movie and video recorder or something. But. -- of the Bing Crosby version of that -- I think is just beautiful. It's standard for every day every air airport. I recently acquired. It's seen some tracks. We -- Crosby but it's kinda like little moderate -- Are used to seeing you know things are everything quick Bing Crosby all right -- -- to -- -- -- better. And and that when you're talking a -- some movies. I like BO original ball. A Christmas Carol rich Arctic in the it was a Jordan chief Scott I think it was completely dark and the year. It's a toxic but but then. I think that democracy it'll artist ever sent out that -- -- what Jerry you know the Muppet Christmas Carol. Via com. I always thought that Bing Crosby just had one of the most mellow beautiful voices and on white Christmas seat he just did a fabulous job. But that also reminded me of another gentleman. That I thought had a magnificent voice. And fortunately I got to enjoys some of his music. Even though light it it wasn't popular when I was a kid and -- Nat King Cole and the Chris. And oh yeah yeah what it would notify ice man of course each Sinatra. Our home mom and marble and joining Muppets and Andy Williams will be much Christmas and all those Geithner. Here and and and what about Perry Como. Perry but to mean that -- Castro with Terry coal boilers no respect won't -- always -- Maybe. More traction Christmas. You know but the other is never -- -- you know. Very you know church we -- -- -- records don't think. Did Johnny Johnny Mathis them. Did does some nice Christmas stuff I like his song it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas I like his version. And here I mean where I saw him get a nights ago orasure. Employees but of course you know -- -- teacher and an order notes as you -- of course you know so you know. Now I could never hold the vote of the notes as I used to. Even I could hold the notes I couldn't all the notes as I used to. Here which it Muppet Christmas Carol and it certainly agree get this scene in the book -- are -- down some ego. And the way and he -- -- -- young Ebenezer Scrooge. Wondered ghost of Christmas past to scoot back. In time these sweeteners don't screw concede or extra emerge you won't be a -- of just because it's important we have been somewhat -- on which such. It'll be sitting on into the big seismic. -- -- -- And Kevin good to hear from you want to wish you aren't we but it. Thank you very much. -- -- That's a chicken with a traffic -- Alan Harris. National Weather Service has told us that -- public money cut or August county in southern Erie. We'll continue to have a lake effect snow advisory in effect until 7 o'clock tonight is AccuWeather says they could get 48 inches. In the ski country area one to three inches in the south towns and an -- -- so. In the metro area this evening low tonight will get down there it's going to be a cold one so make sure you bundle up seven will be the expected low tonight. Christmas Day some clouds as snow shower Heidi in the afternoon about the mid twenties. And for Thursday it'll get up to the low thirties but it will be extremely. Windy sixteen is our official -- now from news radio 930 WB and about nine minutes away from headline news at the bottom of the hour area you know Irving Berlin wrote a white Christmas the the song. Famous that Bing Crosby made from the motion picture there Irving Berlin wrote the song but you know where he was when he wrote it. I think I mentioned this to you last year -- But the I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. Was written by Irving Berlin when he was in Miami Florida. And so it's basically a truce on it was his feelings of not feeling that Christmas Eve because. He he didn't have snow. And I've. Always been someone who enjoy the four seasons and not just the group but the weather as well. And IE have always liked. A white Christmas I just think there's something special about it maybe. It's because of the song may be the song has made it. More appropriate or more significant. Talking about like Christmas but I I've always felt that Christmas is a little bit more special. When we I got a little snow maybe it's the kid in me could could be the kid in me. You know because I grew up but in Syracuse, New York. Where it's knows about 360 days a year and not really I just I just pick -- my home town because it does get really cold and snowy. In Syracuse in the winter much more so them of the buffalo region. And I used to get up early in the morning to look out the -- see if it was snowing hoping school would be closed I'd do that all the time. Now I am mum you know we got an inch and half of snow we better not go to school today and it. Didn't get away when it it had to be really bad final order to shut down things in Syracuse but. Idea have always been someone who just kind of likes snow hole and thinks it's kinda pretty and would much rather have snow than what we have over the weekend and I think you know those -- you -- flood flow prone regions. Especially long -- I want to -- kid can understand that the early by the way don't forget to the -- Evans center road. By the train tracks there there was a a fatal accident. And that section is is closed if you're driving around that area today we wanna make you aware of that. There are still some store is going to be open tonight -- 9 10 o'clock her or so which kind of surprised at but there are. Some of the other bigger chain operations will be opened little late night for that last minute Christmas shopping. Just kind of wondered does anybody. On watch any of the snoopy Christmas stuff. My mother used to love watching naturally brown -- and snoopy and the Christmas shows at and I never got into the act. But that was my mother liked and I don't know I mean. Do you watch that anymore. What about miracle on 34 street it is that is that popular. Anymore as as a Christmas -- the new the new ones and all -- were one from 94 yeah with Dylan McDermott ya. -- -- -- -- You know I I don't know -- kind of wonder if a lot of the old traditional you know Christmas movies have kind of gone. By the wayside because -- of technology today. And there's just not the the interest because it's it's available anytime and any way you wanna get it. But. I'm kind of a Christmas vacation. Ran with a with a Chevy Chase and and the whole gang I think there. I think most guys can really kinda relate to that. -- show it's Christmas Eve I'm Larry -- sitting in today on news radio 930 WB. ENN. Meaning it's still things mean. Christmas. Rush this through. Moon I. Okay. Especially and -- and full season. -- -- -- -- -- -- Eat. -- where. Okay. That's true. -- I do. And I do. And this news. It's. -- -- -- -- -- news. -- Reliance on my age to. Any -- It. And. I -- CNN. Every game. -- It's. This game you land snooze. Okay. That. Is okay. -- -- I only -- Is. Just do you LNC news. Okay. Yeah. I. I mean you need it's a I foolish and you. Earlier. We -- and woo. And -- Saying. It. There -- carpenters Karen Carpenter who is cents a passed away and her big Christmas it. Merry Christmas darling and our appropriate. For this Christmas he has such a beautiful voice that's a shame that day she died -- -- here. A young age and I don't know what her brother Richard is doing today but he composed a lot of the music that they did I -- a lot of their songs over the years have been played it at weddings very popular. Some of the songs they they've recorded. Such as we've we've only just begun. Her about a 23 minutes away from the top of the hour here at news radio 930 -- EM Larry hunter sitting in today for -- hourly Thomas. Opt out due to. -- just kind of feeling under the weather. And later tonight we will be providing you with Christmas music throughout the evening. And now all day tomorrow as well that will be back then 9 o'clock on Thursday morning for sandy beach. One -- go to Joseph beamer. Four running the operation today and getting some of the music forests and Chelsea is taking your calls at eagle three on 930 if you wanna share. Your favorite Christmas songs or a Christmas movie. And maybe you have a little one. At home that you might just wanna have -- speak to tonight and find out what they are anticipating from Santa. You have a youngster and you like to give us a call -- 8030930. Or star 930. And then we can talk to. A little one about there anticipation. Of Santa coming tonight. And from what we understand. According to the NORAD this Santa is due in Western New York. A little bit after 9 o'clock tonight now just looked out our studio window here. And we are getting some of beautiful kind of fluffy winter snowflakes right now. Coming down for a while we almost had some clear skies but now with some snow flurries in our region. And if you want a check the latest radar you can do so at WBD and dot com. Just go to our website at click on the weather and we'll show you. The radar and where it is snowing and right now much of Erie county is getting some snow as that much of Monroe County near the Rochester area. And south of Batavia. It is snowing a little harder as well. So while many of the roads have been cleared this afternoon but we still anticipate does some snow tonight and it is going to get cold. So if you're going out tonight bundle up their -- wind chills could be below zero so after being in the fifties just three or four days ago. And now all of a sudden down and single digits week kind of got to re adjust ourselves to the to the colts to make sure. He where some gloves a bundle up and and stay warm. If you're going out tonight idea have been invited out to two and neighbors for a Christmas dinner after the show tonight so I'm looking forward to that the Jane you how skis invited me over tonight for. Some -- Christmas dinner and spirits and very nice of them I had the opportunity to spend a little time with their family and and relatives and then tomorrow. I'm going to be with the lip and -- a family spending Christmas Day with -- -- handle the last couple years since them. My AM mom has passed away so I get to share. Christmas with the family it's just a different family but it kind of feels like family so it's kind of nice and I appreciate the opportunity. To -- spend some time with them I just looked over and out in the Booth and saw Joe's hair got a lot longer. I think that Chelsea is -- taken care of the controls right now again I wanna think gun. A lovely lady from Lancaster when I came into work this afternoon. She had left a ten of my favorite Christmas cookies the sugar cookies that are -- you know with little sprinkles and stuff on them. And she didn't leave her name she just said to Larry from a WB -- listener in Lancaster. And that are so thoughtful and and so and I saw it sincerely. Appreciate that. And believe me I will enjoy them so much I am kind of a little bit of a cookie monster I have to admit that you. It if you knew me and you knew how much I eat do when it comes to cookies should wonder why I don't wait. 300 pounds and down which which I don't not even close and but I can -- cookies. Tiller coming out my years in for some reason it doesn't affect me. The way it it should. Maybe just I just keep two active when it comes to playing golf unfortunately. I'm played golf and awhile and I really kind of miss it but. It's just one of those things I I have to accept. If you're going to cross the bridges to be aware. There is -- some delays today and do we check in with -- nauert well we we don't do we do that. That's a fifty OK we'll check in -- that but if you're going to cross the Lewiston rainbow. Queens and bridge. We wanted to -- there are some are delays and Alan Harris will have a four years in just about nine minutes or so regular news radio 930 WB Ian. And don't forget the Eden Evans senator road at the railroad tracks there was a fatal accident there earlier today. And that this section is now up close so you need to avoid that if you're traveling today. And be aware tonight there -- due to temperatures they probably will not be salting the roads. Because salt is not effective. When the temperatures get down in the single digits so roads will be snow covered in many areas and so you want a plan accordingly give yourself a little bit more time. If you're driving tonight. Favorite Christmas songs we've come up with the Merry Christmas darling which we just played a few minutes ago by the carpenters. And of course a white Christmas by Bing Crosby. And the Christmas song by Nat King Cole TI Nat King Cole one of my favorite artists over the years I thought he had such a beautiful voice. He could -- just about anything was as mellow as can be. And another one of my favorites Christmas songs is something that just kind of makes reminds you it doesn't really make you but it kind of reminds you. On what the holiday season is really all about and I thought the -- kind of singers. Did a real good job when they did this song I just felt we played for a second here's the -- kind of singers. And this is called the real. Meaning of Christmas. Some pretty good words there from the recount of singers and the real meaning of Christmas how true it is. Every year the had been newspapers. You may have a being newspaper in your community there's a number of them. They come out with the what is called the best of the blotter these are reports to the various local police town a village. Police authorities. On. Two different things that have been going on -- reported in their community. And in their most recent paper they come up with the best of the blotter the police blotter and I'm gonna share some of those with you. When we come back -- news radio 930 WB ENN. Allan thanks for helping us out today at WB ENR AccuWeather forecast. Calls for some showers and and squalls because we have a lake effect snow advisory in effect until 7 o'clock tonight. Fortune talk -- or August and southern Erie county could get 48 inches one to three inches and along the south towns and and -- yourself in the metro area we are seeing some. Local Leah heavy snow showers right now is it the eastern part of Grand Island and and parts of -- north tunnel Wanda. Tonight's low is going to be -- it's going to be down to about seven tomorrow will be in the mid twenties with a chance of an afternoon snow shower. Thursday's gonna get we'll Barry very windy with a high about 33. Right now sixteen degrees in Buffalo News radio 930 WBD and I got -- -- on the line would be -- what's going on. Yes it did say years I think tomorrow with a look at all the publisher. Which member of the open out of happily that would be telling. Mr. because that's my life they but I just cares whose family what part of the family member here toward the that it. The look the note to family in tunnel Wanda. Okay that's -- about as -- were trying to figure out by I didn't think you're probably that there. As well again and I just don't hear that -- very often in the the other radio and I just was very. Figure that and it's which humor. But you know -- if if you've got some really good -- frosted Christmas cookies you could twist my arm. That there might. -- usually. Anyways I just want which is about the holidays -- again. Say hello to address that that would operate settle for what. All right -- thanks so much him Merry Christmas to use. A we got about seven and a half minutes before the top of the hour at WB and over the years. The being newspapers have printed some reports into a different police stations as to know what's going on in their community of the different calls that they get. And they do a best of at the end of the year and they have -- in of this week's edition of some of these are just hysterical and I. I thought we would share some of these with the way it went to we have to get out -- -- we have to do. 56 -- we have 256. -- read their OK so I got time for for just a a little bit here. Here's a police report police received a report of a woman who appeared to be highly intoxicated. At a union road store okay well that's okay. Now but the rest of the story is the woman who was not intoxicated. Said she was wearing new flip flops which were causing her to stumble. I've found that on our hall road resident called police to report a car that had been smashed into a tree the driver asked police. If he was at the Super Bowl. He was charged with DW I. If you have a chance pick up a bee newspaper and check out some of these state they are kind of funny. What are -- issue and your family a wonderful Christmas. And and a safe one as well drive carefully give yourself some extra time tonight Joseph Chelsea thank you very much thank -- mother jail for the wonderful Christmas treats. And I'll be talking -- -- Thursday morning at 9 o'clock for sandy beach Larry hunter wishing all of view a very Merry Christmas. All we're 00 we got -- fifties I'm sorry I'm sorry okay we got time I apologize. Let's let's just authorities. Right we got time -- Joseph. What do you think about this and Orchard Park woman called police to find out how she could get a new boyfriend she was upset -- current one. That's a true story that the this is true. The principal of an elementary school reported that a parent who did not speak English. You know this is going failed to put her vehicle into part causing it to roll into the outside of the school. Officials were trying to get an interpreter for the woman to settle the matter is. Is that. The perfect reason to make English the official language of our country. -- make Naughton avenue resident reported that there was a man living in the trees behind his property. Course the question there is what type of tree wasn't. A merry avenue resident claimed there was an intoxicated man lying in the street barking like a dog. How would you like to have to answer these phone calls. Police responded to a report of a window smashed in the front of a ridge road store upon arrival they found a man sleeping on the recliner inside. The man claimed to have no recollection of how the window was broken and how we came to be inside the business and how we ended up only in his socks and snowshoes. A phone call from a friend revealed that he had been at an underage drinking party. I'll pick up a B and and pick up some of those and you will last. May I do it now. To everyone Merry Christmas.

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